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Wings:  Energy-Alerts  on behalf of Karen Bishop

If you are tired and worn out, and absolutely do not care about one more WINGS post, or even what this strange and challenging ascension process is doing NOW, or perhaps even feeling that maybe there is no ascension process and there never was, or even that you just want out of here and have lost all faith, I do not blame you, as I have these feelings myself as well from time to time. We are human beings still, and can take so much. What a ride it has been, and because it has gone on for so very long, we are now being granted a very special asylum and being given our gold watches and ticket to heaven, NO MATTER WHAT IS OCCURRING WITH THE REST OF THE PLANET! If you are still alive and functioning, please read on and access the newest WINGS post for further information about our new state of grace. And thank you for sticking with me, if indeed, you still are.

 July 28, 2009




 In this WINGS post below, find out why those who are ready are now being allowed to move forward, why there will now being a large chasm between those moving forward and the ascension rungs below them, and what the manifestation of these very new changes looks and feels like.

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From The Ascension Companion:

 "Your Ascension Guide"


AS WE NAVIGATE through this confusing and many times

challenging process of ascension, we may feel very alone and

vulnerable. It can seem as though we have been dropped here on

Earth with no support to handle all that is happening to us.

Believe it or not, this is not the case.


Each and every one of us has a beautiful ascension guide who

monitors our progress at each and every turn. This process of

ascension was created by us at soul levels. We decided to raise

the consciousness (or vibration) of Earth as a group, through

ourselves, in order to begin again. We have to go through this

process ourselves by experiencing it firsthand. This can create

moments of disconnect, chaos, fear, and near everything else. So

for the most part, we certainly do not feel at the helm ourselves.

I first became aware of ascension guides when I was reading

the energy of a friend going through the process. Lo and behold,

there standing right next to her was a big, beautiful non-physical

being who was practically "guarding" her as she went through

her process. This being was making sure that things did not get

out of hand and go too far. He (it) was making sure that she was

benefiting and growing through her process as it had been

planned, instead of having the process weaken or destroy her.

Ascension guides are here to make sure that nothing goes too

far in regard to our "stretching."


The next encounter I had with an ascension guide was when I

connected with my own. I was having a really rough time and

basically coming unglued. In popped this huge non-physical

being who proceeded to tell me that it was my attitude that was

making everything far worse than it needed to be. From that day

forward, I knew that someone was indeed there for me, and what

a wonderful feeling it was.


Any non-physical beings that we are especially connected to,

rarely interfere with our process (if they are highly vibrating

beings). And this is especially true for ascension guides.

Although they need to be especially "hands off," they come from

a deep place of love and caring for us. And know too, that we are

going through this process for them as well. They freely admit

this and are therefore very grateful and highly respectful of who

we are and what we are doing. We are ascending for all of the

cosmos. Even though they know more than we consciously do

right now, we will eventually surpass them.


It is a sure fact that we are the stars of the show. All the attention

and the lights are on us, as we progress through this process of

ascension. There is so much help and support on board, even

though we may not be able to see or sense it at times. It is

because we are on the front-lines. We are in the thick of it. So at

times, we cannot see the forest for the trees.


All of this said, here's a little secret. Our ascension guides are

really only higher vibrating aspects of ourselves. When I finally

sat down and really read the energy of my ascension guide, I

truly remembered who I was. I WAS THIS GREAT, ANCIENT,

AND MAGNIFICENT BEING. What an eye-opener this was. And

as I connected the dots, I could clearly see that this being had

been there for me all along. He (it) had been at the foot of my bed

in the year 2000, telling me that something that would change

me forever was about to occur. He had been at my hospital

bedside after I had shattered my leg. He had been there when I

was whining to no end during my ascension process, and now he

is here as a true and good friend who continues to connect me to

the higher realms through himself. These beings bring in the

higher energies. We are able to connect much higher when we

begin vibrating much higher. It is then that we are with them on

a much more regular basis. As we begin vibrating higher and

higher, we will then connect with much higher guides, but we

will really be only connecting with much higher aspects of



If you find yourself having a difficult time, know that you may

call on your ascension guide. If you are not particularly

psychic, just ask for a sign. Ask your guide to show you that he

(it) is there. Ask your guide to deliver to you in a form that you

can easily receive, what you currently need to know to assist you

on your journey. Whether it be a passage in a book, a phrase

from a conversation from a friend, or perhaps something on TV,

you can ask that a message be given to you.


Asking for a sign is a good way to validate something if you don't

have a lot of psychic ability, or even if you do and are just very

stressed and cannot connect very well right then. One time, right

before my ascension process really began, I needed a job. I was

getting downloads of information that fit in with not "working"

anymore, but I wasn't quite there yet. I got hired as the director

for the United Way. I didn't really want to do that kind of thing

anymore...I had done it forever. So I quit after one day. Boy, I

certainly sound like a flake, but I wanted to stay in alignment!

After this, I didn't trust my judgment much. None-the-less, I

gave things some thought, and I decided that I would really love

to be a grant fit in well with a lot about me. But I was

afraid of going down the wrong road once again, so I asked for a

sign. While in the dusty back rooms of the local newspaper office

one day, looking through their archives, as I had remembered an

ad for a grant writer weeks earlier, I got my sign. I was unable to

locate the ad. As I put up the last huge bound archive book, there

was nothing left on the dusty table below it but an old, outdated

newspaper page. On it was an ad for a department store, and in

absolutely huge letters was the word GRANTS. So I got my sign,

the flood gates flew open with many synchronicities, and I

became a trained grant writer within weeks.


But here's another little secret. There is really no one deciding

our path for us or letting us know what we should or shouldn't be

doing. I received the grant writing confirmation because I

created it myself. I was much more in alignment with it than

anything else. We're the ones that make a path right...we're the

ones that are the powerful creators. When we ask for a sign, just

like our ascension guides, it is really us giving the sign. We

just don't trust our own judgment yet and like to place the power

outside of ourselves because we think something out there knows

more than we do. We are far greater creators than we believe.

Handing our power over to something else, gets us out of the

way, which is a perfect energetic alignment for creating!

If you have chosen this page, know that you are not alone. We

each have a loving and protective ascension guide at our side

who is monitoring our progress at each and every turn. Even

though these amazing and caring beings are really aspects of

ourselves, they still exist in the forms that we picture them in.

They are us in our future state, and therefore love and care about

us like no one else. Thank goodness for ascension guides!"




The Re-Calibration With
a Very New Plan

July 28, 2009


A very new plan is in the process of being put into place, and it is a much needed plan indeed.

Those who have been diligently going through the ascension process, letting go of so much, purging and releasing all these years, and transmuting so much of the darker energies for the planet, have now been “sequestered,” while we wait for a new energetic space to be prepared…and this is a space that has to be created with very new circumstances.

We have come far, let go of nearly everything, prepared ourselves for a very new reality with a very new life, and yet others below and far below us on the rungs of the ascension ladder have not “come up” as was perhaps very possible.

For the past several days or even weeks, this new plan has been in the process of being considered, and it wasn’t but a few hours after posting the last WINGS message that it soon became a sure thing.  For those who were very ready indeed for their new beginning, it was decided by the powers that be (who are, in actuality, our very own souls as we are the ones creating and experiencing this process ourselves), that the time was now up.  No more waiting for others to get on board, no more gathering as many of the lower vibrating energies as possible to assist them and prepare them for the “trip,”  and no more responsibility for the role of raising the vibration of the entire planet.  That job is very much over.

We are indeed done. VERY DONE.

So then, there then existed a group of souls who had left all their baggage behind, who had been waiting at the gate for what seemed an eternity, and these souls needed a place to be, a place to come home to, but most importantly, even though this place had already been created, a new dimensional hierarchy, so to speak, needed to now be put into place. T hese souls needed to be taken care of and placed in their new heaven on earth.

This means that there will now be a massive chasm or gap between our new rung on the ascension ladder, and the rungs below us.  We could wait no longer, as we had already added a good year or two to the plan, graciously and lovingly allowing as many souls as possible to be on board, and any more waiting is no longer possible.

The sequestering phase is an interesting one, I must say.  For me, I experienced an entire harem of my star family in the non-physical, hanging in my space for several days, basically removing me from any outside experiences, influences, or interaction.  I had been airlifted off the planet (while still being here, of course), as a very distinct ending had occurred.  And a huge ending it was.  Our entire experience thus far on this planet since our birth this time around, has now been very much completed. It is very over indeed.  We have been decidedly removed from what is now occurring with the remainder of the planet (for more information about was is occurring on the lower rungs, kindly access the previous WINGS post for July 23.  below)

So even though there was a massive upheaval and disruption on the lower rungs of the ascension ladder, due to the solstice energy, many of the souls residing there had too far to go to catch up.  I have never seen such an amazing sight during this time in regard to assistance from the higher vibrating non-physical arena.  Many souls departed, and others went through acute challenges.  There were angels and beings everywhere, assisting these souls in their process.  Every nook and cranny was filled with assistance in the most loving and dedicated ways as I have never seen before, for these souls on the lower rungs.  In the past few days, things have settled down and re-aligned some for those who experienced great upheavals and physical health challenges, but their new space is still not where it was originally intended.  The challenge was far too great and much too uncomfortable for these souls, and thus, the new plan was created.

Up until this point, the fore-runners had been letting go and preparing in small steps so as to experience this transition with more ease, and now the door is completely shut with all things from the old reality and old world completely severed.  Being “removed” from the planet, taken home again (or really just placed in an energetic holding cell) was a dramatic and surreal experience for me.  I am sure that many of you have felt the same, but in your own ways, and with your own specific feelings and knowingness.

We have been placed in this holding cell, with this sequestering, because the new energetic “layout” of the hierarchies is currently being put into place and being re-created.  It has to be re-created because the plan changed.  So then, there is now a very new plan being put into form, and this is taking a short while.  And again, know that we are, as always, at our soul levels, at the helm of this very new and needed plan.  We needed to move forward, if even without many of our brothers and sisters who are following behind.

Some manifestations?  Electronics may act strangely (but I suppose that happens a lot anyway for many of us!).  I cannot get a good reception on my cell or land line phones. The person on the other end simply disappears for short periods of time and then returns.  Batteries may go dead after short periods of time.  We may suddenly feel as though we have been given some “time off” for a very needed vacation, or perhaps that we are being asked to “wait” or find something to do for a brief period, as we have been removed from everything for awhile (I realize that many of you have been having this experience already for some time now, but this is a bit different.)

We may experience unusual feelings of being safe, protected, and with a great sense of calm… that we know at some level that we are being watched over and that everything is going to be perfectly fine very soon. We may feel that things are being done for us, that someone or something is working diligently on something on our behalf, and that all we need do is to wait.

We may feel that our responsibilities are very over...these old roles of raising the vibration of the planet…and thus, we may feel that we now get to retire and have a much needed break.  We may feel far away from many others, and that we are going somewhere where they are not. This feeling can at times create a bit of a panic, but know as well, that we can always remain connected to those whom we love, as love is a high vibration that always serves to connect everything.

We may feel very alone, and that those seemingly entering our space are not aware of what we are aware of, that they are very lost, and even child-like in their energy. We may have absolutely nothing arriving for us now, but at the same time, have a simple thought and something can appear.

We may feel that it is time to simply walk away from any prior responsibilities we may have not yet been released from, as they have been holding on for far too long and we no longer have a modicum of connection left to them.  We may continue to be “kicked out” from anything in the old world.  We may be asked to stay away, causing some confusion at times, but as always, we are being placed right where we need to be. We can no longer be in those energies as we no longer live there.  Hanging out there will make us feel like invisible ghosts, most assuredly.

There is a big division occurring now, and when things have completed their process of being put into place once again, there will be a group of souls at one end of the spectrum, far removed from the masses. The chasm will be much greater than was planned. And these souls will oh so naturally begin connecting to each other and begin creating a very new reality indeed. It will be a smaller group than was expected, and there will be new “rules” associated with these new changes…new rules in regard to what and who we will now interact with and how.

We do not need to do anything now but wait for this new hierarchy to be set up and created. During this time, it will be very quiet. Things will slow down for everyone, not just those at the top rung.   A massive re-calibration is going into effect. Everything had to stop in order to be re-set once again.  In this way, much of anything entering our spaces is comprised of things that are lost, dis-connected, or simply flying around in confusion, and usually, vibrating fairly low or far below us.

Because of this fact, it is important that we do not attempt to create anything new right now, as we would only attract or have these confused energies, come into our “stopped” and temporary reality.

We are now being asked to enjoy ourselves for a while, if we can. To take a vacation, let go, explore, have fun, and simply be in the moment with those we love and with things we had not had time to engage in before. Our car is at the repair shop being fixed up, and we have been asked to read a magazine, go for a walk, or work on a creative project until it comes out of the shop and we can then move forward once again.

So even though we may have been moving forward in some ways for a little while, or felt that we were now right where we needed to be, there has been a change of plans, and this change needs to be firmly put into place before we can resume once again.

And when things resume within this new hierarchy and grid, we will finally find ourselves within a very new reality…even though the process had more twists and turns than we might have expected!

With much love and gratitude,

The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth

July 23, 2009


The new re-birth we are experiencing has created much in regard to a “complicated labor.” To summarize briefly: There were many souls who became stuck, or who are experiencing difficulty in awakening or opening to a higher frequency, and this is creating delays, dismay, disappointments, hopelessness, and a fair amount of discomfort for many, as we are all connected at our core.  For many, these are challenging times indeed.

Many souls chose to depart the physical realms at this time, while others are attempting to align themselves with their next level of vibration.  Those who departed can easily return again if they choose, and this form of re-birth will indeed be an easier one for them.   Others are struggling to re-align to the new frequencies, while still others have suddenly opened and are experiencing a greater light for themselves.

There were many more than expected who were simply not ready for the energy of the solstice.  So much was dislodged during this time, that energy went flying everywhere and is still deciding where it might land.  Because there were more souls than expected who were not yet ready, the spaces below us on the ascension ladder could not be filled as was planned. There were simply not enough individuals ready to fill our old grooves, thus holding our old space so that we could be supported in moving forward with ease.  In this way, we still cannot let go of some of the old, as there is nothing there yet to take over so that we can be completely released.

Because we are all connected in one beautiful web of energy, we are thus all affected by what occurs for each and every one of us, even if we are at very different levels in our spiritual and vibrational evolutionary process.

What is different this time than in times past regarding the ascension process, is that more light is being held now from within. So even though we may experience solar flares, solstices, and eclipses, they do not affect us nearly as much as they did in times past.  And know as well, that the more light we hold and the more we evolve, the less we will be affected by these monumental celestial events. The denser the energy within a form, the more it is traumatized and challenged, as there is more to be released and aligned.

This past solstice and eclipse experience was perhaps more commonly felt as jitters, rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness, weight loss, and anxiety for some, while for others further down rungs of the ascension ladder, huge upheavals, illnesses, relationship challenges, job losses, and the like could be felt, as these symptoms are common in the beginning stages of ascension.

There is no judgment here, as we are all precisely where we had planned on being before we were born this time around. We agreed at our soul levels that we would each hold a space for a particular time and for a particular reason, all in divine and perfect order. So although some of us decided to be the way-showers and go first, others also agreed to lag behind a bit in order to hold things together at the lower levels for the sake of many others on the planet.

So then, some are completely free and clear, ready and waiting on that new shore, and others are experiencing great challenges in regard to waking up and re-aligning their energies. If we decide to stay here in the physical and be reborn, then we also decide to do what is needed to catch up and match the new frequency on the planet.

This dramatic and at times mournful time in regard to the massive re-birth cannot be changed. It is simply a part of ascending. Re-births usually accompany endings.  So then, there are massive endings as well.  What is occurring right at this moment is a seeming hovering or limbo with some of the energies as well.  Physical recoveries in regard to illness are very slow, much is slow to manifest in regard to the new, as the supports we need cannot arrive until the new souls arrive in their new spaces, and so forth.

My father is hovering with his leukemia. Not getting any better, but not getting worse either while he continues to receive countless blood transfusions in order to stabilize him while he completes his internal process. He is still struggling to open and re-align his energies with the new, and cannot seem to see what his life will be about with so much now gone for him. And yet others are healing and growing, while strange synchronicities are supporting them in giving them exactly what they need to support them in their process of opening and expanding, if they are only willing to surrender and know that their ego selves cannot be at the helm in a higher vibrating reality.

On this note, let it be known that although there are many of us who cannot “go back” and continue to hold up the energies of the old during this time, we can help by referring those in need to appropriate healers and entities that are specifically designed for this purpose. In this way, we are indeed helping, but only from a distance. I continue to receive information for others via strange synchronicities, in regard to who or what can help them, and it is then by passing this information along that I can assist, instead of my prior experience of being the one to do the helping and assisting myself.

Things are indeed progressing, but it is only by way of one soul at a time. Basically, there has been a massive re-aligning and re-birth process occurring, and it is creating what appears to be darkness and pain, hopelessness and despair.  But in reality, this is what the process looks like when most of everyone is being affected, instead of just the way-showers.

Patience is needed, because although we may feel that “what is the excuse this time?” for yet another delay, we must know that a massive amount of energy is being moved at this time. The souls who were not yet ready are experiencing extreme discomfort, and our love, understanding, awareness, and patience is what is needed now. Remember when we went through all these discomforts at the beginning of our process?  We have been there.

There were several individuals in my arena over the past few months with whom I had made subtle and gracious suggestions as to a possible solution to their dilemmas, or to what they might do about being stuck, but they all felt that they knew what they were doing and could not be swayed.  Now, each and every one of them is utilizing these suggestions (even though they came to their own conclusions, as should be) as the gentle tap on the shoulder suddenly became a bulldozer of immense force.  And this is how it now is.  Everyone and everything is being put in its new place.  So although many souls are stuck, they are also preparing for movement as well.

Because we are holding so much more light and higher vibrating energy now, we must also know that we are, as always, the ultimate creators. In this way, waiting for something to get better or to save us via arriving  from an outside celestial event, and giving away our power to something outside of us, without doing our internal aligning, will never work.  It is much better, if possible, to feel OK no matter what is occurring around us, or to at least know that no matter how things unfold, or rather how the process manifests, it will be OK with us.  Being in the moment with no agenda, even though I frequently report to you what the agenda is, is always a good thing.  The planned outcome or agenda is always there, but the path to the outcome is always open to choice and a variety of differing manifestations.

Will things ever get better? Of course. And these recent manifestations are only proof that things are indeed shifting in a massive way.  As the energies within all souls begin to arrive in their new spaces, we will very naturally be freed up and supported in our new spaces as well.  So even though some of us may be very aware of what our new roles and new spaces are all about, and may be feeling that they may never arrive, we must know that indeed they will.  We need not change our plans, as we are only being asked to be patient now, as all, as always, is indeed in divine and perfect order.

With much love and gratitude,


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