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 In this WINGS post, find out about the completion of the new hierarchies, new ways of being on the "other side," how to stay in the new higher vibrations, and hear a very beautiful song.  

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From The Ascension Companion:



ENTERING THE HIGHER REALMS can really bring about

states of confusion. Yes, we are beginning a residency in the

higher realms, but we haven't completely left the old 3D world

yet! Much of what we believed regarding higher ways of being

and living were at times inaccurate. This information arrived

through a 3D mind, or rather through a

dis-connect state of mind. Much of the spiritual information that

we were taught, or that we bought into, was therefore coming

from a lower vibrating level of consciousness.


As many of us are having some very strange and interesting

experiences through the ascension process, we can then become

quite confused about what is really going on, and what

everything was really all about in the first place. Add to this the

energy shifts. When we experience an energy shift, it serves to

raise our vibration. When this occurs, much of everything within

and without is moved around. And during this time of so much

"vibration raising," things are adjusting and lining up in regard

to a critical mass, so that change can occur. This can cause a

confusing waiting period. It is no wonder then, that we can

become very confused at times and not know what in the world

is going on!


Confusion can occur when we thought that things would unfold

in a certain way. If we were to believe, for instance, that as we

raise our consciousness, everything just naturally gets better and

better, we would be in for a big surprise. The purging and

releasing resulting from the ascension process creates depression

and challenging energies, to say the least. And then there are the

long periods of waiting, as mentioned above, where we seem to

be in a void or in limbo as we are waiting for others to catch up,

while we are also "rebooting" or re-aligning for the next step. We

may continually expect that the next step will be oh so much

better, and then are usually disappointed and let down when it



Dying while in a 3D body is a very long process. Yes, there are

moments of really experiencing great feelings of a higher order,

but the process is also very real, as it takes us through and

deeply into ourselves. It also seems to stop and start...and this

can cause confusion as well.


"Have we gotten anywhere at all?" you may wonder at times. Or

perhaps you may have had feelings that all this ascension stuff

created absolutely nothing New. The truth of the matter is that

we have made incredible progress. Taking an entire planet of

lower vibrating energy and raising it up is no small matter.

Things began at higher levels and then needed to trickle down

into the physical. In addition, the lightworkers began their

ascension journeys far ahead of everyone else, and therefore have

been at it for a very long time. This was their service for

humanity, and this is one reason why it may seem like things are

taking forever. But for others, they have yet to begin.

If you were to look back on what your life was like a year ago, or

perhaps even a few months ago, I would imagine you would see

that great changes had occurred. You probably are not the same

person you used to be and you are also probably in a very

different situation in many areas of your life.


Confusion can result when we are seeing a process that does

not resemble what we had imagined in our old 3D mind. But our

old 3D mind did not know much. For the most part, it was

disconnected from Source. And in addition to all of the above,

those of us who are here experiencing the ascension process as a

service to humanity, are at the helm of the process as well. This

means that things can literally change on a dime. At higher soul

levels, we get together, have regular meetings, and arrive with a

plan. And although there is most certainly a general plan, the

logistics and road to get there are subject to "wiggle room." So

just when we think we know and understand what will happen

next, it doesn't! (Unless, of course, you are very consciously

connected to yourself at a soul level...)


If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to know

that all is always in divine and perfect order. Being in the

moment can greatly ease any discomforts that confusion can

bring. If you can get out of the way in regard to analyzing and

needing to know, you will connect more greatly to Source in the

long-run. The higher we begin vibrating, the more clarity we

receive, as we are beginning to "see" things at a much higher

level from the other side of the veil. And clarity is not always

what we thought it would be! But as we progress further and

further along our paths of ascension, we begin to find much more

peace, as we truly begin to find the clarity that was always

there...we just weren't vibrating high enough to understand it yet."



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Remembering Your Soul Purpose...An ascension book and workbook for

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The Ascension Primer...A simply written and easy to understand

explanation of the ascension process, with a comprehensive list of

strange and unsettling symptoms so many are experiencing, a list of

indications of reaching the higher realms (or very new reality and

way of being) that may seem confusing and different, and a

validation at every page that you are not "losing it," not alone, and that

what you are experiencing is a complete and natural process of the



Staying In Alignment...This short book will provide you with a

clear snapshot of where we are heading, how we will get there, and what

we can do to stay in alignment during this process that at times can

create upheavals in our lives. You will be given the tools and

explanations to keep yourself centered, healthy, calm, and in the

flow of what these new and higher ways are guiding us into. Being

in alignment with the new and higher ways of being can greatly ease

our process.


The Ascension Companion...A book of comfort for challenging times.

Open the book to any page at random and you will receive a message

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contains a detailed description and explanation of a scenario

relating to the ascension process, an explanation of a higher level

way of being that this scenario is supporting you in becoming, and

suggestions for aligning with the higher energies, supporting you

in having a more comfortable ascension experience.


Stepping Into the New Reality...An interactive book in e-book

and print book format, you will be given an opportunity to ask

questions. As the old world is now rapidly beginning its "fall,"

many are finding there is not much left to hold onto. Through a

long and at times arduous process of letting go in order to connect

to something new and more highly evolved, we can thus ease the very

natural process of ascension. Stepping Into the New Reality

examines the many steps up the ascension ladder, describes helpful

processes to ease each step, identifies ways of moving out of the

old and into the new, and gives a clear picture of where we are

headed and what is to come. With sections on Keys of Being in the New

Reality and Stepping Stones on Your Path, you will learn to navigate the new

energies with ease, identify who you are, define your path, learn

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