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Owning Our New  Power... Creating the Life of Our Dreams

December 5, 2009


This week we moved into the next phase of creating our heaven on earth, and I had to chuckle, as it manifested in some very strange and interesting ways. A bit bewildered at first, and then a little ticked off by the sudden change in energy, after realizing what was occurring, I could only indeed begin to laugh. I knew with certainty that we were creating this latest energy all by ourselves, but for awhile, I was none too sure why in the world we would be doing what we were doing!

Over the week-end of November 28th and 29th, more new and higher vibrating energy arrived for us. It could be felt as the now familiar leg and foot pain (as we are still grounding into the new Earth), lower back pain, sinus headaches or face pain, a giddiness (I could not stop laughing), perhaps feeling drunk or lightheaded, flu symptoms, and a need to nap or sleep.

Immediately after, it may have been difficult to sleep, and some tenseness or tightness soon arrived. As we prepare to create a new heaven on Earth, we also begin living and being in the higher vibrations. In this way, even though we may not be aware of it, we are creating more easily now. And as always, we create the fastest simply though the beliefs that we embody within ourselves.

So then, we moved into a new space, knew at our soul levels or higher self levels that it was time to begin having the life of our dreams, and thus, we moved into a new “take charge of our lives” space. We were beginning the stage of owning our power, so in some ways, we may have felt more powerful, more assertive, in command of our space, and now most certainly, owning the position of “the director” of our new reality and new lives.

The amusing and perhaps confusing part came as a result of our sudden “live our own reality” stance. Being that each and every one of us sees things through our own particular filters or perceptions of reality, or rather our particular gift or contribution to the whole, this is what we grabbed onto and infused a lot of our energy into.

So then, we may have had interactions with others who simply did not hear us, or we may not have heard others, or we may not have agreed or remotely understood where others were coming from. It was if everyone was living in their own bubble of reality, as each of us very suddenly grabbed onto our piece or perception, and held so tightly that we did not then interact or connect to the differing energies that were around us.

What happened was that we moved into the new space of creating our own reality...the reality of our dreams…and we infused so much energy into it, as this new space had newly arrived…that we became “over-done” with the whole thing. Too much of a good thing, so to speak. And in this way, this new situation may have felt like darkness to some degree, as we may have thought we had seen things that were not really even occurring, or even manifested things from our fears or accustomed experiences from the past. In addition, separation can always feel like darkness, and being that we were separate from each other during this time because we were adamant in our own filters or contributions, things felt very strange indeed. Up down, up down…this process has not been smooth sailing for awhile now!  

(But there is yet another aspect to any feelings of darkness as well. As we finally begin taking our destined places as the stewards of the earth, and as we thus anchor in and ground more fully, we are naturally releasing any darker or denser energies that lie deep within the earth. These energies are not within us, but within the earth, and they are very old. In this way then, as they rise like a quiet cloud and begin to lift up and out, we may indeed feel them passing.)

So then, we experienced the actualities of our own particular mind-sets. In other words, we created what we believed to be true. I was having lunch at a local eatery today, and the “owner/cook” and I began to chat. He had asked what I did for a living, and I told him that I was a spiritual writer. He then proceeded to tell me that he was pretty good at telling people what their astrological signs were, as he could read their energy. He said I was a Libra or Aries (I am a Taurus). “Hmmmm…” I replied. He then asked me where I grew up. “Southern California,” I told him. He said I did indeed hold the energy of someone who loved the beach (I rarely went to the beach in all my years living there as it was far away!). He was seeing from his own particular box.

My next stop was at a new bank, as I needed to open a new account (one that would accept the foreign currency that some of you so lovingly send my way). I was thinking on the way, “I would sure love to interact with some different energies that indeed see me today.” As I proceeded with the new accounts representative, she took an amazingly long period of time getting to know me. She even took notes about my pets, any new activities coming up for me, how I felt about banks,  and how many grandchildren I have! “Do you always get to know your patrons so well?” I asked her. Her attentiveness to me was extraordinary. I had also been thinking earlier on, about becoming involved with horses again. “Guess what?” this unusually loving and friendly woman told me excitedly after we were done. “For opening a new account with us today, we are gifting you with a stuffed horse!”  Experiencing the actualities of our mindsets.

In addition, because of seeing things through our own particular filters, we may find that we are saying to each other, ”No, this is occurring because of this reason,” while another will say, “No, it is indeed occurring for this reason.” In this way, we may find that we strangely clash with others, or even that they are ignoring us, who we are, or what we are trying to tell them. We may seem to be stuck in our own boxes of individual reality now, as this new energy encourages us to claim our power and hold true to whom we are and what we are all about. These are manifestations of our power returning.

The experience of darkness can occur in regard to this new phase, when we encounter an energy that is holding very firm to a lower vibrating perception or way of running his/her energy. This creates that now all familiar clash of energies resulting from an energy which vibrates quickly, coming into contact with one that vibrates much slower. So even though we are in the new world now, and have left another world far behind, there are still many levels or rungs in this new world, allowing for variances in beliefs and perceptions.

As we are now entering the new field of finally beginning to create once again, I would like to address something that is since past, but that may also be affecting some of us still. Personally, I feel that this situation ran so deep for many of us, that it needs to be acknowledged once again.

When we experienced the “failure” of the original ascension plan, and when things seemed to be going awry for so long, it really hit us at our soul levels. Many of us had arrived on this planet for the sole (soul) purpose of hatching and experiencing the ascension plan, or rather assisting the planet in raising her vibration so that we could start all over once again, and then be reborn into a very new universe after we restored this one.

Anything existing at our soul levels runs deep. Very deep indeed. Soul level anything comes from the core of our being and existence, and always overrides any other form of creation. We had gone along for a very long time, with this plan embedded deep within our hearts. We had made decisions in our lives, all the while knowing and expecting that things would turn out a certain and specific way. Thus, we trusted with every fiber of our being that things were in divine and perfect order. We were wired for this outcome and gave it our all, from the moment of our birth. We never imagined that things would turn out as they did.

For many of us, we are still stunned by the outcome. We have not completely adjusted quite yet. We are still in shock and reeling from the separation of the worlds, and from the change in a plan that we were so certain would succeed. After all, we came from everywhere in the cosmos, with much representation, and most of us are old souls who have been around for eons of time. We are masters and old sages at creating and experiencing, and add to this the massive amount of souls who participated, and failure was thus not even a consideration.

So then, we went along trusting and knowing that our spiritual guidance would keep us on track, and produce an outcome that we expected. Some of you who have been my readers for a while, may remember that I had a brief first marriage a few years back. I was specifically told how and what would occur, even though I originally had doubts. My guides were adamant, and as things progressed in the beginning, they proved to be true. As most of you know, it did not last. I was then told by my guides that they had “miscalculated.”  Although I never commented about it in my writings, as I wanted to respect the privacy of my partner, this experience rocked my trust in my spiritual guidance, and it took me awhile to come back and to get back on my horse. This explanation is the same for much of everything that occurred in the past two to three years, and of course in regard to the ascension plan. At our soul levels, we “miscalculated.” Thus, the seemingly broken promises and outcomes that had eventually quit making sense.

I share with you this story, as I know that so many of you experienced the same. We did what we simply “knew” was right, and then the outcomes we expected with every fiber of our being, did not occur.  So now, here we are at a very new turn in the road…at a very new beginning. In this way, we may still feel hesitant to jump in once again, to begin to desire, to begin creating, and to trust that things will turn out differently this time. For the past two to three years, many of us have only known darkness, pain, getting punched around, having much of everything seemingly go wrong, and “waiting.”

Being that we are now experiencing the actualities of our mindsets, and being that we may still feel negative, cynical, and most certainly in a rut or habit of having unpleasant experiences (as that is all we have known for a few years), we now know that we may want to be mindful of what we are expecting to occur. So then, as we are now creating once again, what we expect is what we are now creating. If we can be gentle with ourselves, if we can learn to trust again, if we can know that we are again owning our power like never before, and if we can most importantly come together with our brothers and sisters to ensure a magnificent creating experience, I believe we can indeed find our new heaven on Earth.

So what has most recently occurred this week, is that we are gearing up for creating once again, but grabbing on so tightly, that we are in danger of creating in a box, without consideration and interaction with those around us. In time this will subside. We cannot create the new in this new reality, unless we unite with our brothers and sisters and combine our energies and talents.

In regard to the separation of the worlds, some of us also had great changes in outcomes in regard to whom we would end up with, and even where we would be residing or how things would look for us. We ultimately had predestined partners for this phase of the plan. The phase where we finally found ourselves in the promised land, or in our heaven on Earth. But being that the plan created some outcomes that were miscalculated, who our partners were to be, may have changed as well. Like musical chairs, we are now lining up with new and different things and with new and different individuals, all dependent upon who landed on this new and other side. The plan changed due to the fact that we all have free will. So then, some of our predestined partners did not cross over with us, as they chose to remain stuck, they were damaged or too overloaded by the challenges the ascension process created, or they did not grow or expand as they had planned.

In this way, we were then given very new “ultimate” partners. These new partners or connections are still very intense and very heartfelt nonetheless. But being that so much changed at the very last moment, or the moment of the final separation of the worlds, some souls literally jumped across the chasm at the very last moment. They grabbed on for dear life, and now, they have a lot of catching up to do. These souls are currently living on the dimensional border, and far from our reaches, but in time, we will unite with them it complete totality….in two years, or rather in 2012. Because they crossed over at the very last moment, many of them must still complete their soul scripts before they are free to experience their heaven on Earth and to then join us in all ways.

As the earth is now in her rightful place in the cosmos, we are also in our rightful places as well. So even though there has been so much change and restructuring, and great movement due to all the sudden changes, things are indeed lining up, if even in new and different ways. Our new and rightful partners will open our hearts once again. They hold the keys that only they can hold for us. And as they reach within the very fiber of our hearts, we will experience a joy, an excitement, a relief, and a gratitude that is near impossible to describe.

So now we are creating from our hearts. We are following the path of our hearts, if even it does not make sense. We can know with complete certainty, that if we allow our hearts to guide us and lead the way, we will ultimately experience our heaven on Earth in times to come.

With much love and gratitude,


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