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*The School ...*: Chapter 4-
Something Extraordinary Happened to Cause Creation
(1-24/25 & 2-1-2009):

H. Lynn Herrmann []


Chapter 4- Something Extraordinary Happened to Cause Creation (1-24/25 & 2-1-2009)

... Something Extraordinary Happened to Cause Creation. Yes, "In the Beginning", something so profound started & stirred this thing we refer to as "Creation". As you know, some scientists believe in the "Big Bang Theory". This basically infers something explosive detonated & effects rushed forth from this "ignition point". If there was an ignition point, then there must have been something that "ignited" it at that point. Our query does not take us into just where that point or area that it occurred at, but to study the implications of how this "catalyst" was involved. And is their any significance at our present era in time. Obviously something existed beyond or before the "Beginning", as IT was Timeless or Eternal. It was only at this Beginning, that Time became a measurement of fractions of the Eternal or Timeless, at least in part of this Creation that we term physical. Scientists in the Academic sense, will basically adhere to this physical Universe as being our only plane of existence. Of course, in the past 100 years or so, there seems to be a readjusting of that view to include other dimensions. Theoretical physicists explore this angle of other dimensions. But when it comes to calling it a spiritual or religious realm, most Academics are qwik to rebutt that, or at least veer away from that angle.

Now, most scientists, or the shared view of orthodox science, says that this "Big Bang" was the starting point of our physical universe, and by backtracking what they have observed, state that IT occurred somewhere between 10 & 20 billion years ago. Some just narrow it down or say roughly (or smoothly) that it was some 15 billion years ago. At least that is what I found in the 1990 World Book Encyclopedia's "Science" series. But then some 600 to 700 years back from our present course in time that a Jewish Kabbalist (Rabbi Isaac of Acco) worked out the math & left us a writing (titled 'Treasury of Life') of his "findings" as to when in Time that the Big Bang exploded. It seems complicated, yet it is very simple. He explains God-days & years and also Man-days & years. His basis was understanding the numerical figures there, and by extracting the data to run the equations found in Genesis & Psalm 90-100, both attributed to Moses. Moses left us a "key" to assist in our rediscovery in time & of the Beginning. [Ref.# 1A & 1B &1C]

So now we know the closest calculation from time as to "WHEN". As to "WHERE", we won't get into that in this treatise. Matter of fact, we won't even touch on "WHY" (maybe another time though perhaps). It is "HOW" that we wish to delve into for this research query of understanding for chapter 4.

I don't know about you, but when someone tells me such & such happens, that may be fine & dandy. But I myself want to know exactly "HOW". I have to have "hands on experience". If it might be some sort of mechanical apparatus, I might just take it apart & see "HOW" it actually works. I am careful to lay out everything in the order I dissassembled it, just to make sure upon reassembly, that it is done correctly. If done properly, then I "know"

firsthand as to "HOW". I no longer believe due to someone telling me. Nor do I have faith, as I went a step further. I now know "HOW" by direct experience or by knowledge.

One of the 2 most read, or most familiar, these statements come from Genesis

1 of the Jewish scriptures (OT) & John 1 in the Christian scriptures (NT). But even then, there are variations. In Genesis, we are told that Creation was in a 7 day process.

We start off with a portion of KJV Genesis 1:1-3---

(1) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

(2) And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

(3) And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

One item of significance is that a Marker has been drawn to place a new phase or a specific point to note that something extraordinary came into being, or was created. Next is a sort of reflection on what it was like beforehand. Notice that there were actions taken by "movement". Something was awakened out its deep sleep. And then there is the final clue of commands being "spoken" & that these commands were activated & fulfilled (meaning they came into being or actualization).

Let's stop for a moment & see how that works somewhat. Let's say I was walking downtown in a city & abruptly yelled "STOP!", I am sure everyone would not react & carry out that order. But had I been more specific, it would be more of a "direct hit", instead of random. So, let me try it out one more time. This time, I will use the trigger or key, by naming the person with which I seek to target. Hopefully there will be at least one out there with the name I choose. Here goes, "John, STOP!". What do you want to bet that any people with that name, did exactly as I commanded. It is because they recognized their name, then stopped, before doubt had crept into their mind. I bring this up 1st because the KJV is the most common version used.

The same reflection is slightly alterred & added too in KJV John 1:1-23. It too starts with "In the Beginning", both speak of God, but one leads us to believe that the WORD was with & was God at the same time. It seems that this WORD somehow has a duality role involvement. It seems to be God, yet on the other hand it is not. Plus, in standard terms of understanding, it also implies something written and/or spoken. In the Greek version, LOGOS is used. The meaning of LOGOS is the "Divine Word". Also Light is touched upon again, but this time Life is also touched upon as relative understanding.

1) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2) The same was in the beginning with God.

3) All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

4) In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Either it is getting more confusing, or we are being given greater details in order to grasp what really happened at this Beginning/Big Bang. Might there be more? Surely there is a whole world out there that might have more input to assist us. Without further ado, while we are still looking inside the box, there is another version of Genesis 1 & John 1 found in the IV (Inspired Version of) RLDS (now Community of Christ), one of the groups that sprang forth from Joseph Smith's Restoration movement in the early 1800s.

1) And it came to pass, that the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Behold, I reveal unto you concerning this heaven and this earth; write the words which I speak.

2) I am the Beginning and the End; the Almighty God. By mine Only Begotten I created these things.

3) Yea, in the beginning I created the heaven, and the earth upon which thou standest.

4) And the earth was without form, and void; and I caused darkness to come up upon the face of the deep.

5) And my Spirit moved upon the face of the waters, for I am God.

6) And I, God, said, Let there be light, and there was light.

7) And I, God, saw the light, and that light was good. And I, God, divided the light from the darkness.

8) And I, God, called the light day, and the darkness I called night. And this I did by the word of my power; and it was done as I spake. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Well, there is basically the same story, but 2 new clues are given. It is stated that the power to create comes from "mine only Begotten" and later claims that that was or is "the word of my power". Hmm, by "a word of power"

rings a familiar bell, to which the chapter 3 was concerning as to "Hekau".

And now, lets look at IV John 1.

1) In the beginning was the gospel preached through the Son. And the gospel was the word, and the word was with the Son, and the Son was with God, and the Son was of God.

2) The same was in the beginning with God.

3) All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made which was made.

4) In him was the gospel, and the gospel was the life, and the life was the light of men; [Ref.# 2]

Now most people associate the word gospel with the good news or story of Jesus. However, gospel is a compound word which sprang from "God Spell". And that meant the "Divine NAME". Now we have 3 things, actually more, that seem separate, yet sometimes not. We have God, Son, LOGOS, WORD, Divine WORD, Gospel, God Spell, Divine NAME, mine only Begotten, the word of power, and that something was spoke. At one minute, it seems to be implied as God, yet not so at other times. It seems to act as a button, a trigger, or a key. It activates, detonates, or unlocks whatever it is assigned to. Now most basic Christians will tell you flatly that Jesus never used such a thing. Yet Luke 4:36 says otherwise, at least from others who viewed & "heard" Jesus healing. They heard him speak a "Word" and said afterwards that great things had been accomplished.

Let me back up a minute to touch on something I think has bearing concerning Logos. Logos is basically a Greek term that means "Word" and "Divine Word", but not just any word. Logos is defined as "a word; the Word by which the inward thought is expressed; the inward thought itself. In theology, the Word; the Divine Word; Christ. In Stoic philosophy, the controlling and developing principle of the universe. Reason as manifested by speech." Three major things here to note. It is called the Divine Word. It shows two levels or phases in operation, outer & inner phases, or lower & higher steps. And that the Stoics (one era of Greek philosophers) saw it as a force that governs the universe. Also, could it be that usage of the Sun & Moon are trying to be used in this implication as well? It would seem so in the IV of RLDS as in Genesis 1:19, it notes that there would be two ruling lights- Sun & Moon, the Greater & the Lesser. The original inward thought could be represented by the Sun. The expression or reflection of the Inward Thought could be compared to the light of the Moon- reflective of the Higher Light- via the Sun. [Ref.# 3]

Now, let's look outside of the box, around the globe. It was 1985 that I ran across a copy of AG aka 'The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ' by Levi Dowling. It too has many clues. It speaks of their being a special word that Jesus sometimes used in healing & such. It even gives Logos a special understanding, as to the concept of just how the Trinity came about. It gives a threefold look which simply fit the model to a "T" as to the Christan Trinity aspects, as well as the Brahman Trimurti.

How so you ask? Well, in AG 48:2-5 Jesus is presented to the Hierophant before being initiated in the Egyptian mysteries. The Hierophant addressed Jesus as "Rabboni of the rabbinate" (meaning Master of the masters) and had asked him in 47:9-11 why did he seek learning in the halls of men, as Jesus held the wisdom of the gods. Jesus explained that he could not lead the way by talk, but by going & doing. The Hierophant accepts Jesus into the Brotherhood, but says more concerning Jesus in verses 2-5: "The circle is the symbol of the perfect man, and seven is the number of the perfect man; the Logos is the perfect (ineffable) word; l) that which creates, 2) that which destroys (transforms or revivifies), and 3) that which saves (redeems or heals). This Hebrew master is the Logos of the Holy One, the Circle of the human race, the Seven of time. And in the record book the scribe wrote down, the Logos-Circle-Seven; and thus was Jesus known". [Ref.#6, pp.56-57]

Comparison of the Christian Trinity, AG's Logos defined, Hindu Trimurti, IAO defined by Egyptian deities, and the Hebrew form IHVH (IHV condensed) as to the Kaballistic understanding of the Tree of Life schematic are below:

A)- Father/ that which creates/ Brahma(n) the Creator/ IAO- I is Isis (Nature)/ IHVH- I is Father or King

B)- Mother or Holy Spirit/ that which destroys-transforms-revivifies/ Siva (or Shiva) the Destroyer/ Apophis or Apepi the Destroyer/ IHVH- 1st H- Mother or Higher Queen

C)- Son/ that which saves-redeems-heals-preserves/ Vishnu the Preserver/

IAO- O is Osiris the Redeemer/ IHVH- V- Son or Prince (also called Double Delights, in which the 2nd H is Daughter or Lower Queen or Princess and is contained within the Son, like Androgenous)

These are the exact same three attributes of this Sacred Word or Name, that is, each of its 3 syllables. I am sure you can see that by now, but perhaps never sat down & compared it. The first is easy to compare equally. But the 2nd, at too close a view, one might not associate the Holy Spirit with the others, except that it shows a transitional state, such as burning away the dross to be reborn afresh. The 3rd can be realized as redeemed, saved, preserved, and healed are mostly synonymous. Another view has been these 3 also show the stages of Life, Death, and Rebirth. And there is another reason that these three conditions are critical & must be completely understood. That explanation may be in the next chapter. [Ref.#6, pp.151,205-206]

"Father, Son, and Spirit, Three in One ... as it was the earliest expression of what the Sacred Name of God means in the Christian Religion". [Ref.#6,

pp.151,205-206 & #7]

"God Himself is, in Rabbinic and later Jewish literature, often referred to as 'The Name'." [Ref.#6, pp.151,205-206 & #8]

These two unique quotes show that there is definitely something to this Name or Word. And it seems from a Jewish perspective, it is realized that the Christian Trinity is merely an expression to describe it, even though it has gone farther than realized & taken many away from its true reasoning. This is why the Jewish & Muslim faiths have a disagreement. They see God as ONE, not 3. Mainstream Christians have tried to explain that the 3 are ONE, yet they separate them enough for the other 2 to say they have crossed the line.

But looking globally, we have seen that the Hindu Trimurti does see the 3 faces of God, as do the Christians. Are there any other cultures or religions or perhaps spiritual organizations that might also help in our query from this starting point? And there surely are. Maybe we touch on some of them today.

It was realized that the story of Genesis is in China. There is a book out that says it has been discovered & realized. Basically, it shares the story of Genesis is hidden in the Chinese Language. It seems that certain glyphs or characters, are made up into a compound. This compound glyph has a certain meaning. And as you separate all of the portions of it (glyphs or characters that make up the compound), you find each one is of significance.

For instance, the glyph or character that means "to create", is composed of these glyphs: dust or mud, mouth, movement of life, and able to walk. When you combine all of these 4 with the main one, it seems to state exactly as the RSV or KJV versions of the Creation story of Genesis 2:7. As to 40 years of research, the search has yielded the conclusion that somehow a group, possibly from the time of the Tower of Babel, came to the East & left us the story of Genesis unknown to others, yet to be rediscovered in the future.

[Ref.# 9]

Next we turn to a Welsh story of Creation. It shares in common with the story in John 1, yet slightly different. "In the Beginning were the 'Three Shouts'" (or "Triple Shouts") the Welsh Creation storyline is set. "God, when there was life and existence only Himself, proclaimed His Name, and co-instantaneously with the Word all living and existing things burst wholly into a shout of joy; and that Voice was the most melodious that ever was heard in music. Co-instantaneously with the Voice was Light, and in the Light, Form, and the Voice was in three tones, three vocalizations, pronounced together at the same moment."

And further noted is this: "But instead of, and as substitutes for these, are placed the three letters O I W (the Bardic Name of God) ... to prevent disrespect and dishonor to God, a Bard is forbidden to name Him, except inwardly and in thought. However, if a Bard were to vocalize the name inwardly it would sound to him as 0-EE-00." And it is brought out that this is very similar to the word that HPB (Helena P. Blavatsky) speaks of in her

2 volume treatise titled 'The Secret Doctrine' (my copies are floating around somewhere in the Library here). Blavatsky stated that the word was "Oeaohoo" equated with the Logos or Word or "Verbum". In case you did not know, Albert Einstein had kept in his office on his desk, a copy of HPB's 'The Secret Doctrine' according to his niece's account. So let's turn to HPB & see what she found. Blavatsky also was a co-founder of the Theosophy movement here in the USA in the late 1800s. Blavatsky (HPB) traveled into the Far East & was allowed into ancient Tibetan archives, of which transcribed portions from a book she called "The Book of Dzyan". [Ref.# 10]

Since I don't have my volumes of 'The Secret Doctrine' handy, this other one will have to do. as it touches on HPB and the story of our "Cosmic Evolution" from the Seven Stanzas translated from The Book of Dzyan. It is found on pp.93-101. Very profound as it speaks of the ONE slumbering for 7 Eternities. It speaks of Aloneness & Darkness of the Father-Mother (the Eternal Non-Being aka the ONE Being). It speaks of the Vibration that planted the Germ that gave birth to All That Is. It speaks of the Root as being OEAOHOO and being ONE, even as it is projecting forth Creation. This Root (Name/Word) is in everything. Then we have the birth of Oeaohoo the Younger who shines forth as the Son (I used non-caps for this word to designate it slightly different). There is the Interpretation of the 7 Stanzas on pp.112-118. [Ref.# 11]

By comparing these, we get a pretty good idea as to how the Creation came into being. It was by the "Triple Shouts" that are ONE. But the Bardic portion speaks of something that was done. I've always wondered about HPB's "OEAHOO" or "Oeahoo", as I knew it was not the true sequence of the Vowel sounds. The Explanation shared as to the Bardic Name of God lets us know they came up with this "substitution" out of respect & honor to the ONE.

They used this substitute OIW (and they pronounced it O-EE-OO). So either The Bardic Name is derived from the Book of Dzyan, or it goes in line with it.

"In the beginning was the Vak (Vac or Vach) ... is also found in the Hindu texts. Vak or Vac is the WORD. [Ref.# 6 pp.78,88,97,150,151,177 & #12]

In Edouard Schure's treatises on some of the great spiritual leaders of the past, he touches on Moses (Hosarsiph). Moses' symbol of God, can also be seen as not just IHVH (I-HVH), but as IEVE or I-EVE. Do you see it? Yes, the word Eve is plain to see. The old Hebrew word was Havah or Hawah (HVH or HWH). In the Hebrew glyphs are their titles or names. H is He/Hai/Hay. V is Vau/Vav (also sometimes a U or W is used. And Eve & Isis have similarities.

Schure touches farther on I-EVE on pp.197-200. And in Greece, "the 4 Sacred Letters (TGT or Tetragrammaton) ... Iod (pronounced EE), He, Vo, He represented God in His eternal fusion with nature (or creation) ... Iod

(Osiris) meant ... Creative Intellect, the Eternal Masculine ... He-Vau-He represented the Eternal Feminine (Eve, Isis, Nature), in all the visible and invisible forms engendered by it. Another order of sciences correspond to each of the letters--- I-EVE (of which is found that Moses used- Iod/He/Vau/He in 'The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt: Hermes/Moses' by Edouard Schure). And this is why the cry ... became the sacred cry par excellence; in all the Mysteries of Greece". {in my TEACHING book, this was taken from pp.118,119,99,101,106,110 in the individual series 'Mysteries of Ancient

Greece: Orpheus/Plato', but I have not found these two excerpts in the combined volume titled 'The Great Initiates'} Schure was a contemporary of Rudolf Steiner [Ref.# 6 pp.193 & #13]

It is said & perhaps written that there are 99 Names of Allah, yet the 100th Name is the Most Excellent & Hidden. I have run across this several times.

[Ref.# 14]

There are several references that say we have lost the Sacred Name. One such is found in J.J. Hurtak's "Keys of Enoch" book. See Key 107:71 as it says we have lost the knowledge of the Key Name. Interestingly, in Key 109:97 Enoch says the Beginning was a spiral, not the conceived "Big Bang" sort or a steady state. Hurtak shares yet another 3 ways that the trinity view of the Name has inherit. It is in Key 215:32 and shares these three: 1) Creation,

2) Regenesis or Recreation, 3) Salvation. [Ref.# 15]

In the translations of the glyphs on top of 1030 gold pillars inside a hidden golden pyramid down in South America brings us another story version of creation. The translations shared on p.56 speak of the 99 Names, and that the Hundredth (100th) is the WORD and again on p.75. A most interesting story by Metatron who is deemed a very high status in the Jewish texts, such as Gabriel. [Ref.# 16]

In Eckankar, you would be surprised that the word HU is still not the actual NAME/WORD of God. Paul Twitchell, who brought forth Eckankar, also brought forth the "Bible" of Eckankar, which only has 2 volumes available currently that I am aware of. Also, the title for God is Sugmad. It speaks of the Sugmad sleeping or resting, as 'The Book of Dzyan" did. [Ref.# 17]

The Koran or Quran has a few notes of interest as to this Creation. In 41:11 it states "Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke ...". Further, in 21:30 it states "Have not those who disbelieved known that the heavens and the earth were one connected entity, then We separated them? ...".

Interestly as a new star forms out of cloud and dust (nebula) it looks exactly like a sort of "smoke". I am sure this new birth is very similar to The First Birth. How could Mohammed have known something that only about 1400 years later has recently been realized in modern day cosmology? {Ref. #18]

Schueler shares his Enochian views on "Enochian Physics". It seems that the Big Bang & the Steady State (the Universe is constantly renewing itself) are partially correct & partially incorrect. All matter did not come into existence at the moment of the Bang, as it comes & goes. Modern day Physics basically says "creation is the mechanical process of energy changing into matter." But Enochian Physics takes it in from a different angle, "all creation is directed by cosciousness." I will share 6 of the 12 Stanzas concerning Creation by Schueler's view of the Enochian (Angelic) Universe & the Monad Model. It is in a poetic format of "I" & "Not-I".


Stanza 1- The "I" slept soundless in the darkness of "Not-I", and the heart of "I" & "Not-I" was one.

Stanza 2- The "I" awoke, and rose up, and saw "Not-I" whereupon NONE became TWO under the LAW.

Stanza 3- The "I" saw things within ITSELF, whereupon the "I" became divided from within.

Stanza 4- The "I" saw things outside ITSELF, whereupon the "Not-I" became divided up from within.

Stanza 5- The "I" stooped down and became SELF.

Stanza 6- The "Not-I" followed after and became the UNIVERSE.


Then Schueler touches on the cosmic "dust" and also the Oort Cloud of scientists. In other works of Schueler's, he also speaks of words, sounds, and vibrations. In this volume, only briefly does he touch on the Logos being the Divine Sound. [Ref. #19]

I had hoped to insert many more from around the world in this chapter but our space is about up for now. Perhaps I might get to insert a few more in chapter 5. So now we know HOW Creation came into being, which now brings us to the next question concerning this "Triple Shout". That would be in essence by WHAT, or What is this LOST WORD ...


References for Chapter 4:

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[NOTE: very good book on comparison to Physics & Magick views of our universe]


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