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From Quan Yin:
Message for the New Year

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 12/31/08.]

Note from Antera: Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy, known for her compassion, and most venerated in East Asia. Though I have felt her energy at times and seen her, this was the first time she has come through to speak to us directly.

Next year is my year, my time to become manifest in the hearts of many people all over the planet. I am becoming more present with many people all over the world, because love, compassion, and forgiveness are so needed and will be used in a much bigger way than ever before in the coming year. There will be times when that is all that can be done and many people will hit rock bottom before they will turn to forgiveness and love, but they will, because after you hit bottom there is no other place to go but to the heart.

Quan Yin

This is going to be a very big year for what I teach, my way of forgiving, not just saying you forgive but really, really feeling forgiveness and compassion for everyone on the planet, because everyone has made mistakes and needs to be forgiven.

Everyone has pain in their past and needs compassion. It does not matter what they've done to create that pain, it does not matter what mistakes they have made, and whether it is their fault or not. It doesn't matter. It is simply time to have compassion for everyone, and surround them with grace and forgiveness and dispel that old energy.

This is a process that is really just beginning to take hold, but it is taking hold and it is growing. And it is so needed! It is the grace that is now allowed ? a new and even quicker level of grace. A grace that means all the pain and mistakes can be released even faster than last year. Each year brings a new level of grace for everyone! So that what used to take so long to relive, pay for, punish for, and hold onto, all of that pain can be released in a flash using forgiveness, compassion for others and for self.

Because many of the problems on the planet are caused by people not forgiving themselves, not learning the lessons instantly so that they do not need to be punished for past mistakes, and by not releasing old self images and self criticism that no longer serve. This all has to go this year! If it does not, everything will escalate. This has to be front and foremost on the pathway of everyone on a spiritual or religious pathway. Forgiveness, grace, and compassion need to be the top priorities.

With this, major shifts can happen for everyone. Huge shifts for everyone, huge changes, but easily made. Even the most evil-seeming people can be redeemed through forgiveness and compassion. Those who have made the largest mistakes, those who have hurt large groups of people can be redeemed.

Because as this energy of 2009 takes hold in the hearts of people, takes a greater priority in everyone's lives, it is so catching. It goes from one person to another. It catches on like wildfire, and soon everyone is forgiving, everyone is loving, and there is peace on the planet again.

So I ask you to go within your hearts and look for any judgments -- about politicians, about your neighbors, about your environment, about yourself. Anytime you find yourself saying or thinking a judgmental thought, first forgive yourself for doing it, and second, forgive the person you were judgmental about and send them love. Imagine if everyone on the planet put forgiveness and compassion as priorities. Imagine the tremendous shifts that could be made. This will shift the planet faster than anything else!

I come to you two because I see that forgiveness is a major part of the work that you do. This is why I come to you, to let you know that this is the year for forgiveness to take a front seat ? for forgiveness to be the first place to go and the first place to heal, not a last resort as it has been in the past.

This is my simple message, and I call forth this energy throughout my own country as well as all countries of the world. No wrong is too large to be healed through forgiveness ? no wrong. This planet is so full of grace! Even for those you feel are least deserving of it. It is a time for wiping the slate clean, for clearing the past, for moving ahead without the burdens of pain from your past. Too long have humans carried this pain, way too long!

So let this be the focus of the next year. As each of you learns to fully release the pain of the past and forgive and remove judgment, share this with others, so that it does spread very quickly. This is the quickest way to heal at this time! It may seem overly simple, but it works.

And that is my message for you tonight, to carry forth with you into the new calendar year. I give you each my touch of love in your hearts.

Thank you.

Copyright 2009 Antera

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