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Zotar Message


How enchanted people on your planet are. They are under a spell of deceit.

I am Zotar…second in command on the starship that circles your planet weekly.
We are One with those of the Pleiades and our mission helps clean the airs and water of your planet.

Encourage all to use organic materials. This practice is a great asset in assisting Gaia.

When in mediation, chant the mantra:
Yo so gua ne
Yo so gua ne
(“I am Life recreated.”)

You living upon this planet do NOT know the significance you play.
Extend your hand to others in love and friendship. Make a connection so all become One in speech and physicality.

Recreate the essence of God, Creator in all you do and say.

Love self. Begin building a chain of consciousness that will encircle the planet, several times.

Yo so gua ne

Yo so gua ne

Yo so gua ne

To all----rebuild the purity of Creator, Mother/Father God for all upon and within this beautiful planet.


Sept. 16, 2009

 Pleadian Message

Greetings earthlings!!!

 Greetings to all creatures upon this planet!!!


We are the Pleadians.  Times upon your planet are difficult for many.  In these events of turmoil, much is being accomplished. Look within and without to find love and joy. Do not allow others’ drama to dis-power your essence. Much upon this planet is necessary to finish Her contract.

 The politicians within this country, the USA are charging forward toward a successful end, so they think. Much deceit and untruths still lie within their bosoms. It is very difficult for some to release their tightly held ideas of success. They feel that their success lies within the realms of this energy, money. Wait, dear ones, there is one that will disturb this allusion. Mediate on YOUR part in this. Are you believing what you hear? Is your fear of having little causing your thoughts to join this fevered incubus?

Many days, months, years, your country has been “wrapped up” in this blanket of deceit.

It will take some time to unravel this thought energy. There are Indigos within the political system that are attempting to do just this. Send energy to them so that your country, your planet will “jump out” of this hideous covering.

 Now a more pleasant side, know that much has already been accomplished. The energies swirling around your planet have started to create much more peace. Begin to advance this healing, by healing yourselves. Allow yourself to let go of your baggage. Issues with others are merely a way of learning more about yourself. Give self love and compassion during these times.

Many of you have gained weight in order to protect yourself from what faces you. So if you allow these issues to fade away, you no longer need to protect self, correct?


Dear Ones…we surround your planet to help you. Some of our citizens are living with you. We have chosen to help and assist. Many of you are our star seeds and our children.

You have chosen to be on Gaia during this time of creation and renovation. You are symbolically, the carpenters, building a new world. Do not allow circumstances to delay your work.

 With great love and appreciation,

 We are the Pleadians.


  It seems like more info is coming out at a faster pace. Read and discern if this resonates with you.

Love and peace,

Via   Michele Moore

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