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Message from RAmanetero of the Lemurian Council

Labor Day 2009


Greetings.    I am RAmanetero.   Today is the first day of great energy coming into the planet.   As such, each person, place and thing upon its surface will be affected.


The light of Creator God has issued a decree of such that all will rise in energy and vibration.


What does this mean?   It is perhaps one of the most significant events in the history of this planet.    With higher vibrations, creatures of the earth will become open, less guarded.    A genuine love begins to be established and will continue to grow.   Shortly in months to come, it will be evident that greed and competition among the business arena will lessen.   This will continue and become greater.    The earth will see a lessening in conflict.    The USA will depart from countries that it is involved in warfare.


Kindness among Gaia’s peoples will become prevalent. Common compassion and involvement in helping those less fortunate will increase.


You have seen the transition of two family members of the Kennedy family. This unit has taught and practiced service to others.   Although the family has been a powerful aspect in the political arena, these peoples have established multitudes of assistance for more unfortunate peoples.    The two who departed and “came home,”   Eunice and Edward, have chosen to work on this side to further humanity. Their earthly bodies became weak and their souls chose to leave so more could be accomplished in spirit.


As this year continues, expect to see the effect of these energies.   People will experience a “softening” in personalities.    Christmas will find peoples in a warm, sentimental attitude with a loss in materialism that has been prevalent in the past.   Divorces may increase somewhat as peoples begin to love themselves more and decide to separate from those whose lessons are complete.    Acceptance of higher energies will allow for releases of diseases.   Peoples will see the fear mongers as  “false evidence appearing real.”


Continue to seek knowledge to become “enlightened.”   Acceptance of what TV, internet and the media portrays as truth is no longer acceptable.   Discern what your truth is.   Become joy and light!    No longer allow what government chooses.   Representatives of this establishment need to change their concerns to others rather than personal interests.   Become active to maintain good for all, not a few.


Release your hold on this energy of money.     It has caused great hardships in its existence.    Choose rather to help and give family and others what one can.   Give service, goods for the benefit of receiving back.


Begin this process of transition.   Help others in gratitude.   Often just an exchange of prayer will be  more beneficial than an amount of money.    Revisit the golden rule of loving self and treating others as yourselves.


The call goes out to become light.

Become the I AM.

Become enlightened.

Become wealthy of Christ.

Become one with Gaia so all are one---finally!


I come from the Lemurian council to give this message.


May peace, love and blessings come to you in these exciting times to come.


Let this coming Christmas season truly be Christ in mass—a time where the love of a Christ resides in the masses of people  upon and within Gaia.


Michele Moore


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