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From Jeshua:
Hold Onto Your Core, That Is the Key

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 9/1/08.]

Note from Antera and Omaran: Jeshua (pronounced Yeshua) was the pre-Roman name of Jesus, and we prefer to call him that because of religious/emotional baggage associated with his later name. He is very active on this planet as an Ascended Master and has been a great teacher of ours through the decades.

I come here tonight to speak with you about some things of importance on this world, and in the lives of many. The times ahead promise to be of unprecedented challenge and opportunity at the same time.

This is already happening! And the key, as we have told you many times, to making it through unscathed is to hold on to your core, is to hold on to that which is real, that which is important, and to let go of everything else possible. So what is your core? Your core is love, pure and simple! That is the only thing that is important, that is the only thing that you must hold onto. For some, everything else will be ripped away. For lightworkers this has been occurring over the past few years or even a decade in preparation for this time. For many others, it is just beginning.

That is why it is so very crucial that priorities be set, that you know what is important in your life and what is a part of that core of who you are and what you are here to do. Even that which you think you are here to do may also be stripped away, may also be outdated, may also have changed because of the ever-flowing ebb and tide of consciousness.

I come here tonight to speak with you and to remind you of what is important, to remind you that you may have many plans, but do not hold onto expectation. This is the way to navigate through these times, is to flow forward from a place of the now ... to flow forward in your life from a place that is current and not a part of the past, nor a part of the future.

As this moment in history gets more intense, gets more focused, many people will not be able to hold on to their core energy. They will forget about love, they will forget about what is truly important, and they will forget about loving each other and helping each other. There will be many angry people. That is what I am referring to, and there is no way around it.

But there will also be the immergence of the star people, the people who hold the star in their hearts, who do maintain love and caring for everyone... who can look past those who are blaming and angry and see within those people the core of love, and therefore help them by projecting this core of love and the thoughtform around it to these people so they may in turn magnify their own cores.

These times have arrived! We have been speaking of these times for many years, and they are here. There is no more practice, no more waiting. All that so many of you have come to this planet to experience is in process. Too many people have put words to the fact that they are here for these exciting times, but then when the challenges hit, they forget. They act like victims, they do not understand why things are happening the way they are. Everything that is not love will be stripped away, because only a heart-based person can bring forth the energies and thrive on the energies that are coming into the planet now and will only accelerate.

Now, I remind you of this because I want you to pay special attention to when you flow out of the place of love so that you may correct it immediately. This is how you will progress upon your path ... by maintaining your sense of love for everyone in your families, for everyone you know, and for everyone you meet on a casual basis.

This is such a key to these times! People who are undergoing many dramas now, which will only increase, are having these dramas because of unhealed parts of themselves coming up, the parts of themselves that do not love. Those parts are what is being stripped away.

There are many changes coming, there are many changes happening right now, and I hope you will stay on top of this every day, not a single moment missed by flowing out to a place that is not of the heart!

Copyright 2008 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
Center for Soul Evolution, see for more channelings.

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