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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Ben, 1 Mac, 4 Eb                       3/24/09

Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to discuss with you! Right now, you are in the process of being prepared for the final ascension procedures. Heaven is doing this now because the time for first contact approaches. So far most of you have completed the first two stages of this procedure. You are rising out of your former slumbers and daily question what you see around you. You have also been through significant amounts of change that have affected your metabolism, redirected your nervous system, caused periods of strange fatigue and the need, from time to time, for more sleep at night. These adjustments brought on line a new set of chakras as well as a new range of aches and pains and other assorted discomforts. The good news is, this stage is nearing an end. Nevertheless, you are still on a path that is to take you back to full consciousness. Meanwhile, Mother Earth's surface activity basically mirrors your own changes. All this is in divine preparation for the final steps that are to take place once first contact becomes a reality.

      These sacred alterations are affecting all aspects of your reality. Everywhere, the need for foundational reform is evident. Your society is at a major crossroads as is your own evolution. For millennia, you gazed at those in power and accepted the concept of rule-from-the-top as natural. You accepted without question the many peculiarities of your social environment as well as the unsatisfactory and unlikely explanations of those in power. This specious worldview is now breaking up and is seen by most of you as inadequate. New viewpoints are raising questions and coalescing into a global movement we like to call the quiet revolution. This mass movement is not mentioned in the mainstream press nor in the forms of media it controls. Occasionally an article will appear on some aspect of this subject, but none of them go into this phenomenon in any depth or look at the how the local aspects influence the global sphere. Thus this intricate and quite remarkable plethora of grassroots movements is largely unknown to the general public.

      These movements are wide-ranging and focus on, for example, equitable access to financial resources and alternative medicine; protection of wilderness, wildlife, and organic farmland and food sources. They include people-based networks that address natural rights, personal sovereignty, and true literacy. Underlying this is a drive to link up into a global network that would be dedicated to basic ethics and humanity, elements which we consider essential for even a rudimentary form of galactic society. We have talked before about the diligent individuals and groups responsible for these movements and associated them directly with what our Earth allies are doing. These small yet expanding groups, whether local, national, or international in outlook, are the fertile ground in which the issues we mention can take root and flourish. This new growth springs from the inner drive of many activists to approach old problems in new ways. Open now to reevaluating old beliefs, they have in many cases stumbled upon the ideas put forth by our Earth allies.

      This point is important. A synchronicity is developing that is tying together these small people-oriented movements and our Earth allies, a connection we touched upon in previous messages. What is wondrous is the amount of interlocking that is taking place throughout the globe. This development, along with the current economic crisis, is melting away the barriers to merging these diverse initiatives in the very near future. In fact, your economic difficulties are accelerating this process. Awareness of the necessity for massive global change has taken on a life of its own. Numerous economic and political leaders have espoused the need to rewrite the way your world does business and to examine how its financial institutions are to operate in the new business environment. This brings us to the programs mentioned in recent messages. Your world of fiat currencies, unfettered anything-goes strategies, and over-the-top greed needs to be replaced with a more socially responsible model.

      This new model has been outlined before. What is pivotal is how it is to be implemented. This transition should be done in a way that safely mitigates any new forms of political or economic abuse. Hence, our Earth allies are deeply committed to a legal process that brings to light past abuses, replaces those responsible, and then establishes a fair procedure for dispensing justice. There is to be no violent overthrow, but rather a considered, responsible, and above all, consensual series of changes. As you are aware, some of what needs to be done has taken longer to prepare, but it is better by far to do things properly from the start than to build upon hastily construed foundations that are incapable of achieving the right results. A few more adjustments may be needed to get the requisite majority approval, but the vehicles agreed to in this manner now form a network of action agendas that can be revealed when the time is right.

      What we are working with is a living mosaic that functions on multiple levels. Each level can be considered in isolation but is too intertwined with the other levels to be fully evaluated separately. This natural synergy dooms what the dark is still trying to do. Despite recognizing this inevitability many dark minions are ready to interfere with the activities of our Earth allies. Therefore, a certain amount of caution and committed focus is required to keep the Light moving forward to its victory. To this end, we intervene when essential and guide those events that are pivotal to success. We dearly wish that these preparations leading up to first contact were not so laden with detail. It seems that each step forward is achieved only after an endless sequence of things slot into place in the precise right order.

      Ensuring that all this happens as planned keeps our liaison teams busy. They find that firm assurances are needed whenever a vital point in these sequences is reached. We have therefore put in place elements that can provide this as necessary. We have been required to step up our oversight activities and so monitor very closely what the dark is secretly up to. We have become the involved spectator and the amount of involvement increases whenever certain types of roadblocks are thrown up by the dark. What now remains should be mostly obstacle-free. We have also added to our post-first-contact list of activities: Up-to-date technology is badly needed on your world. Disclosing your sequestered devices is only a beginning; then you will need instruction in the use of what we intend to give you and a new paradigm in which to place it.

      What lies ahead of you is not far off. The utter direness of your environment requires a massive amount of intervention. You are also ignorant of certain relationships in your solar system that affect your planetary systems. Your current weather patterns are the result of what you and your solar system do to each other. Much of your daily science is inadequate and must rapidly be brought up to speed. Moreover, the paradigm you currently use is barely enough to sustain a limited degree of inventiveness and needs an enormous boost in the right direction. After that, your knowledge can increase immensely. Some facts will need discarding while others can be reassessed. Thus your world-in-transition can move quickly toward your new reality.

      Today we introduced a couple of new items and reviewed some old ones. As a planetary populace, you are entering a transition period, going from many millennia of darkness into a realm that is to be quite different from anything you have known. Hold steady through the confusion and walk resolutely toward your grand destiny! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Cimi, 14 Ceh, 4 Eb                     3/17/09

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to say about many things. Right now a number of events are beginning to manifest. They are the forerunners of the many deliveries and announcements that signal the start of your new reality. What needs to be said here is that Heaven is determined to keep everything in balance. Human society is changing at a pace that mirrors your awakening. At the same time, your growth permits Mother Earth to begin transforming her surface areas. This reciprocity allows all to be known together, and to dovetail with what is happening in your solar system. Thus, change is comprehensive while remaining in balance. You have probably noticed that these changes are accelerating, heading for an amazing event, which sages, both past and present, call the great shift or the ascension. Whatever the term, these things are both inevitable and a sign that it is now necessary to transform this reality. A major part of this sacred operation is our first contact mission to Mother Earth and this solar system.

      As mentioned many times, first contact has changed from its original concept to an operation that is both a precursor to, and the means for, your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This process put us in contact with our personnel who were embedded in your societies long before we arrived here in great numbers. We also linked up with the parallel contact mission from inner Earth. The resulting combined resources helped us learn about and become friends with our Earth allies. What is happening on your world has its origins in what these courageous and dedicated souls from inner Earth have done over the millennia to prepare all of you for what now lies ahead. When the time comes for the announcements, we ask that every bit of this incredible history be presented to you. You deserve full knowledge of your true history as well as sufficient background on what is being done to progress you from your present dark world into one filled with Light, Love, and inner Joy! You need to see just how much of a miracle your deliverance from the dark really is!

      When the Anunnaki arrived here after the fall of Atlantis, your world was in a shambles. They used this opportunity to reshape your world and told you a fable about your origins. Time and again you discarded these lies, each time incurring the destructive wrath of these dark overlords. The Anunnaki persisted, until finally you succumbed to their fictitious creed around the time of the dawn of your recorded history. Since then you have been subservient to the Anunnaki's appointed minions. This period is now at an end. Ahead of you is a time to reassess everything and to prepare for our arrival. It is a very special divine moment, in which you can thank Mother Earth and begin to make up for the destruction unthinkingly perpetrated upon her without mercy or thanks for the gifts she gave you. It is the moment to end a death culture that has produced endless wars, mass hatred, and deep artificial schisms between you. For eons you doled out the same callous behavior toward each other that you visited upon Mother Earth.

      This drive toward enlightenment is a strong impulse within you. Throughout your history we came to assist you along this path and to encourage your prophets and wise men to produce most of your sacred literature. In this we were helped along by Heaven and given explicit direction by the divine plan. You are here to witness the dark, to explore limited consciousness, and finally to return to full consciousness and the Light. All this is done according to a divine timeline. Our mission is to follow these directives and at an appointed moment to appear openly to you. In the lead-up to this moment we joust with your governments and warn some of them of the folly of their way of relating to one another. We do this to ensure that you are able to reach the point when your changes can manifest. Until then we are faithful watchdogs, constantly monitoring these governments to prevent 'unwarranted' actions from being set in motion.

      War is something that your coming caretaker regimes are formally pledged to transform into peaceful channels. A great abundance is ready to rain down and change your world forever. As you know by now, a new financial and banking system is to prepare the ground for the time when money and power lose their sway over you. You are moving upward and back into a spiritual mindset quite different from what is now the norm in your society. And this is the point to ever keep in mind: You are safe, and a wholly new world is your destiny. Our arrival is merely one event among many that are to bring this into being. We repeat: this point is pivotal. You are here in the Earth school to learn, and to change those concepts that make this limited reality work. We are here to oversee this and, when so directed, to swoop down and assist you in completing what you started.

      All of this has a divine timing. Within this framework our primary brief is first of all to be the divine, benevolent overseer; that is, to prevent global catastrophe such as nuclear war. We have been warning your governments repeatedly since the end of the Second World War not to consider this an option. Nevertheless, at certain moments in your recent history global conditions brought us close to a massive divine intervention. All governments receive briefings on these matters in which we are very clear about the dos and don'ts. We give our warning and we leave as we came. We carefully monitor your planet and these strange, spiteful entities you call government. Our relationship with these organizations is dubious at best, though some of them do have a more positive attitude toward us and have actually cooperated to the point of some degree of disclosure regarding 'UFOs.'

      While these regimes' direction generally aligns with the desires of the Illuminati, some have become friendlier over the past decade. This may be enlightened self-interest because of what is now happening globally. A quiet worldwide revolution is gaining a reputation as an unstoppable force, and many recognize an urgent need to address this, for example, by providing a higher degree of transparency for their citizens on a number of vital issues. Public pressure is also beginning to force a reassessment on their policy toward UFOs, and some grudging attempts at disclosure are taking place despite the skeptics' overall upper hand in this area. But, as with the dark, their grip is loosening. A new wave of officials in several nations can see the "writing on the wall" and are more willing to set some much-needed precedents for the disclosure process.

      These changes are part of other things that are modifying the way your governments react to us. All know that we are benevolent and a catalyst for vast change in your definition of 'humanness' and 'consciousness.' Knowledge on this subject has mushroomed in recent years but public perception of this has not kept pace. New viewpoints and policies are now definitely required as who we are becomes more and more difficult to obscure. What this amounts to is the need to improve the way we are approached. However, although we welcome any attempts at enhanced diplomacy, our focus remains firmly on first contact and your return to full consciousness. We need to make everyone aware of what is planned by Heaven. First contact is as inevitable as full consciousness. The time to fully manifest your Quiet Revolution has arrived.

      Today, we talked about the amazing changes being prepared for your world. Heaven is joyous about what is to happen. Revel in these last days before the great changes and the manifestation of your marvelous abundance. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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