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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Eb, 15 Yaxk'in, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come today with more things to discuss. The process for change is making headway! We are currently fully involved in a push to bring about the collapse of your present reality. To achieve this, we have instructed our liaison teams to focus on and accelerate an alternative plan in which a number of your major governments acknowledge our existence.  We find that the last dark cabal is strengthening its resistance even as we apply measures that are to lead to its downfall.  This stubbornness manifests as a slew of stalling tactics which have slightly delayed the momentum of our Earth allies, turning the behind-the-scenes face-off into a veritable cold war situation.  As a result we are seriously considering a number of options that involve a more open level of support for our Earth allies.  We have detailed new liaison teams to advise our Earth allies on possible new tactics.  We do not want to intervene directly until the disclosure conferences are over and the main instrument for implementing the dark agenda (the current US regime) is ousted legally from power.

      The situation is to worsen before it gets better. We understand the implications of this and are asking our Earth associates to complete what they are on the brink of accomplishing.  The need for change is quickly becoming an imperative for us and Heaven is carrying out all that has been mandated by the divine plan.  An essential aspect of this mission is that contact not be scary or seen to be in any way a direct move against your governments.   However, the primary directive here is to ensure that your transformation into full consciousness occurs as planned.  The dark cabalists understand the immense odds they are up against but nevertheless are more fearful even of what is to happen once they give in and surrender to the Light.   However, their fears are misplaced!  Yes, their previous actions do have consequences, but our role does not include that of executioner!  The changes are not about subjecting them to their own brand of vicious justice but about carrying out a propitious act of divine grace.

      This process is more in the nature of rehabilitation, which can allow these former denizens of the dark to come to realize a number of things about themselves and their sacred links to all life. It is to be carried out by the Agarthans acting in sacred concert with Heaven.   Heaven is not about pain and suffering but about Love and divine grace.   We are here to be your mentors and teachers.   Ours is not to conduct a violent intervention into your reality as the dark ones are keen to have you believe.   The scenario of something monstrous from "outer space" suddenly hurtling itself upon you lies at the core of your science fiction media and has been drilled into you for over six decades.   This fear is now deep within you and you ask us, how can you determine our true motives?   As always, the answer lies in your heart knowing.   Use your intuitive logic to discern the truth, for this is your link to the Divine.  The dark sees the present time as its last chance for survival and has pulled out all its stops to defer our actions. But as you know, the cabal is destined to fail.

      The present conditions contain within them a slight chance for the dark to prolong things. This is why we are pursuing the option of getting one or more of your major governments to introduce us formally and invite us to come and visit them.   In this event, we can make a much smaller first contact and ensure that your deliveries are carried out and the required global announcements made.   We repeat: first contact changes everything.   It transforms your reality and can come as a big wake-up call to many of you.   This is a requirement that is to be met head on by your Ascended Masters.   Their appearance is to lead to peace and enhanced global cooperation, and is to provide the catalyst for wide-ranging discussions that are to introduce a great many things that your religions have either distorted or largely ignored.   These topics will be explored well after this limited contact is over.

      Once this 'introduction' scenario is underway we intend to bring in the rest of our landing parties. With this act the dark is vanquished, and the prosperity promised you can then manifest.   Thereafter, the principle scenario we have been discussing with you can go ahead.  As for the exact dates for all this, it would be silly of us to disclose this aspect of our plans as we want to keep the dark on edge. We have a number of irons in the fire and what happens exactly is dependent on factors that change daily, even hourly. What we can say is that we do not intend to see your suffering become as great as the dark's machinations would seem at present to suggest. A divine edict guides us and we are to do what Heaven so prescribes. This is leading to the above reappraisal of the situation. In any event, victory is close.

      It is important for us to reiterate that we are working in concert with the Divine to achieve success. First contact is the exact point where your reality changes inexorably and emphatically for the better. Everyone working toward this end knows this. Yet, we cannot simply swoop down without some form of effective preamble. As it is, your media and entertainment industries have recently conjured up some terrifying "what if" scenarios which require dispelling. This is another reason for our move to the alternative plan mentioned above. There are other ways to initiate contact, and we are exploring them too. We have a sacred responsibility to carry out a first contact that achieves the objectives given to us by Heaven, and the dark's unending machinations cannot deflect us from this task.

      We are determined to utilize every positive means to achieve first contact and are, as we speak, studying various avenues that we previously dismissed. We come here as family members, ready to expedite a sacred intervention that is to give you the means to return to full consciousness. Already your Ascended Masters are setting energies that permit us to transform the present situation easily and quickly. Heaven has a plan, a divine plan. This plan is not a rescue, but rather a way to effect the change necessary to return you to full consciousness. We, along with the Agarthans, have come up with a way to allow all we have talked about to manifest. The coming time is therefore for setting the energies swiftly and bringing about the necessary overture to first contact.

      There are groups on your world that form part of our Earth allies and that hold positions of power given to them long ago by a number of somewhat lesser known (to you) Ascended Masters. Within these groups are powers that have not been implemented on your world since blessed Lemuria passed beneath the waves. The moment arrives for these energies to be activated again in order to recycle a true conclusion to the vast energies of this present precessional period. This energy has many gifted chelas who wait patiently for the divine word to be given. Then, from within the Earth's core and the rituals of the Agarthans this energy can flow up to the surface world. When properly evoked, this energy can change everything! Be ready.

      Today, we continued our talk about Mother Earth's transformation and focused on alternative scenarios. Things are getting close! First contact is most sacred to us and is not taken lightly. Once the proper prequels are in place and we receive the green light, first contact happens quickly and smoothly. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
3 Chicchan, 8 Yaxk'in, 5 Caban          Dec 1, 2009

Selamat Balik! We come again with more to tell you. Many bodily changes brought on by your transformation into full consciousness are creating new areas of pain or discomfort in your physical bodies. At present the new diaphragm chakra is bringing up old memories from your youth or childhood. This is the repository for physical emotions of either joy or pain. As these emotions are released, your mind receives fleeting images of the incidents associated with the emotions being released. These discharges then trigger buried memories also held in your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen, all of which can create a certain amount of havoc in your system, prodding long-dormant, old injuries to quicken again. These releases can bring on great joy, and many of you are having these positive and negative flashes at odd moments throughout the day. It is wonderful to see this happening to you as it is yet another sign of the transformations that are affecting your reality. They constitute a herald of what is to come!

      Mother Earth is changing at a rate more to your liking. She dearly wishes to roll her inner energies out upon her surface. In other words, she intends to bring her surface world into alignment with the inner. In so doing, Mother Earth upgrades her surface duality into a unity which is fully aligned with the infinite. This operation is part of a larger one that is changing your solar system and preparing her to rejoin us. This process raises your realm up out of the dark's control and into a realm where the full and visible Light of the Creator shines brightly and indelibly within all. The uncertainties of the dark dualistic world will evaporate, changing the way you think and feel. You are then restored to a flawless and vibrant exchange with Heaven and with each other. Galactic societies live for and within this impeccable web of Light, which confers a knowing that is at present beyond your grasp. Nevertheless, you can attain a glimpse of this state when you meditate, or even during a moment of deep quiet and grace. This state of divine wisdom is to become more available to you on a daily basis.

      This gradual reinstatement is to return you to the natural state that you enjoyed over 13 millennia ago. As you come to remember this time, we anticipate a large increase in the queries you will have for us during our nightly appointments with you. At night, we work to dismantle the wholly illogical way you were downgraded into your present weakened state of physical existence. Here, we need to retrace your steps and reveal some ancient history. Mother Earth knew, eons ago, of this upcoming dark time and waited patiently for this trying odyssey to unfold. Now, she wants you to understand the connection between your present predicament and those special events back in the end-days of Atlantis. Furthermore, a certain element was in play back then which was to limit severely what the Atlanteans were able to achieve before their fall. This element was the offspring who were dedicated to a full return to the Light, and they became part of the original realm now called Agartha. This Inner Earth world was preserved from the time when Mother Earth was first colonized.

      You have a history that is unique. The first chapters describe a world that is very different from the present one. It is peopled by fully conscious Beings. These were quite ethereal, and to dream of this time is to enter a land that many of your aboriginal peoples call 'dream time.' This period prevailed for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the so-called Eden that is mentioned in many holy works. This world was shanghaied by the Atlanteans some 15,000 years ago and experiments began which were denounced by the Lemurians and other 'daughter' lands. This outcry did not stop the dark and the Atlanteans. Heaven watched and allowed only the first stages of this heinous plot to unfold. Then, as if by magic, these nefarious activities were thwarted. Nevertheless, by this time two distinct realms were in existence: a duality-ruled surface world, controlled by the Anunnaki, and an inner world that retained the Light and the Love of the early Lemurian Empire.

      Since then, your history became peppered with 'golden ages' interspersed with great destruction. Civilizations were leveled by fire, flood, and the thunderbolts of an irate Anunnaki. False creator myths were invented by the mystic 'sky lords' to explain to a confused humanity that these strange unworldly tyrants were in reality a kind and wondrous race that was worthy of humanity's worship and unquestioning loyalty. This relationship was nurtured by the Anunnaki and interfered with, only when necessary, by Heaven. Her purpose was to prepare you for your future reunion with Agartha. You gleaned much wisdom during these 13 millennia, and received a most 'special gift' that you were going to need to unfold physical Creation. Now the time comes to transform this dark duality and return you to a true sense of Self. To this end, Heaven fashioned a first contact mission and brought together an on-planet group to carry out this most urgent task!

      First contact is the culmination of this long and arduous operation. Our arrival here coincided with a number of things that Heaven was doing to offset the dastardly goals of the Anunnaki. A more direct type of first contact mission was our initial operating plan. But the advent of the Peace of Anchara in the mid-1990s changed the global conditions. This shake-up led us to contact those who have now become our Earth allies and to undertake a vastly expanded type of first contact. We were to use these enlightened ones to act as a forerunner to contact, and over the past decade these plans jelled, resulting in a scenario we are close to completing. Our intention is to have various changes of government, followed by a series of formal broadcasts recognizing our benevolent existence. This will permit us to introduce ourselves to you.

      Our immediate concern is to bring the disaster that is presently unfolding around you to a rapid and successful end. Each day we watch the immense perfidy of these dark ones! Your world can no longer exist with these wrongdoers at the helm; a new and fairer way is now of the essence. This last dark outpost, your world, which the cabal laid out at the end of World War II, served them well. It is time to turn away from the cliff-edge, bring in your prosperity, and learn to work internationally with each other. This forms a lead-in to what we will bring. Mother Earth and this planetary system need to transform. The imprints of former animosities are no longer appropriate. The coming period is meant for peace, and for a whole host of wondrous revelations that are a prelude to full consciousness.

      This is not a time for calamity. It is a time for successfully infusing enough Light into your world to foment major change. This change is to be positive in nature, and will realign your constructs toward beneficial influences. A world calibrated to respond largely to dark input was long the way in which your world was manipulated by the Anunnaki and, more recently, by their minions, the last dark cabal. These groups are now in decline and ready to relinquish their reins to you and other Light Workers like our Earth allies. We are firmly behind all of this. However, we must hold to a divine timetable set up by the Creator and solemnly administered by Heaven. This timetable is behind the powerful decrees given by Lord Surea and taken as Truth by the Divine! Thus, the time is at hand for action and for the manifesting of a new, prosperous reality!

      Today, we come as joyful heralds of a new reality. We speak in the name of Heaven and command that a new reality be proclaimed upon your world! We watch and await the signals which announce the start of many wonderful things! Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding before us! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven is indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!(Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA
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