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   Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Caban, 0 Xul, 5 Caban             Nov 3, 2009

Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you!   Your world is drawing closer with each day to the time when all things on your globe transform. This transformation is coming in a number of different forms. First, there are the governmental and fiscal changes. Then come the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes that you are personally going through daily. Finally, there are the adjustments that Mother Earth has planned for completely redoing her outer surface. Heaven is carefully monitoring these things. A special timetable is winding down, and quite soon some major events are to manifest in your world. We have the time forecasted in divine prose by the Creator. Heaven and Earth are set to move! A new reality is to appear before you almost in one fell swoop, but before all this happens some final adjustments need to be made. As you know, we are fully ready. A great and sublime ride awaits us all. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the unexpected! We have come to a point where our presence needs to be known; it is time to make the forces behind the ongoing UFO cover-up step aside.

      Full disclosure is rapidly becoming something we expect from our Earth allies as well as from the major governments of your world. As you approach critical mass, it becomes increasingly silly to insist that you are alone in the universe. Over the past half-decade we have informed hordes of witnesses and supporters about our existence and about what Heaven has proclaimed for this world and its inhabitants. We have also witnessed the lunacy of this UFO cover-up in action: Many who continue to deny our existence do so while setting up a global network of exotic weaponry to be used against us! These 'toys' have bankrupted many governments and brought death and ruin to multitudes who are the lifeblood of the illegal drug trade set up to pay for the expensive weapons projects designed to prevent our arrival. It is time to end all of this and for these rogues to simply bow out. All their preventive scheming is futile: When Heaven decrees our arrival, it will happen easily and swiftly. Heaven is, after all, the final arbiter.

      The remaining moments of this reality are to be about the great changes in your world and the wholesale collapse of the dark. We have watched as the monumental greed and arrogance of this bunch stoked the incessant wars, diseases, and general distress. Most of your reality is pockmarked with the misdeeds of the dark's minions. This massive abuse usually goes unpunished; indeed, these denizens of the shadows feel themselves to be above the vicious laws their tribunals so eagerly foist upon your hapless world. We have been very clear with them that this divine operation signifies the end of their reign on Earth. It is time for every one of you to experience the freedom of abundance and be able to know the full and outright truth. These truths can sink many religions and sweep aside the bombast and drivel of your governments. These bastard offspring of the Anunnaki have warped your souls by taking Truth and turning it upside down and back to front! The shock of what you are about to learn will truly set you free.

      Worlds that are ready to become fully conscious often have to jettison beliefs that were used by the powerful to tame the masses. You are moving into a time of true equality and great responsibility. You are chosen for this because you elected to be the heralds of great change. This is the moment for your activation and, at the right divine time, your empowerment, enabling you to produce the foundation for a new world. Our Earth allies have worked hard to create the financial and governmental instruments for change. These transformative tools are linked to your empowerment and to our first contact with you. It is no coincidence that contact mirrors your growth in consciousness; Heaven has carefully drawn out this operation for a purpose. We are to help each other and, by so doing, reunite another 'lost' branch of the human family with the main trunk of humankind. This reunion we welcome and look forward joyously to conjoining with you.

      Mother Earth dearly wishes to return to her original state. She is torn between her five-dimensional inner realm and the three-dimensional outer world. This dichotomy she has precariously maintained for nearly 13 millennia. Your world needs to be upgraded and reunited with her inner 'sister' realm. Your sciences deny the obvious and work hard to hoodwink the na´ve. It is time to end this charade and let the light of truth beam its discerning shafts into the murky hallways of your societal structures. This we intend to see happen. Our Earth allies promise that a whole range of startling truths are to air daily once the new transitional governments are installed and fully functional. It is essential to be able to demonstrate the validity of what needs to be disclosed. Our Earth allies realize this and have developed a plan by which all these things are to be done.

      We want to emphasize that each of you are given tasks that are appropriate for the abilities you possess for seeing them through to a successful conclusion. The new governance will be free of warring political parties; it will also spell the end of special corporate interests that have long clogged up the legislatures of this world. It is time for you to express your wishes, but only after being adequately informed on the issues of the day. This process can enliven your reality and prepare you to accept the mantle of full consciousness. Acceptance opens up whole new perspectives for you, which enable you to consider rationally the many technologies long held back by a host of covert agencies. These run the gamut from free energy to pollution technology and transporter mediums that can quickly transform your global society.

      This duty is a mere thimbleful of the responsibilities that you are to assume as a fully conscious Being of Light. Try to imagine the range of feelings and sensibilities that you are to possess once your 'extra' fully conscious senses come online. You sense and regulate Creation in accordance with the divine decrees of the Creator. This is a supreme duty and one that we cherish. To return this wondrous gift to you is a very special task for us which we gladly accepted. First contact is both a physical and a spiritual act. It is no coincidence that your Ascended Masters and special Angels of this holy realm accompany us on our journey to Earth. Our arrival is intended to blast away the toxic half-truths that have been used to dupe and manipulate you into hostilities with your fellows. We come to reunite you and to manifest your freedom and sovereignty.

      Events are brewing which herald a new, abundant realm. Secret meetings have brought your world to the brink of a truly remarkable moment. Likewise, we have put the pressure on for disclosure. Once we are officially announced as real and benevolent, a new reality is thrown open. It is one thing to confuse the issue with denials and misinformation and quite another to admit the truth and let a new period of consciousness erupt into being! It is in this shining moment that many things hitherto considered impossible suddenly become very possible. First contact is all about moving you into this light of truth, thus permitting a cascade of hidden truths to become commonplace and opening up a range of stunning and exhilarating new perspectives.

      Today, we continued our ongoing discussion of first contact and your return to full consciousness. We are committed, as is Heaven, to carrying out what the Creator has so decreed. The time for abundance and freedom is neigh. Our mass landing on your shores is inevitable and imminent! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Oc, 13 Tzec, 5 Caban                          Oct 27 , 2009

Selamat Jarin! We come to talk of the many things getting ready to manifest!   Your world is finishing up a great struggle between the agents of the Light and the dark ones who have managed this reality for the past 13 millennia.  This conflict is all about the grand transformation that Heaven is now implementing.   Her goal for you requires a physical environment far different than the one proposed by the dark, who promises only more ravaging of Mother Earth and more fallacious manipulation of humanity.   The increasing extinction of the ecosystem and the strange activities of the Sun and her many daughter planets has demonstrated that this reign is no longer seen to be necessary.   In its stead Heaven is proposing something completely different.   This new reality is emerging as we speak, and the chaos born of this conflict is a sign of just how weakened the dark cabal has become.   Now we await the last vestiges of this brawl.   We know that the divine plan lays her desires upon the legions of the Light, and we are here merely to accent this and to do so in magnificence when we land among you shortly.

      This period of transition is the moment when your global society assesses "what it is all about." For many centuries you have exploited the Earth and wrenched from her such vital resources as metal ores; fuel such as coal and oil; and the basis of your wealth: gold, silver, and precious gems.   This continual rape of Mother Earth has brought you to the brink of extinction, and now the crying need for an entirely new way of organizing, providing for, and maintaining your societies requires equally new thought.   Historians and prominent philosophers who study your world daily see the ominous writing on the wall, and wonder openly if this society can indeed survive.   Increasingly, theoretical science and philosophy go together down this road.   Your civilization is at a crossroads; indeed, this watershed moment in your history was prophesied by your ancient and aboriginal peoples.   It is the moment when what worked before now utterly fails and needs to be replaced by a new prime consensus.   The Maya, the Aborigines, and the ancient Egyptians each explored this moment in their myths and calendars.

      We come here to this beautiful blue-green realm at this most propitious time.  We have tried to be very clear with you about why first contact is inevitable.   It is the moment which deftly separates you from your recent past.   We are ambassadors of change and divine emissaries of consciousness.   Heaven and Lord Surea decreed that this period in your growth is to return you to full consciousness.   Hence, we are currently involved in a two-step mission:  The first is to change the relationships in your society and government.   To this end a number of programs were developed over the past few decades to ensure that Saint Germaine's largesse be distributed to the people.   "Light workers" are to create a prosperity that alters decisively how the present power constructs in your global societies operate.   Then, new caretaker regimes are to take these new relationships and swiftly form policies that free society from the tyranny of the wealthy and powerful, letting an age of renewed democracy and true free republics to flourish.

      These are the prime objectives of our Earth allies. Our role is to watch, advise, and if necessary, use our good offices to cajole these things into being.  This task is at once pleasurable and difficult:  Many major governments have worked secretly to bring about a technology designed to impede what we are talking about.   For example, they intended to stage a fake first contact event in order to discredit us with the public.  We prevented such things in the past and continue to warn them against such activities in the future.   A special liaison team works with the positive factions in these governments to ensure that the transitional regimes come about.  The success of this operation rests on both a legal and a financial foundation, the latter being ready to go.   What is taking time is the legal pressure that puts an end to your present governmental tyranny.   However, those in charge of this aspect are almost at the point of resolution, which means that the moment of glory and triumph is at hand!

      The end point of this stage is first contact.  It is the sword that slashes asunder the Gordian knot that is your dark cabal.  The dark knows this and has fought tooth and nail to prevent this moment from happening.   We are committed to a divine timetable and to a mass landing on your shores.   These things are non-negotiable.   It is time for the dark to step aside and permit all to occur.   Our patience is infinite; however, the timetable of the Divine is not.  When that divine moment is reached, the ships are to land and the time for transformation arrives with us!   We have legions of highly trained personnel to help you move quickly into full consciousness.   All who wish it are to be transformed, becoming the human sustainers of this solar system and your new star-nation.   You are to immigrate to Mars and Venus, and eventually to the reconstituted water-planet Pax, the remains of which form your Asteroid Belt.

      This move out into the solar system and then into the galaxy is your divine destiny. There, you can use your great abilities to unfold galactic history and to aid all of physical Creation. These are the reasons, among others, for our presence here and why we are pledged to carry out this mass landing on your world.   We do this, of course, with the full supervision and assistance of Heaven.   It is your divine Hierarchy that is to accompany us to Mother Earth's surface along with the people from Agartha.   This is the time for reuniting the peoples of the surface world with the Agarthans.   It is the moment when the great discrepancies proclaimed long ago by the Anunnaki can be disproved and truths long hidden from you be revealed.   These disclosures will put an end to the fictions of the dark and allow Light to spread among you once more.

      The Galactic Federation is dedicated to returning you to full consciousness. The present global conditions are ready to fold into the new reality that we have been describing to you. The current situation is rife with delicate matters that cannot be discussed at present. Major governments possess multiple resources which can be called upon in an emergency. Removing these one by one or, more rarely, in clusters requires great expertise and a judicious degree of force, followed by the means to prove the truth of what we tell them. This is happening as we speak and progressing to the moment of change. While we assist as needed, the denouement needs to be between the two major Earth factions: those of the Light and those of the dark. The time for the victory of the Light, and of yours, is imminent!

      The ascension to full consciousness continues unabated. Heaven is preparing you for the next round of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, which are to integrate you to the point where you are ready for the final steps which are to take place in Inner Earth. What we have been describing are the steps required to change the grand illusion that is limited consciousness, which will allow you to accept the Truths embodied in your fifth-dimensional state. The aim is to move you quickly into an acceptance of your True Self and your true abilities. This is to be accomplished by means of the landings and all that swiftly follows. Your destiny is to be a fully conscious one!

      Today, we carried on our discussion of what is happening around you. A great change is underway, in which Heaven is to transform you all into fifth-dimensional, fully conscious Beings of Light. All this is transpiring according to the divine decrees of Lord Surea. The Creator is preparing you for a most wondrous surprise! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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