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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Cauac, 7 Ceh, 4 Eb                    3/10/09

Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our conversation of last week. As we informed you then, a number of critical events are quite close to happening. As our Earth allies diligently push forward, a smaller counter-push is being exerted by the dark cabal. While this force is not sufficient to stop the allies' progress, it is enough to ensure a series of unlikely delays. The dark badly wants all that the Light is accomplishing to go away. It is deeply disturbed by the constriction of its activities and is in a quandary about what to do next. The dark ones' inability to find a solution throws them back on outworn tactics of the past that they repeat over and over, and this has become a great weakness for them. Meanwhile our earth allies are in the process of figuring out the proper sequence for the final thrust against the cabal. On another front many global institutions are using these moments to hammer home a number of important edicts which will resolve these last-minute hiccups in a positive way and allow the final form of the Light's victory to emerge.

      While this situation naturally untangles itself, it is important to know that our Earth allies have very carefully thought through the format of this transition. For centuries your world was ruled by a European-based oligarchy that imposed many unwanted alliances upon other areas of the globe with the approval and support of the Anunnaki. Many indigenous traditions were bullied and forced to kowtow to this oligarchy and its public and private minions. The past few decades has seen the revival of many groups that had to go underground or suppress their traditional knowledge and wisdom. With the advent of this quiet global revolution these regional groups are banding together, forming one of the major components of our Earth allies. Facilitated by long-sequestered quantities of gold and the financial maneuverings of Light-oriented members of this European oligarchy, these groups, along with other key individuals and institutions, are ready to set in place the policy orientation of the post-Dumbarton Oaks world.

      In our last update we discussed two or three of the initial subjects to be addressed in the upcoming announcements. Today we want to talk about how all this is being set in place. A series of conferences have been held on the subject of global debt forgiveness, involving many banks, foreign dignitaries, and others, all sworn to secrecy about what was discussed. The idea was to float this agenda before those most concerned with the vast explosion of debt in the so-called third world and also in the second world. The present meltdown is creating huge burdens for many, and various solutions were put forward by the key Earth-ally members who were detailed to run these well-attended, secret conferences. A number of agreements emerged, and from these the basis for a global debt-forgiveness program came together. These meetings led to others, which eventually involved various indigenous societies. A coalition ensued, which started to counter the implications of Dumbarton Oaks.

      These broad-based agreements need to be introduced first by the new transitional regimes. The cabalists who are to be replaced used secret funds, a rising debt level, and a manipulated populace to run roughshod over the global economy for decades. This is all to change once the above agreements come on line. Money is to regain worth once more, as opposed to being empty paper instruments for the dark's stratagems. Further, the dark's control network currently entangling your world is to be undone. All these aspects were debated exhaustively in the conferences just mentioned. No doubt this proposal sounds most improbable to the uninformed; in fact, debt is merely a concept that can be traded and exchanged on the international scene, and used as a measure of the worth of one's portfolio. This concept needs to be redefined and brought back to reality, and this is why massive debt forgiveness is essential. Another issue being addressed is global bank fraud.

      The way banks presently operate is criminal. This is the reason for the decision that a more regulated system is necessary. Further, this system is to comprise a number of regional currencies that have equal status, but these are to be only temporary. A great global abundance is to begin manifesting along with the announcements and this will eventually eliminate the need for banks entirely. So, part one is to remove the old financial restrictions; part two spreads an increasing abundance. This leads to a slew of financial education programs that make everyone on this world wealthy and capable of handling all that wealth entails. You are moving into a world that goes beyond money and limited resources and are thus freed up to concentrate on Love, peace, and mutual understanding and appreciation. This is what sets the stage for a most wondrous first contact event!

      As you can see, first contact is a process composed of a series of necessary stages. Our Earth allies see themselves as heralds of a new reality. Their task is, first, to move you out of the old mindset which permitted the dark ones to seize your power and manipulate you as they saw fit. As this reality recedes you need to be able to gracefully accept the wonders of your emerging new world. As this becomes customary, you can more easily accept who you are to become: fully conscious Beings of Light. In these messages we have stressed that even these dark days and the daily-increasing chaos are merely tools to this end, set up by the dark. As the new abundance system sets in, you can come to accept what a gift 'true reality' is. These exercises in consciousness that we are describing are simply how Heaven wishes you to grow in consciousness and make more use of the 'real you.'

      To reiterate: the deliveries, government transitions, and the new global financial system form a sequence. This first stage is to get you moving into a new frame of mind. The subsequent stages are to transform all the poverty, general misery and lack into prosperity, peace, and caring for each other and Mother Earth. Since your global society is not yet up to the general prerequisites for a first contact, our Earth allies and we agreed upon a plan approved by Heaven. This plan is tied into the grand heavenly transformation that all of you to some extent are now experiencing. This massive operation has become more than a simple first contact. It is a transformative and educative process. You are all busy moving in your own way toward that glorious day of your return to full consciousness.

      As all this becomes real, you integrate new wisdom and a new paradigm about who you truly are. You have a great destiny that is now to become manifest. Our role in this is to oversee this process and, using guidelines given to us by Heaven, to watch over what is happening to you. Part of this is, of course, first contact. We do not in any way play down its importance to both our sacred missions. You have reached the end of a long hard slog through the bleak landscape thrown in front of you by the dark. The next period is exciting, but it might yet take a little longer than you desire. Patience is still needed. It has taken nearly 13 millennia for all this to take shape, and the little time remaining can be for savoring and giving thanks, knowing that divine right time guides the course and produces the perfect results.

      Today, we continued our talk. A most magnificent blessing is coming your way which is to be the forerunner of first contact. We joyously await the moment of our meeting when we can celebrate together the Beings of Light that you are in the process of becoming. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Eb, 0 Ceh, 4 Eb                          3/3/09

Selamat Jarin! We come with much to convey to you. The time for the start of the much-needed changes has arrived! Accordingly, it is appropriate to look anew at what is to happen and to provide you with more details. A set protocol has been established by the main legal agencies responsible for supplying the timetables and the correct sequence for this worldwide "quiet revolution". It begins with the various abundance deliveries. How this is to be done, we cannot of course divulge. Just know that a safe and secure system is at last in place. Once this procedure is completed, the certified results can allow our Earth allies to replace a number of dark cabal regimes. These new governments are to make a series of announcements. The first will concern itself with the reasons for such drastic regime changes and the fate of those brought down by these changes in administration. The next issue to be addressed will be the nature of the new global economic system, which includes the subjects of global debt forgiveness, the end of income taxes, and the new transparent banking system.

      The new banking is to be based on a new hard currency system. Banks are to be rigorously regulated, and no large, fully integrated banking institutions are to be permitted. Fractional banking, its many usurious practices, and derivatives are to be disallowed. In their stead will be strictly defined, local institutions. Savings banks are to remain, but commercial and investment banks are to be regulated strictly and according to rules that involve a great deal of transactional transparency. Another aspect of this new system concerns the many social responsibilities that are to be embedded in the new banking charters. Likewise, all corporations are to be rechartered and given a similar set of rules that reflect the need for transparency and social responsibility. This well-regulated environment is to emphasize universal prosperity and the social contact, and will be vigilant in limiting the excesses of the past century. Indeed, it is to be the precursor for your coming galactic society. We are to help you, after first contact is completed, in establishing the foundations for galactic society.

      To recap: you are to be provided with the beginnings of your prosperity, debt annulment, and the end of the illegal income tax system. This frees you up to tend to the many urgent needs of your fellows. Mother Earth requires you to start in immediately on programs to end homelessness, poverty, and malnourishment in your neighborhoods, nation, and throughout your globe. An essential part of this is an effective educational system and the building of bridges between nations, which will transform wars into peace and seething hatred into a mutual understanding of one another. The crying need for global infrastructure and the greening of your environment are good places to begin this transformative operation. Another sphere is the introduction of a number of nascent technologies that already exist at the cutting-edge of your scientific domain. Most of these require little capitalization to begin to positively affect the global economy. What you need is technologies which allow the refocusing of your current industrial mindset away from cost benefit toward improving the quality of life for everyone, especially Mother Earth.

     The rising spiritual and social awareness of your global population demands suitable outlets. It is one thing to transform the social, political, and economic landscape; it is quite another to make these changes efficacious and permanent. Our Earth allies fully comprehend this, and that is why the first announcements need to be followed by actions that secure your God-given liberties and personal sovereignty. It is the duty of government not to dictate but to provide an environment that encourages liberty and equality, and allows you to exercise your personal sovereignty. An informed, well-educated, and prosperous citizenry is the foundation of a healthy, viable, planetary society. Only then can the divine plan for Earth become manifest. Therefore, our Earth allies fully intend to use their new powers to deliver the announcements and programs that encourage this outcome. This is the time when peace replaces strife, and the resulting reappraisal of each other transforms the way you view your fellows and your world.

      This new reality is being born out of an insane realm created by the dark cabal, in which artificial divisions reinforce the separateness and alienation needed to control and manipulate whole sections of your populace. Constant strife kept you angry, suspicious, and willing to fight each other for perceived limited resources. In truth, humanity is unlimited in what it can create. You are meant to be prosperous and joyful! Hate and envy are very alien to your nature. These distortions are acculturated and inculcated into you from infancy. What we propose is to introduce you to a wholly new vision of yourselves. The first set of announcements concerning the new contract between government and society is just the start. The second set creates the premise for a new age of global cooperation and understanding. Then new systems and ways of doing things can be introduced.

      A new level of technology can be brought on line and used to achieve these goals swiftly. Your environment is very fragile and needs your help. The main pollution-creating industries can be reformed and those deemed unnecessary, abandoned. For such ambitious actions to succeed, global initiatives backed by vast capitalization are required; also needed is an abundant citizenry willing to volunteer and change what must be changed. This audacious agenda requires role models, and here, our Earth allies can lead by example. They have acquired a truly staggering amount of gold and wealth, part of which is to secure global abundance. Next, the elements necessary for transforming your world radically and rapidly must be manifested. The scope and speed of the upcoming changes provide a natural framework in which your first contact can joyously take place.

      As your body and its various interpenetrating energy systems advance toward full consciousness, you become more aware of the oddities that have long been accepted as unchallenged "truths" by your society. Your rise in consciousness predisposes you to new concepts and wider horizons, and this urge toward discovery is a vital ingredient in the grand changes planned by our Earth allies and us. Your collective input is essential to the process of integrating the new reforms. The upcoming interim period will involve a melding of your nation's founding concepts with new inspiration. This mix of old and new forms a foundation for what is to come. As you ponder this, remember that you are literally morphing your realm from limited to full consciousness. Things need to be done differently!

      America's founding constitution and related documents need to be redeemed and restored to their former preeminence. A vast, dark conspiracy generated by the dark cabal buried these august documents beneath a welter of fallacious statutes. These served the cabalists to bring about their deplorable goal of a worldwide order of tyranny and slavery for all. The progress toward these goals is clear now for all to see, but be assured that this direction is to be reversed by the imminent actions of our Earth allies. A new pattern is already emerging which, with the coming announcements, heralds a time of unprecedented change, first contact, and your return to full consciousness. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed what is underway on your world. We ask that you remain focused on what is to come, and not on what presently looks so threatening and hopeless. Your reality is at a trigger point for incredible change. Our Earth allies are working diligently to effect this change and are very close to success! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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