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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Etznab, 6 Zac, 4 Eb            2/17/09

Selamat Jarin! We return with more information. As ever, we are ready to intervene directly if so directed by Heaven, and our Earth allies continue to move forward on a number of vital fronts. However, while this progress needs to take place there is still no massive breakthrough in the stalemate that has prevented a number of essential things from manifesting. Currently, our Earth allies have enough precious metals in place to back the major currencies of your world, but these can only come on line when the last dark cabal is pushed from power. This dark oligarchy has lost much of its former tight grip, but enough remains in place to stall the desired changes.  Another front is global debt forgiveness: This element too is secretly ready to be unveiled.  But again, several regimes controlled by this dark group are still obstacles to this noble concept.  We have asked our Earth allies if they wish us to use our good offices to break this deadlock which would permit them to finish off the first part of their joint duties to the Light.

      In addition we are advising our Earth allies to be diligent with what remains to be done.  Heaven continues to state that her plans include a way to make this breakthrough happen.  Indeed, our spiritual advisors tell us that a major intervention on their part is extremely near. The fleet needs to keep to its present course of action and be ready to execute the next component of our primary timetable.  Humanity is awakening in greater and greater numbers, and this renders them capable of accepting things which previously would have been unthinkable for most of them.  So we are told to stick to the present course and wait for a signal.  This is sure to come as you are entering a period when a great change is deemed divinely necessary.  This alteration of your reality is to set the stage for many miracles that are to transform the world around you.  The darkness clouding your lives is to disperse once the work of Heaven is done.  Then a great signal is to be sent that frees us up, and we intend to do what is needed to bring a first contact to your shores.

      Until then a number of things are possible. First, we hold the proverbial advantage of the high ground. We look down upon your world with eyes and ears that make everything going on there perfectly transparent to us and thus are able to give relevant intelligence to our Earth allies. Second, we can use our technology to put pressure on the various segments of the dark cabal and guide them in certain helpful directions. This has helped a number of key agreements to be approved that formerly were denied to our Earth allies. Finally, we have used our technology to close down potential, lethal options that were put into play by the dark cabal's henchmen. All this enhances our Earth allies' strategies and contributes toward a successful outcome. That said, the primary party in this continues to be our Earth allies. It is our desire that all this be done sooner rather than later. We are convinced that the prevailing conditions now favor our Earth allies. We expect the deliveries and announcements quite soon.

      When these happen, the "UFO" cover-up can at last be morphed into a total disclosure. This changes the game immediately. We can then move swiftly toward a greater degree of intervention.  We have a number of our personnel imbedded in your societies across the globe who are fully trained in the best ways to reveal a range of technologies that can rapidly solve many of your present difficulties.  But unveiling these bits of our technology requires a safe environment; governments dedicated to change and truth form such an environment.  Further, this allows us to ask for reciprocation on their part by releasing many of the devices that they jointly possess, which are currently withheld due to national security tags. Both these branches of technology can be intertwined to ensure that you resolve the pollution and communication difficulties that hinder both Mother Earth and you. Moreover, these technologies can further ease you into a pre-first-contact condition.

      Our main objective is to get you through a mass first contact as soon as possible. This goal is aided greatly on two fronts. The first is the huge changes being made by Heaven to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  This is making it possible for you to awaken from your long amnesiac slumber and accept who and what we are. The second is of course the noble work of our Earth allies. These brave souls have risked all to ensure that your world moves away from the dark's goal of enslaving you all. We appreciate and approve their efforts. We are doing everything within the boundaries set by the Divine. Indeed, you could say that we are presently nudging some of these boundaries further at this time than intended by Heaven. We wish to carry out our mission as soon as possible. Our ships fill your skies and we are more than ready to land and celebrate our mutual victory!

      The remaining maneuvers are proving to be a bit of a conundrum for our Earth allies. The final push toward a decisive victory can often be the most bloody when you are fighting an extremely determined foe. This dark cabal of yours knows that the people may react violently when they discover how badly they were manipulated.  This greatly worries the cabalists.  Every major government on your planet is infiltrate with their minions, and literally millions of individuals are involved globally. The amount of collusion within much of the dark's banking system, its main instrument of power, is hardly even guessed at by the public. All that the average person sees is a vast economic disaster growing worse by the day.  This damage is the dark's cover for a final attempt to upset our applecart.  Funds can be moved surreptitiously, schemes can be plotted and refined, all in the guise of plans to resolve a growing crisis.

      Happily, all these machinations are doomed.  Our Earth allies fully understand what the dark is up to.  In fact, the allies' goals are actually being accelerated by these desperate plots, and so we expect them to trump these treasonous, expensive schemes very shortly.  A new world is being born.  It is just that the surface details are changing daily owing to the scurrying and conniving of a now-frantic group of knaves who absolutely refuse to give up. However, as we mentioned earlier, the time is fast approaching when a favorable moment is to open up, in which a complex maneuver by our Earth allies can finish off these recalcitrant scalawags.  Until then, expect some kind of movement, and if done at a propitious time the success we intend can come even earlier than expected. In any case, remain hopeful, and intend the success that all of Heaven so dearly wishes for you all!

      The present goings-on are merely the death throes of the dark. The concept of a scorched-earth policy as a way to delay the inevitable is an ancient practice going back to the very dawn of your recorded history. Today, there is a dire weapon that can be used to this end; it is known to our Earth allies and was fully anticipated. The dark is afraid and knows that it is now playing a losing game. At some point, its strategy is likely to force our direct response and this is something it dreads. Whichever way the dark ones turn, it will end badly for them. The resources at their disposal are shrinking fast, which means, inevitably, that your victory is getting closer each day. Be joyful, patient, and ready to act quickly. The world is getting ready to shift, and the time for celebration is almost upon us all. Remember, Together, we are Victorious!

      Today, we continued our discussion about current developments. The key words here are patience, focus, and readiness. The shift in your reality is appearing slowly but surely. Everywhere, the dawn of a new day tinges your sky. We are poised and ready at the divine right moment to swoop in and gladly complete our first contact with you! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Batz, 19 Yax, 4 Eb               2/10/09

Selamat Jarin! We come again, filled with joy at what we have to report. At present, you are moving into a most curious phase of your history. Heavenly forces are at work to transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves back into galactic humans. This operation has its counterpart in what is happening to Mother Earth. These momentums have conjoined to make this time unique in your history, with millions of you now awakening each week from your deep slumber. This march toward a higher consciousness mirrors what is happening throughout your solar system and, indeed, all over this galaxy. All your lives are marked by the many-leveled changes taking place. You are living through a time when most of your major societal institutions are undergoing great systemic collapse, which is in fact a precursor to a series of vast economic, political, and societal reforms. This concatenation of factors is another reason why we have long referred to this period as an important transformational watershed in your history.

      Your dark cabalists have long seen this march to full consciousness coming. What they failed to achieve was a means to stop the inevitability of this shift, and so your lives are now being much affected by local, national, and global upheaval.  This has left you reeling as you cast around for ways to adjust to what is happening.  We watch everything closely while you search for solutions.  Many of you recognize the significance of what is happening and are demanding a meaningful change of direction for your society.  Your protests against the same outworn solutions have helped many of the newly awakened ones to rethink their own conventional wisdom.  This exploration of alternatives whizzes around the Internet, permitting many to discover and agree with a number of possible reforms for the present unworkable conditions.  Many political and economic bodies are also openly discussing a similar range of proposals with each other. This widespread investigation is converging on the same conclusions contained in the reforms of our Earth allies.

      The drive to restructure your present collapsing reality is coming from many quarters, including academia, reform-minded institutions, and a collection of your more savvy heads of state. They recognize that a major systemic collapse is happening. The thinking required for repairing this level of damage cannot stem from the discredited philosophies which got you into this mess in the first place; wholly novel approaches must not only mend the damage but also allow the emergence of a very different worldview. It is this that our Earth allies courageously champion. And even these unprecedented reforms merely constitute a transitional phase that can facilitate the advent of first contact. If you look carefully, the trend is clear to see. At present, all this is just below the radar, waiting to come into view. Those in charge swamp your world with corruption, deceit, and betrayal that is frightful to watch. This all needs to be expunged, followed by a new direction kick-started by Heaven's abundance.

      Our Earth allies are assiduously focused on the remaining tasks. Several sticking points keep frustrating them: These arise from the avarice, misplaced loyalties, and downright perversions that characterize many of those in the upper echelons of your political and economic institutions. Most of these warped individuals have been removed, and an environment conducive to the many urgent reforms and other sweeping changes to your reality is currently being created. Our Earth allies know at firsthand what a challenge their quest has been. Given the magnitude of the changes required and the intractability of the planetary conditions, they were looking at a very protracted and circuitous undertaking. Early on, a series of unique maneuvers was agreed upon. Within this equation was of course us. This constituted a balancing-act for them, in which they had to reconcile and meld the information we provided for them with the present Earth worldview.

      Adapting to the nature of the dark cabal and its daily operating procedures was central to our allies' success. On top of this came the need to accommodate the deep changes being made to each one of you. Heaven had a plan, and soon our Earth allies and we had one too. We have combined these two into a master plan for this preparatory stage of first contact. As you know, this first contact operation is far from usual. You are considered by Heaven to be "special" and we have therefore used many resources outside of normal procedures. Every person from our fleet embedded in your society is studying your world from the standpoint of contact. From their recommendations we compiled a list with which we are complying. Based on this list, the operation has been reordered into three stages. We are presently completing stage one, in which our Earth allies are to bring us to the brink of direct, mass first contact.

      Stage two is the actual mass contact operation. Here, we drew up a whole range of points for our counselors to discuss with you. We have lots of information for you, and then we wish to mentor you through the actual move into full consciousness. It is helpful for us to view this prospect as both exciting but also a little bit surreal. Let us explain: Your society, to us, is marinated in contradiction. Incongruous and illogical customs seem literally to define you. And no one seems able to acknowledge the strangeness that riddles your society. This was one of the more striking qualities of your cultures for our embedded personnel, and they are now quite adept at adjusting to these idiosyncrasies. This knowledge is helping us to formulate our first moments with you. It is important that you perceive us as friendly. To this end a number of your odd cultural nuances have been taught to our fleet personnel.

      For example, in many galactic cultures certain gestures are not considered either hostile or unfriendly. A comparison can be made with the custom, common to many Polynesian societies, of sticking the tongue out and screaming, which for them is a sign of friendship but which was viewed by most in the West as a hostile act. We quickly collated the results of a number of research projects on your many greeting protocols and then divided up our initial meeting with you into global sections. We also learned that starting a conversation with you is governed by specific verbal rules, and these too have been incorporated into our greeting ritual. First impressions are very important. After all, we come from societies that are undoubtedly strange to you too. Once we are acquainted, this mutual strangeness will fade, and we can begin the "getting to know you" part of first contact.

      We wish the moment when you discover that you are not alone to be a joyous one. We wish you to know that you are on the verge of a destiny that is truly wonderful! Over the past decades, we contacted a number of individuals in order to get you used to the idea that we are here and that we bring a series of important messages to deliver to you. Now we are in pre-first-contact mode. Besides giving you brief overviews, like this one, of what is going on in your world and what we are doing, the next step includes vast interconnected, substantial change on your world. This clears the way for first contact to be as smooth and successful an operation as possible. Together, we are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed what is being done to manifest the much-needed changes on your world as quickly as possible. As always, we are fully committed to this process. We look forward to meeting you soon and working with you toward your metamorphosis into Galactic Humans! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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