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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Oc, 18 Chen, 4 Eb                      1/20/09

Selamat Balik! We return with some interesting things to talk about. At present your world is struggling with a terminal economic and political malady. This affliction cannot be cured using the usual methods; e.g., those used by the US and Europe during and after the Great Depression of the 1930s. The problem is one of ideology: The premises upon which your economic system is based are unworkable. Likewise the political ideology that supports these economic premises has reached a crisis. In short, neither works, and you cannot fix them. Both need replacing. The banks, the transnationals, and the greedy, wealthy cabal have deep-sixed the world's economy, and the level of corruption in all governments makes them largely unresponsive to the plight of less well-off citizens. It is time to scrap the lot and replace them with something new. This "something new" is of course the plan worked out in great detail between our Earth allies and this first contact team.

      These plans are slowly manifesting in ways largely unperceived by the dark cabal. Our Earth allies are poised for a massive worldwide "house-cleaning" of your governments. In conjunction with this, they are also ready to carry out a number of operations that will result in an array of interim governments. Your world is to be hoisted out of its mire of violence and assorted forms of deliberately created chaos which daily threaten world stability. Peace is essential; likewise, prosperity. Neither of these elements can achieve their potential without the other. To this end our Earth allies have set up taskforces dedicated to accomplishing these objectives. Included in these are legal, economic, political, and security teams. All operate in modules that are intersupportive and which are led by team leaders answerable only to the needs of each module and to its upper command structure. The success of this strategy puts them on the verge of victory. We are working with them to move forward once certain key situations are presented to them.

      Another aspect of our preparatory strategy is to maneuver these teams into various positions of control. We are monitoring these things carefully and confer on a daily basis with the top figures in the command structures. Most of the important "situations" are very fluid and we have put together special liaison teams to oversee and advise when necessary. The first stage of global recovery needs to be "run" by our Earth allies. We are setting up the legal foundations for the introduction of new concepts of people-oriented governance. This approach is to be the basis of your future galactic society, and so it is to be done in a way that emphatically proclaims Earth's sovereignty and then spreads these basic principles to everyone. Government is to become fully responsive to its citizens' needs and not to special, powerful interests. This great about-face can be pulled off by using principles derived from what we call "fluid group dynamics". This is somewhat similar to the Hawaiian "ho'oponopono".

      In all cases the underlying premise is to acknowledge the talent and sovereignty of the individual and to study how best to integrate these into the societal whole. This process leaves all in agreement. You have to start looking at your world with different eyes. This is difficult at first, but can quickly be learnt once you watch it in operation and are satisfied with the answers to all your questions. Our Earth allies are already becoming familiar with these techniques and their application. We intend to have these practices in general use within your governments as soon as the interim regimes are in place. It is vital that your governments truly open up to the needs of their citizenry and use these interactive techniques to conceive programs that can disburse the new abundance and allow a new economic system to be put in place. When these prerequisites are done, governments can then reveal the new technologies to the public and quickly apply those devises that can truly clean up the environment.

      The march toward full consciousness lies at the very core of what we are describing. Each of you was born with a range of primary talents that are intrinsic to the life purposes that you set for this lifetime. Many of you suppressed these talents because either you did not deem them practical, or you succumbed to peer and/or parental pressures and abandoned them. In an abundant environment you can explore these abilities and swiftly become their master. You are then back on your divine life track. Restoring the life path of those who wandered off their sacred course due to overwhelming circumstances is one of the objectives of this new governance. At present you live in a society that is upside down and back-to-front: It is designed, from birth onwards, to wear you down and compel you to conform to its values rather than the ones given you by the Divine.

      The new reality birthed by the "quiet revolution" gives you the opportunity to achieve your true desires. Bear in mind that monetary abundance is meant to provide a teaching environment in which lack and self-imposed limitations fade away. You are all very powerful Beings of Light who need to discover who you really are. The present workings of Heaven have opened up new possibilities for you to relearn all this in a timely manner. Our medical teams have merely enhanced, or "tweaked" when necessary, what Heaven has done. This teamwork is preparing you for your destiny. Look upon the present as simply a time of transition in which you are being prepared for your great leap in consciousness. A part of this is for you to accept some amazing changes in your current bleak and dreary reality. Remember, this reality is only meant to be temporary.

      Your new reality is to be a place where your true talents are to merge with the wisdom that is you. People usually either undersell or oversell themselves; and what you need to learn is the more balanced middle ground. Try to see yourselves not through the eyes of your inflated or deflated ego but with the gentler intimations of your intuitive feelings. These are quite often correct, although it usually takes a bit of training to discern them. Nevertheless, begin to practice drawing more upon your inner self for guidance. Take time, either through meditation or a similar relaxation ritual, to explore this inner realm. The key is to become still, center yourself, and use this base to listen and learn about yourself and what you want to do. Your path to full consciousness is filled with wonder and self-revelation.

      The present time is that special turning point that societies often encounter which leads either to extinction or the beginning of a golden age. Heaven and your True Selves have chosen the latter. What you are now experiencing are the first halting steps toward a new golden age, and it can be rather daunting at times. Just know that this phase will not last long. First contact has a divine timetable, which is why we feel able to say that our meeting is not far off. We, like you, deeply desire to move on swiftly to the next stage in this most unusual operation. This is actually getting very close. Our Earth allies continue to proceed at a pace that ensures success for us all, while we continue to observe and make sure that you are progressing as planned. In a heavenly blink, the moment of our open meeting will be upon us!

      Today, we talked about issues relating to what is happening on your planet. We can tell you that some truly wondrous things are getting close. The trick is to remain patient and upbeat. These times are quite demanding of you and quite frustrating. Keep telling yourself that suddenly it will all be upon you. Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Akbal, 11 Chen, 4 Eb              1/13/09

Selamat Gajun! We come to you with divine blessing from Lord Surea! A great holy Light has descended upon the Earth from the Highest!  She comes to complete the great changes that have been prophesied for the past eight millennia. These changes have reached a shifting-point and it is now the divine moment to carry out the detailed decrees of the divine plan. Heaven asks that the Earth now comply with this call and let go of the hold that the dark has had on this realm and her people.  We have come from the far corners of this galaxy to achieve a formal and lasting first contact with you.  All your governments know of this, and of the need to carry out these sacred decrees!  Many things are now underway that are to free you from what remains of the dark.  These individuals and groups are to be revealed to you, including their various heinous crimes against you.  We welcome this and intend to do everything possible to see that our Earth allies act in accordance with what has been presented to us.  A great time of Truth and amazing miracles lies ahead.  Be strong, and above all be fair and just in these matters!

      First contact is to follow swiftly once the new provisional governments are in place; however, we need to give them enough time to put your house in order. Their good works can make it feasible for you to successfully begin your journey of creating your new galactic society and star nation. The people of Agartha desire to help you in this and have set up special teams to assist these provisional caretakers in restoring your constitutional governance and in managing the vital distribution of your long-promised prosperity. We intend to monitor all this and provide pointers only when deemed necessary. This unprecedented series of actions needs to originate with you. In so doing you are cleansing yourselves of the dark's long-held, malevolent agenda, in which you were subject to its need to manipulate you into doing bad things to each other, your society, and your world. At the same time you are proclaiming your sovereignty and stamping your enlightened mark onto this reality. This is no small task! You are washing away millennia of filth, serving up an entirely new vision, and revealing the true lie of this land!

      In sum, you are allowing the great proclamations issued by Saint Germaine and other Ascended Masters over the last four centuries to manifest. The most recent period, the electronic age, birthed the computer information network that prefigures what you are about to do. As you work on these tasks, try to see how they reflect our words. It is a time to let prophecy become real. It is a time to look upon the way of Earth not in sorrow but in joy; a joy that brings you both new friends and a great extension of your human family. You can then be formally introduced to the peoples of Inner Earth. This one event alone forces your sciences to reevaluate their understanding of Mother Earth. Indeed, in one fell swoop your solar system and the entire galaxy are seen in a whole new Light! We can then come to complete this reevaluation and bring with us a whole new approach to technology. In a series of great leaps you can jump far ahead in technology and in learning who you really are! These revelations are what first contact is about.

     First, a great shift in consciousness descended on your world in the last few decades of the 20th Century. Now, across the globe your children grow strong in the firm realization that they are not here to maintain this reality but to transform it. Each generation increased the number of "way-showers" who were born to pave the way for new, higher spiritual concepts. Thus a plethora of books, organizations, and websites dedicated to the Light have proliferated in every nation, feeding the ever-growing numbers of truth-seekers. From this momentum a movement developed which ultimately demands a "quiet revolution" than can remake your world and prepare it for what we are describing. It is all happening as part of a sacred plan put forth eons ago by Heaven. Now you are watching this grand plan manifest. It is to take the current economic and political chaos and transform it into something truly wonderful!

      This momentum for change is growing, and those assigned to this challenge are in every way its equal. We have watched great women and men take this on and persevere. We have seen them grow in courage and wisdom and their organizations strengthen. We have watched them sacrifice their lives and wealth for this noble cause. These things have taken time as it is not easy to uproot a dark cabal that has ruled your world for millennia. It is not easy, whilst operating under their control, to obtain the resources and approvals required to set up and create a new world. All our Earth allies comprehend the immensity of the challenge, and now your world teeters on the very brink of this transformation. Forces from both inner and outer Earth have gathered together and learned to work effectively with each other. Now the final push is on. It is time to topple the dark and finish the job of fashioning a new reality!

      This first glimpse of a new reality is only an intimation of a huge amount of coming change. Not only are you leaving the dark behind but you are also embracing the Light in ways not seen here in nearly 13 millennia. Entirely new ways of doing things are ready to come on line and this process is gaining momentum every day. The dark is astounded and perplexed by what is happening, and these most resourceful ones have tried just about everything to prevent what they are seeing. You are now in a sort of free-fall situation; you cannot be stopped, and yet the dark is completely unaccustomed to failing. What occurs next depends greatly on your swift acceptance of the "impossible" Never before in your history have your secret controllers been on the ropes! Now you need to demonstrate the ability to finish the job.

      We are sitting above you watching all this and waiting for the divine "green light". Then we can activate our landing procedures and move you into another requisite stage of your return to full consciousness. This we most certainly relish! We have been ready to do this for almost a decade and a half. During that time we learned much about you. We see you growing in confidence, and now most of you are prepared to embrace concepts that were considered a decade ago to be unreal. This growing ability is due to the rising consciousness field which has expanded exponentially in the last three years. Your very young children and a number of greatly awakened adults make this possible, and now the internal dynamics of this field has reached an unstoppable momentum!

      As your consciousness field reaches this definitive level, we add our considerable weight to the equation. The result is a series of signs that are harbingers of our coming arrival upon your shores. We intend this time to be quite soon. Your world is at a point where is does not take much to tip it into a new reality; in fact, even without first contact, many positive things can start to emerge under their own volition. What first contact does is to accelerate and support this massive change. Already it is clear to many that a new day of some sort is dawning and we are here to be the heralds and beneficent, loving providers of this new dawn. Remember, Together, We are One!

      Today, we reemphasized some important themes for you to mull over. Remember that a growing consciousness is making a new reality inevitable. Keep in mind that our part is to act as the final conveyers of this change. Finally, feel the shifting in your hearts and know that all of this is very close to manifesting. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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