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Emerging Earth Angels


Held in the Pocket of Protection

September 1, 2009


As all our scattered pieces begin to settle, a new picture of who and where we are, is beginning to take hold. And in addition, the new energies of this new and higher vibrating space are energies that are very unlike what we have known and experienced in the past.

There is a very vast and open territory available to us now. I recently received a correspondence from a reader who described communicating with her guides as now “shouting.” I had to laugh, because it was only days prior that I was speaking with mine and saying, “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??!!!” With every word, I had to shout! Much of everything is so very far away now, as this new territory has very few settlers and very few settlements as of yet. But indeed, it is a new land awaiting our creations, and only proof that we are now somewhere very new and different.

Last Wednesday, August 26th, we pushed through yet another wall of density, allowing us to really experience even more of the higher energies and to arrive even more fully in a new and higher vibrating dimensional space. For about three days, some of you may have experienced severe neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, head congestion, painful joints, abdominal muscle soreness (a feeling as if one had done a day of sit-ups!), foot pain again, watering eyes and stuffy nose, untimely menses, back pain, and head congestion being but a few of the symptoms.

Allergies are also common with ascension, as when we suddenly reach a higher vibration within, the outside no longer matches as it is now vibrating lower, and our bodies interpret this as an intruder…thus, releasing histamine or defenses of protection. Perhaps feeling as if a minor flu was present, this breaking through the density suddenly passed, and when it did, a deep calmness, ease, and contentment was the result.

In many ways, we are still being sequestered so to speak. We are being vitally protected by our loving caretakers from home, while we complete the steps needed and continue to fully integrate into our new spaces.

Since the time of our arrival in these bodies here on Earth, we have had the roles of bringing up the vibration of the planet. We placed ourselves here on the earth for this important mission, all the while knowing that it was a “calculated risk.” During this time, even though it may not have felt like it at times, we were being lovingly watched over and intensely protected by our star families of origin (and for some, free will greatly warped the course and experience). Due to “the plan” not unfolding as was hoped, as so many of the masses were not willing to open and change, we have now been removed and placed in a holding cell, so to speak, until our new residencies here on Earth have been cemented in. We will be staying here on the earth, none-the-less, and thus, our new roles are now being formulated. We are continuing with the plan, if even with fewer souls than intended and hoped for (at least for now).

Being “removed” can create interesting feelings for those who are sensitive and more deeply consciously connected. We may feel like things are being orchestrated and taken care of for us. We may feel a new sense of security, and that any bad experiences were a thing of the past. We are always the ultimate creators here on Earth, but during this sensitive time, we are getting a rare and unusual amount of assistance. We have been through a lot (especially during these last two years), and we could use a break. Our families of origin from the stars are placing us in new homes, right here on Earth, and then, it is up to us to do the creating. If we choose, we can ask them for assistance, but it is our star families who will be working for us in times to come…we will not, nor ever, be working for them.

This new space we have one foot in, is indeed open and wide, vast and immense, and thus, much of everything can seem very far away. Projects we may have begun before the solstice in June, may seem to have suddenly dissipated, as the energies involved with them have perhaps been placed somewhere new and different…a result of the massive restructuring that was needed. But when things really begin to gel once again, these far away energies may return to us all over again, if even in new and different ways, or even in different forms. At any rate, all energies will be different…washed clean, fresh, relaxed, and with an ease that we have yet to have experienced.

Currently, then, we are fine tuning or re-creating what it is that we will choose to create in this very new reality. And what we will be creating will be far better than we could ever have imagined. It can be challenging to create everything right now, because much will be new and different. Say you were preparing to purchase a new house now, so you might be looking in a specific price range that fits what you can currently afford. What is being offered in that price range, may not feel good or even what you think you deserve or have earned. But just bumping up into a price range a bit higher, can change the scenery in a massive way.

We are currently bumping up into a new price range. The placeholders are being set, the formulations are being made, things are being molded and prepared, and soon, the new price range will indeed be a possibility and most certainly, a reality. And this new price range is only the beginning…a price range, so to speak, that will feel better soon, but will expand even more in times to come.

In this way, we cannot move into our new homes all the way, quite yet. But what we can do, is fine tune who we are, what we will be offering, and how we will fit into our new reality and new residency on the planet. Our manifestations may have seemed to yo-yo and change direction in recent weeks and months. This is not indicative of the energies, but indicative of us. We are changing our minds right and left, as our situations continue to change, and change as well in regard to who we will be connecting with, as our connections will serve to greatly sustain the new higher vibrating energies. Our new physical spaces are being held for us, until we begin the process of offering our new services and creations to our new reality…and our new services will culminate very soon.

This process is being created like a jigsaw puzzle. And as each piece of the puzzle gels and congeals more and more, these pieces will then begin to connect to each other. The pieces cannot connect all the way quite yet, as they are not done being created. We have arrived in a new land where there is little density. Creating a new “us,” will be about formulating the little density that has been left intact. Like energies will always connect to like energies, but first, we need to identify what our overlapping or similarities will be about, before we can connect to each other and start anew. Eventually, everything will indeed come together.

In this new land, we are very open to the heavens. The energies here are very refined, peaceful, calm, respectful, secure, and quite magical. These are energies we will need to get used to, as these energies reflect a lack of density, and these are the energies that will comprise our mainstay. Our phones will not be ringing off their hooks as in times past, as the only things we will be able to connect to, are things that will be allowed in our spaces, and things of which we choose to accept or to interact with, as they will support us and always feel good. The connections will be light, easy, and make us smile. (Store-front connections are different.)

This is happening now in varied ways. Standing in line at a store and connecting to a beautiful and loving person, receiving exceptional care and customer service during rare times when “out there,” and so forth, are examples of these new interactions that are now available. Being invisible will greatly intensify as well. We will be untouchable, or really, so very far away and unnoticed by the old world and mainstream. In this way, we will almost literally be invisible to lower vibrating energies…even lower vibrating energies of which we still need to be involved with in regard to the old world and its systems. Very simply, we will not be seen or noticed, unless we choose to be. In this way, we will be very safe and protected, and connect with only the purest of energies.

This is the beginning of life “on the other side.” When spending time on the dimensional border, or line between the old world and old reality and our new world and new reality, the rules are a bit different. The more we are surrounded by the denser energies, the more we will become a part of them, and have a very different experience. This experience is detailed in Heaven’s Gate, as specific boundaries need to be set when dealing with denser energies…they frequently like to drain us, use us, are ungrateful, and can be disrespectful.

When going back for longer bits of time, we need only go back as far as our store-fronts on the dimensional border. Thus, when working with these energies on the border through our store-fronts,  as we still need monetary assistance until we eventually do not, we will have a bit of a different experience than we do when on  the other side. And yes, our store-fronts can still be about service, but they need to be comprised of clients who have very distinctly asked and who are willing and open to our own individual areas of expertise.

In order to have as little interaction as possible with the old world, we had to let go of so much in order to get to this new and “other side.” Letting go of so much was necessary in order to be able to start anew. When we are greatly ensconced by the denser energies for substantial amounts of time, the denser energies within us that have gone dormant due to the ascension process, are easily activated once again. In this way, we can feel as if we have gone backwards or that perhaps nothing has changed. We never really clear out or transmute all of our density…the remaining density within us simply goes dormant and cannot exist as it has nothing of that level of density to activate it when we begin existing in the higher realms.

So then, currently we are setting up our new residencies and making great progress with the unseen, even though some of us may not be consciously aware of what is being formulated. With “the seen,” it is a good time to be putting together our new offerings, in new ways, and with a new “us.” As we are now existing on many different rungs, even though we have arrived somewhere new, our new offerings will reflect where each and every one of us has most recently landed and what we are now acclimating to.

After we formulate what we will be offering, which is in alignment with our true and authentic selves, and which is in alignment with our new roles, we will eventually arrive in very new geographical spaces as well (and we can even transform our old spaces too, without ever going somewhere new and different). As things progress more and more, we will begin connecting and finally begin creating a very new reality here on Earth.

There is really too much to go into here in a WINGS post, relating to this process, the new world, what things will look like, and most importantly, our new structures and the new “us.” I am in the process of creating the next mini e-book, and it will explain things in a much more detailed and accurate way, and how it all relates to what we feel and experience, and the highlights of the road.

With much love and gratitude,

Karen Bishop


Perfecting Our Purpose

August 22, 2009


A brief note:  A heartfelt thank you to those who have inquired about the health of my father, along with possible remedies and health advice for acute leukemia. If any of you were sending prayers, I thank you as well. I greatly appreciate those of you who took the time to offer support…thank you so much, as it really helped knowing you were there. Very briefly…from the get-go, I was pretty much “kicked out” of the whole situation, and my energy was not welcome. Confusing at the onset, as my father and I have always been unusually close, and although very hurtful in the beginning, it soon became very clear that I needed to keep my distance and let the situation unfold as it may. In time, I understood why at the higher levels, so it was OK and I was able to find peace with it. In a few days, my father is due for another round of chemotherapy and another stint in the hospital. He has not shown interest in any alternative therapies (so I could not pass on any of your suggestions and supports), and has not yet come to the point where he is consciously aware of what changes he may need to make in his life.  I will either meet up with him when he does indeed “wake-up” with a new view of reality, or meet up with him if he chooses to cross over through the 3D death process instead. For now, I can only continue to send him great love and respect, and allow him his chosen path. Knowing how much we love and respect each other, even though we are currently far apart and I deeply miss him while he is on his journey, has greatly helped as well. Thank you again for your care and interest during a most challenging time. Now on to the newest WINGS post!  

Are you still with me? Have you given up yet? Although it may feel as though nothing much is occurring now, we are indeed in a very specific phase in regard to our move forward, or rather in regard to moving into our very new roles. This has been a very confusing process, as it involved so many twists and turns due to the free will and choices of many, but we are back on track once again, even if we had to basically start all over again after the June solstice shake-up.  

When the solstice hit, it blew everything out of the water. Much of everything went everywhere, and when things finally landed, much was in a very new groove, and a groove that now matched the current vibration of each and every living thing on the planet. Everything ended up in its new and rightful groove, while at the same time, many souls chose to depart around this time as well.  

The ascension process took longer than expected in regard to the masses waking up. In this way, things needed to be re-structured after the solstice, so that those who were ready could move on in lieu of waiting for their old slots to be filled, as was the usual process for so very long. So then, even though there is now a much wider chasm in between those who “crossed over,” and those who have chosen to stay behind for awhile longer (and not fill the slots we left behind), there are also many varying rungs or vibrational levels existing for those who transitioned.  

In other words:   Everything flew out of its old groove, and as it landed on the new and “other side,” all these energies, or people, landed in many different spots as well. And these many spots are spaced out every which way, with great chasms in between them as well. Now that there is more “room,” as we are in a very new space, we are really stretched out. Before the solstice, we had caught up with each other, and in this way, we were pretty much all in the same room. We could easily stretch across and touch our brothers and sisters.  

For example…when I first began writing Energy Alerts, and now WINGS posts, there were very few who were having ascension experiences. Now, the ascension experience is fairly well known and accepted, as there are many, many of us now in the same “room” together and we all know the drill. Many of you could most likely write each WINGS post yourself!  After the big shake-up from the solstice that pushed us across, our brothers and sisters who are most closely vibrating where we are, are here with us, but much farther apart. I hope this is making sense, as it is difficult to describe. Basically, we are starting all over again, but starting over in a new reality. And when we start over, we are spaced out once again, according to our individual vibrational levels. There is much more room here, as we are the forerunners, and the masses are simply not here yet. When we landed, we landed in various locations on different rungs of the ascension ladder, and even those residing on the same rung are farther apart from each other, as there is so much more extra “room” now.  

So what does all this mean, and how will we eventually come together?  

We will indeed come together again, but in new and different ways. Our old roles are now over. We are no longer holding up the planet with our energy, are no longer healing and assisting others, and can now begin new roles which involve our contribution to a community or new reality. But before we can get to this space within ourselves, we must tune up or fine tune, and this is the phase we are currently in and rapidly easing out of.  

Fine tuning means letting go of all or any energies or purposes within us that we embodied in the past, and  that we will no longer need in a new reality. It is a sort of purification process, as we are now becoming our true and authentic selves at yet another level, and this involves getting to that pure gold nugget of who we really are as individuals. We are not really purifying now, but more fine tuning…extracting our higher level purpose that is no longer related to raising the consciousness of the planet. That time is over.  

Some symptoms of adjusting to the new reality, or rather aligning with it and our true selves? Exhaustion and apathy. We are really being re-wired now, and are being encouraged to relax and do the bare minimum, as exerting ourselves will tax too much of our energy reserves. No extending during this time. We need all our energy during this process, for this process. This is why we may also have great hunger during this time. We need the extra fuel. We absolutely are unable to give at this time as well, but are very open to receiving. This is because we need energy coming in to sustain us while we are so very taxed. Pampering ourselves, buying things for ourselves, being selfish, and tending to self care are what may feel good now, and are what is currently needed. But again, we are soon to be out of this stage, as is it shorter the more we have evolved, as there is less density within us to fine-tune.  

Insomnia can be present as well while we are tuning up as so much is going on within us, and can also occur because we may feel that things are still very unresolved in so many ways. When I am moving into new energetic territory, I often feel a lot of energy pouring in through my crown chakra, and I have been feeling this recently as well. A general fatigue may continue along with a strong feeling of being lost and confused. We may not know where we are right now, as we have not completely aligned within and without, but we are most assuredly continuing with the process.  

Things may not be manifesting well, or coming together at all for many, and we may feel a lack of support. This is because we are not finished being fine tuned and purified to our higher purpose, and we cannot begin to manifest until we are certain what our new roles will be all about, down to the last detail. If we started things new right now, we might have to adjust them further, and this would cause confusion and delays. We need to have a specific mission statement, so to speak…not a general one. We are now in the new reality, and it involves knowing our own specific purpose and contribution. Most all of us have healing ability and intuitive ability. These are givens with advanced souls. Just natural states of being to be used if and when needed. These abilities are no longer needed as a means of service, for instance, as what we will be offering now will involve our gifts and talents, and contributions to a society or whole. What we are needing now, is what our passions have always been about, and what we indeed know the most about, and what comes most easily for us. It is our natural state of who we are.  

At the end of September and especially into October, we will be fairly complete. Things will feel magical, as if angel dust has been sprinkled everywhere, there will be a strong sense of grace ever present, and we will feel much gratitude. The energies will be light…not intense, and very freeing and easy. This is how things look at present for the future, but we have found very intensely of late, that there is always free will, and things can radically change, so please don’t hold me to this timeline or outcome!  

Until this process is complete, we will experience enough influx financially, that our needs will be met and we will be taken care of. Almost with a mind of its own, money will arrive somehow. Because our old roles are now over, if we attempt to continue on with them (and at times we may need to), we can feel as though we have short-circuited,  become discombobulated, very bored with them, and most times, we can feel almost like we are prostituting ourselves. There may be a small influx with our old work for awhile, as this may provide the needed financial income until we are completely ready for the new to manifest, but it is only temporary.  

I remember many years ago, when I tried to give personal readings after I had experienced an ascension leap, and it had become clear that I was now to give readings on a mass level. I would short-circuit, feel stuck, be unable to really align and flow, and thus, had to quit entirely. The energies with the readings felt tight and old, with no flow. I would get stuck and it was dense. But when I began my new role with the Energy Alerts, I felt totally in alignment each time I wrote one, it was easy as pie, and I was in my element. The Energy Alerts were at my new higher level…the level that I had evolved into.

 And this is what is occurring for many of us as well. We have evolved to a new and higher level and reality, and now must embody new roles which match where we now are. Anything else will make us feel like phonies, that we are acting, will give us no energy, satisfaction, or joy, and may feel that they belong to another time or era, feeling very flat and lifeless. This is because we are no longer connected to them. Those roles are over and we no longer live in that space.  

The timelines for this process can differ for everyone. Some may be experiencing extreme symptoms, while others not so much. But for most of us, being laid off from our “jobs” can give the best of us feelings of insecurity, a loss of identity, and acute feelings of being lost, floating around with no anchor, and wondering when, oh when, will anything gel. And not being quite sure what we will be moving into, as it is quite different, can be confusing and alarming as well.  

But once we decide and become clear about what we want to offer, and once the re-aligning with our new spaces and roles is complete, the new energy of the new reality will finally feel quite different indeed, with an ease, a gratitude, a flow, and a magical state of grace, as we have indeed earned it. These similar feelings arrived in recent times past as the first taste or influx to remind us of what will indeed be our new reality, and to serve as an anchor and holding point for our new arrival. Do you remember them? Oh, these energies were divine, and how exciting that they will eventually be a norm for us.

With much love and gratitude,




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