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Center of the Sun - August 2009
Roots of Transformation

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona, AZ 86339 ~ Ph: 928-282-6292 ~ ~ Email:
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Roots of Transformation
The Star Elders through Aluna Joy
July 29th 2009

Life should not be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving
safely in a pretty and well preserved body.
But rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out
and loudly proclaiming,
"WOW! What a Ride!!!"
~ Unknown Author


Just out of site, in the background of all living things, something miraculous is happening. Our entire universe is changing and is being transformed along with all life on Earth. Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms of LIGHT are assisting humanity and Earth in a great and long awaited transformation.

The recent eclipse trio you are now completing included 2 lunar eclipses and one very long total solar eclipse. (July 7, July 21-22 and August 5-6). Eclipses are a powerful force that physically block light or create a shadow on the Earth. The ancients used this time to clean out their internal shadow aspects of themselves. But this time, humanity instinctively used the eclipse trio for doing something else. This is the good news. Something big is taking place.

Tree roots grow underground in the dark. A tree can not reach for the sun without an equal amount of the tree's unseen root system growing in the opposite direction away from the sun. These are the trees roots. The Maya have a name for this process. It is called the Wakah Chan, the tree of life, the tree of the world. The Maya have a sacred tree in the Mundo Maya, and it is called the La Ceiba (Say-ba) Tree or the Kapok tree. It has sap that is red like blood, just like a human being. In the darker winter months, when the tree loses its leaves, it looks like the tree is upside down. Today you might feel that you are that upside down tree. This is because you are now growing roots up to the sky, up and to a new world.

Today the living Maya still perform a sacred ceremony named Ya'axche'. This ceremony acts out the connection between Heaven and Earth and Man's necessity for roots in the underworld. They know how important appropriate roots are for a human being to evolve. The underworld is not to be feared but respected. It is where all new life comes from.

This is what is so exciting today. Your roots to a new world are now beginning to grow underneath you. These roots are building a foundation for a new world that you have already created/imagined/envisioned in your hearts and spirit. You are doing this with the ever increasing creative force of the universe that you all have developing inside of you. A new world is beginning to take form even if you can't see it as yet. To root yourselves into this new world, you must rip up the old roots that your physical body has become quite comfortable and accustomed to. Now you are adapting to new energies coming from a beautiful new world.

The Shift of the Ages . . . The Great Transformation . . . is beginning to manifest as a physical reality. It is moving from your heart's intent into your dimension. And, OH YES . . . and you are really feeling it. Just like an expecting mother, you will need rest, eat food and have peaceful space. Allow yourself to have these things whenever possible.

During this same time of the eclipse trio, a huge asteroid hit Jupiter. When a planet is slammed, you are going to feel this. As above . . . so below. There is no separation between you, and us, and the entire universe.  So no wonder you are feeling like you are being forced to take down time, re-boot and heal your wounds.  We expect that you might have been experiencing headaches, body aches, and being very tired and hungry!  We see many having unusual negative thoughts and feelings and anger and melt downs that seam to come out of no where!

If you are reading this . . . Congratulations you made it!  This is GOOD NEWS.  There is light at the end of this tunnel!  The creative force/source of the universe is now beginning to live though you; not just intermittently dancing around you and teasing you with endless possibility.  Your physical bodies are being re-trained to adjust to what your hearts and spirits have known for eons and that is . . . you are become living masters!  Your bodies are working hard to stay in balance with the new root system grounded beneath you.

Be gentle with yourselves.  Be Patient, and listen to you HEARTS
~ The Star Elders


"One must have chaos in one's self in order to give birth to a dancing star." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900 a German philosopher

Resources and support for the current energies. . .

The eclipse trio ends on August 5/6, 2009, and we have our fingers crossed that we will get a much needed break. There are many things you can do to help yourself get through these transformational days. There are a multitude of things that we can do that are free or very affordable to accelerate the balance between our spirit, body and our rapidly transforming Earth. You don't have to have a lot of dollars to make yourself feel better and lighter today and right now!

Here are some things that work . . .
Take a hot bath, get a massage, go out in nature, drink lots of water, eat healthy food (eating root foods help tremendously) and get sleep. Most of you know these tricks already.

We are finding that we have to retrieve all our tricks to stay balanced these days. So other ideas would be . . . Essences are a great help and work on an deep energetic level. Bach Rescue Remedy can be bought at nearly every health food store and is a good all around balancer. Balance and Stability by works well also.

We have a few powerful Sacred Site Essence that are peacefully, grounding, while allowing your head to stay in the stars. Suggestions: Avalon's Thorn Tree Essence, Mt Shasta Lily Essence, Heart Island Sun Dog Essence, Peruvian Opal, and . . . our NEW Chief Ouray Essence for Peace, Patience and Diplomacy. These essences can be found here:

You can easily teach yourself Emotional Freedom Techniques "EFT" also known as "tapping". This technique is very helpful to bypass your noisy, mechanical mind and goes straight to the sub-consciousness. You can help yourself release negative and physical problems with EFT. There is an very informative documentary you can purchase on Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT: Tapping DVD HERE Also there is a giveaway audio clip that shares where people develop unconscious blocks to attracting more money an shows how you can use tapping to remove them ! Abundance Tapping Lesson Here There are a lot of video shorts on YOU TUBE also. Search "tapping technique", or "EFT", and you will find lots to watch.

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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph:928-282-6292 Webpage: E-mail:

Copyright © 2009 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Center of the SUN - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Ph:928-282-6292 Ph/Fax:928-282-4622 Email:



Inspired by mystical interpretations of global sacred sites, planetary evolution and awakening consciousness

NEW printable (PDF) MAYAN CALENDAR in both KICHE and YUCATEC counts!




Congratulations to Gary and Brenda from New Mexico, who tied their paths together in sacred marriage, with a little Star Elder assistance right here in Sedona, Arizona in our blessed
and greatly honored medicine circle.
We know they are on a great new journey!
Blessing and LOVE to both from us both
Aluna and Raphael


Search for a Tribe of Lost Tibetan Pygmy’s

NEWSFLASH: Lost Pygmy Tribe Found and Scientifically Confirmed in Tibet. Although much has been made of Dawi and his disappearing tribe of Tyrone pygmies over the years very little science has been done in regards to this issue and virtually none if any humanitarian work has taken place on their behalf. The tribe now faces complete extinction if something is not done within the next month or so.  We have two teams in the field right now to find and invite Dawi to visit his ancestral Tibetan homeland.

We invite you to join us in helping this last true Asian pygmy return to his ancestral homeland as he desires to do.  Dawi is an extremely impoverished person and that while he has been at the center of attention for decades, his humanitarian needs have been met very poorly if at all and the scientific questions that his existences poses have only been studied very superficially.   It is our sincere hope to take this last opportunity to rectify these previous shortcomings on Dawi’s life path.   We certainly hope and plan that he should reach a better and more comfortable place in his old age so as to reach his true stature as a human being in a dignified way.

If you would like to support this project please contact us immediately at:  Wilderness Research Expeditions Ltd. POB 86492 Tucson AZ 85754 • 520-882-5341 •

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Living Paradise on EARTH is in OUR HANDS!

Equinox ~ September 22nd, 2009.
This is a JOYFUL invitation
to join in a Global Celebration.
Are you ready to put your LIGHT to work!
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The 2009 Solar Wave Celebration

PERU PILGRIMAGE 2009 presents . . .
Our 14th Journey to PERU!

Guided by Inca Spiritual Messenger

and Mystery School Initiat,

WILLARU HUAYTA,& Author, Mystic,

Spiritual Archeologist, ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN

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Chief Ouray
A man of Peace,

Patience, and Diplomacy

Even as a little girl, traveling through the Colorado Rockies on our family vacations, I knew that the valley of Ouray was a very special place.  It was so special that I have returned numerous times, even once to set free my father's ashes.  In 2002, I began to understand why I loved this area so much. It was on this trip that I connected with the spirit of Chief Ouray.  It was like finding an old friend, and the feeling of peaceful power which I felt from him was amazing.  I knew then that I would come back to this area over and over.

Chief Ouray was born near Taos, New Mexico in the year 1833. Ouray would grow up to become the leader of the Ute tribe and be known as a man of peace.  According to oral history passed down by Ute elders, he was born on a gloriously clear night when a magnificent display of meteor showers streaked across the black winter sky.  The elders believed it was a sign; a message from above of good things to happen.  When his father died in 1860, Ouray became chief of the Ute Indians. He was considered one of the Ute's greatest leaders.  He was known for his strong characteristics of patience and diplomacy and being a tenacious negotiator.  Some say he was the greatest of all Indian Chiefs (from "Ouray Chief of the Utes" by David Smith.)


It is with great honor and respect that we bring you a new and timely essence. ~ The Chief Ouray, Peace, Patience, and Diplomacy Essence was made on July 28th, 2009 during the Fire the Grid II Activation and in the heart of the eclipse trio. (July 7, July 21-22 and August 5-6). It was created high in the magical San Juan Mountains in South Western Colorado, at an elevation of 7,700 feet, in the peaceful community of Ouray, Colorado that is also known as little Switzerland of America. We made it with water from the Chief Ouray's Hot Springs cave just a mere 200 feet from Chief Ouray's hunting cabin. He shared the cabin with his wife, Chipeta, who he considered his equal during a time when women's rights had a long way to go. If you sit quietly in this powerful, hot springs cave, you can still hear the ancient ones' chants echo among the dripping mineral water. You can still feel them performing their ceremonies and prayers. Native people today still use the cave on occasion for ceremony.

Use this essence to inspire a confident, powerful, and unshakable presence of PEACE laced with unending PATIENCE and tenacious DIPLOMCAY. These will be much needed qualities for us to help unify humanity in the days and year ahead of us. Use with reverence and respect for all life.

The Chief Ouray, Peace, Patience, and Diplomacy Essence



*** Essence suggestions to deal with the current yo-yo ungrounding energies: Heroic Light Worker; Avalon's Thorn Tree Essence; Mt Shasta Lily Essence; Heart Island, Sun Dog Essence and the new the Chief Ouray, Peace, Patience, and Diplomacy Essence.
*** To help with those pesky manifesting issues or those that are in a hurry to get to the new world: The Avebury Stone Circle Essence; Lake Atitlan ~ Bridging the Worlds Essence; Copan ~ The Heart of the Future Essence; Bonampak ~ The Ascension Essence; Palenque ~ The Illuminated Heart Essence; The King's Chamber, The Living Merkaba - 13th Code Essence; and Philae ~ The Heart of Conscious Creation Essence. Check them out here and see if one or two call to you.

Need help picking an Essence?
Here is a handy chart with some suggestions on which Essences are right for you!


*** Essence suggestions to deal with the current yo-yo ungrounding energies: I AM Perfect Peace, Harmony & Balance, I AM Compassion, I AM Strength, Power & Courage, I AM the Present Moment, I AM One with All Life, I AM Unity & Archangel Uriel...
*** To help with those pesky manifesting issues or those that are in a hurry to get to the new world: Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Gabriel, & I AM Englightenment
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