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Brotherhood of the White Light.

August 18 2009


Greetings to all. We are the Brotherhood of the White Light.


Many things are occurring at a rapid pace for you on this planet. Many are experiencing pain,

Confusion, frustration and panic. All for a purpose of cleansing.  Trust in the process. Tell this to many so that their souls understand the significance of the ascension process.  For those who are in fear of this event, speak of  nature and the balance and polarities of planet earth.

 Do you see the confusion within the political arena?  This is necessary. The powers that had been in power are totally uneasy because  they can sense their time of being in power is drawing to a close.  Allow all to play their parts.  It is better at times, to disregard the media and what is said.  Surround the planet and the United States in pink or lavender light to help in the accumulation of light flowing onto the planet and nation.  All is in perfection.  All WILL be in love..

 Feel the extremes of your nation….it is a push and pull ….the same is occurring within Gaia. She is pushing and pulling as well and this will manifest in earth changes…you are already seeing the quakes and flooding. This will  reoccur in shorter and shorter time periods. Peoples on earth will experience many, many changes in rapid successions for the cleansing process is in full motion.

 Love one another…..simply said and little practiced. Contemplate your lives and remember times when you did not. This is not to feel guilt. It is to be a significant awareness of how you spend your waking hours.  When the time occurs when each entity is responsible for the actions of themselves and rectify them for the perfection of Gaia, then the response in Gaia will be tremendous ….beyond words…

 The times of slighting others for whatever reason is gone.  Replace this with LOVE.

 Remember that all are one…you are one with every other creature on this planet.  Violence to entities or to creatures upon this earth results  in the stagnation of ascension…a stalemate as such to Mother Earth and the universes far beyond.  As profound as this is, it should access the truths within your souls… please reach out to teach others so that this truth is grasped . The realization of LOVE upon Gaia at this time will accelerate her into fifth and sixth dimensions.  Why would one NOT want this to occur??  The responsibilities of all upon Gaia are intense.  NO ONE is excluded.  Everyone living has this responsibility to carry forth the torch established  22 years ago at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. To speak that one is busy or apathetic only provides for a restlessness within the heart of Gaia. Her time for patience is limited as her body strains with  fatigue.  Those on the “other side” are aiding her in this process but time grows short.  The stamina and strength of Gaia has weakened.  The mother energy within all will and must be allowed to expand to enable love and perfection for  the planet’s future. 

Know that you are loved beyond the limits of the universe…know within you resides the I AM consciousness that is straining to implode….access the TRUTH  and the freedom that accompanies it.

 We, of the Brotherhood, honor and respect each of you with love and gratitude for what you do…

 We are the Brotherhood of the White Light.



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