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Brotherhood of the White Light

October 6. 2009


 We of the Brotherhood of the White Light are assembled together in a space of perfection, trust and love. We invite you to join us. In what is termed to you as a few years, this will be possible. Indeed, it is possible in a short time if you so desire.

 Much is occurring within the walls of the nation’s lawmakers.   Much deception will soon be released to the media’s eyes.   This process will continue for the next three years.

In fact, many in the legislature are now truly worried concerning the news leaks.   Do not worry or give them your focus as attention to them will only cause more disturbances within the country.


But we would say to you to focus rather upon self.   As one is healed, the consciousness will continue to grow and grow.   As you are the peacemakers, so shall the peace spread outward to all fifty states, beyond to the North American continent, onward to other continents across the oceans.   The ripple will expand far beyond one’s thoughts.   As this process of healing, trust, and love expands, the earth and the planets far beyond will be affected.

Has the softening of the energies encouraged you to concentrate more on self?    Practice knowing that the laws which attend to the universe and to your planet are in truth being “cemented” into the consciousness.   Like will attract like.    Light will attract light.   And negativity will attract negativity.   Beware of ill thoughts.   Beware of thoughts of illness, unhappiness, or spitefulness.   Revenge will be short lived as it will return to the one that sent it out with a tenfold magnitude.


Love that surrounds the planet is the dream that is attainable.   Encourage the crystalline children to express themselves. In their truth lies wonderful and great knowledge of the ancients.


 The efforts of all humankind will result in tremendous results.  Do not sit and do nothing.  Invest time in expressing love and compassion to all upon this earth. Do not forget the animals, planets, insects, creatures of the deep.   We are all one.   Give time for mediation, prayers and loving thoughts. Do not allow your loved ones to depart from your auric field without expressing love to them.  Send love out to others on your highways and in your workplaces. Extend a helping hand to those in need. Simply said by a master of long ago, to Love your neighbor as yourself.  It is time to practice the words rather than just reciting them.  If you wish the ascension to accelerate, than it is everyone’s job, not just a few. The light workers of the first wave have finished their job.  Although they are still in force, the task of the newly initiated remains to take up the task and carry it forward.


Expect a beautiful Autumn and coming Winter season.   Even if you live in a territory where the season change is not experienced, be intuitive to sense the difference the equinox and the solstice will bring.    Expect the upcoming year to progress at an even more rapid rate.    The elementals, fairies, which live within the wooded areas are coming in more numbers to help recreate the woods, and lands that were taken away through the building of cities and highways.  Encourage these beautiful creatures to return by establishing gardens, and areas of solitude for the peoples of Gaia.


Do not stay attached to mementos, or treasures. Become attached  to listening to yourself and your guides. Draw away from the confusion, chaos and distractions of the media and the workplace. Peace will find you. Love will find you. Trust that all will occur when the decisive time comes. You believe you are one of the world , but in truth this is not so. Your essence is far beyond what your physicality commands.  Command by the Lord God of Who you are, that the I AM resides within and without of the seed of who be you.


May the Mother/Father God surround and keep you. To all who surround you on a daily basis, we come together to give you honor for the journey you are experiencing.


We are the Brotherhood of White Light.

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