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Academy #408 (2009-02-04):
Current Israel-Hamas Situation May FulFill Ancient Prophecies/ Food Storage Tips Needed/ AcPropWatch #007/ In the News (Wednesday Late PM):

Note from Lynn:
Sorry for so many delays on this, as plans were to get it this out before the end of December, then the supercrud hit us here. I originally compiled the bulk of this on 1-10/11-09), but just now got to finish. Also look for Chapter 4 of the "SchoolBook", of which the bulk was mostly compiled on 1-24/25-09. So you can see I'm a bit behind schedule.


Heart of #408 (2009-02-04):

Current Israel-Hamas Situation May FulFill Ancient Prophecies

I am sure you are aware of a very dangerous situation brewing currently in the Middle East. I know, you're thinking hey, they always have warred & bickered as it seems to be like a feud that just will not go away. However, several important things are seeming to be correlated or taking shape. While I am sure many first think of the prophecies in the Book Of Revelation in the end of the NT of The Bible, but I doubt if we will even touch on it much. Or at least, not the portion you might be thinking that would tie in.

Now many believe in the prophecies concerning Israel being saved somehow & also the temple being rebuilt in this era there in Jerusalem. In this post I am going to cut to the chase, and throw in some radical thoughts. However, there are some things that most do not realize that have been occurring elsewhere & under the radar & items being fulfilled without most of the public ever knowing or hearing of it. When your eyes are focused on one area, you tend not to be aware of anything around you that is in operation.

These prophecies range from Ukraine-Russia, all the way to the Native American Indians of America, down to the Mayans of Central America, and even back over to a Laotian prophecy, then into the ancient history of the Jews.

It is all being worked out. It is just a matter of correlation & assembling the data. Of course, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. We usually confine our thinking to say it can only be fulfilled in a particular way. Even I have been caught offguard by doing this. However, sometimes you have to sit back & look at a much bigger picture.

Let's get started. Looking at news, be it on TV, radio, or internet, or even word of mouth, a worst case scenario is being played out in Israel & Palestine by two key players- Israel & Hamas. Both feel they have the right to be where they are & even maybe even possess a little more of the surrounding region. Due to a constant feud, regardless of who is right or wrong, some of the innocent players get killed or maimed. Israel claims the Hamas group has been firing rockets in their southern portions. Even though there have been little human casulaties or injuries (as to Israel, not the Palestians), Israel feels threatened & wants it stopped, as well as the underground tunnels they claim are being used to smuggle in rockets & other arms and amunition. On the other side of the fence is Hamas (one group of

Palestinians) that feels Israel should not even exist as is a state, that they stole the land. Plus, Hamas feels that Israel has suppressed them far too much. And they want their routes opened on all channels including the tunnels, of which I am sure smuggling arms in, is one use of them. Israel will not back down, unless the rocket fire stops & the tunnels are sealed (or closed) to prevent smuggling. Hamas will not back down as to their view of oppression & their rights to have full access (which includes the tunnels). Neither side will budge. In fact, both have disregarded the UN calling for a cease fire. And each claims it is the other side that is the one causing the bloodshed. Thus, it will be one that will not end, regardless of the threats to both of them. That is, unless a bigger threat puts an end to it. We'll touch on that later.

It has just been released in the NY Times on Saturday (1-10-09) that Israel wanted the OK from America to fly through Iraq to go bomb Iran's nuclear facility. Israel claims it is still being used for weapon or weapons in the future. American intelligence says no, so the request was denied. Many thought that Bush would have okayed such a thing. Israel was not too happy with being denied.

Many of you may not know it, but sometime back (within about 3 or 4 years), Vladimer Putin, then President of Russia, spoke of sending arms to the Palestinians, as he felt they deserved to have access to arms to have a fair fighting advantage with Israel. I think that would be nice to be fair, except that I shudder to think that either side be given more to make war with. But alongside that comment, comes a prophecy by a Russian, from Ukraine (Ukraine was still part of Russia or I should say the Soviet Union at the time). A visionary church or religion activist stirred up some trouble & he was arrested & imprisoned as early as age 19. He escaped 9 times. They caged & even tried to freeze him in a Siberian prison, to which he had a vision of the Virgin Mary & was told of things to come. He was finally exiled as attempts to have him killed or have his spirit broken, failed. In all, he had been imprisoned for 23 years. He was featured in AP3 (NBC's 1996 airing of "Ancient Prophecies" #3) featuring David McCallum as the narrator & guide. So, not knowing how long he had been in Canada already before being interviewed, today we would say he is over 55 (over 42 in AP3).

His name was Josyp Terelya. Among those prophecies in brief, these 4 were jotted down by me when I made an outline of AP3 (all 4 outlines are in Academy #102 sent back on 12-30-97):

1) Southern Russia to be in flames.

Hmm, could this be concerning Chechnya, or the recent showdown in Georgia, or something yet to rear its head.

2) Person called Vladimer [?] to call on destroying Israel.

Well, let's see, umm, I have to wonder and really say I think this will definitely be Vladimer Putin. Why? Due to the time, and that Putin is former KGB, made the comment on arming the Palestinians, and one other thing. As you know, or maybe didn't, Russia's constitution allowed a President 4 years per term & no more than 2 consecutive terms (if I am not mistaken). The allowment is if a President takes over another's term. And in order to keep control of things, and Putin does seem to, he has groomed the current President & become the Prime Minister. But most agree that he is still at the main controls of Russia. Now after two terms with the current President, he then can come back for another 6 year term as President. So, by all means, Putin can stay up at the top, in control, for 7+6 or 12 years (at

minimum) more from this constitutional change. So, either something goes haywire with Israel, or Putin just gets fed up, but eventually "Vladimer"

will act or react. Just a matter of time, and I would say that time is about to run out. Also in Academy #SP-147 (1-18-2000) comes this snip:



Ezekiel 38 & "Vladimir":

From: Di

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 22:09:45 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Fwd: Ezekiel 38

Lynn, the following excerpt seems to support the prophecy of 'Vladimir'

attacking Israel:

"..Salem Kirban stresses that it will be Russia (under Vladimir Putin's leadership ?) that backs the Arab coalition for the invasion of "Palestine"


Fwd from a bible codes list:

Date: Sat, Jan 8, 2000, 11:02am (EST-2)

To all who might ponder Chapter 38 of Yechezechel, verse 1-3.



Though I prefer to stay within the bounds of the Tanach foran analysis of prophetic scriptures, I do occassionally dig into my miniscule library. Such is the case today.  I will list the references immediately after I give the passage of their explanations.


In his book, Charts on Revelation, 1981, Salem Kirban stresses that it will be Russia that backs the Arab coalition for the invasion of "Palestine" (I would expect and Arab Christian to use the term Palestine rather than Israel), as described in Ezekiel 38 (p. 11 & 12).


Interesting that the word "Palestine" is used, as I will bring up another coinciding find later.

And further in Academy #SP-147, it had also been reported a few days earlier

(1-14-2000) in The Guardian online that Putin (then acting President) alterred the direction concerning nuclear use compared to Yeltsin. In other words, it made it easier for him to push the button or pull the trigger concerning nuclear or other means.

3) West coast of USA to slide into ocean.

Wow! Not the first, nor the last to say or touch on this. However, due to the old Native American Indian prophecy, Mount Ranier is "Grandfather" & Mount St. Helens is "Little Sister", these two seem to help trigger that event. You can find this prophecy in Sun Bear and Wabun Wind's book 'Black

Dawn- Bright Day' about the inescapable earth changes we are in store for.

Sun Bear (Gheezis Mokwa) was a Chippewa Medicine Man & Visionary (born in

1929 as Vincent LaDuke). He was in the Washington state area (where the two

mountain- volcanoes are) and founded The Bear Tribe in the 1970s. Sun Bear passed away in 1992. The prophecy states as Sun Bear shares, "... A time would come when the Little Sister would speak and the Grandfather would answer, and the land would be swept clean to the ocean." In 1980, Little Sister erupted (spoke), but either it is a long time duration between the two, or Little Sister may speak once again and Grandfather & the ocean will respond. See pp. 37-39 1992 Fireside PB. Also see <>.

4) Problems in China.

Whew! Without reviewing the video, that could mean a lot of things. As many are aware, ethyl glycol (anti-freeze) was found recently in something. Then came the melamine scare of which was found in milk. There also has been floods in the last 15 years. And recently there were earthquakes in the Xian region where the pyramds are in. A New Zealand or Australian aborigine prophecy states that something will happen concerning a bunch of timbers and a very large river in China. I am sorry I do not have it handy, but it was shared as an Academy post about 10 to 12 years back. If I find it, I will snip it & share. I think it was from Holy & Stan who were in Australia at the time & they moved to Arizona near the Hopi lands.

I veered off just a bit to touch on a few other factors. Back to the main focus point. Recently on the Earth Changes Media Newsletter (I get the lesser free version), Mitch Battros had talked with a Mayan Elder (Carlos

Barrier) from Central America who met with his clan, and released a few prophecies. This was around the summer of 2008. Many things are now abuzz.

The American economy was to take a major downturn. This did occur shortly afterwards. Even crude oil & gasoline fell unbelievably after spiking in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. We were told to watch for a nuclear exchange between India & Pakistan. And yes, tensions there are worsening. Also, we were told that Iran might be attacked by Israel (with the USA involved somehow). Looks like they already asked to do so from the disclosures from the NY Times online the last day or so, but so far the request was denied to Israel.

Now why have I shifted to this bit on a possible nuclear exchange? Well, it figures into the scenario. Another Native American Indian by the name of "No-Eyes" comes into play. She was blind, yet could see many things, such as the future. Even though blind, she was a renowned Chippewa visionary & daughter of a tribal shaman. She took on her last apprentice whom she named Mary Summer Rain. The book to find these prophecies in is titled 'Phoenix Rising (:No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come)' by Mary Summer Rain. We are told of the Phoenix being very connected to the Earth and rising and crying out a lament or "screech" that will be heard thruout the world. And accordingly, it seems there may be this "screech" or "wail" at least twice.

No-Eyes also shares that it will come in a time when there are nuclear exchanges or mishaps (or slightly afterwards). And she further details it will be smaller countries that now have this nuclear capacity. Such as the new kids on the block, might be listed as India, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea. And I already mentioned the India-Pakistan Mayan prophecy. Also, there could be a problem between Israel & Iran, or perhaps Israel & Russia.

Pages to checkout in the PB 1993 edition, are pp.108-113 (the Wail-Screech), 150 & 170 (the Phoenix & the "Leaf"), 84 & 91 & 112 (Phoenix grows strong & seems to be awakened to the task at hand & the Indian nation will be ONE and strong too). No-Eyes said that it would happen/has happened (aware of the future).

Of considerable interest found in a Restoration book (RLDS), there is a story of the "Servant" and the "Leaf", comparing to No-Eyes' "Phoenix & the Leaf". It can be found in 'Infallible Proofs' compiled by Alvin Knisley in 1930, now in a photo reprint 1988 PB edition by Price Publishing, is still available. It is on pp.109-112. This is also the same book I excerpted George Washington's Vision of America from (see Academy #8B) in the long form. Jochmans has a shorter version of the vision in 'Rolling Thunder: The Coming Earth Changes'.

And another item that compares to No-Eyes speaking of the Native American Indians becoming one & strong again, can also be found in RLDS/LDS scrptures and/or writings concerning the Lamanite (Indian) prophet, on whom much faith & power is laid (bestowed). And also that the Lamanites (Indians) are to reunite & "blossom".

What is interesting, is that the Indians look forward to a future prophet they call Pahana, who is their white brother, while the Restoration groups look forward to the Lamanite (Indian) prophet as their red brother yet to come. What if this prophet is of both descent? Even Nostradamus speaks of this prophet to come, but shares yet another angle to be figured in.

Now, looking back at what No-Eyes shares with Summer Rain, concerning the Wail or Screech of the Phoenix. Could there be more clues? Yes indeed. But I almost forgot, a portion in AP1 (NBC's 1994 airing of Ancient Prophecies #1) has Mary Summer Rain in it, and touching on the Earth Changes as No-Eyes had taught her.

Over in AP3 (Ancient Prophecies #3), in a section concerning "Native American Visions & Prophecies", Jake Swamp, member of the Mohawk tribe, states that a "great noise will shake the world because it will be so loud".

I would have to review the video to see if it was clarified anymore that that. At the end of this section, there is the discussion that darkness to hover a long period of time (similar to Bible & Nostradamus). Nostradamus notes that in the 8th month (could refer to an August or an October), the earth seems as if thrown into darkness for 3 days, in which it seems the rotation had suddenly stopped.

Another unique angle is that in the apocryphal Greek Apocalypse of Baruch, it seems a main player is the "Phoenix" who is "the bird that wake the cocks (or other birds) on Earth". Baruch was a prophet and a scribe to Jeremiah.

Hold the boat!!! There is yet another comparison to this wail/screech/great noise. This one goes back into Jewish history & is recorded in their writings from ancient days. It is found in Louis Ginzberg's lengthy but thorough & well researched 'Legends of the Jews', which seems to have come out around from 1909 to 1913 in German, then translated in English later.

There were a total of 7 volumes. Today, they are available in PB editions.

Also, in 1956/1975 it seems that a condensed (7 into 1) edited volume was published. But it may have carried the title of 'Legends of the Bible'

instead (according to my footnotes). Briefly in the condensed single volume

(647 pp.), Elijah is brought out from pp.585-601. But pp.600-601 tells us a few things that are assigned specifically for Elijah to prepare before the Messiah comes. Also in this single volume, on page 318 is where it speaks of Moses being granted (given) the secret of the Ineffable Name. (This occurred at the Burning Bush. Remember Moses" question of "What is Your Name?".) Not sure, but that is probably in Vol.3, as Vol.4 starts with Joshua.

In the 7 volume set (old HB or 1998 PB), turn to pp.193 to 235, which tells of Elijah's future preparatory work on pp.233-235. Also, take note that on p.229, we are also told that Elijah is "the" teacher of the Kabbalah, as Moses might be called "the" teacher of the Torah. OK, let's look at what some of the future duties are concerning Elijah, who was to be sent again, as you can read in the last chapter of Malachi. Even though it says he will begin 3 days before the advent of Messiah, I am sure that is sort of symbolic, like creation only taking 7 days. Now remember that this is from ancient writings of the Jews, not something that got figured in or such the past 100 or even a 1000 years. Elijah "will appear in Palestine, and will utter a lament over the devastation of the Holy Land, and his wail will be heard throughout the world." He will also bring forth Moses. He will bring forth three (or four) major items of history so that none can dispute he is truly Elijah. They are the flask of Manna (Manna Pot or Manna Machine), the cruse of sacred oil that annointed Aaron (Moses' brother). The 3rd item is questionable, as it has been noted as a possibility of either the Ark of the Covenant or the rod of Aaron which has budded. These are but a few of Elijah's many assigned tasks.

So, once again, we have yet another reference to this wail/screech. But now we have put more than a symbol of who it might be. We actually know who it is. Did you also note that it uses the word Palestine also? Remember I hinted of taking note of it earlier in the bit on Putin & Russia being a player in it.

Now, we shift off to the side (I have my reasons, even if I don't fully understand it yet) concerning another mountain-volcano. This one concerns the volcano named Popocatepel. For short, Popo will do just fine. It is near Mexico City. I am not sure which book I found it in first. In Whitley Strieber's book 'The Secret School: Preparation for Contact', of which he is an alien abductee, shares some of the things that they shared with him. He says as they come true, it will help to validate his work. These are found in the rear of the book, in a section titled "From the Author". On p.253 in the Pkt.PB ed. (pp.231-232 in the HB ed.). Two main ones are of concern. It seems our USA government will be heading (Hmmmmmmm) towards public disaffection due to huge debts & economic disruptions. The other is that there were huge clouds over Mexico City as Popo is erupting. Sun Bear sees much volcanic activity near Mexico City & sees great destruction for the area around Popo & Mexico City. Refer to his & Wabun Wind's book- 'Black Sawn, Bright Day' on pp.196 & 215 (map).

Even if some people have a hard time believing an alien abductee, elsewhere there is a prophecy concerning Mexico & Popo taken from stories & legends compiled by L. Taylor Hansen Nov. 1963 1st print/ 2nd print Dec. 1964 HB- 'He Walked the Americas'. See pp.125-130 for the Prophecy of Tula by Kate-Zahl, the Healing Prophet, later called the Pale Prophet due to something that occurred near Popo. Also, he calls Popo, "the Smoker", and warns that one day they will need to flee Tula (probably Mexico City or Teotihuacan). The author believes it is is the latter, as Teo-ti means God [Teo] & city [ti] (in Nahuatl). And together, it means the City of the God Wahcan. Kate-Zahl was speaking as he looked into the Plaza of the Immortals, which is probably the Avenue of the Dead (just a hunch). But he warns that when the time is at hand, flee from Popo, as it will explode in fire as never before. He then stops & speaks of cycles & happenings before the time of Popo's major eruption. Popo erupts at the end of the 3rd cycle it seems.

He steps back & explained what would occur before & up to that point. If you should get this book, also read the next one as it is refers to the (Toltec) Calendar Stone which Kate-Zahl explained in the Prophecy of Tula/Popo.

Now I'm sure many now ask, if Israel (Palestine) is destroyed, how can the rebuilding of the Temple & supposedly the Biblical gathering of Israel take place. According to ancient Egyptian texts, all things are completed in the West. Thoth/Hermes, as well as Gabriel, are associated with the West. If things are to be completed in the West, not in the Middle East, where might we find more ancient writings concerning this "mirror-type" or "flip-flop"?

In Moses Gaster's book 'Studies & Texts ...', Vol.1 (1925-1928) pp.384-386, he found that it is Metatron and/or Gabriel who ferries the true Israel to lead them to the true Promised Land of the their fathers. According to Joshua 24:2-3 that is across the flood (ocean). Now current scholars are trying to reinterpret it as across the flooded Tigris or Euphrates, in order to fit their context, but it is not correct. One clue that can be seen, is that it speaks of ferrying Israel's bones thru tunnels underground. Would not Israel be close by their homeland, so why all of the "extra travel", except that it must not be nearby, but far away. As to the Temple being built there in Jerusalem, it will not be built there. Actually, it has already been built, with all of the prerequisites factored in. It was built on a sacred hill to the Native American Indians. It was once where many tribes would come together peacefully. You are welcome to believe me or not.

But I assure you, that there will be no future temple built in our lifetimes there in the Middle East. How could it even be thought of, to build such a thing in the midst of all the hate that is currently occupying the region.

According to Peter Lorrie's book 'World's End: 2009', his research revealed that there is no solid prophecy that he has found that could be used to state that another Temple must be built before Messiah comes or the restoration of Israel (p.137 of the 2004/ 2005 Tarcher/Penguin ed.).

What then may we ask is true Israel? According to Masters in the Far East, quoted from the various volumes of Baird T. Spalding's 1890 expedition to the East and compiled in the series 'Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East'(PB editions), a different story is painted on the walls to fathom.

A) vol.1,p.151--- "The masters say this Law will be brought forth in America, will be given to the world, and then all may know the way to Eternal Life".

B) vol.2,p.31--- " that land is their former home and one of the places where the great early spiritual enlightenment was brought forth.

Thus it is the land where the greatest spiritual awakening will take place".

C) vol.3,p.157--- [not quoted] speaks of Is-rael meaning the Crystal or pure race/the gospel of the House of Israel.

So, Israel are those according to the pureness in their heart. Not bound to one location. And according to these Masters, America was the land of the fathers, just as it is stated in Joshua.

And yet, there is one more Far Eastern prophecy that speaks of the demise of Israel (Palestine). It is a Laotian prophecy given in 1945 to one & told not to open the envelope of prophecies until 1970. This was featured in Academy

#45 back on 7-10-97. There were 8, then 3 more which gave a note of a timespan. I only have included those that tie in with Israel, the Earth Changes, and great enlightenment to one day spring forth from America, just as Eastern Masters have stated just above. There is another that states that Canada (Maple Leaf) & the USA (Eagle) will become one. Many may think this cannot be true, yet just recently, both leaders of these two countries, plus Mexico's leader, have been meeting to discuss their possible unification which would help the fight against terror. Back to Israel of the Middle East and some that are related.

1) The nation under the Star of David shall cease to exist as a nation.

(Dannion Brinkley also has some things to say concerning Israel in today's time. I'll try to share that in the next post.)

2) Great geographical changes will unfold throughout the planet.

3) The nation symbolized by the Great Eagle shall suffer internal strife, much of which will be recorded in history as the Dark Upheaval. Its people will be confused but patient with its cubs. A spiritual truth will come forth and make the Great Eagle truly great above all nations. Its power, influence, and love of spiritual freedom will bring many nations into its sphere of greatness. (Tony interprets the Great Eagle as the United States ...)

4) Mankind will come very close to self-extermination by toxins. This is caused by man and can be corrected by man---'if' he so desires. If he does not make corrections, the law of nature will prevail.

5) The spiritual unity of all religions will be manifested.

6) Man shall discover his true heritage, and his greatness will unfold before his eyes, and shall see and comprehend all wisdom of the ages. The Prince of Peace and Love shall rule evermore.

Then there followed three predictions indicating events in a time span of covering the next fifty years:

2) The stone cat of the desert shall reveal its standing legs and lost knowledge and wisdom shall come forth from them. The first to unlock the ancient doors shall be three men, each from a nation of love and peace, and each of a different race.

NOTE: If the Sphinx is unlocked, from the first possibility using 1956, adding 50, this would have been 2006. That has not happened. The next and final possibility places it as using the opening of the letter which had the

prophecies- 1970 + 50 = 2020 or before.

And if not mistaken, Nostradamus had also spoke on Israel too. I would have to look it up though. It might have been from one of his students in some recently found prophecies.

And I almost forgot this little item that's related. In W. Alexander Wheeler's 1994 PB book 'The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon', on page 204, "John Peniel" (one prophet yet to come spoken of by Edgar Cayce, Paul Solomon, Aron Abrahamsen, and others) is said to pick up [or retrieve] the "[Holy] Grail". In the 'Legends of the Jews', it is Elijah who is to recover the Ark of the Covenant or some of its contents. Author Graham Hancock seems to have found evidence he reported in his book 'The Sign and the Seal', that the Grail is another symbol for the actual container or vessel we know as the Ark of Moses. Cayce also spoke of "John Peniel", as have a few others.

Some think it might be John the Beloved sent again, while others say it is John the Baptist aka Elijah sent again.

Looking back, concerning the ferrying of the bones underground of Israel by Metatron/Gabriel to the Promised Land, I cannot say for sure if I have read this bit, or perhaps I was given these thoughts. I have yet to find it in my notes anywhere, so possibly it was given to me in ponderance as to the situation some twenty plus years back, but it is almost as if I recall reading it though. It concerned that currently, those incarnated in Israel, are not those who were originally, but it is karma related, as though those that inflicted harm & persecution, are now the ones receiving it. I don't know if I have conveyed this clear enough, but I would call it a big "switcheroo" & that karma cannot be escaped. Yet it could be transformed by grace, if it was realized. Sadly it does not look like this realization will occur. Therefore, that which comes is predictable. But all is not lost.

Sometimes things are fulfilled "outside" of the box from our normal perceived possibilities. Remember, everything is an illusion, however real or persistent it may seem. Hmmm, imagine that.



Food Storage Tips Needed:

Subject: Academy Food

If you have tips on food storage tips, or something similar, be sure & send them to me, so we can post it. In the subject header, put Academy Food so I'll know what it is.


Hi Lynn

Thanks for all your good work. There is a wealth of information and links on one of my boards,* Surviving TEOTWAWKI <>

* food storage, disaster preparedness, woodstoves, generators...all kinds of good into to help survive the end of the world as we know it...




You can send them to me & I'll forward them to Ryan, or you can go to <> and include the information to Mr. Bopp and it will get to Ryan.

Oh, there are a few interesting notes in 'Mass Dreams of the Future' by Chet Snow. See chapter 1, as Chet's future group runs into this problem of plastics or glass as the ideal containers.



AcPropWatch #007:

I had hoped to touch on fear & security as per Dannion Brinkley & J.R.

Jochmans, but time & space does not permit in this post, so next time. Also something Dannion was given as per Israel & reassessment. Watch Israel & Palestine. Also watch for some volcanic & earthquake activity. Also, keep an eye on Iran, India & Pakistan, as well as North Korea concerning nuclear problems.



In the News:

As mentioned, there seems to be something going on as to a unification of USA, Canada, and Mexico. I'll see if I can refind that article. President Bush ("W") did not invoke the martial law & keep the presidency, and allowed the inauguration of President Obama in the USA. However, Putin has retained his power for years to come. Keep watch over happenings & if you see something interesting, send it my way, so we can share it. If not mistaken, that young Russian lad spoke of something occurring in 2009. I'll see if I can refind that. Also in the next post something I found in Peter Lorie's book on 2009.


your friend & servant,

Lynn H.



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