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Strange Rumblings at the Center of our Galaxy


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 BRINGERS OF THE DAWN 1 thru 18 VIDEOS! Superlative Transformational Info.


Water on Mars, quite a photo.. 

I choose Love,   Turn on your speakers – beautiful song along with this video clip.

 THE GALACTIC TIMES   by Philip Sedgwick





Organic Consumers Association - 6771 South Silver Hill Drive, Finland MN 55603


When you believe


English Crop Circle's Mysterious Pattern Solved  in typical Foxnews Fashion,2933,368422,00.html

Is the air we breathe being covertly modified?

Does the sky look different to you than it did 10 or 20 years ago?

... A bit murkier? ... Jet "contrails" that hang around rather than quickly dissipating? ... "Nice" days less frequent or pure?

It's not your imagination, according to an expert in geodetic science, advanced mathematics, and the physical sciences. (SEE NEW VIDEO POSTS.)

Clifford Carnicom -- former research scientist for the U. S. department of Defense, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U. S. Forest Service -- presents compelling evidence that our atmosphere is being systematically modified without our knowledge. The results, he says, are visible to the naked eye and measurable through scientific examination. The air-quality changes pose no benefits for us or the planet. Quite the opposite. Negative health and weather effects (including droughts, floods and even geologic disruptions) are possible if not likely.

What can we do about it? Plenty.

FIRST, understand what may be happening and what's at stake.

SECOND, spread the word to help support requests for public investigation.

THIRD, push for political reform to investigate potentially disastrous side effects of out-of-control secret programs.

To become more conscious and take the world to the next level, I believe we need more than individual focus; we need social focus too.

Dick Samson,

SuperLife founder

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The Energy Challenge for the United States

Chart used for the US: I have found that the Articles of Confederation resonates very well as a the chart for the United States. After studying many sports teams, I find that they respond to a chart for their first competition date and time rather than an incorporation date for the team. The incorporation date is a point of conception but as we know not all conceptions result in a viable entity.  The Declaration of Independence was a statement of an intention to give birth to a country and the first operational act by the United States was the actual birth (Articles of Confederation).  November 15, 1777 in Philadelphia, Pa.,1:35pm.
One can do a graphic chart and see a lot of major events that have taken place at the lunar standstills(extremes) the Civil War, WWI, WWII, presidential assassinations and much more.  So what's happening in the year 2008?  Glad you asked!

Looking at the declinations which I find easier to read in graph form.

Currently(mid June) the progressed Moon is parallel the progressed ascendant. Both are parallel natal Saturn.  Most of the time when I see the progressed planets parallel Saturn, things stop, slow down or meet other challenges that deal with structure and rules.  When one looks at the longitudinal degree of the progressed ascendant(2 degrees of Scorpio) we can see an opportunity for transformation over a 30 year period.  Scorpio, of course, can deal with the underside of things. Petroleum comes to mind. The progressed ascendant moved into Scorpio 2 years and three months ago.  This coincides with a strong spiral in gas prices and petroleum products. How high will things go? The next hit by the progressed Moon is on natal Mercury which will be near October 1st.  If we say that Mercury has the rulership over transportation, this may be the peak of prices. It's possible the American people will have had enough and will(should) demand the incoming administration to enact a bold energy plan for the USA that will bring prices down almost immediately when it's started. 

Looking ahead to the end of 2009 and early 2010, we see a parallel with the progressed Moon and natal Sun. The actual date will be about March 1st of 2010.  With the fuel prices at their highest right now, I believe things should level off or improve slightly until the Mercury hit, then things will show a resolution on the horizon, although don't expect it to be immediate.  Interesting too that the parallel with natal Sun in 2010 has the potential to act as a new moon which can bring changes and a new direction or intention. Scorpio as the new rising sign supports this change as well.


Golfer Tiger Woods(Dec 30, 1975 10:50pm, Cypress,Ca)  won the US Open Monday in what turned into an exciting 19-hole playoff round. Much coverage was given to Tiger's gimpy knee. As it turns out he has been playing for several months with a tear in an ACL. A quick look at his progressed declination chart reveals two major influences. Saturn rules the knees as well as Capricorn so what's happening with the ringed planet? The progressed MC(Tiger's career/vocation symbolic point is forming a parallel guessed it, Saturn's progressed point. The parallel has been strong since the middle of 2007. He injured the knee in a fall while running near his home in Orlando after last year's British Open. The MC continues to move toward an exact parallel with the natal declination point which is exact in 2011. It could mean Tiger will have a chronic situation with that knee for some time to come or he will perservere in Capricorn fashion and win five more major tournaments to top Jack Nicklaus' 18 major event win record.

The progressed Moon also has paralleld the natal vertex in the last month. It seems that this energy manifests as a situation that is a spiritual and/or physical test in many ways. One has no control over the event...except in how one reacts to the situation.




The Arizona Diamondbacks have been playing poorly during this Mercury retrograde going 12-24 in that span(from the shadow point, May 10th to the direct date June 19th at 7:31am). The team has had 10 differenr Mercury-ruled Geminis and Virgos on the roster during that span with the average number being eight. With about one third of the roster going backwards or downhill with Mercury what do you expect? Last year the D'Backs went 15-20 during the same cycle. Last year's team had the 90 wins, the most in the National League. More losses this year, but more Mercury-ruled players on the roster as well. Is there a connection?

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Light Family News   

ABC 7 I-Team Investigates: Organic Foods


Watch I-Team investigate Whole Foods Market. A portion of the "ceritified organic" products are imported from China:  Video 1





Organic Consumers Association - 6771 South Silver Hill Drive, Finland MN 55603


Legal Action Filed to Outlaw Dangerous Nano-Silver Products

The International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) and a group of consumer, health, and environmental groups have filed a legal petition with the Environmental Protection Agency demanding the agency use its pesticide regulation authority to stop the sale of several consumer products that are now using nano-sized versions of silver. This legal action is the first challenge of the EPA's failure to regulate nanomaterials.

It is becoming more common for manufacturers to infuse a large and diverse number of consumer products with nanoparticle silver (nano-silver) for its supposed "germ killing" abilities. Nano-silver is now the most common commercialized nanomaterial. CTA found over 260 nano-silver products currently being sold including household appliances, household cleaners, clothing, cutlery, children's toys, and personal care products. As CTA's legal petition stipulates, the release of this unique substance may be highly destructive to natural environments and also has serious human health concerns.

Nanotechnology is a powerful new technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at an atomic and molecular level. As the size and chemical characteristics of manufactured nanoparticles can give them unique properties, these same properties may also create unpredictable human health and environmental risks.

Silver is known to be toxic to fish and aquatic organisms and recent studies have shown that nano-silver is much more toxic and can cause damage in new and different ways. Exposures are occurring during use as well as disposal. A 2008 study showed that washing socks containing nano-silver released substantial amounts of the nano-silver into the laundry discharge water. This will eventually reach natural waterways and will potentially poison fish and other aquatic organisms. Another study found that releases of nano-silver can destroy the beneficial bacteria used in wastewater treatment.

The legal petition demands that EPA regulate nano-silver as a unique pesticide that has the propensity to cause new and serious impacts on the environment. The petition calls on EPA to regulate these products as new pesticides; will require labeling of all products; will assess health and safety data before permitting marketing; will analyze the potential effects on human health, particularly on children; and will analyze the potential environmental impacts on the environment.

Many of the products named in the petition are either used by children (baby bottles, toys, stuffed animals, and clothing) or have high human exposure (cutlery, food containers, paints, bedding and personal care products). Studies are now questioning whether traditional assumptions about the safety of silver are adequate considering the unique properties of nano-scale materials.

Concerns over nano-silver were first raised by national wastewater utilities in 2006. A product (Samsung's SilverCare™ Washer) was found to release silver ions into the waste stream of each load of laundry. In response to this the EPA pledged to regulate nano-silver products as pesticides. However, a year later the EPA published a guidance covering only the Samsung washer and has allowed it to remain on the market.

The Center for Food Safety, Beyond Pesticides, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, ETC Group, Center for Environmental Health, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Clean Production Action, Food and Water Watch, the Loka Institute, the Center for Study of Responsive Law, and Consumers Union are all included in the CTA petition.

The law does not allow the agency to stand by without action while a new era of toxic pollution emerges. The EPA needs to act to prevent a serious new environmental issue from beginning. EPA must stop avoiding this problem and use its legal authority to fulfill its statutory duties.

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