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Powerful Summer Solstice - Full Moon Portal
which will occur from June 17 - June 21, 2008.

[Are you feeling it?  I most definitely have been doing so for the last three days!

Much love to you and yours and Happy Gating! Yamile]

"Adrienne G. Shoemaker" <>

Due to many synchronicities and as a Gatekeeper for the Santa Rosa/Sonoma
County area, i have been honored to share this info:

On June 20th, our earth begins an extremely rare celestial alignment with
the Gate of God, the portal to the core of the Universe
. Our planet will
begin experiencing energetic impulses from the core of the Galaxy. This
powerful alignment marks movement from Duality to Oneness Consciousness.
Choose Faith and not Fear...Support the Earth and connect with other like
minded beings all over the planet. Are you ready? Release attachments that
prevent you from accessing the state of Oneness...Enter the 4th Dimension of
Heart from the 3rd Dimension of the Intellect.

You are invited to participate in increasing the energy of the planetary
shift into Oneness
. We are entering the dark rift of the Milky Way and
moving toward the center of the Galaxy out of the dark side of the earth's
orbit and into the light. As we line up with the center of the Galaxy and as
Pluto is now in Sagittarius, it is time to meditate to increase intention
and facilitate a shift into Heart...Joy Metcalfe is leading a group into the
I'o Valley a very sacred spot in Maui, Hawaii and they are gathering to
focus and facilitate this planetary shift....

Others will be meditating all over the world, as far away as Australia. By
linking up and joining our energies, we will assist our planet.
Please join
me at my home at 4:30 this Friday or meditate on your own and help to
co-create this shift. 4:59 pm PST is the exact time of the event to link up
with those in Hawaii (1:59 pm HI time) and Australia who will begin their
own ceremonies... or you can contact me
at for info and/or directions.

For further information about this event and her amazing research behind it,
access Joy Metcalfe's website,
<> .

For further information on 2012, David Wilcock has a website, <>  , he is the present
incarnation of Edgar Cayce and his extensive information about the earth
changes and divine geometry are truly mind blowing and amazing as well. What
is happening now has been channelled in the 1950's and 1980's and put into
books that are still in print...I met this man at Harmony Festival and it was
no accident that i got to hear him speak this year...I had the opportunity
to have a booth at the Festival, was doing a reading and i was telling the
person i was giving a reading to that i had recently been on David Wilcock's
website and as it happened he was planning to hear his talk. He walked me
over to the Eco Dome and we both heard him speak and believe me it was so
inspiring...His website was also emailed to me the week before by my dear
friend...A week later i was hearing him speak and meeting him...Miracles
abound. Direct Manifestation is what David called it.

THE FACTS: Since the year 2000 our planet has experienced 5 major- once in a lifetime (or lifetimes for some of us) transits of transformation - any one of which acting alone, would be enough to create a massive shift of consciousness for those of us here on Earth. They are, in order, the following:

  1. In 2000 our Sun returned to the sunny-side of the Universe after an absence of 3,500 years beginning the activation of our DNA.
  2. On August 27, 2003 Mars, in the course of its’ orbit, moved closer to the Earth than it had been for 60,000 years - a rare astrological event that will not occur again for 73,000 years - highlighting actions of aggression in our lives and on the planet. The Iraq war began this year.
  3. On June 8, 2004 we began the first Venus Passage of this millenium, also called a Venus transit, heralding the activation/return of Divine Feminine consciousness onto the planet.
  4. On June 16th 2006 Pluto (the now dwarf planet of death and transformation) entered Sidereal Sagittarius for the first time in known history. The position of Sagittarius in space is the home of the Galactic Center or the opening to the core of the Universe. This celestial position is also called The Gate of God and as Pluto aligns with it, it heralds the beginning of a transformation in our relationship to Divine Consciousness.
  5. Pluto will align with the core of the Universe – The Gate of God - 4 times -December 29th 2006, July 17th2007 and October 27th 2007and Dec 20, 2007 (the last date will be the most powerful). As Pluto aligns with the Galactic Center it will act as a lens thru which the energies of the Universe are powerfully channeled onto Earth activating the Plutonian attribute of transformation.   

This Plutonian Attunement of Transformation is setting the stage for an even
more powerful one. On June 20th, 2008 our Sun will enter the celestial
position called "The Gate of Man" and the Earth will move into direct
alignment with the Gate of God. At this momentous time, our planet will
experience the blessing of a shaft of light from the core of the Universe -
the Throne of God – shining directly upon us and attuning us to the higher
frequencies of light consciousness or Divine Oneness.  THE OPPORTUNITY TO
EVERY TIME THERE IS A SEASON I have been given the information that this
movement into alignment with The Gate of God on June 20, 2008 marks the
passage of our Solar System into the auric field of the Mayans’ World of the
5th Sun – our next dimension of time/consciousness –which occurs on Dec 21,
2012. This next dimension in time resonates to the frequency of Divine
Oneness consciousness. Linking together with others of like minds and
unified intent, we have the opportunity on this date to prepare or position
our planet and all her beings to enter our new field of soul consciousness
smoothly and most effectively. ON July 17, 2007 we fired the grid - OR
CHANGED COURSE – to better position us to receive the coming blessing of
light. On June 20, 2008 lets work together to best support the Earth and all
her beings as we receive this blessing of light. THE CALL TOGETHER WE CAN DO
IT! click here <>

Joy Metcalfe P.O. Box 2114 Sebastopol, CA 95473 (707) 824-9911


After the New Moon in Gemini, we can then begin to look forward to a very
powerful Summer Solstice-Full Moon Portal which will occur from June 17 -
June 21, 2008.

During this time we will experience a very special Full Moon within the
window of
the Summer Solstice. In addition, within this same window of time,
Mercury will slow down in the sky to station direct, and there will be some
deep Plutonic energies (energies of transformation) afoot.  I see this
Portal as the last big push of transformation before the
off-the-richter-scale 08-08-08 Eclipse season coming up in August.

I also see this Portal as a Gateway of Light pouring into the Planet. I have
heard some dire predictions about what the energies might bring, but I am
not concerned. To the extent we can anchor the Light fully within our
bodies, and our cells, we will integrate the shifts that are upon us. More
about that in a few weeks.

Oh and one more thing: On June 14, 2008 Pluto will move back into
Sagittarius for one last "final review" of what we have learned and what has
been demolished and reborn since 1995 when this transit began. It's time to
look over our notes, see how we did on all the pop quizzes, and take our
final exams. Is your Phoenix Rising from the Ashes? If so, then you get to
graduate:)  Pluto going back into Sag for one last hurrah also means that
between June 14th and the end of November, we get a bit of a 'reprieve' from
the earthquake of Pluto in Capricorn. This time will be a bit of a breather
from the plow forward into massive systems change. We need it; we need to
spend some time preparing ourselves for the effects of the huge swirling
seismic energies coming in with the new Capricorn Epoch. These changes will
resume in earnest early in 2009. Enjoy the high-flying Sag energies while
you can:)


But first, here are some key dates/happenings in May that I want to mention.
On May 15-16, 2008, those who subscribe to Carl Calleman  theories of the
Mayan Calendar celebrated the Midpoint of the 5th Night of the Galactic
Underworld of the Mayan Calendar

In plain terms this means that the darkest night of this particular cycle is
HALFWAY OVER. Now, the energies of the Light of the 6th Day begin seating.
We still have until November for the remainder of the 5th Night, but things
should be a little less "heavy" for us as we proceed.

In addition, on May 24, 2008 we experienced another "Midpoint." Remember the
Venus Transit of June 2004  On that day, some of us watched as Venus moved
across the face of the Sun. Venus Transits come in pairs; and the next one
will be in June 2012 (that much ballyhooed year:) Well, on May 24th we hit
the Midpoint between the 2 Venus Transits. This means we are at the 'high
point' or Full-Moon-type phase of all things Venusian that we birthed back
in 2004. From here on in, we will harvest what we have planted in the area
of relationships, values, our heart's desires, and the sweetness of life -
culminating in June 2012.

And last, but not least, Mercury went Retrograde May 26, 2008. Yep, and you
were wondering what was up weren't you?!
Neptune went Retrograde that same
day, btw, which only adds to the confusion that may be in the air. Oh, and
Chiron went Retrograde the day before. This means that we have opportunities
for deep healing and the potential for a 'spiritual healing crisis.' Mercury
will be retrograde through June 19th, so back up your computers and let go
and let God!





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The one trait that's not usually mentioned under Cancer's list of qualities, however, is the one that's the most important to them: privacy. Their symbol is the crab, after all, which is so fond of privacy that she carries a shell on her back to retreat into at any time.

When it comes to relationships, there's absolutely nothing Cancers won't do for a loved one -- absolutely nothing. They're capable of very deep feelings and, in romantic relationships, that can often mean they're easy prey, so they need to be careful in matters of the heart.

As parents, they offer an endless supply of nurturing -- even if it's aimed toward animals, plants or other people's kids. They have a knack for taking good care of anyone or anything that needs them. Cancers make the world a better, kinder place!

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** Your Starcast for June 20 to July 21

The Summer Solstice is marked each year with the entrance of the Sun into Cancer, highlighting the themes of family, home and security. Yet, you'll need to be extra flexible when Uranus turns retrograde on June 26. Mars sets a new course with the entrance into service-oriented Virgo on July 1 when you'll have all of the energy you need to set new projects in motion. On July 2, the new Moon in Cancer brings new energy and is a perfect time for home improvement projects or a family vacation. Mars and disciplined Saturn conjunct on July 10, and it's time to put in some extra effort. Later the same day, you'll take a trip down memory lane when communicative Mercury enters sentimental Cancer. Then Venus' entrance into Leo on July 12 brings a nice dose of romance into your life. And finally, in the last part of this solar period, communicative Mercury is busy with a sextile to Saturn on July 14 when your mind is extra sharp, followed by a sextile to Mars on July 15, which helps you get your thoughts out to the world. A full Moon in ambitious Capricorn on July 18 brings much of what you've been working on to a culmination. Just watch that you don't say too much or over commit with Mercury's opposition to Jupiter on July 19!

June 20: Sun enters Cancer

This sensitive water sign's symbol is the Crab, an animal that carries its home with it wherever it goes. This is a fitting symbol for a sign that is not only concerned with family and home, but with themes of safety and security as well. Yet this sign is also all about compassion and nurturance, making this a wonderful time to remember the importance of family, hearth and home. Count your blessings!

June 24: Sun sextile Saturn

The Sun in compassionate Cancer forms a beautiful opportunity aspect with Saturn in efficient Virgo, indicating that you'll get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work! With the assistance of others, you'll have the chance to solidify your goals. Don't be shy about stepping into your authority -- you've earned it!

June 26: Uranus turns retrograde

When Uranus turns retrograde, it's smart to expect the unexpected. This planet is all about change, waking people up and moving them out of old routines. With this retrograde, you'll be going over some of the decisions you made since the beginning of spring. This is a time of surprising events, so don't expect things to go as planned. Instead, embrace changes as they occur and be flexible.

July 1: Mars enters Virgo

Mars takes about two years to transit through all 12 signs of the zodiac. This particular transit through Virgo is especially important since Saturn entered Virgo way back in September 2007, which means you've already given a lot of thought to the themes of health, work and service. Now, energetic Mars activates what you've already been working on these last months. Your health and fitness regime needs more attention, your working conditions are calling you to take action, and the kind of service you want to give the world needs to be set in motion. You don't need to commit this instant, but by the time Mars reaches Saturn next week, make sure to have a clear idea about what you're doing!

July 2: New Moon in Cancer

This time of year always brings a new Moon in its home sign of Cancer. Tending to your personal needs and those of your home and family become extra important. Nurturing and nourishing are strong impulses now, and making a commitment to do both will bring wonderful rewards. So make your favorite comfort food, volunteer at the local soup kitchen or plan a family picnic!

This new Moon will most affect those born July 1-5, October 2-6, January 1-5 and March 30-April 3.

July 10: Mars conjunct Saturn

Saturn is quite the taskmaster in this pairing with energetic Mars. Mars in Virgo loves a project, yet Saturn reminds us that a job is not worth doing if it's not done well. This is a great aspect in which to roll up your shirtsleeves and get something done. If you are the impatient type, you will be tested. For the rest of you, you'll get more done now than you have all year!

July 10: Mercury enters Cancer

The communication planet in this water sign brings feelings to the surface, and everybody will be communicating much more emotionally than usual. Put your logical mind on vacation if you have something important to say. People take notice when you speak from your heart. Because Cancer rules family and the past, you may hear from an old flame or a busy sibling. Time spent with family members can be especially rewarding now.

July 12: Venus enters Leo

The planet of love entering Leo can bring out the drama queen -- or king -- in anyone. It's time to be entertained! So put down the remote and get off of the couch. You'll want to get out of the house during this transit. Tickets to the theater or a night out at your favorite restaurant can bring romance into your life. Single? Find a singles event where you can strut your stuff. Married? Pick an activity that brings you closer to each other. Leo is a sign that rules fun, so go out and have some!


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