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The Power to Manifest Highest Good

St. Francis through  Anina Davenport


When you feel powerless you cannot create. Creation will still happen but you will feel powerless.  It will be hard to get what you want. Most likely you are not really aware what you want.  You will feel depressed, unsure, joyless and without direction.  Maybe you affirm Highest Good but you do so without much gusto.  Most likely your emotions are not flowing and you feel lifeless.

Questioner: You are exaggerating.

St. Francis: Not necessarily. Let us talk about power.  Many people fear power.  They think, “If I show my power I will get in trouble.  I will get punished.  People will come after me.”

Questioner: Do such feelings originate in past lives?

St. Francis: In past lives and in this life.  If you were suppressed as a child you learn to suppress yourself.  You speak more softly.  You don’t insist on your point of view if you have one at all.  You never disagree or make any noise but are pleasant to be around especially to those people who don’t want any opposition to their opinions, their way of life.  The problem with all this is that it renders you unable to create the life you want.

Questioner: How about people who are the opposite?  Like the self-made man who bullies everyone else?

St. Francis: What is your question?

Questioner: Well, that is not good either?

St. Francis: You equate power with ego.  Power is not ego necessarily or not negative ego.  You need power, energy to get up in the morning, to get from place A to place B, to make a plan in life, to stand up for yourself in a gentle or not so gentle way if necessary.  To accomplish your goals, to be of some good to yourself and humanity you need power, energy, a drive if you will.

Questioner: I have a friend who has given up on life and now she joined a cloister.  Recently she has gotten sick.

St. Francis: Your question is?

Questioner: Well, she had therapy and got into some deep issues and then she backed out and took the spiritual route.  She is getting weaker and weaker.  So my question is this: is she running away or doing the right thing?

St. Francis: We don’t know.  She might be running away from some trauma and more importantly from her anger.  Many people are afraid of their anger but healthy anger has energy.  It gives you power, protection, drive.

Questioner: What is healthy anger?

St. Francis: Let us say you see starving children on TV and you get very angry and you start an organization to feed those children. This is the best use of anger. A less extreme example is a friend treats you with disrespect. You swallow it but one day you say, “Excuse me but I would like to say something here.” Then you state your position calmly but with confidence, “This is how I see it.”

Questioner: I have a friend who was oppressed as a child but has still been able to create a lot of good for herself in many areas.

St. Francis: Yes, all of you and this includes the reader, came with gifts from past lives. So you have this ability to create a good relationship despite a horrible childhood. Maybe you even marry the person that you married before in past lives. But then maybe in another area for example making money you have trouble. You don’t feel you deserve to get paid well or you believe money is evil so you think you are better off not dealing with it. Maybe your bank statements bring up much fear so you don’t look at them and don’t realize the new high charges on your credit card. You do not call the bank and take your power back. You are afraid of it. Or maybe money is no problem for you but you have trouble breathing. You learned as a child to stifle your breath so as not to feel. Maybe feelings especially anger were not accepted so you have trouble speaking up. Maybe you have no problem speaking up regarding money but you have trouble speaking up about a desire which seems frivolous to you. You want flowers for your birthday from your husband for example. Power is extremely important in the process of creating. If you feel powerless in certain areas of your life you will find it hard to create what you want. So let us look at how to release those beliefs. We will spend a couple of months on this and the process will of course continue for all of you.

So let us start with intention. “I intend Highest Good. I release all beliefs that I am powerless to create in alignment with God, Higher Self. I realize I can create what I came here to create. I ask for this process to be as gentle and easy as possible. I ask for all the angels, all my guides, all great masters and my own Higher Self to help me. I ask to be of service to God and my Self.”

Say this intention as often as you can. Write it on a piece of paper. Take it with you and put it next to your bed or under your pillow. Ask for help. So this will start a process, a process of unearthing negative feelings for the feelings go with the beliefs. If you believe yourself to be worthless depression is likely to be there too. The beliefs cause your emotions. It is not the other way around although it can feel like a vicious cycle, depression making you feel more hopeless and worthless. As you know we are not against biochemical intervention especially in extreme cases. In general, but not always, herbs are better. In general, but not always, it is better to start with exercise, good nutrition and therapy and to learn to look at your beliefs. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel worthless? Is this true or is this just a belief I took over from another; a parent maybe?” If you took it on, you can release it.

Questioner: How?

St. Francis: You make a decision. You say, “I decide to release the belief that I am worthless. It is based on a lie and I will stop believing in it.” Say that often.

Questioner: How long will it take?

St. Francis: It depends on how many negative beliefs you have. How long they have festered, possibly over lifetimes and how much energy and emotion is attached to them. Did you just take on the belief to satisfy a parent for example or do you really believe in it? Do you really believe that you are worthless?

Questioner: What if I really believe I am worthless?

St. Francis: Then you question the belief. You examine it. You look at where it came from. It did not come from your soul. We can tell you that much. It came from outside. Beliefs in unworthiness are man-made. No flower comes up in the morning and as it starts to open its petals says to itself, “Oh, I’m worthless. My petals are not as pretty as the petals of the flowers next to me. I’m sure no one will notice me. Why am I here?” (Laughter.) No squirrel says to itself, “What’s the use of gathering all these nuts? No one cares about me anyway.” It is man-made. This depression, this, “I am not good enough, not pretty enough” is manufactured and what you create you can un-create but it might take effort.

Are there any questions?


Questioner: I have a belief that I am not allowed to get angry. How can I release it?

St. Francis: With intent. Say to yourself, “I am allowed to get angry as long as no one gets hurt. I have a right to my feelings. I can breathe freely.”

Questioner: So what happens?

St. Francis: What happens is you get angry about something. You want to feel the anger maybe even express it in the form of an opinion but then you tell yourself, “I should not get angry. I should be loving and calm.” Whatever it is you tell yourself and then you restrict your breathing.

Questioner: Because deep breathing makes you feel something?

St. Francis: Correct. So by not breathing you resist your feelings.

Questioner: So breathing can help me get to the feelings?

St. Francis: We think for you changing your beliefs is more powerful. Try out: “It is okay to get angry as long as I don’t hurt anybody. It is fine. I have a right to my opinion.” You don’t have a right to force your opinion on others but you have a right to have it.

Questioner: Can you explain this more?

St. Francis: You have the right to get angry as long as another is not physically hurt by your anger for example you don’t hit another.

Questioner: How about energetically?

St. Francis: Let’s be practical. If you are a parent and there are small children around you cannot just explode here and there. You need to express in therapy or by writing or jogging. You need other outlets. But restricting your breath is not the answer. Express your anger, your opinion. Ask yourself often, “What do I want?” Write it down on pieces of paper: your goals in life; your preference; your wishes; your dreams. “I want to build a house,” for example. “I want to build an organization to feed kids in Africa. I want to become a good piano player. I want a happy family.” Write it down.

Are there other questions?

Questioner: I want to start my own practice but I’m afraid it will get too much.

St. Francis: You have the power to regulate how many people you see, how much energy you take on from others, how much you give. It is up to you.


So, there is right now a lot of fear in the country. There is fear still from 9/11, terrorists, hurricanes, Armageddon for there are many people in this country that believe those scenarios. So here is our advice: stand apart. You need not become part of this sea of fear. You can stand apart in your own golden ball, in your strong aura that is clear and peaceful or as clear and peaceful as it can get right now. You need not take on all this fear. Much of it is manufactured. Some of it is created because it sells products as in “your body can break down at once unless you take our new product. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” (Laughter.) Some of it comes from ratings. This fear story got a lot of ratings so we will show another scary story. What if? What would happen if there’s an attack around the corner? And we are not against a practical preparation for disaster, but the media tends to hype things up to sell their stories.

Stand apart. Watch the craziness. The crazier it gets the more surreal it gets. What is real? Real is, “I breathe in and out. I feel my toes. I am centered in myself. I feel the God within.” That is reality. Not the next fear scenario.

De-cord. De-cord. De-cord. We told Anina to do a daily de-cording: a tape or the golden ball exercise. It is necessary in these times, very necessary. Relax dear ones. The earth is still round and your flowers still come up in the morning. Breathe and relax as much as you can.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2008.


This article is an excerpt from Anina’s new book Manifesting in Alignment with Soul, IUniverse. Anina’s articles have appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and other publications. She is the author of  Reflections on Ascension, Oughten House and Energetic Empowerment, IUniverse. All her books are available from any book store including Amazon or by calling 1800AUTHORS. You can view the content of her last two books on; Anina can be contacted at



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