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Something Extraordinary is Happening
July 17th Full Moon  [July 18th in USA]


What is happening on the July 17th Full Moon? Grace Light is coming and God is answering your prayers. This has not happened in several hundred thousand years and is heralded by many Saints of Southern India. This is the time that God, of not one religion but of all religions, in the form of light, is entering and making significant changes on the individual, body and mind level. 

Grace Light is the light of god. It is invisible to the human eyes but visible to sages, prophets, messiahs, angels and other high beings. Grace Light has incredible intelligence and energy to do anything and everything. It is the almighty power of god. 

Once it is transmitted into a person the Grace Light will do its work in a miraculous way. It will transform the body, mind and the soul. On the body level there will be significant changes in terms of healing diseases and enhancement of energy levels. The mind will receive greater intelligence to develop different parts of the brain. Grace Light will also positively influence your prosperity and gradually eradicate poverty. 

Grace Light is golden in color. Gold itself is divine. It is indeed the real money, not the dollar or pound. The divinity of gold is acknowledged by all of the Siddha enlightened masters. They found many secretive applications of gold: it can give you longevity, remove karma, create prosperity, save life, etc. Swami Ramalingam had the ability to create 1000 karat gold through his yogic powers. Incidentally the planet that controls gold is Guru (Jupiter).



Note from MorningStar


My feel for this is that it is valid due to the information received over the 4th of July weekend and this morning.  It is my present understanding that the Mandala of Peace and Compassion of the Divine Feminine was activated over this past weekend and in that, some 156 women received their Divine Mother download. 


The Mandala is comprised of some [5] Divine Women (meaning they carry some 98% of the Soul of the Holy Spirit which is the ‘savior level energy’ coming to the planet at this time).   In turn each of these [5] is surrounded by [5] women (25) who in turn (the 25) are surrounded by [5] (= 125).  In 2006 there was a crop circle showing this concept.  In total there are 155 plus One Woman who will head the entire group - ALL being equal Buddha and equal Christ energy.  The One  will further activate (@2011) as the
prophesized World Teacher of Theosophy. 


These women may be known – most will not.    All will operate (singly or in groups) using their Divine Wisdom.  This wisdom will encompass all fields of government, medicine, technology and education – All will teach according the Spiritual Law of Love.  All are protected and guided by Source itself.


What is July 17th – it is the next activation of their download.  As mentioned in previous correspondence re: the Mayan Calendar post – is that there is now enough ‘Buddhic-Christ’ energy upon the planet to change the course of future events.  “The Hawk (war machine) is dead” was the message I received on the morning of July 4th.  This is not to be confused with the positive medicine of Hawk – the bird – who is a traditional messenger of the Light in Native Medicine.


This ensures a responsible government of the Light this coming this November.  New policies will be put in place, old policies of slavery and deceit will be rescinded.  Government will be “for and by the people” as originally intended.  Watch for Illuminati (Dark Brotherhood) connections to be revealed regarding many prominent people and understand ‘why’ this election is so very important … however, Spirit has already determined its outcome.


Watch for many ‘exit visas’ to be invoked.  Seemingly healthy people will choose to leave via the disease and physical death process.  Relationships not carrying enough Light to move forward together will turn to dust.  Find no wrong – simply the souls involved are choosing separate paths.  All is in Divine Order even though our lives appear to be topsy-turvy and out-of-sync. 


Many will be moved to new locations, and doors will be opened.  Jobs too will be at risk as one’s energies choose a more peaceful or fruitful existence.  The settling of Karma will be called forth and Grace will abound should a particular soul require it.  Physical aches and pains, headaches, stomach upset, feeling ‘plugged’ in – all these symptoms are indications one is shifting vibration.  Depression will abound as the soul requires you to do less in preference to the energy needed to increase one’s vibration which will take precedence.  Here is where a simple diet, fresh foods and good water/juice/teas will assist.  Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences, massage, personal counseling sessions (with someone who understan ds what is happening at the soul level)
and color-sound-vibration healing sessions will be part of your wellness program.   Rest and sleep will be in great demand.  Listen to your body and release your need to be in control or to ‘do’ for the sake of others. 


Look beyond the obvious and apparent for the ‘message’ behind the event.  Many recent movies i.e. Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian and The Crystal Skull depict these changes.  Past movies like Manchurian Candidate describe in explicit detail the Illuminati’s role in banking and government. 


There will be no return of a particular Savior or Religious leader as described in sacred texts.  What is returning is the God-Self of each who have chosen to remain upon Planet Earth and assist in her reconstruction.  In the future we will re-discover the Oneness underlying all religions and choose to let go of the individual Dogma in preference to understanding the Oneness, the inter-connectedness of all. 


Present completion of this Cycle is around 2022 and during the next 12 years we will see the completion of the Mayan Cycle (2012).  We will rewrite all sacred texts to reveal the Truth (not the separation).  Medicine will include Plant Spirit Medicine as well as traditional surgery.  The Truth of Earth’s real     her-story (not his-tory) will include the larger picture of Cycle-within-Cycles (wheel s within wheels) as the true meaning of the planetary alignments comes forth.  It is the story of the soul’s progression from Oneness and its return to the Oneness – the Out-Breath and the In-Breath.  Spirituality not religious dogma will reign.  Technology will be advanced to rapidly return the planet to her pristine beauty.


In this transition, all will be required to sacrifice and let go knowing All-That-Is has the larger picture and will design the reconstruction according to the larger picture.  Those remaining will see the “Peace that Surpasseth All Understanding” within their lifetime.  We will leave a bountiful and peaceful planet for our children and our children’s children.


Blessings on your journey - MorningStar


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