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Be the  STAR that YOU are!

THE 14th Annual SOLAR WAVE 2008
~ Phase Two ~ Reclaiming Paradise

The Living Gaia Prayer Wheel Activation!
Equinox ~ September 22nd, 2008 ~ 1 to 3 PM
your local time all across the Earth.

This is a our last reminder and heart felt invitation for you to be a STAR
in the Solar Wave to help Awaken Humanity 
and to come together in ONE UNIFIED HEART
to Activate our Planet as a LIVING GAIA PRAYER WHEEL!
We Invite all to join together with like-minded, heart-centered souls
to create an Unstoppable Tidal Solar Wave of Light and Positive Mass Awareness,
to harmonize all discordant energy on Gaia,
and to initiate a spontaneous Awakening of Humanity!
With the Power and Light of the Creator that is within each of us,
we can usher in the age of
that has been prophesized by many ancient traditions.
This will all occur during the powerful window of unlimited opportunity
at Equinox, and is combined with the multiplying potential
the grace filled rotation of the Earth as a living Prayer Wheel
This opportunity is free, green and supports all living things!

Note from the Star Elders...
If we give up on our idealism, our highest aspirations for our lives,
our families, our communities and planet, we have no right
to complain about the state of the world.
Our lack of belief we create paradise, and a perfect world,
is the very reason why we do not have it.
It is time for us to stand up, unite, and begin to create a better world.
"Idealism is a pure state of awakened consciousness in which we
have not given up on our higher purpose for our personal lives
and our planet".   Don't give up and don't let past failures jade your heart.

Solar Wave History - Where it all began.... The Solar Wave was an idea born in 1990 while Aluna Joy was on a pilgrimage to Palenque, Mexico.
In an amazing overnight stay in the Temple of the Sun, she was taught, or better yet, downloaded with a vision.
Aluna Joy was shown a new energy that was coming to the planet that was going to come in energy waves in multiplying voltage.
Today, 18 years after the initial vision, the waves are getting too big to ignore.
You can read about this experience by reading


We think Everyone is a STAR ...
and are encouraging everyone to star in their own
smilebox shows of their celebrations.
It is easy and free and we will post them up for everyone to see.
This way we can re-experience all the ceremonies
that happened all over the world!
It is another step to unifying humanity,
and dissolving the illusionary boundaries between us.
Are you ready to Be the STAR that YOU are!

Click to play Solar Wave 2008 !

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Be the STAR that YOU are!
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Last call for ....

Every year during our sacred site travels we ask spirit
for a special essence blend for our current pilgrimage
and Solar Wave event.
A lot of thought and prayer goes into making the essence blend.
This year spirit asked us to make it available for everyone,
because this Solar Wave is so vitally important this year.
This Essence will be offered only up until September 8th only.
1 oz bottle.
Read about the 50+ Essences were included
in this Essence Blend for the Solar Wave 2008 here

All our sacred site essence are listed here
My daughter, Kim Hayes is a photographer in Seattle,
and she sent me this link to a blog of a photographer
in Canada that she thought I would like
and that is when the tears began to roll down my cheeks
Read this ... then pass it on...
Because it IS simple to BE in our God given natural power.
It is simple to wake up, and if this is so, then it is also just as simple,
as we join together as one, to create a beautiful world!  ~ Aluna Joy
Let your power out  - join the Solar Wave.
Here is the blog.  below



Commit to Life

there is something surpassing beautiful
about the way kids commit to what they're doing.

if they're running,,, they're running.
if they're laughing, they're laughing.
if they're upset,,, it will be hard to miss ; )

one of my son Prevail's favorite games
to play with me is chase,
and it has become something of a daily ritual.

each time before we start he tells me
about the superpowerful,
so so fast engine he now has,
and how it will make him go too too faster than the world.

this morning, i couldn't help but become lost
in stunned appreciation as i watched him
rev up in preparation to launch from the starting line.

we've all made the car noise with our mouth,,,
you know, brrrpprprppprm, brrrprprprrrmmmm.
this guy wasn't just making the car noise,
he was the car noise.

his legs crouched down in a primal,
ready-to-pounce position,
tiny fists raised in the air,
somehow instinctively knowing the
exact position that would take full advantage
of his diaphragm's brrrpprrrmmp-ing power,,,

and he set it free - - - *

four year old boy-spit flew in quantities
I can only describe as astounding,
and he shot off from the living room floor
like i've seen lions do on the nature channel,
when they're hunting gazelle.

needless to say, i was impressed on many levels.

it was so fast, so sure.
he knew what he wanted to do
and committed instantly,
involving his whole body
in what might seem to be
an isolated act of his mouth.

but of course it isn't isolated at all, is it?

the mouth, is connected to the throat,
which is connected to the diaphragm,
which works with our lungs,
which rely on blood supply,
which depends upon the heart,,,
we are an entire orchestra of living,
whether we realize it or not.

at what point in growing up
do we learn to do things so halfheartedly?
when do we forget to move,
breathe and live with our whole body?
when do we start practicing saying things we don't mean?
when did we settle for being
so much less powerful than we really are,,,
for using such a small percentage of our natural potential?

why? when?
i'll tell you exactly when:
when we start becoming conscious of the spit flying out of our mouth,
and how it really is a ridiculous amount of spit,
and o no, what will the people around me think of me
now that they've seen all this spit,
and will they take their love from me because of it???

the fear of rejection is so strong,
so deeply ingrained in us,
that we imprison the best parts of us
in a misguided attempt to keep them from harm.
the greatest gift in the universe, traded for fear.

really? so what if johnny thinks you have too much spit,
you're alive!!!
alive, and no one can take that from you,
no one can lessen the glory of that in any way.
no one, but you.

that's what i want to tell that precious little man
as i see him fly through the air, so free and unburdened.

that's what i want to tell the 52 year old boy
i saw on the street last week, locked
behind eyes that had seen years and years
of too much of that same fear.

it's what i want to tell the 27 year old girl
i saw at a restaurant two nights ago
pretending to laugh at something said by the man
she was trying so hard to impress
a man who looked at her, completely missing the wealth she truly is.

it is what i want to tell to everyone
i've ever met who is pretending to be fine.

no, my friends, no. we are more than this,
and it is too long buried, for reasons that could never be good enough.

watching my boy work the magic he was born with,
so effortlessly, so thoughtlessly,
i am reminded of the most powerful artists
i've been blessed to witness perform,
whose work i've been privileged to experience.

there is an undeniable similarity between the two
a complete surrender,
a commitment to the act of expression
which is at the same time
riveting and deeply moving in a way
older than spoken language.

and we are born with it. born with it.

is it possible that reconnecting
with that gift is as close and as simple
as practicing being fully alive,
fully present,
fully genuine,
in what we choose to say and do?

i believe it is that simple.

if something is worth doing,
it is worth doing with everything you have.
if it's not, then why are your spending precious moments of your life doing it?

love, love and more love, my amazing friends,,,

jesh *

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