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The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 7: "Nhahyu" -
Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 1, 2008

I Am that I Am, that I Am that I Am, the incomparable, irreverent, unholy but whole Adamus Saint-Germain. (audience applause and cheering) Woe to those who did not get my message that we would start early today! (laughter) Shaumbra, Shaumbra, Shaumbra. I sent it, you felt it, and you pretended that you didn’t hear it. (Saint-Germain began this day’s channel about 90 minutes before the usual time.)

Today, we’re going to talk about feelings. We’re going to talk about acting on what you already know, acting on your feelings. We sent out the call that this Shoud would come early today for a variety of reasons, which I’ll explain in just a moment. But before I do I want to wish very happy birthday greetings to Linda who comes from Issah. Dear Linda, such a delight to see you shining, radiant and so jet-lagged. (laughter) (Linda says, “thank you”) The lovely thing about you and jet lag is that you get into your heart, you get out of your head, you allow your true royal self to shine through when this happens. So indeed, happy birthday and many changes to you! (laughter)

So, dear Shaumbra, I called this gathering of Shaumbra early today for a variety of reasons. I was in the middle of doing some extensive work with some scientists on two of my favorite topics. One is new energy, yes, primarily through water. There are some groups of scientists and some individuals right now who are coming very, very close to understanding what water truly is, beyond the molecules and the atoms and even some of the subatomic features, for this holds the answer to so many of the old energy questions on Earth. And I’m not just talking about fuel. I’m talking about consciousness. You see, they are tied together so very closely.

I’m going to say that it will be within your lifetime that you see this grand revelation of the true capability of water and consciousness, what can really be accomplished. It will shake up all of the current Old Energy systems and structures, but I know you’re going to hoot and holler to see it come down. It’s going to shake up the way so many things are done on Earth right now. That is why you are seeing a very rapid transition in financial systems, even in politics, in so many of the old way things have been done.

Shaumbra, your pioneer work into consciousness is helping to make this possible. Whether you know it or not your consciousness work is providing, what you could say, the energy or the essence for these scientists and researchers who don’t understand so many of the things that you feel and understand. So together in working with you and these researchers, this new energy source is soon to be brought forth.

There is another group I’ve been working with very closely. This is a group of scientists who are working with the rejuvenation particularly of the physical body – the physical organs. They are working right now, oddly enough, with this thing you called stem cell research, and they’re working primarily with the body’s ability to regenerate hair. Hair. They’re working with one of the vanity issues that so many men in particular have – the issue of the hair falling out. But, as a result of this research, they are going to discover at a very, very simple but deep level how the body is able to regenerate itself. Again, this requires a combination of consciousness energy as well as good scientific research, but research that goes beyond.

I’m also going to be actively involved in the marketing of this product when it comes out for hair regrowth for men. I’m suggesting they call it “Adamus: For the man who wants to be a man again.” (lots of laughter, Adamus chuckling) But my work with these two groups was interrupted because of a situation right now that is taking place in the world. I have to say that it is in the Middle East, and fairly safe to say that it is a situation where all hell could be breaking loose in these next four to five days.

Current Affairs

There are so many old tensions that are now coming to the surface. We’re talking about tensions in the Earth as well as tensions with the humans. This is what I would call a type of pre-Easter type of energy coming up, but it is bringing up a tremendous amount of old anger, old resentment and especially hanging onto Old Energy. This has come to surface – not to blame it on Shaumbra at all – but just recently after the gathering of Shaumbra in Israel. So I’ve been working with Shaumbra, with several other spiritual groups in this land of the Mid East to try to allow potentials of new resolutions to come to this very volatile situation that is taking place right now.

I have to say here that first of all for Shaumbra who are from Israel listening to this, it is why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling, especially in this past two weeks. You’re feeling this tremendous tension and conflict coming to the surface. Many of you are working with me right now in helping to bring forth a potential of clear resolution without having to go through all of the human suffering and the wars and the killing.

There is a very clear difference between trying to inflict your own desires or trying to inflict your own thoughts into that situation. Just stand back for a moment. Here is a very volatile, volatile situation of human consciousness in the Mid East. There are ages and ages of old layers – particularly religious layers and power layers – that are in this region.

So you don’t want to try to inflict your own personal will and desire, even the desire for what you would call peace, or for one side to dominate over the other or anything like that, because you’re simply adding your energy – a charged energy – to a very volatile situation. What you do is you bring out and expand the potential – the potential – for resolution. Then the leaders and the warriors – people who live in these regions – can receive those potentials if they so choose. You are allowing a higher consciousness potential to be there for them.

It is actually up to them if they want to pick the old warrior ways, the old suffering ways, if they want to go backwards in consciousness or to help select a higher-consciousness way of doing things.

So for all of you, Shaumbra, whether you are in the lands of Israel and the surrounding countries or if you’re sitting here today, take a deep breath. Take a moment to feel the energy of higher-consciousness resolution.


Expand that...

Expand it. Don’t push it. Don’t force it on anyone. Don’t try to manipulate anyone else’s mind or body. This is not about psychic control. This is about a new and higher potential.

It’s a very simple thing actually, you should relate to it. Sometimes humans just don’t understand that there can be a higher way. They get so stuck in their old beliefs, in their old level of solutions that they can’t possibly imagine that there can be a new and higher-consciousness way of doing things.

But along comes this little bubble of potential that you and other Shaumbra have sent out to anyone who wants to receive it, and it floats right into them. Some of them are going to get one of those “Aha” moments. Others it will pass right through because they’re so stuck in their ways. But some, perhaps a leader, perhaps a general in the army, perhaps a terrorist who right about now, literally, is about to lob a rocket, gets that bubble of potential that there is a new and different way and stops for a moment to reconsider. And instead of lobbing that rocket, goes off by him- or her-self to commune with their spirit and eventually their selves.

So you see the work of the masters that you are is not only with your own higher level of consciousness but helping to share that with those in the world who are ready.

So we’ve called this meeting early today because as usual I’m quite busy. (some laughter) I have to get back to my work. Tobias ... you say where is Tobias? Tobias had to take a bit of a vacation after all that intensive work in the Netherlands. He’s also preparing for his upcoming Passion school in land of Spain, one of my favorite places. And I, Adamus Saint-Germain, am going to be the one guiding the channeling workshop – so woe to those who have signed up! (Saint-Germain chuckles)

Tobias actually is working right now with a group from the Crimson Council that go out on occasion and take a measurement of human consciousness on Earth. Very interesting to note that human consciousness is at an all time high. We use a benchmark on our side – a benchmark from 2,000 years ago at a major time of change – and that benchmark we simply call “one.” The number 1. It is when we, in modern times, began measuring.

As you could imagine, 2,000 years ago consciousness was quite low. If you could look into the minds and the hearts of humans, the thoughts were quite crude. They were very undimensional, so to speak. Very difficult to comprehend anything beyond the land underneath their feet and the meal in front of their face. So we use that as a “1.” So in the last time a measurement was taken, approximately seven months ago, the measurement was, you could say, well over 2,000. And it is a – how to say – it is a huge jump, a quantum leap in the consciousness of Earth compared to 2,000 years ago. You could almost say consciousness has increased 2,000-fold since then.

This change, this rapid change in worldwide consciousness, is leading to all sorts of things. As a discussion had taken place earlier today, it is making things come up from the surface right now, whether it is things that were literally hidden in the caves, under the land or in the sea. It is also making lies come to the surface – old lies – that were told by ... well, I won’t name that church ... (Adamus quickly says “Catholic” under his breath, to much audience laughter.)

These things are coming to the surface right now, and even very contemporary things in business and politics and psychology, all of these areas. All of this is coming to the surface right now because consciousness is at such a high, high level.

So Tobias and some of the other beings from the Council are out taking a very, what we would call, angelically scientific measurement of Earth’s consciousness right now. I know Tobias would love to talk to you more about that the next time he’s back for a Shoud.

So that is the reason why I am here, that is the reason why I am in quite a hurry today, and I have a question to you before we start with the Shoud. Do you want it the easy way? (laughter) Or do you want it the hard way? (audience responds, “easy”)

Now, I hear what you say, the easy way, which means we’ll make it short and simple, but there’s always one in the crowd that wants it the hard way. Always one.

I want to stop for a moment and address that voice that came out. Why is it that you want it the hard way? Do you need things to be difficult in your life in order to remember that you’re alive? Do you need things to be difficult to feel that you have suffered? Do you like the challenge? Do you like walking through life backwards on a bed of nails? (some laughter)

We wonder about sometimes these sickos that are in the group (laughter) that want it the difficult way. The easy way to them sounds so – what you would say – pedestrian, easy. So they want it the difficult way. You don’t get extra badges or awards or cookies or anything for taking it the hard way!

So let’s take a deep breath … we’re going to see you after school today (laughter) … for the rest of you, let’s do it the easy way.

The Breath of Receiving

Let’s take a deep breath together. Let’s begin with that breath of receiving ... the breath of receiving. The breach of receiving is something that I encourage all of you to do the first thing in the morning and the last thing of the day. It is one of the easiest things that you will do.

The breath of receiving is not forced. It is a choice. The moment you take that breath of receiving, you open yourself to all of the gifts that the physical Earth, the physical universe, the heavens and all of the dimensions have to offer. When you take that breath of receiving, it opens all of the pathways and all of the corridors so that the energies, the consciousness, and then all of the specific aspects, all of the specific elements can come in to serve you.

It should be no struggle at all. It should be one simple conscious breath, or many if you choose. You don’t have to beg for it. You don’t have to worry about your technique. It should come from the heart.

The moment you take that breath of receiving, an amazing process starts. The process starts at a high consciousness level, a multidimensional, inner personal level that begins opening you up. It is done in the form of consciousness, which is perhaps the highest form of anything. And again, remember consciousness itself is not energy. Consciousness works with energy. Consciousness is the master of energy. Consciousness helps to stimulate energy, which has been resting in a neutral state waiting for its orders.

When you take that breath of receiving, it activates. It activates all of the energies, and it works its way from consciousness into what you might call electrum ... energy ... energy that can then finally be brought also from the crystalline states. Crystalline states are the idea states activated by the choice of receiving. It comes from consciousness through crystalline through electrum and then into the material, into your known reality. It makes its way, if you choose, through the breath, very simply and very efficiently into your life. And then there is very little that you need to do. Some of you have ... (water, please) some of you have been ... (Saint-Germain chuckles). You were feeling that I was going to ask for that. (Linda says, “Yes, sir”)

So, some of you have been experiencing this. The less you push, the more things happen. The less you worry about things and trying to force them, the easier it gets. The less you battle with things, the smoother your life goes. The less you try to do those little old hocus pocus things like imagination and mantras and verbalizations and mind games, the easier things become. You could simply make choices in your life and you could enjoy your life and watch how everything comes to you. It manifests.

This is not what you would call a theory. This is the way that consciousness and energy work. They have always worked this way and they will always work this way. Consciousness is divine. Divine is the Master, and the Master sums up all of the energies to serve it. You are consciousness. You are the Master. You take that breath of receiving … let’s do it again – the conscious breath of receiving ...


Now, here’s where you run into trouble. Your mind jumps in and tries to start formulating, and tries to start controlling, tries to start saying, “But am I doing this right? Am I bringing in the energy from the crystalline through the electrum into the material in the proper way?” Let go of that. It’s all natural.

The moment the mind game starts, it changes the whole dynamic of your original choice. It confuses that higher level choice and basically blocks it out of your reality here in this third dimension, because you could say in a way your spirit loves you enough that it will let you play any game that you want. If you want to play mind games, if you want to block out the easy, natural energies, it will let you do so.

The divine – your divine – will always have compassion and honor for your human, so it will let the human play the games until the human gets tired and makes a clear choice to stop playing the games, to let this natural consciousness and energetic process take place, to just be. To just be.

After you make the consciousness choice to receive, go about what you enjoy doing in your life. Take a walk ... oh, we’re not necessarily suggesting sitting in front of your television, but take a walk. Take a drive. Ride your Harley! (laughter as a motorcycle roars by outside) Something you enjoy, and then watch how things synchronistically just start happening in your life.

Now, when the synchronicity occurs, when all of these things start coming in, yes, there will come a point where you as the human aspect of yourself will want to then take action – play, work with those energies, bring it into creation – but you’re going to find that it’s actually quite easy. If any of you are having difficulties in your life right now, one of two reasons: you’re letting other people around you basically control your consciousness, you’re giving in to them; or you’re not letting the energies work for you because you still think you have to do it the difficult way.

I can understand that to a very small degree, because you have eons of patterns of doing it the difficult way. Give yourself the opportunity to do it the easy way, to stop the struggling, and I can hear some of your minds right now – “Oh, but Adamus, you don’t understand ...” No, I do understand. You’re playing a game, you’re being a schmuck, (laughter) you like the game! “Yes but, but, I’m different.” Yes you are, but you are playing a game. Give yourself an opportunity to allow energies to serve you naturally and easily. Don’t be that voice, and that hand that raises to say, “Yes, let’s do it the difficult way today.” There’s no need for it and no reason for it.

Let us take another breath of receiving, but this time the easy breath of receiving. Let it flow straight into this reality. And, yes, by the way, you are worthy. You are worthy. Let it flow straight in.


Indeed. Now let’s talk about today’s topic. (Someone in the audience says “Fine,” Saint-Germain starts laughing) We will also see you after school. (laughter) I’m very good at automotive malfunctions, if you know what I mean. (more laughter) Water. It was easier in Israel than it is here. This is a tough audience!


Let’s talk about a subject Tobias has been discussing with you quite a bit lately. This is a key tool or key ingredient to everything that happens to you from now on. It’s one of the main ingredients that Tobias and poor, sad Kuthumi are going to be talking to you about. Kuthumi is so upset, wondering about Shaumbra. Nobody has signed up for his cow dung weekend workshop in Ohio in March. (Audience says, “Awww”). We wonder what went wrong, Kuthumi.

So … (chuckling) Kuthumi said he’s going to get me back for that. (laughter)

We’ve been talking about feelings ... feelings. Now, perhaps that’s not quite the right word, because there is a different word, an old Lemurian word that basically combines the words “feeling” and “consciousness” and “awareness” and “sensitivity.” Consciousness. Awareness. Sensitivity. Feelings. Feel the essence of those words – consciousness, awareness, sensitivity and feelings – and that’s basically what you are.

The old Lemurian word for this was “yu.” And actually perhaps a more accurate description when using this word to refer to this particular element of consciousness and feeling was “nhahyu.” Nhahyu. Perhaps to some of you that sounds familiar. Nhahyu. It basically combines these English words together. It means feelings and awareness, perception, sensitivity.

We’ve been talking to you about this lately because it is a very, very important subject. You are nhahyu – feelings – and you are receiving, you are getting all these feelings right now, all this nhahyu in your life. You’ve been resisting the nhahyu, resisting the feeling and the awareness of consciousness all around you. You’ve been holding it off because basically the human aspect of you is afraid that if you dive deep into outside feelings – other people’s feelings, feelings around the world or feelings of Gaia – that you will lose your identity when you take that deep dive.

So today I want to talk to you about the nhahyu blossom – the opening up of that part of you. You’ve opened up a few layers of feelings, but now it’s time we really go for it, because feelings are where it’s at. The mind is old news. The mind is tired and worn out and you know it. The mind has been overworked, overused and over-empowered. But nhahyu, feelings, are what it’s all about.

We’re going to ask you to, in this safe space that we have created together, to allow yourself to dive deep into the examples, the actual real-life real examples that I’m going to bring forth to you today. Let yourself dive in so deep that you can forget about yourself, because that self that holds back is the human aspect that is afraid that it’s going to forget itself. But you can’t. Even if you dive so deep into feelings that you forget about that human aspect of you, you’ve always got the “I Am” – your I Am. Call it your soul, your divine, your presence. I call it the I Am.

You can dive so deep into feelings, just like you would dive into a bottomless ocean, and feel everything around you and even inside of you. Let it permeate your consciousness. And at any moment if you feel lost, you feel overwhelmed or you feel that you are being totally consumed by the energies, all you have to do, quite simply, is remind yourself I Am that I Am. You are the beginning and the end and no one can ever take that away from you.

Now, some of you go into a bit of panic here, because, well quite frankly, you have been subjects of psychic, of dark magic or mystical control in the past. But I also remind you if you have been abused by any of these dark energies, whether it is in a past lifetime on Earth or in the other realms, that you have also been the one using these very same games.

Consciousness is an amazing thing. It goes both ways. Both ways, always. If you send out a, what you would call, consciousness probe to another person, not necessarily trying to interfere with them but just feeling their energy, it immediately allows you to feel them but it also is a two-way street. They are going to feel you if they are aware. This is the whole way nhahyu works.

So some of you get a bit sweaty, a bit nervous when we say dive in, because you’ve played these dark magic games in the past. You’ve played with them, you’ve been abused by them, and you know what it’s like to get caught in that consciousness prison. You know what it’s like to dive in so deep that in the past others have controlled you. Sometimes not just one lifetime, but across lifetimes, even in the other realms they’ve controlled you psychically. So you say, “I’m afraid to dive in, because I don’t want another being coming along and controlling me. I’m afraid to dive in, because I don’t want to lose this human aspect.”

But dear friends, going forward you’re going to need nhahyu. You’re going to need feeling, awareness, sensitivity, and you’re going to need discernment. We have talked about this before – what is you and what is outside of you. The more you work with nhahyu, the energy of consciousness and awareness, the more easily you’ll be able to discern what is you and what is not.

We’re going to provide you with several examples today. I’m going to ask you to dive in, to feel, to be aware. Every example that I’m going to give has numerous layers or levels of energy. Not just one particular energy, but many.

I’m going to invite you to feel or embrace as many levels or layers of energy as you want. Some of these are not going to feel good. Some will have both good feeling and bad. Sometimes, when you dive deep into nhahyu, your physical body, if it is not properly conditioned, is going to get very nauseous. Let it get nauseous. The worst thing that you’re going to do is exude something from one of your orifices! That is alright. (some laughter) You will most likely live. The important thing here is to not let these other parts – the body or the mind – start controlling your ability for nhahyu, for feeling.

So let us take a deep breath together … and let me address those who say they don’t feel. Obviously, you’re lying to yourself. Obviously, you’re such a good person when it comes to sensitivity that you’ve created blocks. You’ve told yourself you don’t feel, but you actually do. You know right when you start getting to feeling – when you go beyond the mind and you get to feeling – you run. You go the other way. You pretend that you’re not going to feel, and you know that feeling. You know it is sometimes a very sick or perhaps a little bit disoriented feeling.

As you allow yourself to blossom the nhahyu or open your feelings, you get this kind of disoriented feeling because the mind is no longer controlling. You’re opening to much higher levels of yourself. But then you panic, you close the door and you run back to your mind. Your mind is a comfortable little thing, provides you with a kind of an odd type of refuge from yourself. Very odd indeed, very, very odd. I have a hard time understanding humans as dear Linda does also. Very, very odd.

Diving In – 1

So, let us take the first breath, and I’m going to begin … gently, gently. Then we’re going to get into the more intensive.

Take a deep breath and dive into or feel or allow the blossoming of the nhahyu here into a terrorist group in Indonesia. It is very real, I’m not making this up.


Feel ... let yourself totally go into them.


Now, your mind is probably clicking away here trying to count how many they are and their location and what they’re doing. Just keep breathing ... it’s alright if the mind is trying to decipher, but the important thing here is to dive into the feelings.


This group that’s sitting around right now, this terrorist group, feel deep into their consciousness. You’re not intruding here, because you’re not trying to change them. You’re not trying to manipulate.


Feel their motivations. Your stomach right now, right about here (touching a few inches below the solar plexus) should have a little bit of pressure.


Let yourself dive way deep ...


Don’t hold back anything that you’re feeling. Don’t second guess yourself ...


Now, here you are surrounded by all this energy and consciousness and feeling. I know almost all of you are holding back to a degree. You’re kind of holding onto a type of what you call a safety line just in case you think I’m pulling a prank on you here, but at least you’re allowing some feeling. But some of you now are feeling like you are coated with the feeling, this energy or consciousness. Feeling like it’s going to get all over you just like you would get pollen all over you if you ran through a field in the spring time. You worry that you’re going to get this dirty energy, terrorist energy, all over you.

Take a deep breath, and remember any time you come back to yourself with the I Am that I Am. Take a deep breath – I Am that I Am.

Now see you have allowed yourself to feel at a deep level – fairly deep – and the moment you return to the I Am that I Am, all of that consciousness and its energy now goes away. You’ll have a memory of the feeling, but that consciousness or their energy is no longer inside of you.

This is a very important point. You’ve avoided diving in because you’re afraid that you’re going to pick up everybody else’s vibrations and resonance and consciousness. You’ve isolated yourself – held back. To release, to let go of their energy, it’s as simple as saying, “I Am that I Am.” You return back to your essence that quickly – don’t make this difficult – that quickly you return back to you.

Voice it within yourself now. It’s a type of … well, you could say cleansing, but it’s actually returning to your essence.

Diving In – 2

Next example: a very polluted river in New Jersey. It’s a real river. It’s had many, many years of abuse – chemicals, tied up gangster bodies, run-offs from farmlands – a wide variety of things have caused this river to get polluted. Now, jump into that river. Allow your nhahyu to go to work. Dive in.


You don’t have to make it difficult, just dive in. Geez! (some laughter)


... and feel. Nhahyu is the consciousness, the feeling and the sensitivity. Awareness. Let it blossom. Yes, even this dirty, polluted place let it blossom, and now feel the energy.


Get out of your mind.


Nhahyu is a very natural thing, by the way. It’s always been part of you. You’re just working with it again.

Totally feel the energy ... let it totally be absorbed into your consciousness.


Let yourself experience the polluted river.


Much better ...


Deep breath … return to yourself. I Am that I Am.

By the way, you’ll never, ever, ever forget I Am that I Am. You could be diving into the deepest levels and the toughest levels of consciousness; you could be diving straight into the middle of an occult energy, into the middle of some séance or some ceremony they are doing, and you could dive totally into that feeling and always return. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re going to forget that simple phrase I Am that I Am. It’s always there. Always. You can dive in as deep as you want.

Diving In – 3

Next example: London, drug addict, male, 32 years old, desperate. Dive into him, into his body, into his mind, into his consciousness. He won’t know you’re there, trust me, will not. Dive in. You are doing him no harm.


Nhahyu, your feelings.


It’s interesting to note many of you went directly for his mind, which really isn’t there, because you’re still working with mind energy of your own. So like attracts like. Dive into his consciousness, his emotions. Yes, go into his emotions here. Dive in. Feel it, don’t think it.


Interesting, isn’t it? Fascinating. We’re like in an inner journey right now. We’re in his consciousness, in his body, in his reality. Amazing.

You see, you can be here. He doesn’t know. You’re not harming him in any way, because there is no agenda. Total compassion here. Let him be a drug addict.


Fascinating isn’t it ... feeling our way around. An amazing life story ... amazing desperation ...


Ah, some of you have seen … you felt … his spirit. Although it is very dark in here, you have seen that little pinpoint of light, his light within.


Take a deep breath … come back to I Am that I Am … release. See how easy it is?

Now, you still may have some sensations of his energy and memories of it, but it doesn’t weave into you. You can feel what it was like to be in him, but his energy doesn’t bind to you. You can remember what it was like, but it’s not you. Ah! Amazing.

Deep breath.

Diving In – 4

Next example: poor Kuthumi. (some giggling in the audience) Feel into Kuthumi’s energy.


He’s very, very present with us today. He’s our sad guest, wondering why Shaumbra have deceived him or have left him. “Where oh where is Shaumbra?”

Now feel into all the layers of Kuthumi ...


He’ll let you go right into his consciousness because he knows you can’t mess with him, you can’t change him. He is that he is.


Dive into Kuthumi …


I have to say this nhahyu is what you would perhaps call the new psychic ability. I never liked the word “psychic” but you relate to it. You understand it. I never much cared for psychics at all. But here’s the ability to feel and perceive and be aware of things, to dive into them, to be a part of them and not worry about ever losing who you are. Nhahyu ... awareness.

Take a deep breath, come back to yourself, I Am that I Am.

Now, some of you worry here that you’re going to be out in the consciousness exploration, in nhahyu, and that somebody’s going to be playing little tricks on you, putting little – how would you call them – little hidden energy devices attached to you so when you come back to you, you’ve got these little bugs, so to speak, from them. This has happened to many of you in the past, but it was in an older time and a very different consciousness where you were playing games as well. So it enabled others, those who were dealing with the dark magic energies, to manipulate and play with you. But because you are not playing games anymore with other people, you’re not manipulating, you cannot bring back any little viruses – consciousness viruses – from anybody else.

Diving In - 5

Take a deep breath ...


Here’s a lovely one: a group of dolphins swimming off the coast in Hawaii, playing. They’re following a boat of approximately 25 humans. They’re playing, they love entertaining the humans – up to a point.

Feel the energies of the dolphins, the school, and a reminder here in this example to separate the difference between the dolphin consciousness and the humans that they’re entertaining right now. Easy to drift off into both, but allow yourself now – your nhahyu – to go into the dolphins. Dive deep ... they are welcoming you.

(long pause)

You’re probably noticing an interesting thing here. There is no right or wrong answer. Actually in consciousness there’s very little if any judgment. There is discernment … there’s the ability to detect different levels of feeling …

Dive very deep in ...

(long pause)

If you’re hearing their laughter, their chattering ... very appropriate. They’re used to this, by the way. It’s how angelic beings first came to Earth. They let their consciousness go deep into the energy of the dolphins, the whales and other oceanic animals. So they’re very used to this. This is easy for them.

Okay, wave goodbye to the dolphins. Come back. I Am that I Am.

As pleasurable as that was remember, always come back to you. I Am that I Am. Even if it’s very joyful, you want to remember to come back to you. I Am that I Am.

Diving In – 6

Next example – dive very deep into this one. It might be a little bit confusing here, but that’s part of the diving in – feeling the confusion ...

Financial crisis, United States, right now. Dive deep into it. Ah! Without fear. It’s not going to affect you unless you want it to. Truly, it will not affect you unless you let it.

So dive into it ... what are those energies about. It is a consciousness right now ...


You see, some of you are worried if you dive into it, you’re going to bring it back into your life. Wrong. Old Energy. Bad Shaumbra! (chuckling) You don’t have to bring it back. Feel it.

Financial crisis … America … going with your nhahyu, your feelings …


See, don’t try to manipulate it. Don’t even try to understand it. Just feel it.


Pretty messy … but feel all the levels now.


Deep breath, come back, I Am that I Am. Let that energy go, it’s not yours unless you want it to be. Let it go.

You see, isn’t this amazing? And isn’t it simple? Some of you get a little stuck here because you’ve been to all sorts of mystery schools, even mine in the past. You’ve taken all sorts of mind classes in this lifetime – shame on you, you promised me you weren’t going to do that – taken all sorts of these classes that have truly messed with your mind. You forgot how simple it is. You forgot the essence of nhahyu – the ability to be aware, to dive into anything, to feel into anything.

Diving In – 7

Next example: mother just gave birth. We had to wait for this example, wait for her to finish that! Mother just gave birth in a hospital, Australia ...

Dive into the mother’s feeling and remember here, the consciousness of the mother and the new baby are very, very close. But just go to the mother’s consciousness. You’re not interfering with her, it’s not going to affect her health. You’re just feeling.

You’re the observer … and the feeler …


Dive deep in … don’t hold back.


There are a wide variety of emotions right now that this dear mother has, a wide variety.


Some of you are feeling her great joy, her connection with spirit, her marveling at this thing called life right now …

Dive deep in …

Some of you are also sensing her concern. You see, any person, any consciousness can have multiple levels at one time. Will she be a good mother? Will she have the money? Will she be a grandmother some day? Will her husband ever get a job?

Dive deep in …


Take a deep breath … release … I Am that I Am. Come back to yourself.

You see, you don’t need to drag all of that back into you. It’s not yours. Now, you can relate to some of her feelings. You can relate to some of any of the feelings we’ve had today.

By the way, for those just tuning in, so sorry, catch it later. (laughter)

I sent the message out, you didn’t get it. Don’t try to join in now, we’re too far along. Listen to it later. Sorry.

Now …

I meant it! Go away, go away! (laughter as Adamus waves his hand dismissivly) We’re too far along. Saint-Germain, that’s who I am! (more laughter)

So … so, you don’t have to bring those feelings back with you …

Away! (looking off to the side, speaking to whomever is trying to join in). Boy, they don’t listen do they?

You don’t have to bring those feelings back with you. You can return back to you, your true feelings, and you should be advanced enough now in your own consciousness to start being able to tell what are your feelings and what is something else. Tobias is going to talk even more in depth about this in Aspectology. Your feelings aren’t even necessarily who you were when you were 10 years old or 20 years old or past lifetimes. Those actually are not you. They are just an aspect.

So you is you, right now in this moment – what you are choosing – and only that is you. Anything else is a game. Anything else is not you. When you want to return to the you, remember who you are, it’s as simple as I Am that I Am.

Diving In – 8

Final example for the day – feel deeply into it. Feel so deeply into it: Jesus on the cross, two thousand and some odd years ago. Easter, Easter timeframe – Good Friday, specifically – feel that energy. Don’t hold back.


It was real, by the way. What was going on? Dive in, he doesn’t care …

(long pause)

Let your nhahyu blossom here. No matter how dark or how difficult the consciousness fields that you walk through, allow yourself the nhahyu, the blessing of awareness …


You see, sometimes it can actually bring you to tears or depression. That’s true feeling when you can put your consciousness into something else and feel it so deeply that it moves you to tears or laughter … when it is no longer just a thought, no longer just a judgment, but you are participating in it. That is deep. That is nhahyu.


Take a deep breath … return back, I Am that I Am.

Return back to here. You see you can still remember but you don’t have to own those feelings. You return back to you, who you choose yourself to be. And by the way, you – who you choose to be – you can be anything. You can be the greatest actor creating the greatest aspects, such as I do. I love acting. I’m not always this pompous, (laughter) just usually. I’m acting. I’m playing. I am enjoying I Am that I Am. I’m so aware of myself that I can create all of these aspects and never worry about them deceiving me, turning on me, trying to take my soul, because I Am that I Am, you see.

As you learn this miracle of nhahyu, learn to embody yourself and your presence into anything, into any consciousness, as simply as choosing it and allowing yourself to go there, whether it happened 2,000 years ago, whether it’s on the other side of the world, and allow yourself to dive into anyone, anything else, you’re going to start truly, truly understanding the grand artistic nature of humans and of divinity. You’re going to understand now how you can create things for yourself very effortlessly, very easily, have their energy – your choices – serve you any way you choose. That, dear Shaumbra, is a Master ... is a Master.

Today’s Homework

Your homework – Tobias loves homework and he asked me to give you some – is to create something this next month, something that is tangible, something you create out of your imagination and then bring it into the material world. You can use Popsicle sticks to create a little log cabin toy. You can create a song, a painting, anything, but create something from your imagination that is then brought through into this physical reality. Buy some clay. What do they call it here – even that child stuff – the Playdoh. Just take some crayons or whatever. Create anything, but something that you create from your imagination and bring it into this material physical world. Write a poem. Do anything. Something creative.

And then put your full consciousness into it. You’re going to be creating it. Yes, it’s you creating it, but then let yourself go into it. Allow the expression of your nhahyu, your energy, your essence and your consciousness to flow into that creation. Let it flow effortlessly and easily. Create a piece of jewelry. Make it yourself though, then go into it. Let your consciousness go in and fully explore it and become part of it.

And then watch what happens. Watch what happens.

I’m going to highly encourage each one of you to do this homework. You generally ignore Tobias’ homework. He knows it. I’m going to encourage you, because we’re going to pick up with this – Tobias will pick up with it – in our next Shoud.

In the meantime continue to work with your nhahyu, your consciousness. It can go anywhere and do anything, and you can always bring yourself back to I Am in this Now moment.

And I, indeed, am Adamus Saint-Germain.

And so it was.



The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 7: "Nhahyu" -
Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 1, 2008

I Am that I Am, Adamus Saint-Germain, and you are not. (laughter) But you are who you are – a sovereign Master who has chosen to be here on Earth at this important time of consciousness rising. You have chosen to be here as Standards of the New Energy, pioneers of new consciousness, those who are literally energy scientists. That’s what you are – energy scientists – dealing with things that go beyond just the mind, dealing with consciousness.

Today, for those of you who missed our regular Shoud, you should have got the message and allowed yourself to feel it. You were feeling something. Something wasn’t quite right. You felt that there was a bit of impatience – mine, of course. You were feeling that you might be missing something – and you did. (some laughter) You missed the Shoud. Now I’m going to ask you to pay particular attention to your feelings. That’s what this Shoud was about – consciousness, awareness, sensitivity, feelings – something we called nhahyu, an old Lemurian term that was applied to literally putting your consciousness into things of Earth, allowing yourself to become so immersed in consciousness, in reality, that you allowed yourself then to exist within it.

In these New Energy contemporary terms, it means that you can fearlessly allow your consciousness to go into anything else and feel it fully. Not just in the mind, but in every part of you, so much so that your consciousness becomes totally immersed in the consciousness of what you are choosing to put it in. So you can feel it in every cell of your body, in every part of your mind, in every part of your spirit. So you’re not standing off from it, you’re not holding back. You’re allowing yourself to immerse within anything else.

As you understand this very fundamental principle of New Energy, it’s going to allow you to understand what’s going on in the world all around you. It’s the new form of what you would call being psychic. It is about being aware. It’s going to allow you to discern between what is yours, what is coming from somebody else, what is coming from a nonphysical being on the other side. It’s going to allow you to discern between group consciousness and individual consciousness, and ultimately, all of that is going to sharpen your own ability to understand what is your consciousness – who you are.

What we went through today is something you should study, that you should work with over and over again to become proficient masters of consciousness melding. Always returning back to your true self with a very simple thought or feeling – I Am that I Am – you return back to you unencumbered by the feelings and all of the other energy that you have just been so intimately involved in. But yet, you learned something valuable through the experience of putting your consciousness and your feelings into something else.

So take down the walls and allow yourself to venture, to open up, to become immersed in all other things around you. You’re going to need this simple tool as we go forward.

On Earth and in the heavens right now there is a tremendous, tremendous amount of activities. Your spiritual families – your true spiritual families from so far away, so far back – they are starting to, in their own way, awaken again. What was once this settling in or the non-expansion of even their energy is now starting to awaken and to move once again. And you’re feeling it. You’re so closely attached to it that you take it as your own, and it’s not. It was just the spiritual family.

On Earth right now there’s tremendous changes, movement in energy, shifting in consciousness. Humans aren’t sure what their consciousness is, they aren’t sure anymore what is real and what is not, what is right or what is wrong. Everything is getting changed, and you should understand that. You went through this over the past eight, nine, ten years of time.

Human consciousness is very unsettled right now. It’s trying to find itself, sometimes very desperately trying to find itself. And as consciousness, whether it is individual or group, tries to find itself, feeling like it’s lost, it has a tendency to want to go back to what it once knew. It wants to go back to the old ways. It feels lost or insecure going into the new, therefore, this creates a tremendous conflict. These conflicts are showing up all over the world in every type of endeavor – in business, in religion, between countries, in individuals. If you’re not aware of what is you and what is outside of you, if you’re not aware of how to go into energies and then to come back to yourself, you’re going to find it very difficult. You’re going to find it very easy to get lost yourself.

We went through a series of examples today of going into, diving deep into other’s energies – other people, Earth, animals. This is something that you have done before in the past in a different way, but you know how to do it. You feared, especially in this lifetime, in this reality, getting lost into some of these outer consciousnesses. But fear no more. You are in the New Energy. You are a being of sovereign and independent consciousness. You are who are you.

Take a deep breath and receive all that is there for you.

And let us begin with the questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Adamus, as I asked myself recently about my decision whether to choose ascension in this lifetime or in a later incarnation, I decided to ascend in this lifetime. Actually, it was not really a question as I feel so intense that I can’t be a part of the old world anymore like you describe with being one foot in the old and one foot in the New Energy. So there’s only one direction as going back isn’t possible. So now it’s on choosing and creating how I want to spend my last lifetime on Earth and do what can bring most joy to me. And here is where I can’t see clearly what is a desire of me, soul or aspects of me. I’d love to realize my visions as a singer/performer, but it seems as if I couldn’t get any step further, same as with many other projects. Then if the reason is that I can’t bring enough passion into it or collaborate anymore with old energy, how can I create or at least to be a fortunate privateer, as just the decision to be so didn’t seem to be enough so far.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Several things here. As you so aptly mentioned, it is first about making a choice. Making a choice. You made a choice to enjoy life. That’s an important choice. You made a choice to allow the natural process of ascension to take place, and in these remaining years of your life now the question is what do you choose to do? Here you don’t have to get down into the details. The choices should be a higher level. Some of you may choose simply to enjoy life, to know your peace, to bring all of you back together again, have a big family reunion of your aspects.

Then it is a matter of taking a breath that we talked about earlier and receiving. All the energies will come into support the high level choices. You’re going to find that tools and resources and opportunities simply start presenting themselves.

But when you get deep into the mind, when you allow … what you have here is a number of different human aspects of yourself that have felt failure in the past and you’re allowing them to jump in and work in the mind to stop you, to stifle you. That’s when you have to take that breath, remind yourself, “I Am that I Am, my choices are those things I wish to have realized, to be materialized, here on Earth,” and then to allow the own natural processes to take place.

You don’t have to struggle with anything. If you are struggling, you’re probably not doing it right. If you choose, for instance, to be a singer, breathe that energy in and receive. Watch how all of the opportunities start coming to you. When you hear that little nagging voice from the frustrated singer, from the failed human, from the confused human aspect, remind yourself who’s the boss. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, dear one. I want to know what I’m really, really supposed to be doing with Crimson Circle. I feel a strong compulsion to do more or be more, express more, and I sort of feel this feeling that I’m anxious because I have this anxiety that it’s not enough. I feel like I’m sort of getting it, because when I get this feeling I go do something fun or something that feels like cheating or playing hooky. And then I’ll usually come back around again and it’s almost scary how things are starting to happen. So I don’t know. I just want to know – I guess I want some kind of way of feeling that everything’s okay, trusting myself more.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: That would be a good answer. (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 2: (laughing) How do I feel that way?!?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: First of all, there is nothing that you have to do. What you’re actually feeling is tremendous excitement, but you’re not sure how to express that. Part of you thinks that there are certain things, tasks that you need to accomplish. Just actually being here on Earth right now is a passion and it is fulfillment. You are adding so much to the potential of consciousness for other humans. When you dance, you light up the room. You make people smile. You expand the potential of joy and happiness and that in itself means so much. But there is that little part of you that thinks that you have to perform tasks, that you have to do something. Have a talk with yourself.

First of all I have to remind you, the Crimson Circle is a – as you say – a global affiliation of teachers. It’s not something that you have to do anything for. It is a meeting place, both in a physical form and in a consciousness form. It’s a type of oasis for kindred spirits all across the world. So it’s not like you have to serve the Crimson Circle. Its energy is – how to say – very sustaining by itself.

Now let’s get back to the real issue here. What is it you choose to do for you? Part of you – a large part of you – is still resisting this whole thing about doing something for yourself. Now, you’re going to have some wonderful opportunities to take a look at what you want to do for you, to do it without feeling selfish, without … as you are told so often and you let yourself believe it from other people, they tell you, “Why do you always do these selfish things for yourself?” Because you can! (laughter) Because it’s good! Because it’s fulfilling. Because as you do things for yourself, it actually serves everybody else. So truly take a deep breath for this. Understand there’s nothing that you have to do. You’re already doing it.

Now, what would give you joy? What would give you passion? Take this very heavy energy off of yourself that you have to be doing something and just do it because. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Tobias or Saint-G, so is it any coincidence that following the Quantum Leap, Oprah is running a 10-week online course with Eckhart Tolle based on his latest book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose.” Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up already. Any comments on Oprah’s role in shifting consciousness, Eckhart Tolle, or while we’re at it, Dali Lama. Does the Crimson Council work with any of these individuals or are they different paths than Shaumbra?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: You could say that all of these beings, as well as Shaumbra that you mention, are all working on opening consciousness, on moving energy – stuck energy – on going into what we would call the New Energy. Some specifically identify with Shaumbra. Some are doing work very, very similar, like the ones you mentioned, but it is all part of the same.

The way to understand this is to go in, look at the words that you use and the similar words that they use. Look at things like “New Earth,” a concept we have been talking about for years. It is now becoming mainstream. It’s no coincidence. It’s pioneer work that all of you did. Pretty soon you’re going to see more and more discussion about new consciousness and new awareness, and it’s going to seem old to you, because you’ve been working with it for a while. You’re going to hear this whole term of Aspectology, which was new to Shaumbra not so very long ago. In a few years, it’s going to find its way into the psychological community, it’s going to find its way into the counseling world, and into what you would call mainstream.

Take particular note of what you have been doing in your life these last few years and then watch how it expands and becomes part of mainstream. You have taken on a very unique role. You have become the point of the arrow, so to speak, opening new territories. And others like Oprah, some of these others, then take the potential of consciousness and continue to evolve it and expand it for others.

Now, it’s not to say that any of you here couldn’t be an Oprah, couldn’t be a world famous author, couldn’t be doing any of this work. You can do pioneer work and do mainstream work at the same time. But in answer to the question here, it is all about a true global affiliation of spiritual and consciousness beings working together. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. I Am that I Am, and I think you talked to me today. I’m the one percent who likes to make it really hard. (laughter) And I am still in disbelief that those two or four words will take my body out of wanting to harm something else or somebody else. And since I’m the only one, you may want to just address me. Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Bad girl! (laughter, Adamus chuckling) Let me say that you are one who in the past has dealt with dark energies and all of this other stuff, and you’re still playing out that game of guilt and lack of worth and more than anything a fear of what if you got back into the psychic type of energies again, being able to literally put your energy into anything else. You are very good at it, but you dealt with it before in a manipulative or very dark way.

You feel that, you know that, you do many, many things in your life to hold back. You won’t let yourself do it the easy way because, quite frankly, you’re playing a game – a game of punishment and self-abuse – and not just for yourself, but for others whom you worked with. You didn’t feel that they were dealt enough karma, that they did enough suffering for their dark deeds, so you’re taking on their energy as well. It’s a wonderful thing, it’s a fine thing. You’re doing a phenomenal job of suffering, but the question is when are you going to be done with it? When are you just truly going to walk away from it?

I’ll tell you something. It’s not going to make you a better person, a smarter person, wise or anything else. There is absolutely no value in it other than you like playing the game. You’re not earning anything. God doesn’t care whether you decide to suffer and to beat yourself, or whether you decide to go to a new place of higher consciousness. I’ve told you before, you and I have talked, and I’ve said there’s no danger right now of repeating the mistakes of the past – or what you consider the mistakes – because the energy in you and in the world and in everything else is quite different. You literally cannot go back. You couldn’t lay a curse on anybody else if you wanted to right now. It just wouldn’t work. You wouldn’t do it and it wouldn’t work.

So let go of all that. Allow yourself to be free. You’re in a type of prison, and I understand what prisons are like. I was in one for a long, long time, a crystal. But you’re in your own prison right now, a mental, physical prison. When are you going to get out? You understand the concepts. You understand higher consciousness, but you won’t let yourself live it. The choice is yours. Thank you.

…bad girl. (much laughter)

LINDA: Why has there been no update on New Earth?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: It is coming. Not appropriate right now.

LINDA: Why? (laughter)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (sighing heavily) Tobias will be talking about that shortly.

LINDA: Good deferral.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): I’m interested in re-growing my thyroid gland and wanted to know if you have any helpful hints.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: I do. Don’t worry about the physical part of it. Don’t worry about the physical. Don’t try to recreate it through your mind or imagination or anything else. You can very, very easily allow your body to totally recreate itself, and sometimes it will be in a very physical nature and other times it’s going to be an energetic center. There’s a reason why the thyroid stopped operating or stopped becoming part of you, because actually as a New Energy being you create a certain energetic function of the thyroid but it’s at a higher level. So don’t try to recreate the old one, is what I’m saying. Allow a new one to be recreated.

Just tell your body that you’re ready and tell your consciousness, your essence, that you’re ready. Allow this whole principle of what we call Standard Technology to go to work. Your body and your mind, spirit and gnost all know what to do if you just make a choice, if you let them know what it is that you’re choosing. Then back away from expectations, because part of you is expecting an actual physical organ to re-grow itself. But as you and many other Shaumbra will come to know, it doesn’t necessarily have to physically re-grow. A much more dynamic energetic type of functionality will come into play. This is not a chakra either. It is a … we call it a New Energy nonphysical thyroid that is much more efficient. So give permission to your body to do what it already knows how to do.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Shaumbra and great wise men of Crimson Circle, you know how much you are appreciated and how your inspiration and teaching has kept me going, especially lately. So thank you for that. But ... (laughter)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN (laughing): You could stop right there! (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6 (Linda continues): South Africa and Africa as a whole seems to be slipping even further back into 3D rather than ascending into New Energy. It seems that the promise of a new way of solving racial and political conflicts and inequalities as embodied by Nelson Mandela has vanished. Corruption, violence, criminality and ethnic and racial intolerance seem to be increasing. Is this just ping-pong? Why is this being chosen and created by the people of this region? I try my best to not make it my stuff and stay behind the short wall. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Your insights would be much appreciated.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Excellent question and here we invite you to … you’re looking at and feeling one level of consciousness. And often as humans you get attracted to feeling what would be the darker energies or the more difficult – the sadder energies – because in an energy way, they scream out louder. They’re more apparent. But, when you dive into the energy of Africa, dive into that energy and discover that at a very, very beautiful but deep level, there is a spiritual renewal taking place, and not just for Africa.

There are those who say that Africa is the birthplace of humanity. There’s another type of birthing – a spiritual birthing – that is taking place beneath the surface. It has tremendous potential, but what is on the surface right now, what is attracting the attention is the inequity, is the poverty, the disease and the sickness. Go into a deeper level. There’s something very, very beautiful happening there. One of the whole things about nhahyu – opening your consciousness, becoming aware – is to be without the judgment and also to be without just going into one layer. It’s easy to get kind of pulled into that, but go into all the layers because there are some very beautiful things happening in this land of Africa.

Africa for such a long time has absorbed many of the very dark energies of Earth and humanity herself, but there is an incredible beneath-the-surface transformation. Go back and visit. Go back and visit and you’re going to see and feel exactly what I’m speaking about. Watch what happens in this area. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. As you probably know my grandmother had passed away not too long ago and in one of the Shouds they said that she was dancing on the top of the table and playing cards. And playing cards was her favorite thing to do. My question is ever since she passed away she’s been contacting me repeatedly about her will – she made up a will. And, you know, it’s like 2:00 in the morning, I’m sound asleep, really good sleep, and Boom! my eyes pop open and the first thing that pops in my head is my grandmother’s will. Can you please tell me what it is she wants me to do? She speaks to me more now than she did when she was alive!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: For several reasons. One is she’s lonely and you’re asleep. What a great opportunity to talk! (some laughter) You’re aware and most of the other members of your family, I’m sorry to say, are not aware. So she’s just hanging around. She would love to talk. So before we get into this whole thing of the will with her, just chat with her about anything. She would just like to feel acknowledged right now. Those beings on the other side who she was initially playing cards with and dancing with, they’ve gone on. So she’s just hanging around. Talk to her about why she’s hanging around, why she’s staying, and then at some point she’d be happy to tell you more about this will. I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to get into that. I think it would be better if the two of you talked. But more than anything get the hint here that she needs somebody to tell her it’s okay to go on.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (read from the Internet by Linda): Tobias, I would like to ask you about death. On this side of the veil it carries such sadness, has devastating effects on people’s lives, particularly those who don’t understand soul choices and even those who do. When we’re planning our lives on Earth do we choose to experience loss of loved ones? Some people seem to experience so many losses and even when the bigger picture can be understood, it can still leave such a deep imprint of loss and sadness throughout the rest of the human life. I know on your side of the veil it is experienced and viewed so differently, but I can’t envision a time when humans will truly celebrate in their heart the passing of a loved one. With reference to my personal experience of loss, while I feel I understand the experience from the soul perspective and I know it was the choice of the person to leave, I still feel the impact a year later. I understand that I can communicate with him energetically, but it doesn’t seem the same. I still wonder why I chose the experience of such powerful short-lived connection. In that regard, it doesn’t make sense to me. So if I can’t fully process the experience in my heart, how can those who haven’t awakened do this? And I wonder how the New Energy can assist humans in their grief?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Loss and the grief is a very, very real thing, and it would be quite a denial to say that it doesn’t exist or to try to block it off. There is a soul-to-soul connection as well as a human-to-human, and it is one of those things that we would encourage any Shaumbra, any human, to actually allow themselves to feel that loss. Generally, when the sense of grieving goes on and on, as it has in your case, is you’re not letting yourself totally feel the loss. Part of you is saying that you have to be strong, you have to let go, you have to be spiritual, you have all this Shaumbra training so why would you possibly feel loss. Allow yourself to dive into that loss.

Now, this is going to be one of the hardest ones because when you dive into it you are going to feel consumed by it. You’re going to feel that it is totally absorbing you and the loss, you’re going to feel at times, is grander than you are. But by allowing yourself to go into it and experience it, you will also discover the blessing in the relationship, the blessing in the loss itself, and a true heartfelt understanding that this dear one is not lost at all.

This is a difficult one in your case because you are what we would call early, early connections from way, way back to the earliest times near the Wall of Fire where you met from the beginning and you’ve been so very close. And right now there’s more of a feeling than just the loss of the human – thinking that you lost them – but as you’re moving into higher levels of consciousness and the very real potential of ascension after this lifetime, you’re feeling that you may never see this angel, this spirit being again. You’re feeling that they’re going to be in the physical or Earth realms for a while more, which they probably will be. They have other incarnations coming up and you go off into ascension, so you’re feeling a sense of great fear or disconnection here. This is bringing up so many of the issues. Allow yourself to go in and feel it at a very deep level. Understand that you’re not going to be consumed by it, but there’s something very beautiful in here for you. And if you do feel overwhelmed by the loss and the grief and the fear of going into your own ascension without them, remember I Am that I Am. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Saint-Germain. I have a question, you addressed some of it earlier today.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: You have about four questions! But go ahead. (Saint-Germain chuckling)

SHAUMBRA 9: I’ll get up every month and talk to you. You know what is said, your life is your art. I had an experience several years ago and I’ve worked with it. I can’t say I fully understood it. Today when you addressed moving into energy and bringing the potential for peace, that helped me understand what I can do with this particular experience. And maybe that’s it, but I’m going to ask the question for myself and for all of Shaumbra. The situation I experienced several years ago was being on an airplane with a supposed terrorist and being in that whole scene with my children. So that was a very intense opportunity to take a look at, hmmm, what is going on in our current world? What can we do with this? So now obviously we can go in and expand that potential. Can you help me take a look at this experience from a higher perspective? Is there more we can do with this? And also for all of Shaumbra who have had these experiences – will have these experiences – what are we doing with these? And how do we help our children when they come into these very young and very open?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: As I stated, four questions – all contained within one. (laughter) Indeed, I’m having fun. I’ll make this quite simple. Your – this is to all of Shaumbra but I’m using your situation as a real-life story – your presence in situations literally changes the potential of the outcome of the situation. You could be sitting on an airplane with a potential terrorist and just you being there, your presence, can change the potential outcome. It’s not that you’re trying to inflict your will on it, but – how to say … this is a crude way of putting it – it shines a light on an otherwise dark situation. It opens new pathways of consciousness that wouldn’t necessarily be there if you weren’t there.

So often Shaumbra you find yourself, for instance, suddenly driving down the road and lost and not sure why you’re there. Perhaps your physical as well as your energetic presence needs to be there. You find yourself in unusual circumstances and wonder how you got there. Because you were led to that situation knowing that you add a New Energy element to an Old Energy, conflicted and very potentially harmful situation. Literally right now as I talk, right now, there are Shaumbra in Israel and in the Mid East who are finding themselves suddenly in a place they’re not sure why. They’re finding themselves bringing their new consciousness into a very difficult situation. This is part of what you have agreed to do – all of you – to be there. To be there as a type of human angel, bringing a new light to difficult human situations.

You have been called there at some level by a human, or sometimes by a group of humans, who is calling out for resolution, who is calling out to the angels – what you would call heavenly angels – for guidance, and you are responding by just being there. Some of you have a hard time understanding how just your presence can change an entire situation. You think you have to be doing something, that you have to be active or negotiating or doing something. Just being there is so, so important and provides so much potential.

While you can also be there on a physical level, Shaumbra in general can also be in places on a consciousness level like exactly what we talked about today with nhahyu – the ability to go in to feel energies. By having this type of nonphysical ability to go into situations, you’re going to find yourself called into consciousness situations where you’re not necessarily physically there, but your consciousness will be called in. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to mend fences. You don’t need to inflict the energy of peace or anything else. Just being there with your consciousness and New Energy changes the way the Old Energy elements and the Old Energy vibration is working and responding.

So, for your children – just being there. This is what we call the Standard. Just being there. Assuming the I Am Presence and knowing that all things are truly in perfect order. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you very much. Can I just add one more?


SHAUMBRA 9: It’s not a question, and I wouldn’t apologize even if it was. For the Shaumbra who choose to have this kind of experience, since we’re on the topic of feelings, based on my experience what I’m going to put out as a heads up for you, when I had this experience what was I think maybe even more profound than the experience itself was how disassociated people were from their feelings and the denial of their feelings about it. And I actually went into kind of a post-traumatic shock for like three days because everybody around me was going, “Eh! We didn’t get blown up. What’s the big deal. You’re fine.” And I’m going, “Hey wait a minute! Aah!” But nobody got it. So if you go through this and people around you don’t get it, it’s not you. Really, you’re okay. You’re a feeling being and maybe people around you are not connected at that level. So if you have that experience, you’re okay and I want you to know that.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Absolutely. And that reminds me to remind everybody you can be in very intense and dramatic situations and you can absolutely feel them like you were experiencing it, but you don’t have to own it. It’s not yours, and you can return back to your essence, your presence simply through the I Am. I Am that I Am. You still will have felt everything and experienced it, but it doesn’t become part of your book. It doesn’t become just another chapter in your life. You see, there’s a beauty to it – the ability to really feel something, but not own it.

Now, some Shaumbra have thought that that meant that they don’t actually physically feel it or mentally feel the confusion or at a deep level feel the spiritual spiral. No, you’re going to feel those, but you’re just going to remind yourself that they’re not yours. They’re experiences but they’re not yours. Excellent. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (read from the Internet by Linda): Tobias/Saint-Germain, I’m Dora from Hungary and we wait for you in May. Hungary is a strange and contradictory place, and I hate it and love it. I want to go away and stay at the same time. Can you tell me something about the situation of this country from your point of view, and if you could tell me anything about my personal situation in this New Energy process, I’d be so thankful because I feel so lost at this moment. We love you all so much. Dora.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Well dear Dora, we’re going to come to visit and both Tobias and I will be there with you. I’ll give you a little bit right now that Hungary is a wounded land, a wounded people. Very proud, but yet very wounded. Hungary is a, what I would call, a victim country, but yet very strong unto its own right. It feels like it has had its arms and legs removed from it and it’s time somebody gave those back. Hungary also has tremendous potential to – how to say – leapfrog the traditional patterns or the historic patterns that emerging, awakening countries go through. So we’re coming there specifically to address some of these issues.

As far as your work, you have chosen to be in this land. You have chosen to be a Standard and a Shaumbra, but you are taking on too much of the energies of the people who are stuck and angry and feeling like victims. It’s wearing you out and it’s tiring you out, because you’re owning these feelings as your own and they’re not. So take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are not hungry … heh, get it? (laughter and Saint-Germain chuckling)

LINDA (rather dryly): That’s really funny. Really funny.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN (chuckling): I’ll leave the humor to Kuthumi. Remind yourself that you are not Hungary, truly. You are yourself. You have allowed yourself, given yourself permission to go there to be a Standard, but stop taking on all of the issues. It’s wearing you out. We’ll be there soon. Thank you.

LINDA: Very clever.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): I appreciate the practice today. I still have a question and I’ll use an example from the last couple of weeks, if I can. Coming back from feelings, waking up with a deep sense of emptiness and anxiety, allowing myself to feel that, choosing or trying to choose to move through it, sometimes I might succeed. But it’s the place of wanting to honor those feelings and the outward expression, for me in the past, honoring those feeling meant maybe I need to take a time-out for a day. When they continued for a few weeks, it’s not such a good idea to take a time-out for two weeks from life. So we worked today on releasing those, and I guess that’s my question or guidance – how really to let go of that or when is that expression or taking care of oneself, you know, when is it an outward expression and when do you just need to release it and move through it and how to do that.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: That’s an excellent observation, and it’s very important for all of Shaumbra. The Master is one who can absolutely feel something, even things like sadness, emptiness, depression. Now these are very difficult energies, but very powerful. They contain … depression and sadness and even emptiness, oddly enough, contain tremendous amount of feeling or sensory energy so overwhelming that it can absolutely make you feel like you’re empty and you’re depressed. It’s phenomenal.

You, particularly here, are playing around with your own aspects, your own selves, parts of you that you weren’t real happy with, parts of you that stay alive by playing this game with you. They’re afraid of dying, of losing their identity if they no longer capture your attention. And they have a deep fear, as do you, that the moment you take on your own I Am Presence – you claim mastery of yourself – that they’re going to disappear, and in a way they will. They won’t really disappear, they’ll integrate with you. They won’t go – how to say – they won’t fade off from the memory. They’ll just stop controlling you. You’ll still remember what darkness and sadness and depression felt like, but now you won’t own it. Can you see the difference between feeling or sensory that we have talked about today but not letting it control you? You come back to yourself. You come back to your own mastery.

So basically, you’re being challenged right now once again to determine who you are, to determine your own I Am essence. Are you going to let your aspects continue to try to steal your soul? Or are you going to claim mastery of yourself?

It’s a wonderful game. It’s an amazing game, but it truly is time for it to end. And you get so serious about it, you get so overwhelmed by it, but you know, that is just feeling. “Serious” is a big feeling. It’s a very serious feeling! (Saint-Germain chuckles) But, but it is feeling. The important thing we are working with Shaumbra on right now is the mastery of feelings, the mastery of truly being aware but not letting it run your life. Do you see what a beautiful … it seems like a fine line, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful mastery in the New Energy. Feel everything; own only yourself. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (read from the Internet by Linda): Where I live we all appear to be experiencing an upsurge of horrific crimes within family units and against children. Can you tell us what that’s about?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. It’s just human condition right now. Humans don’t know, generally, how to deal with all of this change that is going on at such deep levels. Things are coming to the surface right now. It’s hard to hide anything including yourself and your aspects and your conflicts and your suffering and your pain. Everything is rising to the surface – consciousness rising right now – it is rising so that it can be dealt it. It is rising so that humans can become aware of it, but it is causing a lot of, what you would call, very obvious conflicts.

We’re going to ask all of Shaumbra to be able to feel this, to be aware of it, but don’t own it. This is a wonderful example of stand behind the short wall. Have compassion for it no matter how difficult it may seem. And once again the most beautiful thing any of you can do is make your presence available. It adds new potential to an otherwise painful or difficult situation.

LINDA: Master Adamus, how many more questions would you like? (Saint-Germain holds up one finger.)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you. This has actually been quite wonderful because part of my question was answered in the answer with the woman with the airplane experience. About a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago, I learned about an initiative that’s being put together in the Middle East that is a walking path of 600 miles and it’s to bring peace and oneness to that area. And just in the last couple of weeks I’ve felt really drawn to explore that and I haven’t been able to get a clear read on whether this is a good idea. What would you say to Shaumbra there in the Middle East or here that are interested in doing this?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Well, what’s interesting here is you went by the important part here. You said that you felt drawn to do this. Now, I’ll use the example – I sent a message out to all Shaumbra today saying we were going to skip those boring slides (laughter) … I think slides are the work of Satan himself … (lots of laughter from audience and Saint-Germain)

LINDA: Awww … Geoff puts so much time into that and it’s a labor of love!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: … we were going to get on with business because I’m busy, and so many Shaumbra felt something but ignored it. And here you feel something, you feel drawn to it. Don’t ignore it. Feel into it. Get out of your brain. You have all of these mental reasons for not doing it. Follow the feelings. But, I say that with a footnote. Go into your feelings to find out what’s really there. You get different levels of feelings. Here you’re being drawn to this project. There’s something more to it. When you dive into your own feelings about it, there’s something else going on here. It’s not just about doing this long, long trek. There are other dynamics – people that you’re going to meet, new opportunities come into your life and your presence in the life of others – there are all of these other things. So follow your feelings here.

With that Shaumbra, I look forward to the day, coming soon I hope, when you are going to be teachers of the experience of feeling; when you’re going to teach other humans how to absolutely go into the nhahyu, into the feelings, into the experience without blocking it, without filtering it, without running from it; to be able to experience everything from total joy to total depression – it’s just feeling, it’s just consciousness – but to go into any of these feelings or consciousnesses and always to understand who you are. Not to take them on as your own, not to let them run your life, but to have the experience of nhahyu and to always know yourself.

With that let us together say out loud that most important phrase that acknowledges your essence. “I Am that I Am.”

And so it is.



Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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