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Online Messages: July 11th, 2008

Message from Dr. Meg:

Greetings to each of you. The energies of late have been absolutely wild. The Mercury Retrograde was over late in June but you would never know it. People are in their stuff big time and others are shifting seriously. Communications have been severely challenged and electronics are not behaving normally, especially those things that have silicon chips or other chips which utilize electromagnetic energies.

I have received many complaints of fatigue. The kind that you just canít deny, that is causal to us just folding up with an urgent need to sleep. Sleep patterns are interrupted or unusually long. There have been reports of mild headaches that last for days.

Appetites for food have changed dramatically with little desire for food and not at the ďnormalĒ times.

Thought processes are becoming more and more holographic, seemingly confusing but filled with a multitude of information. A sense of lacking clarity appears to be prevalent as well.

Electronic anomalies are on the up rise. Computers and other electronic equipment continue to act seemingly upon their own volitions. This can be frustrating!  Make sure that you do not make any changes to your settings unless you know for certain that there is a problem at all.  It may just be these intense energies causing the internal chips to respond anomalously.

We appear to currently be involved in another dimensional overlap as energies from other worlds combine with our rocking and rolling interrelations with the energies of our planet as well as the galactic and interstellar energies. There is an inflammation, a recent supernova, from which emanating energies are reaching us. These are intense and will reach us full force on about July 13th. When these energies reach us there may be an intensity to everything that we do for three or four days. I would not advise making any life altering decisions during this time.

The major cause of all of these affectations is the continuing triangulations that the Masters talked about in the past couple of newsletters. If this is your first reception of the transmissions you might want to read last monthís newsletter to catch up. This is a huge multi-dimensional event that is affecting us big time.

These events will continue to intensify over the next 17 months or so. If there are issues in your life that you are in denial about or donít seem to want to look at, it might be a good idea to do so sooner rather than later. As the intensity of these energies continues to escalate we are going to be brought to new heights of attunement both in our interior worlds and beyond into our personal relationships and in our worlds in general.

These energies are literally affecting our gravitational relationships. Gravitational relationships have everything to do with how we as human beings are literally held together. When we have hidden emotions within us we compact our energy fields. As the new energies move through us our particulates literally move apart for a time and often even rearrange to create different sets of harmonics. That being said, we literally change how we feel, how we see our world, how we relate to everything.

I have to admit that I am one of those who had had a profound shift in the past couple of weeks. This can be disconcerting because at once you have never felt better and at the same time everything seems like a puzzle. Sensitivity becomes amped up, intuitive nature becomes amplified and as the energies move through they cause different anomalies like visual effects, physical feelings and intolerance for untruth of any kind.

As these changes are occurring I am also finding that my heart space is opening farther that I could have imagined possible. I have become etherically attuned to new and different energies that leave me feeling at once awed and flabbergasted. At the same time I have never, ever, felt more balanced and grounded in myself, ever. If you are having similar experiences, you are not alone.

It can be difficult when the truth becomes so clear. If you are experiencing this make certain to honor yourself and donít deny what you have longed to live.

There has never, ever been a time when being in the moment was more important. These are fast moving serious energies. They are not at all a bad thing, just more than we are accustomed to experiencing. Be light in those experiences. Stand in your truth. Remember, you are perfection.

This past weekend was a fantastic time at James Gillilandís ECETI ranch in Trout Lake Washington where the 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference was held. I was a guest speaker there along with Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Alfred Webre, Laura Lizak, William Henry, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Michael Knight, Hope & Randy Mead and Ali Nicolls. I understand that it will soon be on YouTube! We had UFO watches there at the base of Mount Adams and no one was disappointed. Both nights multiple ships came. Several did power ups that were quite impressive as they expanded their energy fields and lit up. One, at 3 am Sunday, apparently sent a major download to onlookers. No, I wasnít there, I was sleeping peacefully about a block away!
James Gilliland
I have just returned from Teotihuacan where the new energies are hugely prevalent. Our journey was exquisite. One filled with love and grace, passion and intensity, the conquering of internal challenges and a rise to empowerment. Patricia and I are clicking beautifully as co-creators of the journeys in Teo. I do hope that you will join us soon. I have two more trips to Teo this year. One in September and one December 11th Ė 16th. The flyers are now on my web site travel schedule page.

Also, Patricia, Lee and I are taking a group on a journey to Peru in March of 2009 for the spring equinox along with Incan shaman, Jorges Luis Delgado. This promises to be a magical event and from the interest already generated we expect this trip to sell out quickly. Full info is on my travel schedule page.

We are about to embark to Scotland and England next month. I am very excited to say that we have a fantastic group lined up to go. Also, I have a special opportunity available. We have had a couple of last minute cancellations in our sold out trip due to different emergencies. Because of this I have two maybe three spots that have opened up. Now is your chance! If you would like to go and missed out on our final registration deadline we will accept registrations at the early registration price until the end of July!
As always, I remind each of you that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to consider change, that that which you seek also seeks you, and that perfection can be nothing less except by perception. You are my heart.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,


Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters
July 11, 2008

Asi, Asi, Asi, Anshallah!

Of the Light, With the Light and Within the Light, we greet you!

It is that your world is in a state of flux as the new energies prevail over old standards and the very essence of you is becoming attuned to new and different frequencies. This attunement creates differences in your being.

You are becoming more sensitive with greater power from within and at the same time less tolerance for that which is untruth. It is that that which has been your normal is no longer. Those who come to you or at you, more to the point, with untruth are flailing in the energy changes. Those who must be right for the sake of righteousness are not of truth.  It is to discern wisely that which you accept from all others in such a way that you maintain your internal integrity.

There comes a second triangulation on July 12th. Leading up to this has been a serious restructuring of the energetic in and around you. Communications have been missing the mark.  It may feel to you that you are often talking to the air as you do not feel heard. Perhaps you are not.  Arrangements you have been making may seem to be falling into logistical difficulties.  This is because you continue to view your world from old paradigm thinking.

As the energies shift and change, it is now for each of you to allow for the infinite possibilities of opportunities and change to be available to your reality.  To do this is to completely release any imagination that you are in control.  You are not.  You do however have the free will to make choices that will carry you from one moment to the next.  What is it that you wish to create in your being?  Who is it that you are trying to be in your journey?  Why not be now and let yourselves be carried into the infinite?  That you can choose gives you the freedom to be nothing but authentic and pure in your journey.  Your emotionalities come from fear when you are uncertain of change and therefore sideline you into patterns of uncertainties and struggle.

As the triangulations approach, each will be of a greater affectation upon you and your world. These triangulations are intensifying as the pattern of alignments is in a spiral motion.  The closer to the apex of the spiral that the triangulations take place, the more focused and therefore intense in effect they are for you.

When you communicate you do so not just with your words and actions, you do so energetically as well. With each thought, each motion, each word that you speak and every experience that you have, you are expressing your energy outwardly.  You are expressing your energy to all of creation. As the triangulations set up for the exact moments of alignment, the intensification of change in energetic relation occurs. As the intensity builds, there is momentary chaos in the universal field. Because of this, your messages both outgoing and incoming are distorted. Your communications do not necessarily fall fully where you meant them to go. Nor is your reception clear in the time moving into each triangulation.

Do not act rashly or make decisions of drastic change during the triangulations or for at least 2 weeks before and a week after the dates we have given, as you may find that your decisions were based upon chaotic energies and therefore the truth was not as it seemed.

The triangulations are multi-dimensional and reach across countless parallel universes. Each of you has aspects on all levels of creation. If you have not found your universal balance, if you have not found emotional balance, you will be more greatly affected by the energetic emissions and disturbances.  Even those who are of human being who are well balanced may be finding that they are challenged during these occurrences.  Do not be of concern.  As you are becoming re-attuned it is quite normal for you to feel the intensities of these energies.

The current triangulation follows the spiral that began in the Constellation of Lira and triangulating with Indiron B and Lechtalli, both stars in parallel universes and now moves retaining its root coordinates in Lira to Alders and Asteron, 45 degrees West Northwest of the first triangulation except that the root coordinate remains identical to the origin.  These stars being farther outward but remaining in angulation with the alignment as it occurs on the 12th of July of your current year.

Each triangulation will be causal to higher and higher frequency attunements and adjustments of your bodies and your lives. That which was your norm will no longer present in the same manner.

You powers of manifestation may seem to have difficulties at times only to result in exactly what you meant to create. It is that because the energetic communications are static at times, your messages are being distributed differently than in prior communications.

What we would say to you in this now is that in order to adapt to the intensity of these new energies is to become more and more flexible. Be willing to bend with the now in such a way that the now is you and you are the now. Being so present disallows for the energies to take you by surprise. As you become the now, remember that the only experience that you are having is yours. That which others have is there to interpret and decipher if necessary.  There is no reason for comparison of anyone elseís journey, as it is theirs alone.  Your harmonic frequency sets are individual to you.  Because of this, only you know how you are and if you are where you want to be in your journey at any given point.  Remember that to analyze your experience does nothing but confuse it.

We have stated many times previously that you cannot quantify that which is immeasurable. Your thinking minds simply cannot grasp that which is infinite. Your minds want to define and correlate. This activity of the brain is nothing more than a survival technique that you have developed in your evolution as human beings. You learned to justify based upon your fears and past experiences. Doing so leaves the doors closed to alternate possibilities and opportunities.

Imagine for a moment how free you are when you realize from your very core that the illusion was just that, that you are a free and infinite being of light, and that you have to ability, the power, to create anything and everything you want, dream, desire or need.

In order to utilize the current energies to your highest potential, imagine that you are drawing them into you, that as these new energies enter you, you become expanded beyond your imaginings. That your energy field is infinite as is your consciousness and therefore you are truly unlimited in your endeavors. As your fields expand, there is an electric violet color surrounding you , engulfing you. As this field expands, the colors move, arcing and sparking with electrical static as different layers of your energy fields touch and move past each other in your expansion. This is the fire of creation, the essence of how energy is sustained. It is that from which all things come and you are that and it is you.

Become passionate within your fire and the fire which is you. With your passion magnificence of your creative gifts expands into reality.

What is known and unknown is all the same. That which you know is inherent. That which you do not yet know is simply because you have not allowed your awareness to rise into the infinite.  If you will, you find that there is nothing that you do not know and everything to remember.

We leave you with the attunement of assistance for your beingness amongst the energies and they amongst you. We bring to you the attunement of beliah, that which is key to the journey beyond, the gates opening and your highest awareness to bring to you all that is necessary for any now.

Be in peace. You are the Ones.

Antui anshlli ansi entui nahallah.




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