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October 2008

... The next generation of visionaries

... 'Kids are really different these days' video clips free from Develop Your Child

... 'Shift Happens' video

... 'Awesomism ... A new way of understanding the diagnosis of Autism' by Suzy Miller

... 'The Alchemical Coach' ebook is now free on the web

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I don't think that anybody has any doubt anymore that something REALLY big is going on.  All round the world people are stepping up, wanting to make a difference and being called to something greater.  We're in an extraordinary time ... and I mean especially this week and this year.
At the beginning of the year, I felt a stirring in the new kids consciousness.  The godness / sourceness in them was being awakened in every cell.  For a few months it rocked them somewhat.  One of the teenagers we're in touch with told us that every one of his friends was having huge drama in their lives throughout the first half of this year.  But over the summer, particularly in August and early September, something started to settle with them as they stepped more fully into their visionary leadership at all ages.
I believe that today we have a new generation of visionaries ready to rise amongst us and take us to whole new levels of being, working, playing and living in and on this gorgeous planet together.
Now I can't give you hard evidence of this yet.  It's a strong sense of knowing from the consciousness of them all and seeing it in the faces and actions of the young people that I do know.  But I can tell you that I have no doubt that something big has shaken up over this past 9 months and that it's affected the younger generation more so than any other.
They're different from the older generations.  They see more naturally from an energetic, transformative and visionary view.  They're globally connected always.  They operate in hyper-speed, multi-channelling, able to do a number of things at the same time ... like watch tv, listen to their ipods, talk with a friend and do their homework simultaneously.  In fact, they need to do it this way in order to do it best.  If you've got one of these hyper-speed, amazing kids, let them roll with it in their own inimitable way for the optimum results.
You can see this new visionary'ism in the eyes of the new babies being born.  There's  something extraordinary showing up in them ... depth, wisdom, knowing, incredible insights and amazing breakthrough levels of unique genius at very early ages.  And have you noticed how powerful they are even as tiny babies?  Put them in grandpa's arms and he will transform right in front of your very eyes.
I watched this week as one of my best friend's husband transitioned over into the non-physical and I watched with breathtaking, jaw dropping awe how her two kids, aged eleven and seventeen, handled this with grace, power, connection, unconditional love, sturdiness, wonder and celebration of their visionary dad's incredible life.  They have taken up the mantle from him and are already at work on reshaping this world as the next generation of visionaries.  It's an honour to partner with them and to truly get who they are and what they're gifting us all.
Our younger generation is really really different and they're offering us a treasure chest of new potential and possibilities for our world.  They're calling forth a whole new paradigm of parenting, one that works passionately with young people of every age to empower them as their fullest and greatest potential.  Watch these wonderful video clips on the Develop Your Child website to see just how kids and parents are so remarkably different these days.  A great big thanks to Alan Wilson for creating these videos and making them available for free for everyone to see.  Be sure to watch all four clips and to check out more of Alan's amazing work with parents and kids by browsing his website. 
And here's a video called 'Shift Happens', sent to me by Alan, that shows just how much things are changing in the world of young people, education, information, careers, etc.:
UK version
US version
Another friend, Suzy Miller in Arizona, is just about to have her new book ready for purchase in the next month.  It's called 'Awesomism ... A new way of understanding the diagnosis of Autism.'  She spoke at an Autism Association last week and said that it was amazing to "see so many parents talking about their children’s ability to read minds, sense the truth of a situation, heal, live in multiple realities at the same time and demonstrate ONENESS on a very 'real' level.  It's a dream come true to see the Awesomism revealed to so many and to watch the children soar into their gifts."  To check out more about Suzy, visit her website at or email her at to let her know you'd like to know when her book is available for purchase.
If you want to know more about how to unlock the potential of your kids and how to empower their natural visionary nature, I've just put my book 'The Alchemical Coach ... Coaching, Passion, Potential and Power' on the web for free.  You can download a copy of it by going to
And if you'd like an experience of empowering potential, I'm hosting a free teleclass on 'Evolutionary Coaching' next week, Wednesday, October 8th,  5 pm UK, Noon Eastern USA.  If you'd like to join me for it, just press reply and ask me for details.
Here's to the younger generation stepping into their visionary leadership with grace, power, connection and great fun.  Our world is in great hands ... theirs and ours!  Together we will have this world sing!

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