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Expressions of Light

Message from Sananda # 18

September l3, 2008

Channeled by

Lois Hartwick


This is Sananda. It has been some time since Iíve brought forth a message to you and a larger audience, but I would like to do so today. There have been some disturbing situations occurring on your planet of which you are all aware, depending on the part of the world in which you reside. Change certainly is upon the Earth at this time. And yet, countering this are the many opportunities and levels of awareness which are directed towards you within a light spectrum that many of you are able to receive.


If you look clearly and understand there is a knowing awareness within your being to carry forth what you are here to do during this particular time, you will be receiving this direct communication of information from myself and other beings of light with whom you work. You have long understood that this planet will be undergoing a period of transition to emerge into a lighted configuration at the end of a given and specified period of time, and many of you have come here to hold that given spectrum of light within your hearts, within your minds, and within your very being. You have discovered a great deal throughout this process. You have learned many new ways of approaching life and in some cases, have abandoned some old practices, no longer needed nor suitable for the times ahead.


I wish to assure you the higher plan of moving in a much greater spectrum of light will be coming forth in the times ahead. I have felt and witnessed in much of the turmoil you may be undergoing on earth, there are times you are forgetting or perhaps, disbelieving this potential is yet to be realized and ahead of you.  I know it may seem like such a long journey and may also seem as if the journey has taken some twists and turns which were not intended or expected, at least from your perspective.  But it is time to open to those of us who are promoting and putting forth extended streams of light, of energy that come to you daily if you are asking and open for this level of energy to be received.  I encourage you to work in this manner daily, so that you may feel the upliftment that comes midst such chaos and confusion.


Of course there are times when this may feel a bit challenging and not so easily embraced. Yet many of you who have undergone severe changes over the past l5 or 20 or 25 years within your own given lives may be finding that this direct communication from myself and those of us working in this sphere of light will be transformative and allowing for you to move into a new direction with great rapidity.  Some of you are undergoing this transition within your physical being as I speak today.  This transition, not only is in a new, letís say, dimensional context of reality but it is also being embraced by many of you when you sleep at night or when you are undergoing some new level of energetic shift which reflects rewiring, essentially.  You also are aware this is occurring, although may not be able to put exact words to such confirmation within yourselves.


This upcoming period of time promises to be tumultuous, and yet, at the same time, witness the changes occurring and what will be promised for the times ahead. I speak not only of where you reside today in America, but other parts of all continents on the planet. For they indeed feel the shifts and transitions as well. And yet, as a unit, within these changes, within the new description of the paradigm forthcoming, you are able to realize much of what you have long carried, though perhaps, not even known.


As this comes to the foreground today, I encourage each of you to be in light, to be reminded you are connected in some divine order and you are carrying forth not only what you are presently holding, but the connection in which that light is propelling you into another level of reality.


Be clear, my Dear Friends, my Beloveds, that no one who chooses to undertake such a pathway is left behind. Many have not and will not choose this pathway. Many are not paying attention or stubbornly resisting to move into higher levels of clarity, support and overall dismissal of those attributes needed to carry such light. You witness today stubbornness on your planet between different peoples: those seeking to find new ways and means to circulate and circumnavigate difficulties which may lie among you, and those who are repeating issues of the past.


These days are coming forward with higher intention; you are able to hear those soft words within your heart. Carry them well. Know that I am a part of this with you, and know that you are preparing for a great deal more to be coming forth within the next several years of higher light and alignment. For truly for this is happening and within the overall spectrum there are those who will continue to carry light in the times ahead.


When you listen to world speakers and to material dominating the airwaves today, much contains some level of fear. I encourage you to reject this. I encourage you to hold what is within your hearts at all times: That concept and connection of love allowing for the greater mobility of mankind to move into a direct connection with higher levels of attainment and light. No more shall people spend time looking backwards trying to obtain something already past. Be the creators that you are, but create with light, discernment and open hearts of truth.


Iím speaking to a larger audience today because you are going to be feeling some different energies bringing in new levels of hope shortly. Understand this is not a figment of your imagination nor is it something that will be swept away in a moment or two with some other difficulty you might perceive later on.  This is an employment of the angelic realm supplanting many different emotions, reactions, energetic configurations, and, letís say, matrixes which have disallowed for the higher light to come forth with ease.  It will be a process over time but it is to be enacted shortly, and as this occurs, there will be changes felt around the Earth.


I am one with each of you, and I am here to express that your light will be connected in such a manner if you so choose. Gone are the days in which the aspects of the past are to hold you affixed to some leaden perception no longer suitable or workable in levels of creative action.  Today we are coming to a new awareness.  Be prepared for some changes, perhaps those quite unexpected, forthcoming in the next few days and weeks and months.  Remain open in your hearts for receptivity and accept that which is given to each of you.  I am among you each and every day.




The Angel of Light


I carry this expression to the Earth plane in regular streams of consciousness coming forth in myriad ways. I express to you in a sunbeam or a moonbeam or through your meditations, through the orbs, through a variety of sunspots that you may or may not be seeing as individual specks of light. I am a possessed being, essentially, for this is all that I choose to do. It is a reawakening of humanity and society. It is those difficult themes you may be witnessing that I am showing you and allowing for new ways to be constructed in better ways upon your plane.

Be clear that each of you engaging me will receive a continual flow of light each and every day. I connect to your higher self and through this parcel of your being, light flows into your physical body, allowing for transformative aspects to be sparked and known and grow within you. It is a time on your planet in which few will undertake this conscious journey. You have been chosen and many who have pursued a given pathway allowing this dispensation of light to connect to you directly have not witnessed this in your lives to date.

I am the Angel of Light. It is my time to shine. Be listening and join in all that I have to give and share with each of you.



Sananda infrequently addresses our weekly group, but when he does, he requests his Messages be sent to the larger audience. This time I included a message from the Angel of Light as well. Regular weekly meetings are ongoing with Thoth and/or The Grail Cup., along with our Anchoring Light work. A revised and updated website will (finally!) be implemented within the next few weeks to include new postings from them both. Hopefully the Anchoring Light book will be completed before an upcoming trip to Turkey for the world brotherhood conference in Istanbul. Myself and 3 others speakers are chosen for this yearís event. Iíll post a report on this gathering sometime late November. Blessings all!

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