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Expressions of Light

Lord Maitreya’s 2008 Forecast

Channelled by
Lois Hartwick
December 30, 2007


It is I, Maitreya, who comes to speak with you and to emanate light to each individual in this room and to those who read these messages brought forth today. I am contemplating the course and path of earth for the first half of 2008 and how it will unfold for the remainder of the year and those to follow. It is with great seriousness that I and those of the Hierarchial layers spend time in contemplation to unfold the higher energies required for the times ahead.

We are happy to work and to coordinate with those of you on the Earth plane who are assembling in one form or another to do the same. We recognize that this is a time of many diverse opinions, energies and conflicts , which have come into the foreground of your lives or those lives in other areas where tumultuousness presently resides. The unfoldment this year is, at this point, one in which much change will be upon you. It is difficult always say what the nature of this change is because different areas lie in parts of the world where other unfolding situations may not affect another part. And yet, overall, there is enough change to shift the tides of your present situations and the contemplations of what is ahead.

My work this year, in terms of an overview, will be a supply of energy placed to those on the Earth who are able to assist in the ongoing process of bringing forth that world of peace you long to have and desire. It is not that peace shall reside everywhere, but there are those of you who choose to hold such energy and to align in such a manner with those of us who are creating this outcome throughout the many dimensional reverberations you presently feel on earth.

To align with peace will be to align with us. To focus on light and to unfold in such a manner will serve humanity well in the days ahead.

I come forth to you each year as you know, through Lois, and I am working toward an outcome in which the survival of your race becomes the most important aspect that we are able to adhere to and to bring forth in some manner. I say this because there are many who are so self-absorbed in the divisionary aspects present on this planet, they have no level of awareness of the outcome in a long-range plan.

The lack of harmony in some areas creates disruption as you are aware. One earthquake can be felt miles away and miles away after that. And so it is with these disruptions that we come forth and seek those of you who choose to ripple forth a measure of peacefulness and harmony to your plane.

You will be called upon this year in new ways, some of you, seeking further harmony, seeking, perhaps, to understand a newer message that may be created within the groundswell of being in which you are able to understand something new is now before you. Please allow for the opportunity to come into being and to hear what may be given specifically and individually to you.

In a larger measure there is going to be a great deal more contact between the inner planes and those of you on earth, if you are not so engaged in activities where you are unable to hear, see, feel or smell some distinct vibration put before you. Within this comes an opportunity to begin again.

As you face the world of 2008, you are facing a beginning but you are also facing a long, ongoing process that relates clearly to why many have incarnated during these last years. For it is a holding of energy, but it is also being able to embrace in a much higher manner, that calling and that connection between us. When you are able to take hold of that being presented, whether you understand it or not, it is a good part of the measure to withstand some of the disruption which has occurred on earth or will be by those unable to clearly hear and see. You then become the lynchpin, the holding point, which is allowing around the Earth for much to occur and yet, not come apart at the seams.

You are also the opportunities, whether you know it or not, for miracles to occur, because indeed, it is, for those of you who hold enough light or enough conscious awareness or belief in certain realities, who make possible that which is unseen or unheard by many others.

We are putting forth energy - a great deal more energy - in the times ahead for more situations to come to the forefront for believability, for hope, for compassion, and for holding onto that which is of a higher truth and reality than perhaps the dismal one you might see before you if only on a TV screen. Make known to yourself the greater reality of your divine connection and hold this close in the year ahead. Acknowledge within you that there is a point and purpose for your reality at this time. Accept divine intervention for it will be there.

It will be an opportunity for you to reawaken parts of yourself which have fallen asleep or perhaps have not come into a complete level of integration and unfoldment on this plane. Enough energy will be put forth for many of you to expand your consciousness and your horizons in 2008. For at the same time there is an ignition which occurs within your being for the missions and the purposes and the realities you are to hold. Much of this is needed, for you will find, in contrast, an awakening that comes forth to the world this year which may be difficult for some. It may be held, in some respect, that they do not understand. Perhaps in some regard, there are those who are undergoing changes which are not easily embraced nor understood.

As I say this, I speak not of the specifics I wish you to understand, but instead, the realities are closer that your world erupts in war; the reality is great dissention and hatred are brewing. And this will have no containment in certain parts of the world at this time. It is then, with the work you will be chosen to do and the many who are hearing within their hearts around the world, that they too, have some commitment or connection to the light, to the embracement of peace, to the forwarding of harmony, to the consecration of the highest of the high to be brought to your planet, held and admired and known within one’s being, that these times will be calling to you and asking that this be integrated fully into the Earth.

As you recognize, you have long been undergoing many exercises.* You have understood from a number of masters and from the light you have a course and path to follow, and whether the goals are completely clear or not, you will be given a new step and then another and another. This year, the unfoldment and the steps will be harder, the truths will be greater and the undertaking of the work you become committed to more difficult, more concrete in some respects, and certainly, that which is of a positive nature to uplift areas of this plane.

You have understood, as well, that within your meditation work, many will begin to come forth, for the power of light needed on earth now will be multiplied from what you have previously known. And in the sending of light, and in the anchoring of light, and in the cylinders of light, will be a very specific energy now needed to begin to unfold a new level of reality. As you witness, on one hand, the difficulty in one area, you may, in the same context, be witnessing a miracle in another. It is such diversity that creates difficulty for some, for it is often an area where one becomes polarized enough that they remain in one reality, unable to see the other.

I do not suggest that one must undertake a specific way of living their lives, but I will suggest there will be much to expand and to pull and to open your own being during the year ahead. Many of you will need to look and focus on new doors opening and the plan in which your own inner being unfolds. At certain times plans you had in your in mind as to how one part of your life or another may look, may suddenly come to a screeching halt and a new reality be brought forth instead. Be reminded to ask and to be held within your being to the highest possible standard and outcome, not only for yourselves, but that to which you came here for in the first place.

All of you will be given a very specific being or guide to work with you this year - each who requests it. By now most of you have a being or master or connection to light to whom you commonly refer your inner and divine thoughts. But there may be another one very specifically here to undertake a guiding of your pathway on almost a daily level so your unfoldment comes to a new level of reality.

I say these words because within them comes the hope of choice; the hope of opportunity; the hope of realization of that which you are and unfolding to be. And yet, you may also be looking at realities which are difficult. I do not say this year will necessarily be easy, for a number will be leaving, and the change is great before you. Within each change comes an opportunity to expand into a higher level of compassion, of greater meaning of creation, a significance of purpose and an unfoldment of love.

You have long known many of the energies predominant here would be creating greater and greater levels of disruption and individual, momentary angers or annoyances. Some of you have felt this in this past year. These levels of disruption increase. People find small things to attach to. I urge you to let them go. I urge you to keep your eyes on the light. To remember to open a doorway or window if something is too small. Do not attend to these diversionary actions, but now focus in a manner that your own connection and your own truth be spread around the land. Given this particular situation, the outcome will be transformed. Disregard of this ability, you will join an ocean of disarray and lack of compassion sweeping your plane.

I am not one to attend to these measures in connecting with them, but I am one who contemplates the higher meaning of light, and through this contemplation, I understand remaining open and true within your heart, dispensing love in every form you possibly can, will allow you to disengage and not become a part of this ocean. It is not always an easy task, and many of you remember past times in which you were swept away for one reason or another. There will be temptations, without your necessarily understanding them, to fall away in the same manner again.

Stand strong and steady. Hold your hearts open. Be clear and firm on what you will and will not do. Make this year a pathway which is connected solely to the light. Do not allow those who have other agendas to push you and disrupt you and to give you cause to move over here or to relent on something else over there.

This is not to suggest that one has no compassion, nor is it to suggest you are unable to change from one position to another in a second, but do it within the light. Do not accept something ‘less than’ as a motivator for your actions. The time is coming for all of you to take a stand, and the many who have felt disenfranchised or perhaps, lost and disconnected on this plane, are going to begin a new level and a new era of linkage.

As you begin to form and to stand strong in these times ahead, there will be an interconnecting that will occur, most often by those of us on the higher plane allowing for these connections to be reinforced and stabilized so the new grid becomes strong and is not broken, or not easily broken, by those who would choose a greater level of disruption.

We are forming in the midst, let’s say, of some decay and disruption, a new structure upon which to plan the ongoing level of light and continuity of all that we are and All That Is.

I stand with you, and I strengthen this new grid. I strengthen each of you who chooses this path. Allow it to be your heart and see these golden threads which are now forming, becoming ropes and connectors between you, like holding a suspension bridge with very little fray or falling away. We are coming into a time of a new world being constructed and an old one starts to fall away. It is now your time to decide the world you choose to live in.

I am, therefore, a part of the structure that comes to the new light and new love. Who among you will join me?

Accept this as an invitation. A level of trust that we will build anew what has been altered and decayed. 2008 - in the midst of destruction - will be the year of opportunity, and you will be given many pearls along the way. I stand with each of you. You need merely take my hand.

See these pearls before you. You will see them everywhere this year. Grab them and take them to your heart and allow them to be the new resources of the beginning of your years ahead.

I am with each of you.



*As many of you know, I send only a few transmissions out from our weekly group.  Maitreya, in this discourse, addresses our group specifically, and the larger readership in general. When he speaks of ‘exercises, anchoring light, cylinders of light‘, he speaks of our focus and ongoing practices. For those of you who consciously work with light or attend to specific measures which might benefit from a higher being accompanying you this year (as indicated in the article), Maitreya suggests you ask for whatever help might be appropriate. It will be given, he assures me. He also wants to suggest that many of you start embracing light within your hearts as a conscious measure each day if you are not already doing so. He asks that temperance become a thought process which is held as well to create further levels of balance, moderation and clearer thinking.

Private sessions are available with Masters Hilarion, Sananda or Thoth, although at times I do work with others and will consider your request. Most often, mediumship sessions with those who have crossed over have been in person. I will consider on an individual basis opening this to long distance requests.

Our times are changing rapidly now, and there will be a greater need for those seeking to optimize light practices. I look forward to teaching the Anchoring Light practices in the Spring. If you might be interested in a workshop in your area, please contact me at Please note this is a group meditation practice needing a minimum of 6 people committed to meeting regularly in your area.  During our workshop, Hilarion and/or A. Gabriel channel the significance of this practice in your specific area.

I appreciate the many readers who contact me from around the world and for the support and kind words given. I thank you!  I am also most grateful for past and future donations which help to make this work possible. If you wish to make a donation, please email for specifics. Also, I maintain an email list, which you are welcome to join by emailing me with such request.

Many blessingsand love in 2008,



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