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Intending Highest Good

St. Francis through Anina Davenport


Questioner: I was feeling confused recently and I asked you what to do and you suggested to me to intend Highest Good.


Saint Francis: Yes, Rita (all names changed) was thinking of a job change. She was getting sick of her job but there were certain factors that kept her.

Questioner: Yes, money and security and I liked some of the people at my work place.

Saint Francis: Yes, so Rita was going back and forth. Should I go or should I stay?

Questioner: Yes, I drove myself crazy. You told me to relax and breathe.

Saint Francis: Yes.

Questioner: And then you told me to say, “I intend Highest Good.”

Saint Francis: Yes say, “I intend Highest Good,” and relax. So Rita did that and just by breathing a little slower and becoming calmer she gained some clarity.

Questioner: Yes, I started to get information about my relationship with my boss. Why it has been so hard and what patterns of mine he brought up.

Saint Francis: Yes, you were running forward for a solution but you really had to step back.

Questioner: I think my intention helped me to relax.

Saint Francis: Yes it is good for the mind to do something. An intention can help. Also by saying, “I intend Highest Good” you also said, “I open myself up to Highest Good.”

Questioner: So the universe could come in and help me.

Saint Francis: Exactly. Part of your conditioning is the belief, “I have to do everything myself.”

Questioner: Yes, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Saint Francis: Yes, these are some old beliefs that you can let go of. Say, “I ask the universe for help. I ask for Highest Good.” So what else happened?

Questioner: Well, the next step was I had a lot of feelings such as anger and jealousy and also sadness. I realized that by thinking so much about this problem I had suppressed my real feelings. You told me to keep affirming Highest Good and also to sit with the feelings without judging them.

Saint Francis: Yes, if you cannot sit with the feelings then walk with them or dance with them. Make sure you breathe. That is all you have to do: breathe.

Questioner: Yes, I often make my breath shallower to suppress my feelings.

Saint Francis: Then exercise or walk. Make sure you breathe and keep intending Highest Good.

Questioner: Well, after this process the decision became very clear. I suddenly knew what to do. I started to apply to other jobs and got one and left my old job. It was actually easier than I thought.

Saint Francis: Because you cleared the way energetically. You released some of the beliefs that kept you stuck and - very important - you released old anger, jealousy and sadness.


Questioner: Yes, it was all old stuff. This was quite amazing because I thought it was all about my boss but it had more to do with my uncle and a past life.


Saint Francis: Yes, 90% is usually old. Often it is 99%.

Questioner 2: How do I release old feelings?


Saint Francis: You sit with them. You intend Highest Good which is really the release of old energy and you just let these feelings be there. They are old energy leaving you. You need not hold on to old anger or old sadness. You can let it go. Keep breathing.

Questioner 2: I prefer walking.

Saint Francis: That is fine; whatever works.

Questioner 2: Did those old feelings obstruct Rita from seeing clearly what her next step was?

Saint Francis: Yes, feelings and beliefs. They go together. It is really quite simple. Be with what is. Hold still or walk (laughter). When we say hold still we mean stay with it. Be present with it.

Questioner: But don’t analyze?


Saint Francis: Yes, any information you need will come to you. Trust that. Hold still does not mean sit motionless but if that works for you go ahead. Sometimes work is actually good. Martha likes to dig up her garden when old feelings come up. That is helpful. Hold still refers more to the mind. Keep the mind still. Don’t run away from the feelings by speeding up the mind. Relax. Breathe. Be gentle with yourself.


Questioner: I like to clean the house when suppressed feelings come up.


Saint Francis: Again whatever works but keep the mind still or as still as you can and relax. So Susan, relax between cleaning rooms. The mind thinks it has to figure everything out but it cannot. It need not. Life is there to support you. Give it a chance to come in; relax.


We often use the analogy of the bow and the arrow. When you say an intention such as, “I intend Highest Good” or “I create in alignment with Soul” you are shooting off an arrow. You aim for Highest Good and then you need to let go, let God. Have some faith. Don’t run after the arrow shouting, “This way, this way,” (laughter). Trust life. The universe will conspire to support you.

Questioner: I have intended Highest Good on a situation but it has not improved.

Saint Francis: No.

Questioner: Well a little and it bothers me a less.

Saint Francis: Maybe that was “Highest Good” for you to be less bothered by these other circumstances.

Questioner: Yes I can see that. I have become more tolerant and patient.

Saint Francis: Not a bad outcome.

Questioner: Yes you are right.

Saint Francis: Sometimes the lesson is: whatever the situation is I am consciousness, I am spirit and outer circumstances don’t affect me so much. Sometimes the lesson is: I have to stop waiting around and instead do something about this. Maybe some old victim beliefs need to be released. It is individual.

Questioner: How do I know what my lesson is?

Saint Francis: You investigate. You know. Deep inside you know. If you feel stuck the first thing to do is to move the energy.

Questioner: How?

Saint Francis: Energy work can do it but often a walk or a ride in the country can be helpful. Physical movement is important and if you are paralyzed move your fingers and go for a ride in the car. The moving pictures and different energies that one encounters while traveling can get you unstuck. So can a bike ride or a walk in the park. Get unstuck and go from there. Life is good but you have to live it. It is good to have plans, aspirations, ideas. If you have everything in life go and start a charity. Get yourself moving. Don’t get stuck on some spiritual principle that there is nothing to do. It is true: in truth there is nothing to do but life is about action. It’s a paradox.

Our love is with you.

Saint Francis


Copyright Anina Davenport 2008.


Anina Davenport’s articles have appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and other publications. She is the author of  Reflections on Ascension, Oughten House, Energetic Empowerment, IUniverse and her new book Manifesting in Alignment with Soul, IUniverse. These books are available from any book store including Amazon or by calling 1800AUTHORS. You can view the content of her last two books on; to receive a 121 page electronic excerpt of her new book please contact Anina at



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