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The Galactic Times
Ever Expanding ~ 06 September 2008

Before delving into this week's actual theme, an interesting notation comes from the week's politics here in the U.S. Senator John McCain has Mercury at 2 Libra 15, astonishingly close to the Super-Galactic Center at 2 Libra 4, long known for its soul mate yearnings. Last Sunday, with Mercury at 3 Libra and Venus at 1 Libra, he declared during an interview that his choice for Vice President, Sarah Palin, is a soul mate. How about that for proof of astrology working even on the non-believing! In the category of "oh, by the way," former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney unwittingly invoked Eris when he said we needed to look for the Sun in the west, referring to Arizona and Alaska. When Jupiter and Eris conspired to right political wrongs, the Sun rose in the west. I have placed this notation in the "whoops," file. And there is a Jupiter-Eris square just after our Presidential election. I have that notation in the "hmm" file.

Enough politics, but two notes on the mundane plane. Jupiter and Saturn now trine, with Jupiter returning direct in three days just short of the exact trine, remain in the trine formation into the third week of November when this pattern concludes with Jupiter square Eris. This is about the economy. While daily news thrusts over reacting investors this way and that, some cautious optimism suggests improvements can begin, reversing the course of recession. Let us hope. Also mundane and of potential economic impact, the line-up of Atlantic hurricanes was previously predicted in GT's based upon the alignment of Saturn with the aphelion of Mars (6 Virgo, heliocentric) and it's opposition to the Trans-Neptunian body, Typhon (typhoon as in noted for his ill winds). Given Jupiter with Saturn, if you reside in a potentially impacted zone, please do not underestimate the ability of the parade of hurricanes to render flood havoc.

Immediately following Jupiter's reversal of motion, Mercury and Mars line up with the Sombrero Galaxy on the 8th and Venus meets up with it on the 10th. In this personal planet transit era, the future named dwarf planet EL61 is within minutes of the Sombrero Galaxy (13 Libra 45). The Sombrero Galaxy ranks high in importance in astronomical awareness. It was this galaxy that led Vesto Slipher of Lowell Observatory (Pluto's discovery place) to conclude that there is such a thing as red shift (shifting of light because of motion), galaxies outside our own, and that the universe is expanding. Okay, and?

The sensation of the Sombrero Galaxy is like riding a bike down a steep hill with your feet off the pedals. If not careful, a runaway train effect results. With these transits, the sense of life circumstances sweeping you away becomes the norm. You could get swept away in economic worry or a spending frenzy if things turn about. You could ride the exhausting emotional surges of following political campaigns or tracking the end of the baseball season. You could be overwhelmed by the consideration of the recent declaration of the size of the black hole in the core of our galaxy. You might find yourself dismayed and motivated onto a path of accelerated action to do something about the melting polar regions, given the last Arctic ice breakaway.

More personally, if you do engage a new project, cause or pick up an exciting field of study, expect it to run away with you. EL61, interwoven in this mix provides two considerations. First, it's all about you. This body's closest contact with the Sun lies at 1 Aries 04 and its node weighs in at 2 Leo 02 (both heliocentric). Here we have the aspiration of developing soulful confidence, which occurs with the assignment of urgency to matters of self importance and matters important to the self. The south node, incidentally, connects with soul mate degree noted at the start of this GT. Next, withing the kindred spirit effect, EL61 travels in an entourage of five major icy objects that resulted from a collision the body endured many years ago at a place near our solar system's edge. One of the priorities of this body is to define relationships that fit and those that do not. Traveling with companions of natures that do not agree with yours simply exhausts one's energy.

Should you direct yourself on a new course and acquaintances demand you attend a swap meet, join in for a movie, have a leisurely lunch or whatnot, if the agenda does not fit your newest aspiration, respectfully decline. There's only so much time, unless you get close enough to black holes to dilate time and only so many internal energy units a day available to burn. Keep your priorities sharp. Keep you awareness of energy drains crisp. There's probably a reason that HBO's new series True Blood, about vampires, premieres on September 7th.

While the plea of "stop the world I want to get off" fails to produce results, be vigilant of those things of increasing momentum that summon your effort. Pick and choose carefully. Options selected quickly become ever-expanding courtesy of the Jupiter-Saturn trine and the Sombrero's tip of the hat to transiting planets.

Given Jupiter-Saturn, why not participate in the creation of the reality of economic improvement? As you can, check out my site's Store. There's that new Major Sky Magazine thing, the Galactic Trilogy CD and multiple options for getting answers to questions before the runaway energies blur the horizon.

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New Moon - August 30th



"Are You >From the Blue Ray"?        age late 30s-50s?



Dear Friends,

                I am really delighted to tell you that I shall be working with Derek Hawkins of ‘Kindred Spirit’ magazine on 27 September, at Hawkwood College, Stroud, UK.  Derek has a unique gift of combining his intuitive skills with astrological interpretation, while a person stands within their own chart that he constructs on the floor. The experience of standing in your natal chart focuses your life experience into something that you can feel and define, and Derek’s wise and supportive guidance opens up new possibilities for self understanding, and finding personal inner connection.


Earthing your Bridge to Spirit

Saturday 27 September 2008

Fee: £59 including lunch and refreshments

to book phone Hawkwood College – 01453-759034

 The full flyer is added at the bottom of this e-mail.  This is a very different way of experiencing astrology, and I really recommend this day if you can get to it.


Soul Astrology  

New Moon in Virgo  -  30 August 2008


Using the New Moon moment as a birth chart for the following month, my comments

are meant to provide an attitude that maximises our ease and growth during that time.

Please don’t worry about understanding the astrology - just go for the drift.


The bigger picture -

                For the last four months, Jupiter has been appearing to move backwards through Capricorn, and, during this time, we tend to feel the progress of our projects slowing down or even stopping altogether.  We’ve had these months to make adjustments to our plans so that they are more in accord with what we will be needing in the future.  For the last two months, Pluto has been back in Sagittarius encouraging new solutions to the problems that began to arise from the beginning of this year.  These difficulties will re-assert themselves from late November this year, when Pluto continues its 15-year progress through Capricorn.  As long as we take seriously the early warnings about finance, housing, fuel costs and so on, our new directions will be wonderfully blessed for the next three months.

                On 8 September, the very day that Jupiter stops moving retrograde, Saturn trines it – that is to say, that the energy arriving to kick start our new plans, will be focused on those projects that have been carefully thought out on a practical level.  (At first Saturn moves ahead of this connection, but as Jupiter speeds up they will connect once more on 21 November.) 


Three months of growth

                September is a great time for clearing your space, sorting out what you really need, and letting go of the way you have done things before.  Public transport rather than individual cars, community farms rather than plastic covered food from far away, being involved in our children’s activities:  we are waking up, and reconsidering what we want, checking what is really most important for us now and in the near future.  It is helpful if contact with the old sleepy ways is minimised, so that we are not distracted from our up-to-date thinking. 

                During October and November, the different stages of growth continue to unfold.  As we reach the second half of November it will be important to hold expectations loosely, so that quick change is not a shock if it becomes necessary.  Growth and success are almost assured, but we cannot know just how they will look. 

                AND it is extremely important to realise that this whole period is propitious for us all, so what will work best for each one of us are those things which are in accord with what works for humanity as a whole.  As both Jupiter and Saturn are in earth signs, we are most likely to feel the benefit around any practical issues, and when working responsibly with the earth herself.  So, during the next week or so, think about how you might be able improve the life of others through what you want to achieve - and the planetary blessing will be with you.


This New Moon

                At 7 Virgo, the Sun and Moon are very close to Saturn and trine Jupiter so, for the first week in September, the Sun will be encouraging us.  Rather than allowing our plans to be blocked by difficulties, we simply need to adjust our focus and intention as we discover what works and what doesn’t.  From 8 September, we should be feeling a definite movement stirring, helping us as we clear the past away and organise ourselves for the development our project, or the start of a new one.


Virgo – the helper

                Virgo is the most helpful of the signs because it contains within its gifts the knowledge of what will really work.  There is a natural desire to improve life all round, and particularly each person Virgo focuses on.  This can show up as an uncomfortable critique of that person’s way of life, but equally it can be quiet support in practical activities.

                In the Virgo character there is a brilliant, and often unconscious, ability to scan any situation to pick out the useless from the valuable, and to spot the problem and sort it out.  This focus can become painful for the Virgo as they realise that they can’t sort out the whole world, and it’s the whole world that needs sorting out.  However, Virgo supports itself by knowing when it needs to stop for the sake of its own well-being.  By avoiding burn-out, Virgo is still available when needed again the next day.

                Virgo’s effort to get things ‘right’ has a down side in the assumption that there is only one right way.  And another problem can be a tendency to feel that ‘rightness’ and ‘perfection’ are the top priority in all situations and for all people.  But there are dozens of possible top priorities, like comfort, or family peace, or someone else’s happiness.  My favourite word to give to Virgo is ‘appropriate’ rather than ‘perfect.’  Perfection in the moment requires being aware of, and responsive to, every element of a situation – including oneself and ones relationships with those involved.  Only this much awareness will enable the appropriate action to arise, and only an appropriate action creates the win-win results that gladden the Virgo heart.


It takes a fine person to apologise

                September could be a month for sorting out whatever may have gone wrong towards the end of August (Venus squared Pluto).  This could be about the state of your home, your finances or your relationships.  There may have issues that brought up jealousy and possessiveness in a close relationship, and consequent desire in the other to break free.  Loving communication could well be on the way (Venus and Mercury in Libra).  But beware of wanting harmony too early, before the problems have been fully faced. 

                One of the sticking points in healing wounds inflicted through words or actions is the need for the one who spoke or acted to own up to the fact that they are responsible for triggering the pain.  To apologise meaningfully and express the sincere hope of being forgiven can melt the heart of one who was feeling badly treated, and the past can be washed away.  Virgo hates to admit to being ‘wrong,’ because of a fear of being judged badly, but the effect of such an admission to a loved one is far more likely to be gratitude.  True healing begins with the acceptance of state of things, and this month healing is more than usually spiritually blessed and assisted (Chiron and Neptune very near the North Node).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo


Sit quietly for a moment

feeling the space around you,

feeling within that the edges of your space.

Be within your space, aware of energy moving.

Be within your body, acknowledging what you feel there,

Through the door of yourself

go within, and Be . . .


Now, if you wish, dedicate this moment

to the peace and healing of all life.

Be aware of your heart and feel it loving.

Fill your space with heart-light,

like a candle flame, contained within its glow,

trusting in the greater vision.


Without losing the edges of your space,

let your heart-light shine out into the world.

May your spirit wings surround you.

With love,





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