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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Ik, 10 Pop, 4 Eb                  8/5/08

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. Currently our Earth allies are drawing closer to the tipping-point where their objectives can at last be realized. We have waited long for this special moment, and recent statements made to us by the cabalists seem to indicate that the time for their surrender is fast approaching. As their fortunes dwindle and their capacity to stop the incoming reality diminishes, these dark ones are forced to conclude that their end is near. Nevertheless, be assured that regardless of the indications coming from that quarter our guard never lets up for an instant. This mission is much too vital to accept anything less than a sure and successful conclusion. We intend to secure a formal surrender along with full proof that this part of your history is over. Only then can our Earth allies manifest the grand program of changes that will be addressed in our global messages. These unprecedented policies in effect take your present global economy of scarcity and place it firmly on a strong foundation of prosperity. Prosperity is to be the hallmark of the interim between your present and your future world.

      The objective is to move your world away from its present dysfunction to a point where your society respects universal sovereignty and is able to supply you with the help you need to accomplish your basic life purpose. These are the fundamentals you need to feel secure and able to move forward on your journey to full consciousness. The crucial factor is to increase your conscious awareness of the process of change and to allow you to make your creative contributions to the global mix.  It is this that permits your society to make the amount of rapid progress required.  Our Earth allies are aware of how this whole consciousness-raising operation works.  We need to free your minds of old perceptions and allow new ones to take root as the prosperity starts to engulf you. Then you can truly see that a new reality is supplanting the old, providing new opportunities for growth, new friendships, and most of all, success. We then need to progress this concept of success from a monetary one to an experience of joy in all things, which then radiates outward into your new world.

      Joy is the key that unlocks the door that Heaven is showing you. It is a feeling, akin to rapture, which has been studied by your psychologists and actually found to be the highest state of being.  Getting you to this state smoothly and naturally is behind many of the policies jointly agreed upon by our Earth allies, Heaven, and us. These programs move you out of scarcity and limited perceptions into the realization that you are an unlimited Being whose purpose is to fulfill your life contract with the Divine. Once you experience this state, petty jealousies and other dysfunctional modes of being fall away and nothing then prevents full cooperation between you and your fellows. You are all one! Loving each other as you love yourself is another core perception that your rising consciousness manifests. Together, we are transforming this reality and all of you as we speak. Each of the programs we mention contributes to the quickening within you of this feeling of joy, leaving behind your present realm of frustration and sadness.

      This reality has run its course and prolonging its death rattle benefits no one. Its huge amount of pain and sorrow cries out for healing and transformation. Thus, Heaven is reaching the sacred point where the divine plan decrees such a change. In accordance with this we are putting more pressure on our Earth allies to finish their remaining tasks, and further personnel, who have gleaned experience in banking, securities, and financial sectors while on on-planet assignments, are being added to our joint work teams. Their expertise is greatly helping our liaison teams to expedite the completion of a number of critical tasks. The focus is on removing those elements delaying change and quickly bringing about the first domino: the prosperity deliveries and the US regime removal. Heaven desires the removal of these roadblocks and the path to first contact cleared of any possible further obstacles.

      With this in mind we are taking it upon ourselves to meet more often with our Earth allies. Here, we check on progress and determine what aspects of our joint operations need tweaking or even a new approach. The joint intention is to creatively solve any problems and to come up with the best and quickest strategies for success. So far these more frequent meetings are accelerating the previously agreed-upon timetables. Heaven sanctions what we are doing. In addition we have deepened our surveillance of the dark's skullduggery and have uncovered a number of clandestine activities by the cabalists to destabilize Mother Earth. This scorched-earth policy has been contained. A series of intense meetings with those cabalists in charge of these attacks has resulted in assurances from them that these transgressions are to cease. Naturally we remain wary.

      As you know, Mother Earth needs to release pressure from time to time, and by studying solar activity you can discern these periods. There is a set of natural magnetic resonance patterns that exists between the Sun and her children. We discovered this early on in our observations of this solar system just prior to the arrival here of the first contact fleet. Thereafter, we kept up our study of these basic 36 resonance patterns. It is interesting to us that your government's deep dark research projects did not catch on to this until late 2006, and since then they have used solar, astronomic, and geological probes to confirm what we now both know. Then they attempted to create a number of 'natural' disasters, which we restrained. They have received many strong warnings from us to cease immediately from perpetrating the aggressive misuse of these cycles.

      Everything we are doing is geared toward and deeply committed to ensuring that the objectives of this mission are met successfully. Our covert assignments bring us into contact with you on a daily basis, and this is necessary to permit us to interact with you and determine what you need or want. This particular first contact mission requires constant innovation on our part and unique methods of evaluating what we discover. In order to accomplish the goal of this mission--raising your society's consciousness-we have had to do things that overturn what you consider to be the norm. This means that some unique and unprecedented tasks have been put before us. Thus, this first contact with you has become truly special, and we deeply Love the challenges that you have given us.

      The final challenge is to carry out the reforms your world so desperately needs and then, at the appropriate moment, to arrive on your shores. The complexities of the myriad elements of this equation are truly astonishing to look at! Once the mass landings are over we want to have long conversations with you about how you experienced the event. We intend to compile a log of the whole process, and your contributions are essential to the record; indeed, any chronicle of this period would be badly lopsided without your extensive input. We also need you to continue your contributions during and after your return to full consciousness as your comments promise to be the most enlightening of all.

      Today, we carried on with our discussion of your first contact with us. We wish you to know that our commitment to you is boundless. And we are determined to complete this mission within the timetable given to us by the Divine! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Eb, 0 Pop, 4 Eb                 7/29/08

Selamat Balik! We come with more things to discuss with you! Right now, events are occurring on your world that promise a resolution to the stalemate alluded to in our last message. While this goes ahead we are preparing to assist our Earth allies in a number of ways. First, we are complementing the forces they assigned to the removal of the current US regime.  Second, we are providing the resources needed to allow our Earth allies to put a new hard-backed currency system into effect on your world.  Finally, we are expanding our liaison and diplomatic personnel so as to be ready to furnish the necessary services for a more harmonious reality on your world.  As you can see, many things are primed to manifest and become known as soon as the deliveries of your many prosperity funds are realized.  The importance of this step prompted us to send out a special detail of ships to watch this program unfold.  So far no major problems are being encountered, and all that continues to plague this much-maligned operation is the same old boring interference.

      In addition to these developments we are observing a big rise in the number of seismic movements and earthquakes on Mother Earth's surface. Your planet is going through many changes as the north and south polar magnetic fields literally run over each other.  This massive movement, coupled with the south polar field's inward migration toward the Earth's central Sun, has caused a great deal of destabilization in some major tectonic plates.  The resultant increase in earthquakes in some of the Earth's most active fault zones is only an overture to what could shortly be possible.  Likewise, this process has caused some of your planet's major volcanoes to erupt, or go into a mode that strongly hints at a possible future major eruption.  This increasing activity is mirrored by the slight rising and settling of the Earth's surface that occurs when these fields run over each other.  We have been watching this phenomenon and have recalibrated many parts of your planet in order to keep this from getting out of hand.  To date, our work is conforming to our expectations.

      Let us return to the operation that is the prelude to your new reality. Presently your world is in a transition period. Two things are happening:  First and foremost is the big squeeze being put on the dark cabal.  This has resulted in a countering operation that has greatly impeded the movement of capital throughout your world.  This capital war has thrown the great illuminoid families into a panic as large sums of their immense fortunes were seized by our Earth allies and turned over to the many prosperity programs.  Further, many additional layers of security procedures are being added to the protocols for transferring these prosperity funds from one central bank to another.  This undermines the illegal US Federal Reserve and its many allied banks and is gaining momentum by the day. This operation is preparing your world for a post-US Federal Reserve reality.  The pressure is compelling many US nationally chartered banks to rethink their long-standing relationship to the US Federal Reserve Bank and opt for being part of the soon-to-be-announced US Treasury Bank.

      The second is the push to completely reorder the present global banking system. The attack on the Federal Reserve and her dominant fiat currency is part of a complex process to recast the financial way of your world.  The ultimate goal of the capital war is to move away from the excesses of fiat currencies (inflation, currency manipulation, and money-laundering of vast, unaccounted-for sums) toward a new system of universal abundance, currency stabilization underpinned by true value, and an end to secret manipulation and money laundering. Money is the primary power resource of your societies and its movement has been used to fund wars, revolutions, and other means of creating chaos both local and global.  Our Earth allies intend to transform this into a transitional realm marked by increasing harmony among nations and an end to the greed and envy that are prerequisites for the degree of chaos now prevalent.  This new reality is the preferred prologue to first contact.

      The movement toward a new reality is progressing as planned. New realities are forming everywhere around your world, despite all the odds. The old, dark cabalists managed to set up many things that are only now beginning to come undone.   This realm of yours longs for peace and for a new blueprint for harmonizing diplomatic relations.  The old order, in which the superpowers call the shots, has worn thin indeed.  A determination is rising to find a creative and cooperative modus vivendi, and this can only happened once the reasons for international rivalries are dispatched.  To this end our Earth allies proposed a new charter for the UN, armed with the fundamentals that will be central to your world's new reality; including, an end to national aggression and the instigation of socially responsible, 'green' multi-national companies in full partnership with the people of Mother Earth and the prosperity that surrounds them.

      These items are to kick off a series of programs that will be reinforced by the introduction of Earth's long-suppressed technologies as well as some of our own. We see what is about to happen as a formal partnership between our Earth allies, the peoples of Mother Earth, and our first contact fleets.  This open partnership ends the UFO cover-up and replaces it with our formal presence on your world.  We are fully prepared for the many consequences of our sudden appearance and have worked with our Earth allies to set up a means to reveal the truths about your religious philosophies, your true history, and your ET origins.  Most of your world's population may be greatly shocked by this massive infusion of new facts, so we created a new paradigm that the majority of your scientists have been grudgingly heeding for the past half-decade.

      This new paradigm points the way to a spiritual science and opens up the search for what consciousness really is. It is this opening to consciousness that will impel the swift emergence of a new science of consciousness, which is to be the next rapid step in the evolution of your science.  The philosophy of consciousness can be a catalyst for rethinking your religious 'myths' and, with it, a means for a more complete scenario that can be used to unite humanity, both materially and spiritually.   Ultimately it is the spiritual, Love-oriented concepts that are the vital key to what we intend to introduce in the post-contact world.  This broad-based prelude to our arrival can greatly prepare you for the frank conversations we are to have together on many important topics.  To use an apt cliché: The Truth will set you free!

      This progress on all fronts toward first contact is most encouraging. The fact is dawning on the major governments of your world that this first contact is inevitable and not very far off.  Likewise, it is only the most die-hard members of the dark cabal who are still fully intent upon a dark victory for themselves or, alternatively, a Pyrrhic victory for the Earth allies.  But, as you know, this is not to be the case.  Too much of your world is now realizing that the divine plan is to come to pass, and the only issue remaining is the exact timing for it all to materialize.  This is where we come in as we are the final catalyst.  First contact, specifically when and where it is to take place, is the definitive arbiter of this timeline.  Heaven delegated this duty to us when the mission became official, and we intend to carry it out to the 'divine' letter!

      Today, we continued our discussion about the progress toward your new reality. We would repeat a most important point: The key determining factor is first contact. Until that moment we watch, we prepare, and, when so advised, we arrive! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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