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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Muluc, 2 Vayeb, 3 Manik         7/22/08

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to add about what is going on around you. Everywhere, the portents point the way to your new reality. This place of abundance and harmony is drawing closer as the dark cabal searches madly for a possible solution to its ever-growing plethora of predicaments. Yet, with all this, a kind of stalemate has shown up, which is giving the dark cabalists a glimmer of hope.  These circumstances contain within them certain remedies that our Earth allies are currently applying in different ways throughout your world.  This is beginning to wear away the causes of the stalemate, allowing our Earth allies to prepare the final elements for an all-out assault on these dark ones.  Before this can happen a number of critically needed personnel are moving into position within the US regime.  Their task is to perform the actual physical ouster of this regime, using the legal remedies given to them by various courts and other legal procedures.  Whatever happens, the removal from office of this illegal US entity and its cohorts is essential for what is planned next.

      It is important for you to understand that what the old, corrupt order produced was an onion like, multilayered conspiracy.  It inculcated into your society an ethos of wealth and power, with its concomitant prerequisite of ambition and greed, producing a never-ending stream of willing new candidates to do the cabalists bidding.  This process needed to be transformed.  To do this Heaven came up with a very complex operation: first, to begin a process to make humanity more conscious; that is, more aware of the consequences of its actions.  Next, to assist those who were to become our Earth allies to meet and help each other.  Together, these factors began to set a new course for humanity.  The third element is first contact.   This is essential in order to counter the madness of the dark cabalists, when necessary, and in general to provide a means to complete this reality shift if the first two elements fail to forge the amount of change needed to complete the transformation of your global society.

      This need for a radical redesign of your consciousness and of your society is the primary reason for what Heaven and the divine plan are now doing. Your world is straddling the divide between an overwhelming catastrophe and an amazing future paradise.   And now, Heaven has stacked the cards overwhelmingly in favor of the approaching paradise, or, as we refer to it, your new reality.  This new reality has all of its multiple elements now at the point of manifestation.  What is holding it up is the need to create your Will to do so:  Too many of you are still enamored with the thought of great wealth and power as exercised in the old paradigm.   But the principles of the old paradigm are changing, making it less and less possible to wield such power.   In its stead a new way of governing is beginning to emerge.   This model of cooperation and consensus is being studied more thoroughly in universities and think tanks around the globe.   In essence, a form of society similar to galactic society with its fluid group management mode is rearing its head in a variety of slightly different forms.

      These new ideas are being field-tested in many parts of the third world, such as sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and even India. These experiments are allowing the older tribal forms to reappear in a reformed mode. Those living in the traditional village way have taken this new approach and run with it, producing new and more successful variations of the old.   A more specific example is the use of "ho'oponopono" in Hawaii, which is a traditional method of solving personal and village conflicts and thereby effecting harmonious solutions to problems.  This procedure lies at the very heart of galactic society. In short, a new paradigm is emerging from the old village formulas and quickly becoming the basis for forging new societal structures.  It is these grass-roots developments that, when combined with the Earth allies' imperatives for new economic and financial systems, are making possible the creation of Heaven's new reality!

      These ongoing activities are the basis of our review of what is going on below us. We know how your society is structured and the amount of defacement it daily inflicts upon Mother Earth and upon you.  It is not a pretty sight!  Yet within you are a hope and a growing realization that a vast change is now imperative.   Our Earth allies are doing their part and you are doing yours.  Our part is to interact with all and thereby permit this much-needed change to move forward in a meaningful manner.   Above all, we are here to act as the final resort.  This is why we constantly reiterate that radical and significant change on your world is inevitable.   Even if it does take a more direct path, such as the need for a sudden first contact, we are ready to do so.   Our intention is that this more direct form of involvement is still not necessary.   Nevertheless, let us state once more that we are prepared to act thusly if so required!

      Presently, the movement to replace the illuminati overlords is moving forward at the right divine speed. If this slows to a pace that Heaven disapproves of we are prepared to act accordingly.   You are precious to Heaven!   This statement is a blessing indeed!   It is because of your importance that we authorized this first contact mission and that we watch over you carefully.   You need to grow in consciousness and to construct a grand coalition that can defeat the dark cabal.   To assist you we have provided supplies and other resources to our Earth allies, who in effect are a part of you all.   What remains is to see what you do in the remaining time allotted to us by Heaven.   Then we are to re-evaluate and set up the appropriate scenario for first contact.

      This overseer role is something that we take on with all enthusiasm. Your daily struggles need not go on much longer.  We monitor you and carefully watch what our Earth allies are doing.   Meanwhile, we also plan and prioritize our first contact options.   We prefer that the prime scenario agreed to with our Earth allies come to pass.   But, as we stated above, we are fully prepared to switch to another option if the present conditions change.   Our inner fleet circling your world is ready to act instantly.   An alternate series of announcements has been prepared, which are to explain any new scenario to you.   Once these are broadcast we are to land swiftly, using any requisite technology to ensure this mission's success.   On the ground, the same procedures mentioned to you in past messages are then to apply.

      Progressing this first contact mission beyond its present status is vital. We have set up a number of key objectives for our Earth allies to meet, and they are also advised of the specific timetable in operation.   These things are all part of what we are doing to further the necessary physical changes that are a part of our mission.  The other aspect is the great consciousness shift that you are undergoing, and this shift is to be further accelerated.  Thus our medical teams have begun to undertake monitoring procedures that allow us to make sure that you are adjusting well to what is being done to you by Heaven's divine messengers.   In effect, we are the moderators for your changes and the means that ensure that first contact happens and happens as planned. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we continued our talk about the conditions that are to be a precursor to first contact. What occurs next determines what we do next. In any event, be assured that we are fully locked into a first contact with you. Very shortly we intend to carry out a massive first-contact landing! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Ik, 15 Kumku, 3 Manik       7/15/08

Greetings! We return with some interesting subjects to discuss with you! Over the past few weeks a number of things occurred which severely limited the scope of the cabal's dark endeavors. This gave our Earth allies the opportunity to begin fine-tuning the working set-up of the new banking system and developing the more detailed regulations governing the efficiency of your new global banking network.  When combined with the coming-on-line of the true-value basket of global currencies, this will successfully end the fiat-based economies that grew up in the post WW II era.   This change over establishes fair practices regarding the way commercial and savings banks operate, thus securing an environment that is much more stable and less given to the enormous excesses characteristic of the post WW II world.   An important part of this is the prosperity programs which are ready to roll and which kick-start the sorely needed redistribution of the world's wealth.   This can transform your society's economic models, wiping out the unjust biases that have ever kept the majority in poverty and debt, and unable to find any redress to their plight.

      In this new realm the poor are to be given financial remedies along with the education and guidance needed to end poverty and restore to each human the dignity that lack of wealth and unwieldy cultural traditions have wrested from them. This is not a massive rescue project but rather a means to humanize your society's treatment of its members.  We need you to perceive yourselves in a new light and to define your lives not according to what is "handed to you by fate" but by externalizing your innate, creative joy.   Once your "survival mode" is banished, a lot of re-education will be required; old, ingrained perceptions must be upgraded; and the immediate and long-term implications of your new realities openly examined.   The immense amount of money you are getting has the primary purpose of moving you out of your restricted mindset into an unlimited confidence about who you are and what kind of society you can create.  This is the first issue to be focused on.  In order to build a lasting foundation, you must first set the intention with as much detail as possible.  Then Heaven intends to help you in every way to make it a reality.

      Another factor in this transformation is the releasing and implementation of a huge range of suppressed inventions. The de facto reigning-in of your natural, unlimited potential has surrounded you with seemingly insurmountable global problems.  Once you are set free, the Earth allies and the Galactic Federation can change how your society functions, thus unleashing a whirlwind of possibilities.  Just think of the potential contribution of all your presently undereducated and suppressed individuals.  Indeed, many in your society use their great ingenuity to directly or indirectly assist the dark. Imagine this energy being redirected into constructive rather than destructive projects.  With such vast creativity and energy suddenly made available, far-sighted and thoughtful visions will be essential.   The scope of all this goes far beyond the multitude of healing centers that will pop up like mushrooms after a rain storm.   Your new wealth can be channeled into utopian projects that allow many to acquire the education they long for and explore, unhindered, the newly opening avenues of discovery.

     Money and wealth need to be spread to the point where they become universal. Your society currently reflects the myriad restrictions spoon-fed to you from birth.   Yet, you are moving toward full consciousness.   A founding principle of such consciousness is the freedom for each to achieve his potential and bring forth his life's purpose.   Humanity is deeply locked into the concept of haves and have-nots, which is an illusion dinned into you by your former masters, the Anunnaki.   Its purpose was to give them access to your creativity while making you believe in the concept of "less than."   Limits exist only in the mind, and when intentions are thus twisted, a world such as the one you see around you develops naturally from that.   In fact you swallowed an illusion and thus made it real.   Now the time has come to cast out this nonsense and return to a reality that accurately reflects the natural creativity and abundance of your true selves.

      This turnabout in planetary conditions can become the precursor to the galactic society that all humans in the Galactic Federation live in. The special-ness and wonder of this environment cannot be understated.   Here, we live in a world that encourages us from birth to be who we really are; we are supported by an educational system that nurtures us and encourages us to explore and express our true selves, to the point where we have great confidence in our selves and our abilities.   This self-confidence bubbles over into a need to help our fellows, and it is this purpose that drives our society to creatively solve any problems that come up.   As you can imagine such difficulties are resolved quickly and serve as a testimony to the ability of our society to remain fluid and able to adapt gracefully to any challenges.   Moving you toward this model is something that our Earth allies and we are fully agreed upon.

      This puts your abundance in a new light. It is more than being able to gratify each passing whim.   It is about setting up a network of individual providers sharing what they have with each other and with you.   Each receiver of wealth has the means to distribute it to others.   We are to suggest that a special network of wealth-givers be set up, which can be enlarged as needed.   Wealth is, above all, a powerful tool for change.   This tool expands upon the goals of debt forgiveness by giving a secondary channel for spreading wealth to all.   Bear in mind the prime purpose of this abundance is to move you into a milieu that constantly supports your growth into Beings who can envision and realize their true potential.   Supporting this process are a plethora of esoteric devices that are to reorganize your current understanding of your physical and spiritual reality.

      The first step is to open up your mind to new possibilities, which, in turn, can lead to more direct and meaningful communication with your True Self. This allows you to question your society's foundational tenets.   We intend you to come together and form natural networks that move you closer to the environment we enjoy.   The upcoming interregnum can provide the setting in which we can all begin to share and learn from each other.   This "other" includes ourselves, who are both above you in space and below you in the realms of inner Earth.   Then there are the Earth allies who also wish to get to know you better, once the many cultural and social restrictions, and the current dangers of your society begin to be removed.

      This coming world is close to happening. Our efforts are helping our Earth allies to get your society to the point of manifestation.   The key is to use your collective potential to make intentions with us each month.   Something we can suggest is to use the full-moon/new-moon cycle to create positive intentions and release them into your reality. Your collective energies are an important part of this endeavor, which we consider to have three components:   First is you and your fellows.   Each of you needs to pick times when you can gather together and boost the energy of what we are collectively doing.   The second and third components are of course our Earth allies and us, respectively.   Together, we are a powerful force that is further bolstered by the blessings of Heaven. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed what is happening on Mother Earth. The actions of our Earth allies, assisted by your powerful energies, are ready to oust the dark cabalists and move you to a new reality. Here, all that we have long talked about can happen and set the stage for first contact. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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