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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Chicchan, 18 Kank'in, 3 Manik            April 29. 2008

Selamat Balik! We come again to discuss first contact and the recent developments that require ongoing adjustments to our plans. First contact is a massive undertaking that expands in directions that we usually do not concern ourselves with. Right now, a significant portion of our personnel is engaged in areas which, until now, lay outside of our purview. These teams are addressing those conditions, which lay the foundation for our current pre-first-contact scenario. We are involved not only in carrying out these projects but also in the long and detailed planning stages as well. This has necessitated the reconfiguration of many liaison teams that consult on a daily basis with our Earth allies. As the complexity of our mission increases we draw more upon the expertise of our new allies, the formerly dark Anunnaki. These allies know a lot about how the last dark cabal thinks and operates. Because of this advice we have been able to anticipate many sudden changes in tactics made by this cabal. But our primary focus remains the speeding-up of those strategies that can overcome any roadblocks set up by this cabal.

      We give the operation to expedite the first contact scenario top priority. The present difficulties are the result of our willingness to let the cooperation between our liaison teams and our Earth allies set the stage for first contact.  Working within this framework has produced the delays just mentioned. Our intent is to remove these logjams and move the whole operation to the next level. Once more, this procedure is taking more time than originally allotted to it. Heaven has said that our Earth allies need a period for their various new political alliances to mature and strengthen. Our perception is that these new alliances are merely the result of circumstances that evolved in certain directions as a result of the vast coalition that is the dark cabal deteriorating under the constant pounding from our Earth allies. Such marriages of convenience tend to be fragile and are unlikely to become more stable than they are at present. We feel that it is important to get on with it and leave any possible benefits, or otherwise, to fall where they may.

      Information flowing in from our medical teams, and from our close observation of your world in general, strongly indicates the need to move forward.  A great disaster is being orchestrated by the dark.  This villainous activity must be derailed, and quickly; and time lapses mean that we must then rework many of the elements of this hugely complex undertaking.  The main thrust of this task is to ensure that the entirety of the cabal is captured and firmly dealt with.  Important as this is, it is even more pressing that those holding the reins of power be toppled, and that safeguards be put in place to prevent any backsliding on the part of the new groups replacing them.  Clearly our role here is as divine overseers, who have the technical and intuitive capabilities to sort out the "wheat" from the "chaff."  This responsibility is one that we intend to take on. The minor episodes that have at times endangered previous stages of this mission must not be allowed to happen again. To this end we put into motion, with the aid of our Earth allies, a number of new policies geared to manifesting the latter stages of our scenario.

     Transforming your global chaos into divine order is essential to moving to the next step. Accordingly, our governing council, the First Contact Governing Board, has issued new commands to our fleet. This has resulted in numerous "incidents" in which we have boldly and defiantly occupied your night skies across the length and breadth of this globe. It is time to make a stronger impression and to serve notice that we deeply desire to complete these preliminary stages. These acts proclaim to your dark cabalists that a new, more intense stage in our interactions with them has begun. In short, this first contact mission needs to reach out and assert itself more. We are here not merely to observe this planet but to carry out a first contact that transforms her realities forever! In this new reality we have responsibilities that include moving you into full consciousness and honoring our special relationship with Mother Earth. There is also your reunion with your Inner Earth families and your membership in the Galactic Federation of Light.

      Your reunion with Inner Earth (Agartha) forms a significant component of the overall plan. In fact, the majority of our on-planet researchers are from Agartha. They work in tandem with our personnel and have helped them adapt more quickly to what are to us some very strange social customs. This time amongst you has yielded constant data and some deep friendships, and we look forward to "revealing" ourselves when first contact happens. We have learnt so much about you and about how our Inner Earth allies Love you and look forward to their long-awaited reunion with you. We have watched closely as our Earth allies and special liaison personnel from Agartha work together. Each group is joyously anticipating the coming grand reunion. The activities currently underway promise that this time is not very far away.

      Making all of this happen is the major focus of each day. Myriad interactions are dedicated to ensuring that what we talk about does indeed transpire. Our governing board has had a number of long sessions with our heavenly supervisors, and one of the items on the agenda was to get a list of criteria from them regarding the new first contact policies that we outlined briefly to you. It is essential to our cause that the present difficulties be shifted to our advantage. Further, we need to implement policies that move us closer to first contact. In accordance with this we have made it clear to your dark cabalists that their continued impudence is no longer to be so easily tolerated. And so we intend to demonstrate to them that their time as the prime movers on your world is coming to an end.

      The time that lies ahead will see the many dark-created calamities alleviated. New rulers are to be put in place whose main objectives are to spread democracy and abolish political practices that lead to corruption and the growing supremacy of special corporate interests. Governance is to come into being that is legally obligated to its varied electorate and able to listen carefully to your needs and opinions. These governments are to release long-sequestered technology and use it to solve your growing energy and pollution crises. These temporary regimes will demonstrate that laws can be established which are indeed logical and fair in the judging of its citizens. The use of fear mongering on the part of government will cease, as will the misapplication of outright ignorance on the part of a nation's rulers. Opportunities to learn about all aspects of a government's responsibilities will become available to all.

      Our unwavering objective is to bring first contact into physical reality. Although this mission has taken many twists and turns to date, we wish to assure you that progress is being made on very many fronts. These actions will enable a mass first contact that can permit us to go on to our prime objective: our role of mentoring you through the final stages prior to your becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. The focus now is to get you there as swiftly as possible. Hence we have undertaken what we firmly believe to be the most effective actions in the given circumstances. A new thrust, marked by a firmer stance, is now taking aim at your prosperity deliveries and the legal removal of the dark cabal. The time has come to move and move swiftly toward first contact.

      Today we supplied you with updated information about our efforts to finish off the preliminaries to first contact. The time has come to begin ending the global turmoil and transform the conditions of your lives into something more tolerable for you. We are very aware that this relief cannot come a moment too soon! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Etznab, 11 Kank'in, 3 Manik                 4/22/08

Selamat Jarin! Much is happening in the secret underground worlds of finance and power. The two factions involved in this struggle are reaching a release point where it becomes possible for the intransigence of the dark to be positively overcome. As we mentioned recently Heaven is also allowing us to intervene more actively on the side of our Earth allies, and so we are capitalizing on this increased involvement by supplying the councils of our Earth allies with detailed intelligence reports designed to target and overwhelm key cabal members who are in charge of many of the ongoing delays. Transforming these dark and complex diversionary tactics into assets for the Light is one of our primary goals. To this end we instructed our Earth allies and their security forces to put immense pressure on certain major private and public financial institutions. This move, coupled with legal procedures now underway, provides the means to end the present global deadlocks. These developments can then terminate the conditions that are delaying the legal ouster of many major dark regimes.

      These strategies form the ongoing interaction between our Earth allies and us over the last half-decade. The difference, today, is in the scope of these exchanges: Heaven now permits us to be more specific and even to take part in these actions when appropriate. Using this encouraging, expanded degree of involvement, we created special groups who are to focus on breaking up and expediting the stalemated conditions. The dark ones, reacting to their precarious situation, have predictably rolled out a whole series of new security regulations, which is slowing down considerably the progress of our Earth allies. Our new intelligence intercommunications give our Earth allies the means to set up countermeasures to the draconian security measures. Moreover, our monitoring of these impositions reveals that another set of dark directives is waiting in the wings to be used against whatever the allies come up with. Happily, our expanded involvement can allow us to advise our Earth allies on the most effective tactical "chess moves" to make.

      Simultaneously, we are engaging in special operations to help those working to legally remove various dark regimes from power, the most important of which is the US regime. This wing of the last dark cabal almost totally destroyed the power and respect accorded to the US since the end of World War II.  They have also nearly completed the dismantling of the American Constitution first started by their forbearers in the 19th century.  These activities need to be rescinded and the Constitution restored to its former status.  Many of the men and women involved in this great task know the implications of this valiant goal: The mushrooming worldwide debt can be ended, and peace, freedom, and personal sovereignty instituted.  At present, the dark uses this illegal US regime as the anchor for a global effort to maintain power, which means that bringing down this regime dispossesses the cabal of its most vital cog. It also makes its defeat inevitable. Therefore, we have set up a number of surprises designed to ensure this outcome.

      Heaven's mission to shift you into full consciousness has been yet further speeded up. The most affected aspect of your body is your nervous system. It involves a massive effort to connect up the more than 200 nodes that hitherto have been dormant or little used. This causes major pains in your neck, mid-torso, pelvis, and legs. You may have experienced increased lower back pain as well, as this is associated with the opening of new electrical circuitry around your spine. Many of the major nerve bundles now being reactivated connect here to your spine. The purpose is to expand the means by which the nervous system connects your brain to the new charkas. This operation is designed to bring in and integrate your higher mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. All of this is a precursor to full consciousness. It lightens up your physical body, making it possible for a number of higher abilities to come on line, on schedule, in the very near future.

      The process of hugely increasing the capabilities of your physical body is necessary to allow the wonderful and now-mostly-dormant abilities of your sensuous system to come alive. Fully conscious Beings are vividly connected to their environments. Every sound, smell, and activity is recorded and integrated into a whole that is experienced seamlessly. This whole-response reorders how you "sense" your environment. It introduces you into a realm encompassing a great deal of multidimensionality: You see, hear, smell, and feel everything as a melded whole and this gives you much enhanced abilities to interact with your environment. Limited consciousness breaks up your experience by compartmenting your senses. As a fully conscious Being you can think and act in an integrative manner. This allows you to be the steward of this reality and a messenger from another. In short, you become a true physical Angel, an integrative mediator between Heaven and physicality.

      Once you move out of a world of separate sensuous experiences into one in which all sensuous activity is integrated, sounds will have colors and colors will have taste. Your world becomes a fused polyphony of all the senses. Your environment is vastly enriched and each part carries a plethora of messages. Your actions complete the patterns that are sensed, and in this way you encourage harmony and balance in your surroundings. You are one with it and at peace, and effortlessly in the flow of a reality's natural rhythms. You remain joyously within the patterns set by the Divine and able to maintain the patterns that the Divine uses as part of a reality's ever changing flow. This multidimensional ability is shortly to be yours. It is this that you lost long ago, and it is this that you are now preparing to regain.

      Heaven's work sets the stage for our work. Full consciousness requires a far different reality than the one you reside in. This requisite transformation is largely our part of the jigsaw and thus revolves around first contact. First contact causes the world, as you now know it to begin a profound and intrinsic transformation. This will lead to the changing of your religious dogmas and other related beliefs. It is to expand upon what government is and how you fit into it. The resulting enhanced democracy is to evolve swiftly into what we call galactic society. Galactic society is based upon the ability of the individual and a supportive group to creatively solve all potential problems. Underpinning all this lies the power of Love and Light, which permits all to carry out their life missions successfully. This includes allowing any society to carry out any divine mission given to it by Heaven.

      These moments in your history are incredibly important. Topping this, of course, is first contact. All that is happening now is a prelude to first contact, and all our actions need to be seen in this light. Your world is in the throes of a sizeable dilemma: The dark is not going easily, and yet it does need to go and go swiftly. The dire needs of your people demand that tyranny be abolished and that your earth-centric beliefs be changed. You are not planetary Beings but galactic ones, on the verge of retrieving your seemingly lost heritage. The Galactic Federation's task is to show you this path and mentor you back to full consciousness. Moreover, we now need to de-claw the dark's control apparatus; that is, to carry out, with your assistance, a quiet revolution that will set up the preliminary conditions for first contact. Know that the "surprises" for the dark are ready to pop!

      Today, we went over what is happening on your world. We ask that you remain calm and comprehend just how close all of this is to occurring. We are proud of you and what you are accomplishing. The present reality is collapsing and, in so doing, transforming into something quite different and immeasurably beautiful. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


|Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Batz, 4 Kank'in, 3 Manik                       4/15/08

Selamat Jarin! We come with more interesting subjects to discuss with you! Around your globe a great energy and consciousness shift is underway. This great divine shift is all about moving you into a new and more fulfilling reality. This reality is bringing with it a first contact and all that that entails, and is being formed in several stages. The first is the integration of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This massive operation is nearing its epic conclusion and is to be completed under our careful guidance. Another aspect is the births over the past four decades of what can be called the indigo children; and those being born today are known as the crystal children. These wonderful starseeds are here to assist your global society and first contact by stabilizing the changes that you are going though and by preparing the life-supporting Earth grids for first contact. These processes are important to the divine plan, and so a veritable flood of such children has populated Mother Earth since the turn of the millennium.

      Along with the influx of these marvelous souls Heaven has brought a great number of sacred Orders of special high Seraphim and great councils of the Light, who arrived with Blessings and sacred dispensations conferred by the divine plan of Lord Surea. Taken together these holy acts are a means for you to progress with your complex integrations, which form the prelude to full consciousness. Never forget that the ultimate goal is full consciousness. This special reality is where you become who you truly are. Lord Surea has specified this precious, divine gift for you. And so it is inevitable! All that remains is to take you across the chaos now growing on your world and into the safety of your spiritual and space families. Our Earth allies are being guided by us to make those things possible which manifest such events. The various forces on your world seeking to prevent this makeover are merely powerful remnants of the dark that once ruled your planet with impunity. Currently, their delaying stratagems are failing to pass muster and are soon to be dispatched into the deplorable dustbin of your history.

      This situation is advancing rapidly toward a positive resolution. The forces of the Light on your world are working out a complex strategy that is leading the dark to its doom. This operation has already secured a new banking system and forged a hard currency backed by gold and other precious commodities. Further, worldwide debt forgiveness is in place. What remains is the legal removal from power of the present US regime. This action is nearly ready to happen and the final series of activities pertaining to this matter is underway. As all this goes forward we carefully monitor all activity, as it is imperative that these affairs be conducted in such a way as to ensure a correct transition back to a true constitutional regime. Many digressive events happened during the last two centuries, which moved your globe away from the progress being made toward recognition of your personal sovereignty and your sacred right to liberty and prosperity. Ending the illegal US governmental corporation and its dark philosophy is central to restoring the path to global liberty and personal sovereignty.

      The worldwide movement toward peace and sovereignty is championed by us and by the many wonderful souls who have recently incarnated on your world. Whether or not you are aware of this, be understanding of these gentle souls as they use their abilities to manifest a divine new realm. Your societies are lacking in the degree of compassion needed to carry out the tasks that lie ahead of you. Hence, the Divine brought these blessed souls here to create the conditions needed for your success. The global rise in consciousness is accelerating and setting the stage for a new and more conscious reality. Your attention to the plight of the many unfortunate ones in Africa, Asia, and across the globe is most encouraging. What the crystal children and their divine allies are manifesting is the heavenly Light energies that are transforming your global mindset and enveloping you in a field that is empowering you to recall your former magnificence.

      The dominant movement on your world is not hurtling you toward extinction or a variety of terminal catastrophes; rather, it heralds a most positive future! Your planet is at the point where you are to decide which fork in the road to take. Once taken, there is no easy way back. Therefore, Heaven has provided the means to make the right choice. The great awakening you are undergoing is another marker that points you in the right direction. It is in this context that the first contact fleet has been appointed by Heaven to complete this task and take you in the direction of your magnificent, divine future. Never before has Heaven permitted so many indicators to help a planetary population make a crucial decision. Further, you are not alone. Do not allow the conditions of your world to discourage you. The present is full of signs that can lead you away from a chaos that seems to be overwhelming. Look beyond it. Feel the future promise welling up around you. Be strong and hold the vision!

      The present predicaments are a horrible illusion, which new collective perceptions can easily resolve. To the uninitiated, this may sound like a strange thing to say, but the truth is that the abilities of your collective intent working in unison with your Higher Selves are infinite. It is these abilities that your former dark masters temporarily took away. Now is the time to take back these abilities and produce the world that we have been describing to you. Our role is that of a catalyst that allows you to dream again, and to manifest inspiring, powerful, and fulfilling visions. Your world is waiting for you to do this. Even Heaven has given you the time necessary to take up this quest. The lengthy undertaking that has grown out of this first contact mission is likewise validated by your exceptional capabilities. We repeat: Once you come together as one people, your possibilities are limitless!

      This grand future awaits you. All of Heaven and physicality wish you well! The path you took led you through a great darkness, which divested you of your confidence and your ability to change your reality. This lack of belief-in-self is not easily removed if you continue to buy into your frailty and into limits to your abilities. We have watched you deprecate these inner abilities of yours; you have done this for so long that you now lack all memory of who you are, and are held in thrall to what is outside of you. Now, your rising awareness is calling this into question, and a need has been awakened in you to reclaim your forgotten heritage. We understand and applaud this. The work of Heaven is moving you toward this divine prophecy. The time for first contact draws near!

      First contact is a process comprising many parts. We are in a mutual learning curve with you. Everything in this process is about maturing your awareness of this reality and how you can collectively transform it into something wonderful. There are myriad potentials that need to be manifested. There are many paths that need exploring. Above all, you require the wisdom to choose the grander and more divine path to full consciousness. This is yet another choice that beckons. Your changing reality is brimming with crucial choices. These choices can be made by the greater collective that is physical humanity. This includes us. Thus your decisions are not just yours alone. From a wider perspective we are part of these most important choices. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have gone over a number of issues that are part of your long road back to full consciousness. This path is one that you do not travel alone. Heaven and we are with you. Our joint destination is your divine success! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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