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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Kan, 17 Mac, 3 Manik            4/8/08

Greetings! We arrive with more to discuss with you! At present the "situation" on your planet progresses as planned. As our involvement with our Earth allies increases we become much more aware of how invisible forces on your world are limiting the options of your last dark cabal. Everywhere, Heaven's subtle efforts are yielding a brighter and brighter Light. This blessed Light causes the space-time continuum, your reality's very essence, to reshape it. It takes more than new grids or a reconfigured set of energy fields to truly forge a new reality. Most of all, it takes the Will of Heaven and your collective core conceptions. Thus Heaven is doing this reordering in a special way. The first part is your consciousness shift. The second is the sending of special heavenly emissaries to move everything swiftly through these changes. The mighty Seraphim of Lord Surea come from Aeon to see that this is done and done quickly. Further, the countless heavenly Orders accompanying them assist this most sacred project.

      This operation is being done at greater and greater energy levels. The heavenly Light attracts the denser energies of your reality and, in so doing, alters them. These new patterns affect the rest of your reality and put into place a higher potential for change. These changing parts then push you to move in new directions toward the Light. The present struggle going on between Light and dark is ultimately to favor the Light. This special process is further helped along by what is presently happening on your world. The crucial point is to realize that even the darkest events now happening are destined to be positively resolved by this ongoing intervention by the Light. Many on your world see this and are working to add their own positive energies to Heaven's great Light. These actions are setting the stage for innumerable events that are very close to occurring. Our role in these proceedings is to act as a positive agent for change. Hence, we are drawn into a more inclusive role with our Earth allies. This role is, ultimately, to do what is necessary to bring the best possible pre-first-contact environment into being. Our favorite arrangement for first contact is the one we have long described to you.

      Bringing off the "quiet revolution" envisioned by us is a most complex matter. Right now, the economic and monetary pieces are in place and ready to manifest but are still being held up by the dark's positions of power. The dark made it a point to hold on tight to the present US administration and its cock-eyed domestic and global policies. These policies are strangling your world and need to be ended as fast as possible. To do this, we have begun to take charge of those who are given the responsibility to legally and effectively put these charlatans out of business. We have come up against many in the US military as well as many in civilian garb who desire this change but are befuddled by what needs to be done. We have encouraged them to act and have given them our help where so required. The result is a sequence of quiet steps that has started to move all of this in the right direction. Our intent is to see that what has been long promised to you by Heaven comes to pass and does so in a manner most conducive to first contact.

     Accomplishing first contact remains our primary goal. All that we are here for is tied into this one massive act of contact. Heaven dispatched us here to help you in your final series of consciousness changes. During our sojourn here we became more aware of just how much help you need in order to meet the timeframes set by the divine plan. This realization alters how this first contact happens. Our preference is to come into a realm that has had a change of heart at the top levels and desires to make our introduction into this world as easy as possible. However, a number of other potential scenarios exist. We are willing to move from our preferred scenario into another one at a moment's notice. Our Earth allies understand this and have been so informed from the beginning. We closely monitor your suffering and your difficulties. It is only the wishes of Heaven that keep us from a more direct intervention on your behalf. Believe us; we are staying on our present course only because of the divine commands that we are given.

      We can best describe your world as being like a huge bolder balanced on the edge of a precipice; any undue force can generate the degree of unbalancing needed to send it over the edge. It is this potential that we are working with. It amazes us that your dark cabal is willing to sacrifice your world in order to maintain its control. We see the present policies of the US government in this light. What our Earth allies have done so far would normally have put an end to this madness. But this regime's continuing resiliency has caused us to question the efficacy of the strategies that our Earth allies have in place. Therefore, we have given them a new set of directives. We designed these to be the proper cures for the present impasse. Our intent is to push the dark out of its current positions and bring into power a suitable caretaker regime, which can carry out those things that will be a suitable prequel to first contact.

      First contact needs to be viewed as a seminal event in your history. It is the moment when you move into an acceptance that you are part of a vast galaxy of sentient Beings of all sizes, colors, and shapes. The number of species represented is indeed immense! Comprehending this and then calmly adding this to your knowledge needs to be as easy for you as discovering the lands and peoples of the West. There is no need to panic. The technology revolution that propelled you to this point hinted at such possibilities. Now it is time to come to grips with the fact that such things are real. This same creative mindset ran through the Roman Empire and led the Emperor Constantine to accept Christianity. Letting in new thoughts to forge new conceptions are essential to the consciousness growth of humanity. To fear the new is preposterous!

      An open, childlike acceptance of the new is important. It leads you to answers that help you to grow consciously and spiritually. The degree of fear and uncertainty in you is, to us, most amazing. But then, you have lived lives built upon the false pabulum fed to you, first, by your off-world masters, the Anunnaki; and thereafter, by their dark on-planet minions. All this made you into Beings who were easily controlled. The next step is to divest you of this nonsense and seek what feels intuitively true. Our desire, and that of Heaven, is to help you in this quest. You are in fact free and sovereign Beings who operate under the decrees set forth by the Creator. Our mission is to bring you closer to these truths by helping you in your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. In this capacity, you can become one with your true life mission and fulfill it divinely!

      What we are saying is that a series of great new beliefs lies ahead of you. You need to be open and accept what is to be revealed to you, but only after you have intuitively checked it out for yourselves. This means you must go beyond the imposed dictatorship of the mind and learn to accept and use your intuitive heart logic. This inner heart logic is the way your True, or Higher, Self communicates with you. The key is not to shut it out but to allow its wisdom to percolate within you. Learn to follow its wisdom and apply it as you see the need to. This is a start to what we are talking about. Too often your mind and its unexamined dogmas lead you around like a dog on a leash. Learn to be more open and able to appraise things with your heart logic. One of these is to look at us with a new openness. Then you can see that we are here to be the catalyst for your return to full consciousness.

      Today, we talked about what is happening in your world and our growing role in it. It is our intent to do all that is necessary to hasten first contact. Each day we learn more about what this fully implies. Our fleet is dedicated to completing this mission and celebrating our mutual joy with you! Use your heart knowing to realize just how close you are to your well-deserved victory! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Caban, 10 Mac, 3 Manik           4/1/08

Selamat Jarin! We return to talk about some interesting things with you. In last week's message, we touched upon how we are taking a more direct role in preparing your society for first contact. For example, it has been agreed with our Earth allies that some of our personnel be given new tasks. They are to be involved in helping those who are charged with clearing your society of the many obstacles that have so far prevented you from ousting the dark cabal's "elected" sycophants from office. This operation is now reaching a point where a number of actions long promised to us can finally take place. In addition, the several tasks, which prepare the way for the disbursement of the prosperity programs, are likewise going forward. The most important of these undertakings is clearing what amounts to a veritable "minefield" laid by the cabal to protect the status quo. This operation is also almost finished. In short we are close to ridding your governments of the many cronies of the cabal whose policies enable this dark clique to continue to ride roughshod over your laws and reap outrageous profits.

      The dark ones now see that their number is up and are changing their tactics accordingly. Surviving the coming calamity is now one of their most pressing objectives.  Their plan is to intensify their search for the key members of the Earth allies while putting on a happy face in public.  A global confrontation of fierce passion on both sides is mounting by the day.  This intense struggle is now claiming many lives; and yet the dark cabal is not winning.  Its procedures are restricting many financial operations and making it more difficult for courier services to carry out their duties.  As a result our Earth allies are being forced to use their "new" powers to secure the nodes that make up your world's financial and banking operations.  All this contributes to the demise of the dark cabal.  Ironically, its efforts to survive are creating the very means of its destruction.  We do not see this struggle lasting much longer.  The power of the dark may appear to be on the rise, but in fact the reverse is true.

      In the meantime, the first contact fleet remains at the ready, to assist when and where needed.  Recently our personnel negotiated a number of agreements, which allow our Earth allies to gain positions of authority in the evolving new financial system. Through our good offices, the enormous amount of gold and silver required to back the new currency system has been "created" or acquired for our Earth allies. The special relationship between our Earth allies and us is bringing the cabal's machinations under the scrutiny of some hitherto removed, yet powerful, spiritual Beings. Until now, these mortal Beings remained aloof from the power mongering of the dark, letting the (then-dark) Anunnaki perpetrate their millennia-long dominion. Now these groups are proving to be a most powerful ally for change. These Beings are sabotaging most of the dark's power games by helping our Earth allies to intercept the many secret money transfers that feed the huge and steady cash flow used by the cabal. In consequence this cash flow is starting to dry up.

      Due to this financial attrition, the cabal is using its power base to intercept certain funds, which it uses to allow the US Federal Reserve and other key banks to stay afloat in support of the US Dollar and its acquired position in the post-WWII financial system. This system is dying along with the Federal Reserve Dollar. A new US Dollar, attuned to the new currency system, is ready to be born when the Federal Reserve Dollar is put to rest. Hence the US political system is in turmoil as secretly the key leaders of the US regime know full well what is going on and cast around for ways to resolve this perilous conundrum. The current Democratic Party's presidential debacle is one of the smokescreens commanding public attention while these key leaders work to keep this terminally corrupt system in power. However, deep in their guts they know how close the "quiet revolution" is to manifesting. This troubles them as they fully appreciate how angry the American electorate can be when many hidden truths are revealed to them.

      Behind the fašade of lies and deceit lies a system whose tentacles of power and influence reach far and wide. Secret discussion are underway to figure out a way for this failing system to somehow miraculously regenerate itself. But these discussions by the powerful and the policy-makers have as yet reached no definite conclusions. Our eavesdropping reveals nothing to us of any substance. Plans of all sorts are mooted in these top-secret assemblies, but the "insiders" are still at a loss. The same quandary grips their global counterparts. The present political system is dying because those in power lack the moxie to do something bold or different. The effects of this reluctance are compounded by the Orwellian measures many governments have put into force as these draconian policies are likewise failing. Seeing the dark besieged on all sides greatly encourages our Earth allies.

      This subtle power shift comes at a price. The dark is giving ground grudgingly, and every advance has cost some lives or someone's personal fortune. Our Earth allies are more than willing to pay this price. At present, the cabal is trying to disguise its political problems by staging an economic meltdown, which it cannot control; and herein lies the solution we seek. The details of this operation may not yet be divulged to you; just know that the power illicitly grabbed by the dark will not be theirs much longer. A project is underway that is to end this sorry farce. New governments are to come into being globally and these will establish a general policy of delegating responsibilities to the community. This is just one of the aims of our Earth allies.

      The need for a new paradigm for your mushrooming scientific research is becoming equally vital. Science has reached a point where too many of its discoveries defy the current scientific paradigm. The policy of presenting new understanding through the lens of the old matrix is generating new theorems and hypotheses that border on the ridiculous. The new research needs a new paradigm. Those engaged in the super-secret, esoteric projects know full well the truth of these statements; they have been working for some decades on captured ET craft and "flying-saucer" technology given to them under the aegis of old contracts made between major Earth governments and dark ET races. The open unveiling of this hidden knowledge is long overdue. Similarly, your political systems cry out for radical reappraisal. In so many areas, the answers lie in the awakening changes of perception of your growing "quiet revolution." As this new dawn sweeps across your world, the stage is set for our arrival.

      Cooperating as a team with the Galactic Federation is something our Earth allies now finally accept. The next moments in your history are to be rife with real institutional change as this constitutes an essential part of the great consciousness shift. Your world is deeply hurting and passionate about what is happening. Many are moving from violence to a more reasoned way to solve the pain, but others are still caught in the cycle of violence and see no way out. Thus frustrated, they lash out in a seemingly incomprehensible way. And yet out of the ever-spreading turmoil will come a way to curtail the most dire of these scenarios. At the end of this most circuitous path lies first contact. Here, we are waiting quietly to introduce you to new truths and to your new reality!

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. Be patient and filled with the gracious Light that Heaven daily gives you. Use your heart knowing to realize just how close you are to your well-deserved victory! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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