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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Ix, 2 Yaxk'in, 4 Eb                    11/25/08

Greetings! We come again with more to discuss with you. Around you a reality is shifting as the vast anomalies observed by your planetary scientists continue to increase throughout your solar system. Change is indeed the word of the moment. Reflecting these changes are the ones happening on your world. The strange weather patterns of the past few years are only one aspect of the wider changes that are to affect the world you currently know.  Everywhere, changes are afoot. The present global economic meltdown is a big part of this.  This massive problem is, above all, a harbinger that an entirely new type of economic reality is to be forged.  Included within this new reality is an abundance program that is close to manifesting.  Along with this abundance come a slew of new caretaker regimes and an end to the current malaise. This birth of freedom is a herald of the formal end of the nightmare that is the sorry legacy of the current US regime.  These illegally elected criminals and their allies inflicted the most grievous wound to the global body politic during their time in office.

      This lamentable state of affairs is not to devolve into something much worse. Rather, look upon what is now happening as a very temporary situation. Besides the abundance programs and all that goes with them, there is of course our arrival. Preparation for first contact is something that depends greatly on how all of you are doing. We need you to be less, not more, stressed. We look upon our duties as doing all that is necessary to ready your world for our arrival. As we mentioned last week, we have completed all the necessary ritual to prepare your realm for us. Our priests and priestesses, in unison with your many native shamans, have worked diligently to establish the energies needed to support our return en masse to your world.  As you know, Heaven has spent the past few decades preparing each of you for a shift in your consciousness. O ur part in this is to move each one of you through the final stages of this most complex procedure.  Aided by our brethren in Agartha, we have set up the necessary structures that can easily and beautifully move you into full consciousness.

      This move into full consciousness is the culmination of what we are doing here. Your next stage of reality is based upon your shift in consciousness.  Normally, such a shift takes many more decades to achieve.  Your coming tasks require that this shift be done swiftly and with the necessary issues formally addressed.  One of the first things that you notice in full consciousness is the wide range of sensory input.  Your awareness of your environment increases exponentially!  The vividness of the colors and sounds, and of the life forces that surround you is truly amazing!  You become both observer and participant simultaneously, and you move into a direct experience of this fact.  You feel and are an integral part of unfolding Creation.  You work in a realm that is alive, one that gives you continuous feedback on whatever you choose to do.  If you are not used to this state of being, it can easily overwhelm you.  What we do is accustom each of us to it, even before birth, and provide the measures that allow us to live safely and sanely in such a reality.

      Being fully conscious, we flit between past, present, and future. We understand absolutely the importance of the unwinding present as being our most stable base. Setting up our base is something that we do constantly.  We recognize the way that the present does most profoundly influence the past and future.  Thus it is a real necessity for you to learn to appreciate your present and learn how to turn it into your mountain of protection.  Right now you see past, present, and future as unconnected, and the energies of these three states seem unreal to you. In fact, each aspect has a live energy entity that is in charge of it.  We ask for its Love and advice, and then use these to make our central perceptual core.  This serves us well and we continually interact with each of them.   We regard this process as a way to know what our True Self tells us, which adds to our store of wisdom.   This growing wisdom helps us to fulfill our life purposes and assist our society to gracefully solve any problem that comes up.

      Full consciousness permits you to experience colors and sounds in combinations and with a vibrancy you can barely now imagine. We engage with our surroundings in ways that make life more intense and deeply meaningful.  This interaction is a sensory joy!  Yet, at times, it can be overwhelming even to us.  Here, remedies learned in childhood serve us well.  To us, each aspect of our reality has sound and color, and gives off a specific feeling.  Taken together, this creates an amazing symphony of color, sound, and emotion.  We call this the joy of our Beingness.  We revel in it, and simply cannot wait for each of you to experience its exquisite beauty!  Using this ability, we can perceive you with a degree of fullness that allows us to know where you are and how much is required for you to achieve your destiny.   This destiny allows you to aid Mother Earth on her own path to full consciousness.

      As stewards of this planet and this solar system your lifetime goals are deeply entwined with Mother Earth. You feel the energies emanating from the Sun and gain strength from them.  You feel the pulse of the planet and innately align your normal breathing and heartbeat with her.  This is most natural as you need this connection to influence her for the better and to use your life energies to sustain her.   As you grow in awareness you can feel and realize the dark things that the powerful in your societies have done to this most beautiful planet.   In response to this a movement has grown up with the intent to find ways to reverse these horrendous actions.   You have passed laws and become able to prove how these actions affect your planet.   Now you are taking steps that can put right the deeds of the past.

      These things are only a start. In truth, you can use many devices and formulas, now suppressed, to accelerate this corrective mode. Mother Earth comprehends what you are doing and Loves you for it.   As you learn more about her true nature, you can discover that you are not alone.   The people of Agartha want you to learn more about them and, together, help Mother Earth back to full health.   To this end they have sent ships to the surface to assist Mother Earth and make you more aware of their existence.   The time comes for this separation of nearly 13 millennia to end.   This takes us back to the matter of first contact.   First contact is to complete this task of helping Mother Earth.   It is also to transform you by ending your separation from your various brethren in Inner Earth and throughout this galaxy.

      This huge expansion of knowledge, about your galaxy being a part of a vast universe of life, is a beginning of your new reality. It is the start of your reunion with Spirit, and is part and parcel of your return to full consciousness.   In this new realm you are to be introduced to many strange and seemingly odd facts about Creation.   You are to be able to sit at the base of the energies that are the Nine, and to be made aware of the beauty and power that lie in the highest realms of the Creator.   These sacred Councils of Oryon are the great messengers of Lord Surea.   These Ones spread the Joy of the Creator (Ja Ta, in Sirian) to all parts of Creation. This joy is the divine plan in action.   From this joy comes enlightenment, the highest achievement of full consciousness.

      Today, we continued our discussion about your shift in consciousness. This shift is accompanied by our mass arrival on your shores. We await this magic moment and use this time to prepare you for what lies ahead. Look upon these times not with apprehension but with joy, knowing what is truly about to happen. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Manik, 15 Xul, 4 Eb                        11/18/08

Selamat Kasiran (Sirian for "Be One!") We come with more news on what is occurring in your realm!   The final moment for the cabal is fast approaching. Their last attempts at forestalling the inevitable are now taking place. We are watching this with great care to ensure that these long awaited moments finally happen.   While all this is going forth, Mother Earth is preparing to go through the next part of her own consciousness shift.   The entire solar system is presently in a state of flux. The Sun is behaving oddly as she prepares to alter the patterning and the strength of her electro-magnetic fields that bind this solar system together. You scientists are publicly perplexed by it all.   Yet, in private, they realized the immensity of the paradigm shift that is implied by what they are observing.   This series of perceptions that embody how your reality views the universe is altering.   This conventional wisdom is swiftly becoming unusable.   New perceptions are quickly needed.   The time is approaching to unveil your new reality and with it, a whole new series of amazing, man-made devices.

      The solar system is changing at a most amazing rate! The orbits of your planets are starting to become slightly more circular than elliptical. This chance is most noticeable with Mercury. This planet, once thought by your astronomers to be a dead world, is currently considered one of the most active places in the solar system.   Venus is likewise undergoing signs of changing herself for the better.   Everywhere the solar system is in the midst of a profound series of changes.   This is yet another sign of just how far your reality is advancing to its shift point.   You are advancing toward this shift point at a quicker and quicker pace.   Your reality is actually imploding and its grids are cracking.  This phenomenon is further making the reign of the cabal more and more difficult.   We are assured by Heaven that this progress toward first contact is progressing along as planned.   We are told to prepare fully for the landings and to continue on with the necessary preliminary rituals.   These sacred conventions are at the completion point.   The next step is follow the unfolding of our prime scenario and carry out first contact.

      First contact always comes with a stipulation that the inhabitants of the star nation chosen must accept it. In your case there is only Agartha and the acceptance of this operation at your soul level.  There is most importantly, the full compliance of Heaven.   Indeed, It was the clamor of Heaven that initially convinced us to undertake this most unusual procedure.   We view what we have done in very favorable terms.   Without the total resistance of your dark cabal and its sycophants in government, this first contact was scheduled to happen over a decade ago.   Their intransigence and a near natural catastrophe altered this initial schedule.   Now, we are on a timetable dictated by events on your world.   This requirement added years to this first timetable.   It leaves us ready and yet unable to come as first planned.   Currently, a number of new factors changed these first conceptions.   Our new timetable is busily ticking off the time and we await the moment when we can fully reveal the vastness of our fleet to you.   Our joy for the arrival of this moment is beyond compare!

     The time comes for contact and the revealing of your new reality. This new reality is one to be noted for its abundance and for the end of the lies and secrecy that marked the last eight decades. You suffered through a grand ignorance and now is the time for this ignoble behavior to end.  The new caretaker regimes need to tell you immediately the truth of what has happened just since the start of your last economic depression.  The follies the US government and the utter hell instituted by Nazi Germany and her minions need to see the light of day.   A great scheme born partly in the depression and aided after World War II by the Nazi conspiracy is a tale needing telling.   This conspiracy murdered a US President, misused the US government as its staking horse and contributed massively to the current economic mess.   Along the way, they instituted the UFO cover up and a tale of corruption that seems almost too incredible to be true.   Our Earth allies await the time when these international criminals can gain their just desserts.

      This process of change is also under the auspices of Heaven. The decrees of Lord Surea made it quite clear that what we are doing is executing the divine plan for your world.   This plan explains clearly that Earth's humanity is to be made ready for a return to full consciousness.   This plan states to us that our divine intervention has a purpose.  We are to ensure that this occurs in a timely manner and that our fleet uses its resources to move your society firmly into the Light.   Our on ground personnel are closely watching how you react to what is happening on your world.   The present economic catastrophe is not meant to last much longer.  The abundance programs are ready to be distributed and the gold and silver for backing the new currencies are already in place.   What remains are the final maneuvers to be in position to oust legally the last remnants of the dark cabal.   Our Earth allies are presently undertaking these last measures.

      As your planet reaches the point of change, our mission becomes mainly to safeguard and carry out a first contact. This operation gives us a broad leeway in what we can do.  We are weighing our options and waited for the time to move us into a position of moving from being a myth to being a reality to the people of your world.   Here, we need to strike a pose that readies you to accept openly what first contact truly means.   This jump from seeing your planet as a global arena has only been in play for less than 400 years.   The next conscious leap has only been widely envisioned for the last 40 years.   This perspective can give you an idea of just how quickly your world has progressed to the next leap in your history.   The coming magic moments promise much for each of you to absorb and for each of you to acknowledge.

      First contact is only just the first stage in a great journey that we are to travel together. In a way, we are here to acknowledge who you really are and to show you your sister subterranean world called Agartha. Agartha and its many wonders are to be shared with the people of the surface realms.  Your future is to be spent here and much less so in your former surface world.   This surface reality is to become a great and protected wilderness broken only at Mother Earth's major nodes by special temple complexes.   These are to be the special points where the life force of the planet is most dependent on a special intervention by its guardians.   This guardian group's land component is you.   At the time of the start of each of the four seasons, you are to be summoned to carry out ceremony that can sustain Earth's eco-system and vivify Mother Earth as well.   These chores are based on your Love and respect for your home and indeed all of physicality.

      As physical Angels, you move into a daily reality that is quite different from what you are now doing. Most of your day is engrossed in your life's joy as well as the joy of friends and your large podlet family.   This lifestyle is based upon abundance and the interlinking of family and interaction with the society at large.   You are known for who you are and you are eager to contribute your talents to the world at large.   These contributions are honored and you are a respected member of this star nation.   In this capacity, you come to serve for a time in the fleets of the Galactic Federation.   Most personnel on our ships are here for a short time.   They come to serve and to advance the Light in this Galaxy.   The first contact fleets that we have above you are made up of veterans of this procedure.   They desire to land and help you to full consciousness.

      Today, we continued our discussions with you about the events of the day and about first contact. We wish you to know that we are a dedicated and determined group. First contact is to happen shortly.  Until then, we are preparing to do all that is necessary to achieve it in a proper and a timely manner.  We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



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