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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Ahau, 8 Xul, 4 Eb              11/11/08

Selamat Balik! We come again to talk about what is happening on your world and about first contact. The events of the day continue their forward move. We are watching all things very carefully. Meanwhile, the chaos engulfing your world continues to grow. Patience is required here. Heaven remains strongly committed to your ascension into fully conscious Beings of Light. This objective drives us all and gives us a great determination to see all this through to its inevitable conclusion. To this end, Heaven is now working on clearing out much of the past karma that still affects you. It is important that the events of your former lives cease to prevent you moving forward as swiftly in your awakening as is wanted by Heaven. To do this, a number of chakra cleanings are now underway, opening up many blocked pathways to your over 200 minor chakras and ensuring that the newer chakras manifest with a minimum of physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. These cleansings are to be completed just after the start of the new Gregorian year.

      This momentum toward full consciousness makes it impossible for the dark cabal to continue on much longer. As we have often mentioned, there is a divine timetable at work here. This sacred schedule puts us very close to a mass landing on your shores. We gathered here in large numbers for one purpose only: first contact. There are no "laws of non-interference" here. Since the days of ancient Lemuria we have watched over you and "interfered" freely and at will when needed. Your former overlords, the Anunnaki, are yet another example of this. Heaven quarantined your world only in order to allow you to absorb the dark lessons that you need to carry with you into the Light. Now these lessons have been well imprinted, and the time arrives for the next phase. It is time for a transition to the Light and for a new kind of knowledge to be embarked upon. This knowledge is to take you out of your current amnesia and lead you back to who you really are. This operation is one of the prime reasons behind first contact.

      Another reason for first contact is the awakening of Mother Earth. Like you, your planet needs to dramatically change the way she uses the spiritual energy she receives daily from the Sun and the galactic core. This energy is mostly deflected into space or used to maintain the various magnetic and gravitational fields holding your solar system together. These fields are now changing and your scientists notice this. They are puzzled by the many changes that are happening, seemingly all at once. Indeed, many of them see these alterations as the start of something quite out of the norm, while others consider the phenomenon as a whole to be only a passing phase of anomalous and unexplainable activity. From our perspective, this amount of "anomaly" is a sure sign of just how committed Heaven is to a rapid transition to a new reality. Everywhere, your solar system is shifting toward full consciousness, further highlighting the urgency for your planet to shift also into something quite different from what you are used to. As we watch and learn much about this process, we also prepare to greet you with open arms.

      First contact is ever a work in progress: Each day brings forth new evidence of the change manifesting around you. This massive change is in fact the transitional adjustments prior to first contact. Not all events lead in this direction, but enough of a grand pattern is emerging that confirms a definite momentum toward this goal. Our operatives among you and within government corroborate this. You are changing at a rapid pace from one set of beliefs to another. As these new concepts come on line in your reality they trigger change, paving the way for the next set of new perceptions. As one set takes root, the next begins to emerge within your collective consciousness. This chain-reaction moves you inescapably to the very brink of immense change. This is something many of you now sense, to the extent that even those in charge of your world are actually beginning to acknowledge it publicly.

      As the need for change grows, and your ability to manifest it in your heart and mind develops, so the new reality begins to appear before you. This new reality is more than a shift in grid pattern or a frequency of consciousness; it is the birth of something different. You sense it within yourselves, but mostly lack the leisure required identifying it. Nevertheless, you make a stab at it, but fail to include all its many aspects. This creates a period of confusion as to what is truly afoot, and this is where you are now. The upcoming phase will bring a series of dramatic events that will help you in this process. Here, the "economic meltdown" is not to be included, as it is merely another staged event by the illuminoids to scare you into doing what they wish. In any event, this manufactured chaos is at an end. What we are describing is the inner changes, the strange dreams and unfamiliar aches that are moving you out of this reality and into the next.

      This coming reality is one we are more familiar with. It is a world based upon a profound equality for all souls, in which you cast off limitation and understand completely how the natural abundance within all realities supports and uplifts you. Want is an unnatural concept that has been ingrained into you to control you. This artificial lack of resources is something we daily observe with disbelief. Everywhere the avarice of the wealthy few holds sway over the will of the many. This is done by making you believe that the few are special, and therefore privileged. This is, of course, poppycock! You are, all of you, equally "privileged"! You all possess the same grand soul given to you by a most Loving Creator! It therefore follows that you all have equal right and access to the bountiful resources provided for you by this reality. Your rising consciousness can ensure this.

      The coming new reality is to be filled with abundance! Moreover, you have the ability to access it at will. Your present world, in retrospect, will seem like an all-absorbing, vivid phantasmagoria of lives lived in sadness, misfortune, and peril. And yet the wisdom learned there is to serve you well: You are indeed a special lot, who have passed through rigors that can now be drawn upon when needed. For example, you can be appointed to explore as-yet unchartered realms of physicality, where you can use your special powers of discernment to ascertain the truth of any given realm. This is a divine gift that reveals itself to you only after much seemingly endless travail. This hard-earned quality is to permit you to carry out your destiny and help unfold the divine plan throughout the whole of physicality.

      Thus, a most remarkable future awaits you. We would ask you to look at this whole panorama and see the present time as a strange but exhilarating endgame. You are on a path that is leading you rapidly to first contact and full consciousness. The new reality awaiting you is preparing to sweep you up into its loving embrace, which means that the one you presently reside in is about to transform in the very near future. On top of all this is the steadily growing intimation of a mass first contact. All these factors point to a transition that is to flip this reality literally at a moment's notice, and in anticipation of which we keep our fleet at the ready. So be patient, and prepare well for all that is about to happen. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have gone over some of the things that make this time in your history so very, very special. One of these elements is our arrival in great numbers on your shores! And this special moment is getting close. We anticipate a most lovely reunion with you! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Ben, 1 Xul, 4 Eb                             11/4/08

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about the events of the day and first contact. Right now, many critical events are happening that are to profoundly affect your world. These events involve the remaking of those corrupt institutions that put your realm in peril. The current fiscal crises demonstrate clearly now the urgent need for global financial reform, not least because what hitherto has been considered appropriate remedies for these problems is no longer viable. All is interrelated, and the growing consciousness of the world needs to be reflected in suitable change. The proposals of our Earth allies fit this bill. Your world requires that the old beliefs in limitation be abandoned as these resulted in a society in which some are extremely wealthy while the majority struggle to maintain a decent living. A solution is to utilize the vast abundance sequestered away by the ultra-rich centuries ago. These special funds, or trusts, have matured and are now ready to be distributed according to the directions of the originators of these funds.

      The Ascended Masters used their shrewdness and wisdom to have the wealthy crowned heads of Europe set up a series of special trusts that were to mature at the turn of the millennium. They were intended for the Light workers and those enlightened ones who deeply desired to bring in a new age for Earth's humanity. At this most appropriate time in your history, we observe how this grand plan superbly heralds the very essence of these contemporary times. In support of this, our Earth allies put into play a backup program that supports the payouts prescribed by the Ascended Masters. These programs, too, have reached the payout levels decreed by the Masters. Further, our Earth allies initiated a number of actions that can legally remove the governments that have so far blocked these initial mass payouts. These funds together with the establishing of more agreeable political regimes are to be united with a new system for conducting global banking and the day-to-day operations of your world's business.

      This new abundant realm is merely the "baby-steps" for the events that form the prelude to first contact. Among these are many disclosures of long-suppressed technologies. These can greatly reduce pollution; cast you into a new computer age; and end your reliance on fossil-fuel propulsion systems. These new technologies will point the way to an enormous number of revelations about past and present encounters with Beings from other worlds. This news can excite the vivid imagination of your world and lead to a formal announcement of our existence. These possibilities delight us and are the reason for a great deal of our planning for what comes next. You are more than ready for us. We have watched your reactions to many different kinds of information disseminated by your media about us. Most of your reaction is positive, and we have seen that you deeply disagree with the skeptics who are so pervasive in your media. This encourages us to urge our Earth allies to announce to you that we are here and ready to work with you in a post-first-contact world.

      Creating the environment for this new world is at the top of our list of priorities. We understand that a series of interlocking events are close to happening, which can set you on the path to manifesting what we are talking about here. The critical bit is the first action that precipitates the rest. Doing this is never as easy as it at first appears. Multiple preliminary actions are required, some of them tedious repetitions of each other. But each one builds upon the other, creating a foundation that finally achieves a prearranged critical point. Then more building blocks extend the base outwards and upwards, and all this takes time. The good news is, the first actions blossomed as planned; a global base now exists and is at a definitive stage. The elements for a multitiered monetary system are ready to manifest and the protocols for a new banking system are agreed to. The sticking point is governments that refuse to follow these edicts and that have the power to block action.

      In the face of this we have formulated the means to legally end their ability to obstruct. A number of agendas are in play which are to shove these regimes into the fabled dustbin of history! First up is a legal process that declares the heads of these governments to be in violation of those documents that legally oversee said regimes. In the case of the current US administration, the long list of criminal and related activities defies the beliefs and the very laws that govern it. It forms the basis of a series of court and related enforcement orders that are now ready to ease this illegal regime from power. Surrounding the actual ouster is a sequence of announcements which are to inform the public of the reasons for this move and of the consequences for those so removed. These announcements also address debt forgiveness, new banking laws, and other related actions.

      These programs are to usher in an American interregnum that is committed to restoring the Constitution and preserving the fundamental liberties that are the very foundation of American democracy. In addition, this caretaker regime is committed, during its 6 to 8 months in office, to fostering peace, global prosperity, and cooperation among nations. These activities are to culminate in the announcement of our existence and the dates for a full restoration of America's electoral democracy. The new regime, elected fairly and freely by Americans, is to be the government that welcomes first contact, along with the last essential steps of your return to full consciousness. It is this government that is to readily embrace the use of many advanced antipollution devices, as well as the consciousness programs that can prepare you for the next phase of your divine destiny.

      First contact remains our primary objective. This direct interaction with you will introduce you to the protocols and other daily procedures that are part of becoming fully conscious. Heaven is daily making the adjustments to your genetics, chakra system, and so forth, which are needed to move you toward full consciousness. Our task is at first to oversee these alterations and then to instruct you directly in what you need to do in order to live successfully as a new Being in this new environment. Hence we are to have a whole range of get-togethers in which you come to know us and develop the trust needed for completing what lies ahead of you. This process has distinct stages: The first is taking place right now as our medical teams look after you on inner realms. The next is direct, and begins once first contact is completed.

      We are directing all these things most carefully and always with the full counsel of Heaven. Lord Surea issued a number of specific decrees whose purpose is to move you toward the destiny provided for you in the divine plan. This destiny includes your return to full consciousness and the restoration of the heavenly orders of physical Angels that are your true brethren. Each of you, deep down, feels the loss of losing this direct connection, a connection that fills you with Love and Joy, and an accompanying passion that each of you senses every day. You have a purpose here that cries out for inner fulfillment. This is why a deep relationship with nature brings you joy and why you feel the urge to go inside to discover the answers to all the whys and wherefores. This is the reason for your need to connect and rediscover your true relationship with Spirit.

      Today, we continued our discussion. As you can see, the work toward manifesting your new reality proceeds on all fronts. We have come to deliver a first contact that is now not far off. The things that need to be done are nearly finished. We intend to see you all in the very near future! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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