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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Cimi, 14 Tzec, 4 Eb                       10/28/08

Selamat Jarin! We come as many events prepare to manifest. Right now, the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal is reaching a point where the dark's power to resist the Light's ongoing challenges is weakening noticeably. These things are becoming real; and as they do, they bring the day for first contact ever closer to reality. Our intent is to do this first contact in a legal and moral manner. The madness and greed that have brought down your present economic system is to us a sign that the time for divine intervention is very close. The secular power that rules your world has shown its true colors with an overreaching greed that consumed them during the last six decades. This unabashed avarice was condoned by the Anunnaki who thought that the next stage of this great grab for total spiritual power would erase the follies of this time. The divine events of the last 13 years proved them wrong. Now, their on-planet minions are caught in a squeeze: On one hand, there is the disaster of the last few decades, and on the other is the determination of our Earth allies to unseat them.

      While we watch this drama unfold, we continue to assess when to initiate first contact. There are a number of factors involved: First is the need to resolve the current political mess and make way for the global interim governments. This ongoing process is our main determinant for scheduling first contact. Our intention remains to initiate the mass landings only when a more favorable environment for contact is established. Nonetheless, we tell our Earth allies that contact is dependent as well on the sacred dispensations given us by Heaven and most of all, by Lord Surea. These are the two principle predicating factors in our plans for the grand occasion. Saint Germaine and the other Ascended Masters also closely watch this main timetable for contact. This command team has forged the master scenario which we have described to you many times. Any changes to it are to be given to us when necessary. This is why we always maintain the highest possible state of readiness. Look not in fear at what is happening to you; instead, see this as an opportunity to manifest a welcome series of positive, divine changes.

      While your society goes through the daily shocks of your current global crises, our Earth allies are close to their victory. Our inner-Earth bases serve now as places where we can send commands and intelligence in this struggle with the dark. We dearly wish that we be allowed to use our more advanced technology to intervene in a more direct manner, but Heaven desires that this final struggle be yours. Armed with their own determination and with special technologies, our Earth allies have advanced to the very brink of victory. A special array of economic, legal, and political resources accompanies them. The dark overextended its reach during the past decade and gave the Light a number of openings capable to leading to the dark ones' much overdue demise. Yet their grand stubbornness has kept them in control. But now this arrogance is proving to be a quality which, in the end, cannot sustain them. As this last wall crumbles, our Earth allies sense that the time for a new beginning has arrived. Moreover, it gives us a chance to assess what is to occur next and make the necessary adjustments to our timetable.

     The exchanges between our Earth allies, the events of the day, and our timetable are constant. We are going to come when enough of these variables indicate that the magic moment has arrived. We intend that first contact be as smooth an operation as possible. Another part of this procedure is the observations of our inner-Earth hosts. Their cooperation in every way has immensely assisted us in taking on every phase of this mission. We are most grateful for their insights on your cultures and your many diverse societies. Their wisdom continues to be of great service to us and especially to our individual liaison missions. The easy interaction between our Earth allies and those from inner Earth has further enabled the success of those preliminaries that need to precede the actual first contact. All this allows us to bring forward the dates for mass first contact. We dearly desire to finish a first contact with you as soon as divinely possible.

      First contact is reaching the stage, as noted in our last message, where we have increased sightings of our craft in broad daylight. These sightings have been received in a more logical and loving manner. The attempts by military aircraft to intercept us have decrease in the past six months. The volume of photographic evidence is mounting and the witnesses' attitudes to these events have become friendlier. We intend to increase these sightings in order to better prepare you for our arrival. The advanced technology and the mere thought of the arrival of Beings from other worlds in this vast galaxy is not an easy concept to take in. We realize this, and have planned this so as to make this divine intervention easy for you to accept. A gradual unfolding is best. The continuing denials of your scientific community and major governments need to be addressed. Contact shatters paradigms and ends the denial and the lies associated with it.

      When we stand before you, we prefer to have had the wisdom contained in the agenda of our Earth allies already manifested. Government can then become an ally and the truth about us be freely circulated among you. We fully expect you to air your frustrations and your criticisms about us. A dialogue based on truth and real feelings demands this. We expect a rough first week of frank discussion and clarification. We need to get to know each other and to Love each other freely. Our knowledge requires that it be an exchange based on Love and caring for each other. This is a natural process during which you learn about your true history and off-world origins. This period of open interaction is to last as long as necessary. We have come up with a prospective timetable, which we conveyed to you in past messages. We look forward to these first exchanges and to then familiarizing you with our technologies.

      Consciousness is what defines us. Our lives are a constant interaction between our spiritual and physical selves. It is a realm of ritual and it expresses our Love for each other. This is quite intimate and permits us to know each other simultaneously as individuals and as an interconnected whole. This interweaving with each other brings into play a huge breadth of experience, which encompasses past lives and the meaning of our present responsibilities. Within this context we often travel in time, advising those in the past and present about what the future holds for them. Our mission is to interact responsibly with many aspects of physicality in order to ensure the timely unfolding of the divine plan. What aspects we interact with are determined by the net wisdom of our galactic society and those heavenly counsels that so lovingly advise us.

      We came to your world to foster change. First contact is the last aspect of this complex operation. Heaven decreed our arrival and gave us some ground rules. Their timetable is fast approaching the point for contact. Your growing consciousness is opening the door for a quiet revolution in thought and culture, in governance and economics. All this leads to us. First contact is just another starting-point for a new journey, only this time you are not alone and your amnesia is to be replaced by a cornucopia of wisdom. A return to full consciousness is a magnification of what you already possess. The grand vistas of past, present, and future are to sweep before you, and your connectivity to the Infinite revealed. What wonders are to be yours!

      Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. The time for first contact approaches. We sense strongly that the events of recent months have left you more than willing to proceed with what is about to happen. Remain ready, focused, and willing to participate in a most magnificent adventure! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Eb, 0 Tzec, 4 Eb                           10/14/08

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about the ongoing events on your world. Right now, the secret conflict between the Light and the dark continues. A number of things have happened that give these dark ones some added resources, but these are of temporary duration. Everywhere, the need to curtail is showing itself. These things only add to the crescendo of chaos that is now engulfing your world. Behind this "white noise" is a group of very powerful families and individuals whose degree of personal panic matches the escalating chaos as they realize that there is no way out of this dilemma for them. Yet they pursue their futile, tunnel-vision course which can only briefly lengthen the time they have left to remain in power. Despite knowing this, these dark ones have chosen to play out these roles until the time of change arrives and knocks them from their lofty perches. Meanwhile our Earth allies are busy working the present financial crises and using them to complete the arrangements needed to accomplish this.

      The moment when change is possible is not far off. Those at the top of the dark-oriented regimes know this as well. What remains to be done are some final legal details which are to formally end this current nightmare of yours and transform it into something grand. Keep in mind as you read this that the events now close to happening form the end of a nearly 13-millennia-long roller coaster ride for humanity. This "ride" allowed your ancestors and you to build up a vast mental, emotional, and spiritual database on the ways the dark and its cronies kept you in confusion and ignorance while using these conditions to manipulate you as they pleased. Now you are close to the point when you can cast off this dark mantle and gaze at last upon the true Light of the day. This Light will help you and allow you the wisdom to look at all this with fairness, and then turn it all over to Heaven. The key point here is not to judge or accuse, but rather to learn from it and allow the wisdom in each of you to grow, even as your Love for the manifesting new reality grows within you.

      Above you, we continue to monitor everything closely, detailing our liaison and diplomatic corps to oversee all that transpires. It is vital for first contact that we use our expertise to guide our Earth allies and ask our fellow family in Inner Earth to join in when necessary. The divine plan shows that this world is getting very close to the time for the long-awaited moments to finally happen. This end game is reaching a point where some important precursor events can occur. The dark is putting on a good public face. However, behind the scenes these dark ones are informally contacting their former off-world allies and desperately asking for help, but to no avail. This lack of cooperation is a further sign to them of just how much their formerly unassailable position has deteriorated. Their rapidly decreasing maneuverability shows them that a great shift in this world is not far off, leaving them to wonder just how serious their future punishment might be. This prospect compels them to prolong the inevitable.

      As this strange power game plays out, we are gaining more and more "allies." The old banking and financial system has thoroughly failed. The new system, proposed by the Basel II agreement and by a number of informally approved new currency directives, is pushing the dark cabalists out of power. As the new consciousness shift gains adherents, it is helping those who once aided the dark to come to their senses and give credence to our Earth allies' propositions. Also relevant here is the commitment of the first contact team to completing their mission as soon as divinely possible. New developments daily demonstrate the truth of what we say, inclining these new "allies" to join us and see for themselves just how close the reality shift is to manifesting on your world. The new reality gives these new allies some initial wriggle-room, but once we land they know that this world of seemingly intractable schisms will end. Then comes the day when humanity can at last live in prosperity, peace, and cooperation!

      In this new world, you can start to become true stewards of Mother Earth. This involves more than being environmentally aware; it is more about perceiving Mother Earth as a living entity. Your earth sciences need to regard themselves as a planetary medical team whose purview comprises a single holistic purpose: to sustain and nurture Mother Earth's health. Such a team requires an interdisciplinary approach. Biology, geology, and geophysics need regular meetings to help each other to a better understanding of Mother Earth. This cross-pollination can begin the search for a new comprehensive paradigm for the sciences in general, which in turn can begin to form the prototypic base for a spiritual science. This foundation can be greatly upgraded by us after the landings. The important point here is that you begin this new approach and apply the technologies you possess to clean up and help maintain Mother Earth's well being.

      As you start out on this path, jointly focused on such an immense project, you begin you see not only yourselves but also your reality in a very different way. Once underway, this project can be much expanded by our arrival. Our role is to simply take what you have begun and apply those elements that can allow you to complete what you started. In addition, we wish to introduce a new way of looking at reality which can answer questions that will inevitably arise within you. Human nature, as with all sentient Beings, possesses an innate need to explore and discover what makes things tick. This brings you to the whole subject of consciousness, including why you are here and your purpose in general. The answers to this and more will be found in the transition to full consciousness and in the amazing latent abilities you all possess.

      It is for this reason that we refer to first contact as the most important watershed in your recorded history. Our landings end your quarantine on this planet. You move in a matter of months from being a planetary Being to a galactic one. We see this as the great return. You can them embrace your Inner Earth family and begin the journey of forging a new star nation. It is this new star nation that holds so much promise for us and for you. It is almost impossible, at this present moment, for you to get any sense at all of what is in front of you. All we can say is that this future of yours is filled with a most marvelous series of accomplishments. This is why Heaven waited so long before asking us to begin this present first contact mission. Now the time is fast approaching when your global mayhem is to be replaced, first by a brief transitional period and then climaxed by our arrival on your shores.

      First contact is the final series of events that quickly leads you back to full consciousness. You have reached a point where a great deal of change is imminent. This involves not just structural change but a transformation in the way you view reality and yourselves. Much is being thrown at you now, and it is important for you to remain centered and focused on the prize that is your return to full consciousness. Consider all the wondrous events in store for you and the sneak peeks that our ships provide. Many of you are witnessing our ships and snapping photos of us that prove to a much wider global audience that we are real. This evidence joins the chorus of scientists and astronauts who maintain that we are here for a truly beneficial and uplifting purpose!

      Today, we talked about what is happening on your world and gave you a brief exposition of the momentums behind recent events. We wish to repeat one critical point: Stay in joy, and concentrate on that most magnificent event: your return to full consciousness! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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