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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Chicchan, 13 Tzotz, 4 Eb        10/7/2008

Dramu Kasi! (Sirian for Much Love!) We come again as the conditions for a dramatic change on your planet move closer to manifestation. At present, your world is slowly unlocking from the stalemate that has encumbered the type of progress that we dearly desire to see happen.  As this process works its way forward, many events have occurred that were predicted by our various projected scenarios for first contact.  What we are seeing is the death of the old manifested belief system and the birth of the new one.  As we mentioned before, the growing chaos is a mere smokescreen designed to conceal the true dire plans of the dark cabal.  These revolve around a global tyranny that is set to emerge out of the present, rapidly deepening crises.  However, our Earth allies, with due diligence, are setting the stage for another, more serene and prosperous reality.  The important point is for you to not get caught up in the chaos, but to join us in envisioning the coming, far better alternative.  This alternative is physically ready to go, and the events that lead to this new reality are already in motion.

      An ongoing series of secret negotiations have yielded a definitive set of directives that permit the present US regime to be replaced, legally, with an interregnum of no more than 6-9 months duration. During this period, the interregnum is to function as the legitimate government under special, agreed-upon, emergency provisions.  Under its aegis a broad range of reforms is to put in motion a new economic and political system.  Since the Depression, a number of major intrusions into the intent of the original Constitution were implemented in the guise of a national economic, and then wartime, emergency.   These disfigurations to the Constitution were further massively expanded by the current, illegal US regime, and the purpose of the interregnum is to undo what the dark cabal has so egregiously wreaked.  Our first actions are to redo the political system and prepare to be the fair and impartial instrument as intended by the Constitution.  Simultaneously, the present economic disaster needs to be untangled and replaced by new fiscal and currency instruments.

      The present decline of the dollar is a natural process foreordained by the dark, but also indicated in the plans of our Earth allies for replacing the dollar. During the latter part of World War II, the dollar gained a dominance that is only now beginning to decline.  The dark wishes to replace it with a fiat currency based upon a broader union; namely, the North American Union.  This is their long-sought way of ending the dream of America in this hemisphere.  Our Earth allies are totally opposed to the tyranny that this union represents.  The continued use of a highly manipulated fiat currency, which is what the dollar has become, is not this world's way to salvation.  Rather, a return to a value-based currency is the bedrock of the new system, backed by vaults filled with gold bars and silver ingots.  Helping to accumulate this wealth has been one of our tasks.  These secret depositories are ready to come on line when this illegal US regime is ousted from office.  With the new currency system in hand, the next move is to issue global debt forgiveness.

      Debt forgiveness resets the global economic system and allows the new banking and currency system to start afresh. At present the world fractional banking system has virtually every nation and every citizen in some degree of debt.  We need to switch to a hard currency system and use a new method to register debt, if any, in this system.  The unprecedented aspect of all this is the amount of universal prosperity accompanying these changes:  A veritable ocean of funds is waiting to be distributed, and all that is preventing the disbursement is the restrictive policies of the US regime.   Once these restraints are removed, by legal methods we obviously cannot describe at this time, a spigot of enormous wealth can be opened.  It is this wealth that transforms the limits of the present system and initiates a new fiscal realm for you.  Prosperity brings with it countless new responsibilities, and it behooves you to focus on and envision this coming potential and to dwell less on the chaos of the crumbling old order.   All that now seems so frightening will be done away with before long.

      The return of your freedoms is taken very seriously by our Earth allies. A plan is underway that is surely loosening the grip of the dark upon this world.  After 13 millennia of control, what has been done in the past half-decade is truly amazing.  Among the tasks still ahead is to break the backs of a number of obstructions that are slowing things down.   By the time you read this, some of these blocks will be removed and the remaining ones will be near resolution.  That is all we can say at this time.   All of us are working to annul the huge amount of authority that the dark acquired.  As this is lifted, new possibilities arise that expand our options, and each obstacle removed accelerates the resolution of the next, and so on.  In this way the momentum increases each day, thus assuring our mutual success.

      This process of incremental successes has been going on for the past half decade. During this time we have learned much about the dark and have been taught many things by our former Anchara Alliance foes.  This new knowledge is being positively used by us to creatively detail each step we make.  As it all unfolds, we see just how convoluted is the logic employed by this dark cabal.  The degree of its deviousness seems to grow as we progress from one stage to the next.  Nevertheless, progress is being made, and so we ask you to focus intently upon your vision for a more prosperous and positive reality.  This new reality is to manifest in so many wonderful ways, but the ceaseless blaring of the media news can envelop you in a numbing cacophony that can make it near impossible for you to see this.

      The movement toward peace and prosperity is quickening within the very essences of Mother Earth. She dearly wishes for all of you to be free, sovereign, and prosperous.  This is expressed in the many loving energies that she daily sends you.  If you stop and become silent, and either meditate or just center yourself, you can feel this Love percolating throughout the Earth's atmosphere and within the ripples of energy that come from the Earth's central Sun.  The physicality that you reside in is watching as you transform into fully conscious Beings and cheers you on as you move irrevocably toward the transformation line.  It is this that makes us know that all our work is to bear fruit and allow us shortly to meet.  Then together we can usher in a new reality for you and for this entire galaxy.

      The new reality is not just about physical change, but spiritual change as well. You are integrating physical and spiritual changes that are to manifest a 13-chakra system and a fully functioning union between all your RNA/DNA.  This individual requires a reality filled with prosperity, true fulfillment, and a Joy that never ends!  This is your future, not the scary, tyrannical realm that the dark wants to create for you.  We make this point for a reason: Some of you have regressed into a depression of doubt arising from the events of the past few weeks, and yet these events are the necessary prelude to the changes that are coming.  Use your intuitive heart logic to snap out of your worries and feel the bright future that quickly approaches!

      Today, we continued our discussion about the baleful events of the day. While these may appear bleak, the new is nearly ready to "pop." We are almost at the finishing-line and this is when that final burst of joyous resolve is required of us all. We conclude by reminding you of our unwavering, prime focus: first contact.  We now leave. K now, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
5 Etznab, 6 Tzotz, 4 Eb          9/30/2008

Greetings! We arrive with much to say!  Everywhere on your world the concluding struggle between your last dark cabal and our Earth allies goes on. This conflict is reaching a point where a denouement must happen. We have begun to see both sides taking risks they would normally not take. The credit crunch forced upon the dark cabal by a failure to adopt the Basel II agreements led in the past week to a proposed US government-sponsored "cash bailout" rated in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  This is a temporary measure at best. It does not address the grand alliance of nations, major financial investors in effect, and there is an urgent need to manifest the rest of our Earth allies' new financial system.  All of this is continuing to put a great deal of pressure upon the dark cabal and its Anglo-American base.  The process of squeezing the old "Fed" dollar and draining the pro-"cabalist" US regime of its credit resources has not much longer to go.   Many of the places to put these funds are denied to them, and the ongoing threat of sudden seizures remains.

      This secret war is reaching serious proportions as brief skirmishes pop up from time to time. This warfare is leading our Earth allies into positions that, in the end, make their triumph inevitable. We watch closely and know just how serious this struggle has become.  This global clash has many fronts: Primarily this matter is about power and the one element that is the lifeblood of power: money. Behind this are two different philosophies. The first, ours, advocates an end to the yawning gap between rich and poor and the reform of those instruments that have put most nations and people either in near-poverty conditions or on the verge of fiscal disaster.   Debt forgiveness and redistributing trillions of dollars to your world permit it to change its focus and move away from the trumped-up wars and the ongoing chaos of a world struggling to survive.   Remove all this, and new possibilities open up.   Suddenly, the difficulties of the post-World War II era can be addressed in numerous new, creative ways.  This is the objective of your "quiet revolution."

      The way of the dark cabal is to hoard untold wealth and create a false sense of limited money supply. This is then further stressed by the use of usury, fractional banking, and, above all, constant multigenerational inflation. These devices are used to manipulate national economies and force policies upon their people that are detrimental to them and very profitable for the minions of the Anunnaki and their friends and families.  This process has been going on for millennia and is now at a point where its continued application has become increasingly problematical.  Yet, those operating this grievous system are unwilling to give it up and this obstinacy has consequences:  The system is drying up as the means to keep it going starts to evaporate.   Normally the perpetrators of the old system would have a few decades in which to maneuver. However, the current environmental crises and the shift now occurring in many commodity markets are signs that this system is in the midst of a grand decline.   A new paradigm is now increasingly essential.  Our Earth allies have delineated such a paradigm.

      As you look at what is happening on your world, you can clearly see that there is a natural evolutionary process that is being greatly speeded up. This acceleration is due in large part to the environmental abuses of the old economic system and the recent, huge population explosion. This opens the door to daring and pressing solutions, and the rise of our Earth allies is a much-needed response to this demand.  They are looking at your world and moving to give you viable solutions.  The next stage in your evolution is the shift from planetary to galactic human.  This presupposes your leap toward full consciousness.  There is also a need for a new scientific paradigm, one that returns Spirit to the science equation.  The post-quantum world of modern science, with its hint of morphogenesis and the so-called hundredth-monkey effect, is beginning to concede that there are factors in this reality that need to be added.   This can lead easily to a spiritual science that reflects a new consciousness mindset.

      This march toward full consciousness is happening on many fronts. There are the many changes to your physiology, including the way divine Light enters your energy systems.  This allows ever more Light to suffuse you and accelerate the manifestation of your new chakras and new "genes."  This operation permits you to awaken in greater and greater numbers.  We are also aiding this process through the numerous nightly adjustments performed by our ever-increasing numbers of Galactic Federation medical teams.  They are becoming more sophisticated in the way they perform their duties, and so a great influx of divine Light is streaming into you and paving the way for the creation of a new, fully conscious You.   This new Being is the reason this reality cannot continue as presently constituted.  A new reality is needed, which includes your entry as a fully-fledged member into the Galactic Federation of Light.

      This movement from limited- to fully-conscious Being is the main element in all that is now happening around you. This divine operation is being closely guided by Heaven and overseen by our aforementioned medical teams.  It is this special process that the dark cabalists discovered they cannot stop.  The Creator decreed that this is to happen to you now.  Therefore, all the many parts of Heaven and physicality have converged to ensure that this decree occurs as planned.   Against this the dark cabalists have few successful resources.   It is the failure of these last remaining resources that has sent them into their current panic mode.  What is left is to let the divine plan work out the last details and fully manifest the results.  These are to permit you to return to full consciousness and meet your spiritual and space families.

      As you morph into who you truly are, you can then grasp what this really means. Full consciousness makes you the planetary and star-system guardians that you are meant to be.  This stewardship of physicality is a special talent that the divine Creator has given you.  For many millennia you have wandered through your reality encased in an amnesia that robbed you of the ability to see how you have given away your vast powers to others.  These highly manipulating and deceitful masters have taken you on a crazed ride through the strange realms of the dark.  Here, you have learned many skills and developed a wisdom that is soon to serve you well.  It is this knowledge that can permit you to help transform this galaxy and others.  Your talents are considerable and are much needed throughout the whole of physicality.

      The next parts of this drama are proving to have a most interesting prelude. The events to come will be mind-boggling! There are to be shocking changes to your reality, the greatest of which will be our arrival. First contact is turning out to be a most complex operation.  Nevertheless, we are prepared for whatever is to come and fully understand the enormous implications of this consciousness transformation.  Each reality is a special construct whose grids can be altered through a broad consensus of its most sentient inhabitants, in this case, you.  As you overcome your supposed limitations and learn of your great abilities to promote change, it is hardly surprising that you may be a little overwhelmed by it all.  Remain calm, centered, and ready for what is to come. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we resumed our discussion of what is happening on your world. We talked about the reasons and actions behind what is happening.  We ask you to release your frustrations as the divine time for everything to happen is fast approaching and the moment for first contact gets closer with each day that passes. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Kan, 12 Zip, 4 Eb           9/16/08

Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again! Around you a vast secret war is being fought, mostly with ideas rather than guns. Oh, there are the odd proverbial shoot-outs that end violently, but for the most part this battle is about bringing a new reality to fruition.  Thus, as expected, those who defend the old ways are not giving up easily.   There are many tactics that this dark cabal employs, the most frequent one being the old ploy of using moles and deliberate misdirection to fool our Earth allies.   So far these simple tricks have succeeded.   Nevertheless, in recent weeks our side has stepped up the unwelcome consequences of these actions.   The pawns of the dark need a swift education in the fallout they can face.  These things are helping.  What is also assisting our Earth allies is the knowledge of how the dark deploys the illegal 'swag' it absconds with.   Our liaisons are quick to reveal where the money went and how to grab it back again.   These games delay deliveries and give the dark time to keep its global tyranny going and to find a possible way out of its overwhelming dilemma: us!

      As these final sequences work their way to a successful conclusion for the Light, we are left to step up our liaison and strategy sessions with those who are given the hardest task; namely, to push a series of dark-oriented regimes from power as the heart of the dark's operations is found here. The vast conspiracies of the dark were forged into their present state by the collusions and out-and-out double-dealing that happened near the end of World War II.   From this developed a plan that was cunningly put into place and became what is called the Military-Industrial Complex.   At its core were those who had pledged to subvert the idea of America by mixing it with the tyranny and downright evil of the German Nazi regime.   Under this growing cabal's command was launched the UFO cover-up and a whole series of nefarious plans to overturn the heavenly edicts previously agreed to by the cabal's overlords, the Anunnaki.   These dark plots were almost successful.   On the very eve of these plans coming to fruition came the Peace of Anchara and the sudden flip-flop of the Anunnaki.

      At a stroke the cabal lost its supreme commanders and was thrown into a quandary about whether to abandon its plans or to formulate a new way to ensure victory. What resulted was a shake-up which forged a new array of alliances that eventually produced success in the United States election of 2000.   Even though this victory was achieved by illegal means, the cabal was now in possession of the US government and began plotting a number of events that it hoped would lead them back to where they were in early 1995. The subsequent years produced some auspicious victories, but also resulted in the situations in which the dark now finds itself.   Its many vile acts permitted our Earth allies to grow greatly in stature and to have a number of important agreements manifested.   These led to an international debt forgiveness process and a way of ensuring a new global banking and financial system.   Armed with these accords our Earth allies developed a powerful means to push the dark cabal into the dustbin of history.

      As all this works itself out, we are increasing our on-the-ground presence with our Earth allies. Our liaisons traveling with the special forces of our Earth allies are fully focused on transforming the present difficulties into a strategy for success.   Our diplomatic personnel are closely monitoring this operation.   A wide-ranging and complex plan is now well underway, designed to finish off the cabal's most vital remaining resource: a number of powerful and friendly governments.   Until now this has been a tough nut to crack. Even the many legal strategies and court victories failed to dislodge these haughty and arrogant ones.   What was needed was a series of critical advantages that would make their ouster swift and clean.   Producing a new coalition overcame this impediment and even now is ensuring the approach of victory!   We cannot, of course, divulge any details; just know that a number of remarkable events are on your horizon.

      Another component of first contact involves Mother Earth. Things are happening that are a direct result of the pollution and mismanagement of your living home. Our task is to help Mother Earth's ecosystem to survive until the present carelessness of human society is finally transformed.   This consists of a broad range of environmental and climate-change interventions.   These need to be subtle, yet overt enough to alert the dark ones to what we are doing.   We need them to know that what they are plotting is indeed failing.   At the same time we do not want to overly alarm the world's population by making it apparent that a superior force is 'messing' with their world.   Our environmental science departments are working this very subtle program superbly.   The Earth is presently in a most stable condition, all things considered.   The next step is for the strategy of our Earth allies to succeed as divinely planned by Heaven.

      Inner Earth is our primary on-planet residence. Here, we can send out our liaison personnel on their planet-surface missions, debrief them when necessary, and meet directly with our Earth allies. We occupy a number of inner-Earth crystal cities.   The Agarthans are devoted to ensuring that all our requirements are met.   It is also here that our scientists can develop additional data to investigate more clearly what Mother Earth truly requires.   All told, inner Earth has been most helpful in securing our mutual victory.   The Agarthans have contributed a great deal of expert personnel as well.   Many of our special on-site liaisons are from inner Earth, and the Agarthans deeply desire the reunion of the inner and outer worlds of Mother Earth.   This is a vital step toward manifesting a truly united Earth and can serve as the very foundation of your new star system.

      These contributions by the Agarthans sparked numerous new intrusions into their inner-Earth sanctuary by many branches of the secret government. Operating from the bottom levels of their chain of underground bases, their special forces tried to penetrate inner Earth and force the Agarthans to refocus their priorities.   These ongoing forays have failed, showing the dark cabal just how serious and committed the Agarthans are.   We mention this to indicate the degree of panic in the cabal's mindset.   While the cabal is still in charge of the surface world's financial system, the time is getting close for this dominance to be toppled and then transformed.   Our Earth allies are most grateful to their 'cousins' in Agartha.   Without them the victory that is shortly to be announced could not have happened!

      We are most grateful for the blessed help we have received from all the sentient inhabitants of Mother Earth. You have shown us that this world is indeed worthy of first contact.   Most of us who have been in command positions for over a decade have learned much here.   The same learning curve applies to those who have succeeded many of our fellows who were here with us at the start of this venture.   We have watched your world grow in consciousness as the work of Heaven moved forward.   Each day we see more of you begin your search for truth and find with joy that your journey is not being made alone.   Out of this emerged organizations, websites, and general observations that have populated many a chat site.   All of this signals that you are more than ready for change and indeed longingly await our arrival.   We do not intend to disappoint!

      Today, we continued our discussion about how first contact is going. We are ready to meet you and dearly wish to stage that celebration we have long alluded to. The time is ripe for contact and we are divinely ready to do it. We only await certain conditions and the green light from Heaven. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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