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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Lamat, 4 Zac, 3 Manik              2/12/08

Greetings, dear Ones! We are engaged, alongside our Earth allies, in a final struggle to wrest from the dark its millennia-long domination over you. We come now to inform you of what is currently going on behind the doors where the dark ones hatch their shadowy plots. For the past decade they have been able to hold off those who dearly wish to dethrone them, and this led them to do a number of dire things that they hoped would maintain their grip on power. At present your world is in the midst of an economic crisis forged by them to bully their formidable opponents into surrender. This all-out strategy is not working. The dark ones are badly alarmed at the fact that the movement to usurp their power is gaining an ever-increasing momentum, which is why more and more draconian measures are being employed to maintain what is left of their once vast degree of power. These last moments of what has been a most amazing struggle are not going well for the dark: The more it manipulates, cajoles, and threatens its opponents, the more its stratagems backfire on it.

      The present strategy of the Light is to keep up the pressure and maintain the advantages that the dark unwillingly conceded. This struggle is about ending the current tyranny and bringing your liberation to full manifestation. Accomplishing this guarantees that your victory is permanent, and this can allow you to finish your steady progress toward full consciousness.  It is this goal that is behind the entire first contact mission.  We moved a large array of motherships, scout craft, and specially trained personnel to your shores to complete this sacred mission.  We are under the guidance of the Divine and form part of her timely mission to move you back into full consciousness.  The operation is moving ahead as the divine plan so mandates.  Each day, many of you are awakening from the amnesia that the dark matrix imposed on you at birth.  As you awaken you start to question the numerous core conceptions inculcated into you and begin to see the flaws that make continued acceptance of them more and more difficult for you.  This is just the first step in a process that moves you closer to the Truth.

      The truth about your oppression is something the dark does not want you to discover.  Your power to control your world is another thing that it does not want you to implement in any way at all; yet we have observed you, slowly but surely, begin to tumble to this fact.  Your abilities to fend for yourselves and the power of your inner collective are quite awe-inspiring.  The members of this last cabal now realize that their usual schemes to keep you in the dark are not working as they did in the past.  They counter your awakening with new waves of misinformation and stage apparently meaningful activities in order to forestall their worst nightmare from coming true!   All their efforts are proving unable to stop the inevitable changes from happening.  Bereft of alternatives the dark is pursuing its long reign of terror by attempting to amp up the amount of anxiety and fear in your lives, as this lies at the core of their ability to regain their former hold over you.

      As you grow in consciousness, more of you are banding together on the Internet and in your communities to support each other and spread news about what is really happening in the World. This is furthering our efforts to mentor our Earth allies as this growing support for their cause greatly inspires them and gives them the determination to carry on their good works.  We are most grateful for your courage and your focus on our joint triumphs.  You are the prime reason for these efforts and we are proud of what you are doing to support this good cause.   Soon a series of events are to occur that will signal that several important announcements are close.   They will be made by individuals who represent the best programs and intentions of our Earth allies.   These airings are intended to honor a schedule of programs, which will restore America to her former dignity, terminate the swelling global debt, and set up a new, harmonious world.

      These are the precursors to actions that make first contact as easy a procedure as possible.  Our role is to be, first, an advisor to you, and then a mentor on the protocols and subtle etiquette of full consciousness.   Prior to our arrival you are expected to resolve your pollution and energy crises.   The tools for this already exist in the minds of your inventors and in the hidden, secret places of your major governments.   What is about to happen is a purge that ends the secrecy and replaces it with the strong Light of Truth.   This technology can accomplish miracles, and this is another thing that has long been a rallying point of these messages:  Your potential to right the wrongs of the dark is quite incredible.   In a very short time you can correct the huge amount of destruction inflicted on Mother Earth.   Moreover, you can end the age of electricity and bring in the Age of Light and Love!

      In this context what is happening around you can be viewed as no more than a good try by the dark to keep up its old ways. As you can clearly see now, this attempt is failing, and failing fast. And still the media tools of the dark blare out their trite and stale view of reality as before. It is easy for you now to see beyond their clichéd pronouncements and discover the truth from other sources; and as you do so, the glaring discrepancies between the media stories and your own research become clear. Then you can perceive how they use propaganda and why. As you piece together your own picture, another tune begins to emerge; and the truth of the immensity of what is happening on your world sounds a higher, clearer note than the harsh verbal fusillade of the media. Indeed, this strident media din is a fitting requiem for the death throes of this last dark cabal!

      Those in power never address the manifold consciousness changes happening in and around you in public; they withhold this intelligence from you in order to keep you in the dark. However, in private, it is another matter entirely. In their secret inner sanctums, the growing concerns about these changes are expressed and acted upon, and the many elements that make up the powerful are very much at odds among each other. These dissenting factions are an important component for change in this hidden political arena: Change can happen quickly when enough groups in the halls of power rebel in a determined way as it enables a new paradigm to be born. And this is what is happening now. Our role in this is to be more than an observer, and yet less than a full participant. In this mode, much is open for us to do, and what we choose to do is ensure your victory by acting as midwife in the birth of this new paradigm.

      Midwifery, as in this case, can be a very complex operation. We fully understand this and gladly accept the options that this policy leaves us. We also retain the right, if needed, to act as the court of last resort. Heaven entrusted this mission to us to ensure your success, and to be the force capable of your liberation only if necessary. We reassure you of this and express our strong desire to complete this mission in right divine time. The dark ones try to ignore our presence, but feel us as an ever-present "sword of Damocles" hanging over them. We coax them to give up their baton of power and allow your destiny to shine forth. This aspect of our role is important because the affairs of your world must move forward as Heaven so directs. Nothing can please us more than to see this present turmoil end as decreed. Your new reality awaits you, as does first contact. Be joyous, and be patient!

      Today we continued our discussion of the present and of what is truly going on "behind closed doors." The end to this phase draws very close, and we are prepared in every way for what is to happen next. All this leads to first contact and to your ultimate return to full consciousness. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Imix, 14 Yax, 3 Manik

Selamat Jarin! We come to you with more to discuss! The turmoil running up to the first domino is getting more frantic by the day. The dark cabal is finally realizing just how deadly the day has become. Those who once clung so stubbornly to their dark masters now desert them in record numbers; indeed, the much-longed-for victory seems to be quite close. Watching all this from afar, we have good reason to feel that the defeat of these dark ones is near. Our plan is to remain apart, and to use this perspective to furnish our Earth allies with the strategies that can finish off this last cabal. At the same time, we continue to monitor Mother Earth and to do what is needed to ensure that your new divine reality is properly manifested. To this end our liaison and science teams have been making a series of necessary geological corrections that form part of this immense operation, as Mother Earth inches toward her time of transformation. Thus, earth, water, and sky await your grand shift with gracious anticipation.

      These coming changes are highly complex and each step requires the combined talents and considerable expertise both of the Divine and us. They do not depend upon the ways of your governments; these changes represent the divine plan in operation. In vain has the dark sought for nearly two decades to circumvent the fact of the divine plan, and still various dark adventurers seek to position themselves in such a way as to survive the rising onslaught. We can see all this, and have taken steps to prevent these attempts to cling to the old order from succeeding. Heaven has sanctioned your dark reality for nearly 13 millennia. Now this special dispensation has expired and the dark needs to comprehend that its time is up. Now the Light streams back into this realm and illumines every nook and cranny with her divine joy. The joy of life suffuses your realm, awakening your heart and raising your thoughts toward the sacred. This joy will not be denied, and those conspiring to hold on to the old dark ways will fail. All face an acceptance of the Divine at the level of their Souls.

      Our mission here is not about conquest; it is about the Light. Everywhere on your world the dark has sown a multitude of suspicions with their insidious, malignant misinformation. But be aware that these falsehoods appeal only to the mind, not to the heart. Many are the wily ways of the dark, and boundless the depth of their deceit; yet, now these time-honored methods of rallying followers are failing. Too many feel the energy of the Light. Too many are experiencing an awakening, and this process cannot now be stopped. Yet in the face of this evidence of the power of the Light, the dark still strives desperately to hoodwink you. First contact is part of a divine process that is moving you from limited to full consciousness, and the events of the present reflect this all-pervading dichotomy. Hence we conjoin our intent with Heaven and combine our actions with those of our Earth allies. It is for this reason that we know that the changes that precede our coming are quite close to happening. The definitive ingredient is the patience and focus to ensure everyone's success.

      We know the plans of our Earth allies in detail and we continue to advise and counsel our friends on this world. It is clear to the careful observer that the powers of the dark are waning while the strength of the Light waxes at an almost exponential rate. This assures us that what we are doing is correct and in line with the activities and desires of the Divine. Heaven carefully weighs every detail of this pivotal time; every right action is strengthened and each inappropriate one delayed by the sheer energy of the divine plan. Heaven, under the sacred commands of Lord Surea, is preparing the way for your destiny. Furthermore, she is designing the template for your new reality. Environment is important to the sacred: Each impulse within her design brings forth the seeds of righteousness, which are to birth your new reality. In this milieu we all are prepared for our special destinies!

      This action schedule is approaching a number of important markers. Each one is a means for the Light to begin the transformations inspired by the holy decrees of Lord Surea. Thus, all of you are launched into the next stage of physical, mental, and spiritual changes mandated to take you to the very brink of your metamorphosis into full consciousness. Heaven's physical changing of you is matched by physical changes to your world: Governments, cultural entities, and societal mechanisms are all being affected by the changes happening within you. These divine forces are not swayed by the election process, nor hindered by the statutes of those who so traitorously grabbed onto their seats of power. A series of divine events is unfolding whose sole purpose is, in once fell swoop, to change this reality and prepare you for your destiny!

      Accomplishing this lies at the heart of the decisions made by our Earth allies. These brave men and women are dedicated to change. Meticulously, and with a clear knowledge of their responsibilities, they undertook a wide spectrum of projects intended to evolve your world swiftly and quietly. The degree of change involved is huge indeed, and their ambition no mere halfway house. Theirs is a comprehensive and determined call for a different world. Their concords and provisions for change include the means to bring you your long-promised prosperity and an end to the tyranny of the powerful. Personal sovereignty and unlimited prosperity lie at the core of the agreements between us. Change of such magnitude has taken longer than was first envisioned, but what reconciles us is the allies' passion and absolute resolve to succeed.

      The interaction between us has forged a free-flowing and powerful alliance. A series of meetings is producing an all-inclusive agenda that is to quickly transform your world. Once a particular path of change is begun, it is often best to complete the plan as soon as possible, which is why the schedule of events is to be so rapid. Everything must flow together fast to allow our Earth allies to fulfill Mother Earth's requirements and set the stage for first contact. Then we can proceed with our mass landings and shift you in a few months into fully conscious Beings of Light. The rest is to be handled by Heaven; and then finally, you will be ready to take up your role as a most vital part of the Galactic Federation and of the unfolding of this Creation.

      As a fully conscious Being, you are able to view and interact with the immensity that is Creation. Moreover, you can then add your input to what this Creation and we are doing to fulfill the divine blueprint. This process of ordered change is something most of you at present do not completely understand. Indeed, it is not easy to do so at your current levels of consciousness, and so a certain amount of mental suspicion is aroused in you. A good way to prepare yourselves is to examine how this mental framework came about and how best to move beyond it. Rest assured that these essential issues will be addressed in the immediate post-contact world. Until then, try to imagine all your current control constructs being replaced by new insights and wisdom, allowing you to connect directly to Spirit and to go beyond your fears to your true dwelling-place of all-knowing Love!

      Today, we discussed what is happening around you. It is important to realize that a very wide variety of subtle agencies are at work around you, forging a new world. A new reality is to bring you a great prosperity and a realization that you are not alone. You belong to a loving, connected, and immense Universe. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



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