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Galactic Alignment News

Adams place

Galactic Alignments are gateways that are created by a particular alignment of the planets and stars of our universe with the Earth. When planets or stars move into a geometrical position in relationship with the
Earth, it sets up a communication channel.
This channel is a gateway for information to flow through. 
The more conscious and receptive we are of this available channel, the more we can open to receive, assimilate and utilize this energy and information
in our lives.


We are moving into a powerful Galactic Alignment gateway in November.  Since our solar system is moving into alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy between now and 2012, we will have a new orientation to the Pleiades Star System.  Which means, we will be receiving a new light source.  This photon light has been streaming into the planet preparing us for the time when we will receive the full light activation.  This is what we have been preparing for, preparing our minds, hearts and bodies to be able to receive these new higher frequencies and codes of light. 

This galactic alignment in November is part of a 3-tier alignment that started at the spring equinox.  At the spring equinox a foundational grid of light was put into place on the Earth infused with the star tetrahedron energy field. The 2nd phase occurred at the full moon in May and the 3rd phase culminates at the November 12th Full Moon.

This coming months Galactic Alignments are a turning point for our
self--mastery and transformation.

With Scorpio highlighted we will be reproducing a new
prototype - a transformational process to  create a new prototype of
human beings

This alignment will be Re-organization and redistribution of the
physical realm. 
Earth day plus!

Tuesday, Oct. 29th - New Moon - Scorpio
1:14 pm Hawaii Time - 4:14 pm PST

Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Scorpio
Scorpio - Transform, Reproduce , Create, Core Truth & Power

Scorpio energy helps us access our core truth and power through our willingness to explore the depths of our being.  Scorpio energy brings us to the core for total self-transformation.  Scorpio is the energy of transformation - taking us into the core to transform our selves into higher dimensional frequencies of light. 
Moon sextile Jupiter
Sun sextile Jupiter begins at New Moon and culminates on
November 9th - Activating Abundance 

When the Sun and Jupiter align it's about the royal aspect - Wealth!

Planting seeds in this Scorpio moon to be birthed in the full moon.

November 3rd - Neptune in Aquarius Goes Direct 

Nov. 12th, Full Moon - Taurus 
7:17 pm - Hawaii - 10:17 pm PST

Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Taurus

Star Tetrahedron

On the November 12th Full Moon, Jupiter will be Sextile Uranus, a rare harmonious configuration that weaves together an 84 year cycle creating through it's orbital patterns the Six Pointed Star energy.   Uranus is connection with the higher self - the master pituitary gland and Jupiter heats it up and expands - expanding the connection with the higher self.   The angle that Jupiter and Uranus will be at is a 60-degree angle.  This 60-degree angle - a Sextile - is the angle of the structure of the water molecule.  The 60-degree angle is the angle of harmony and flow.  A Trine is two 60-degree angles combined creating the 120-degree angle.  This is perfect harmony.  The Six Pointed Star - Star of David - also called the Star Tetrahedron - is all 60 and 120 degree angels.

The Star Tetrahedron is a pattern of energy that is a fundamental building block in all of creation. During this full moon gateway the Star Tetrahedron will be infusing into the Earth to build a new structure for the next evolutionary phase for humanity and the Earth. 
The Star Tetrahedron is the structure of perfect harmony!

During this Full Moon there will be a Grand Trine in Earth.
Moon in Taurus - Saturn in Virgo - Jupiter in Capricorn. 
The Moon will be conjunct Pleiades and trining Jupiter linking to the Jupiter Sextile Uranus aspect. The Pleiadian Light energy will be directly connected with the Six-Pointed Star energy pattern. The Grand Trine Energy in the Earth element will be anchoring this Six-Pointed Star energy field into the crystalline structure on the Earth and will be a maximum in-drawing
of light energy from the Pleiades.

Jupiter trine Saturn will be crystallizing this energy into physical form here on Earth creating what the Earth is calling the Earth Star Matrix.  This will be a new matrix of energy that will be overlaying the Earth vibrating at these higher dimensional stellar frequencies of light and we will have the opportunity to harmonize with this new crystalline matrix and is an opportunity to harmonize with our soul body and to reach true soul experience and expression. Those who choose to open to these higher dimensional frequencies of unconditional love and light will
vibrate with the new energy.


This photon light energy of the Pleiades, being anchored into the crystalline structure of the Earth, is part of the preparation process for the shift in 2012. We will be fully bathed in the Pleiades photon light at winter solstice 2012.  This higher voltage of energy requires our nervous systems to be
fully ready to receive it. 

It's important to be able to receive, integrate and embody this new "pulse wave of energy" carrying these higher frequencies of light so that our bodies begin to transition from a more physical, dense state to a lighter body. 

By raising our vibration to match this field of energy, we stay connected with the Earth Star Matrix of the planet.  By resonating with the Earth Star Matrix field of energy, we access our gateway for ascension.  We are ascending through this light energy field - it is actually our doorway - our portal of ascension.

The Full Moon in November will be polar opposite to our Full Moon in May. 
May Full Moon:  Sun in Taurus conjunct the Pleiades with Moon in Scorpio at 29th Degree with Jupiter Sextile Uranus creating Six Pointed Star energy.
November:  Moon in Taurus conjunct the Pleiades with the Sun in Scorpio near the 29th degree with Jupiter Sextile Uranus creating the Six-Pointed Star Energy.

The Sun is in last degree of Scorpio directly across from the Pleiades
The last degree of Scorpio is known as a time of important decisions.
With the Grand Trine in the Earth element, we will be making some
decisions relating to the Earth and our physical, earthy bodies.


November 26th - Pluto Into Capricorn
3:05 PM

Adams place
On November 26th, Pluto, the planet of personal and collective transformation, will take its next major step.  Pluto being in Sagittarius for the last 26 years has been about getting the vision, clarifying the vision, and gathering the wisdom and the resources.

In January Pluto moved into Capricorn, and then in May retrograded back into Sagittarius around the Galactic Center to fine tune the vision, and resources for transformation. 

When Pluto moves back into Capricorn on November 26th, Pluto will stay for 15 years, during which we will be crystallizing our vision into form.  Pluto moves in 250 year cycles and now having gathered the information and resources in Sagittarius we are now moving into the cycle of manifesting/materializing our vision into form. 

Pluto is the new seed, subterranean

Capricorn brings things into material form

Jupiter heats things up and is the planet of increase and expansion.  It increases and expands anything that it is relating to. Jupiter has been collecting wisdom in the sign of Sagittarius and now being in Capricorn is ready to increase and expand that wisdom into physical form. 
With Pluto, the planet of transformation moving into join
Jupiter in Capricorn, we will have the beginning of the
physical signs of the transformation of our form.

November 27th - Uranus goes direct

5:08 am

November 27th - New Moon in Sagittarius
5:54 am

In Summary

Adams place

The dawning of the cosmo-genisis is upon us here on Earth.  This gateway will be like our first taste of it on a frequency level, alignment level, and physical level.  Imagine a rainbow waterfall - a cosmic field of light energy and it's the first time you get to really taste it, feel it, and sense it.  It's not an abstract thought, you actually feel the photon light.  Whatever you aspire on a spiritual level is getting substantiated - bringing the spiritual into physical form. 

This Full Moon is the time to make the final decision about what you value most in life.  These are the things that you want to bring into the future.  You also want your physical being to be in top condition and order. 
Taurus is about establishing your position and productivity - how you want to move with your energy.  Taurus is about your resources, resourcefulness, substantiating something, bringing things into the physical realm. You've been building up your resources and now it's time to do it - make the decision that supports your highest expression here on Earth.
Scorpio reproduces itself, transforms into a higher quality of expression. 
It is now the time to open fully to receive the Pleiades light energy and open to a new vibration of energy that will carry you into the future.

Adams place

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