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Ken Kalb: The Final Degree 11Oct08 

Here is the latest article on the economy, politics, etc. from the Lucky
Star Blog <>

Saturday, October 11, 2008
The Final Degree by Ken Kalb

Two major astrological factors are synchronous with the meltdown of the
global economy -- as well as the upcoming US Presidential election.

First, Pluto -- the membrane between our solar system and the rest of the
universe -- is transiting through the final degree of Sagittarius until
November 26th. And on the morning of election day, November 4th, retrograde
Uranus precisely opposes Saturn. How low will the campaigns stoop, how toxic
will the cleansing process pollute before power transfers in the United
States of America? With Uranus opposite Saturn, can we possibly expect this
transfer to be smooth? Good luck!

And how low will the global equity markets go? My feeling is that there will
be a rather total reformation and transformation of the way business is done
on this planet.  There will be short term fixes, but the deleveraging process
has only just begun. With England's Gordon Brown to the rescue, Venus
completed a sextile and trine to the Saturn-Uranus opposition on Friday,
which could spell some temporary relief on Monday, October 13. Temporary.

Never underestimate the power of Plutonian energy. It is the single most
potent force for transformation in human psychology. Pluto is now entering
the last degree of the solsticial cycle -- the Winter solstice degree -- one
of the four cardinal points. Pluto only transits this degree every 248 years
-- last during the years that preceded the American Revolution and also
known as The Enlightenment. And I don't think it has EVER occured during a
precise Uranus/Saturn opposition. This is precisely the same point that the
entire age is entering on December 21st 2012 -- a once every 26000 year
. The Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) is the longest
night and the shortest day, the point where that modality shifts. Folks,
this is brand new territory.

And Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is also known as the dark lord of the
underworld, the ruler of the transformational journey of death itself.
we are during the cusp period of the Aquarian dispensation where one world
is dying while another is being born? We are vigously churning through the
metamorphic process of the Grand Catharsis. McCain and Obama embody
appropriate symbology for these two worlds in collision.

Fortunately, Plutonian energy also rules the dimension of rebirth and

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius signified a period of expansion, which is
precisely what the global economy has undergone in the last 20 years.

Unbridled greed and the indescriminate scramble for wealth and power has
veiled the dark underbelly of this expansion in shadows. Pluto is now
entering the Saturnian territory of Capricorn, marked by responsibility and
contraction. The financial markets have invented numerous instruments of
expansive leverage during this period whose foundations are in the process
of collapse. Virtually everything of value will now have to be redefined.

Uranus underlies the force behind awakening and revolution and represents
the innovative and new. It spins backward to the other heavenly bodies in
our solar system and is a veritable astronomical anamoly. It also represents
the unconventional, novel and odd, as well as the revolutionary. It was
discovered around the time of the American Revolution as well as revolutions
all over the planet. Everything it contacts changes rather suddenly.
Conversely, Saturn is the force for stability and structure. Currently, a
retrograde Uranus and a direct Saturn are on a collision course with an
exact opposition at 8:33 am (est) on November 4th, election day in the
United States. What a day for this classic showdown.

The obvious interpretation of this is a battle (opposition) between the new
and the old, between the young and the old, the untried and the tested.

Indeed, these are precisely the themes of the presidential election. But
Uranian energy is always a bit weird, bringing upsets, surprises, twists and
turns, where we learn to expect the unexpected. Uranus also rules
technology. So what does this portend for the outcome? Nothing will surprise
me, though I will be both surprised and delighted by the process of a smooth
transfer of power.

The flailing of the powers that be from crisis to crisis has all been
transpiring during a Mercury retrograde period
. One piece of good news is
that Mercury will go direct on October 15th at 4:06 pm (est). Certain
wavelengths should begin to reconnect and stabilize.

I have often referred to the period between the last degree of Sagittarius
and the first degree of Capricorn to be the
molten lava point of the zodiac.
In these volcanic fires, elements form and transform from simple elements
into complex compounds. Coal turns into diamonds, and since we are
carbon-based creatures, perhaps an analogous process is forging new
dimensions in our very DNA. This helps to understand the rapid economic
meltdown during Pluto's journey through this intense part of the cycle. This
cataclysmic evolutionary process is transforming our lives and our world on
every level.

After Pluto squeezes through the final degree, we enter what I call the
Cardinal Challenge:
three major planets all T-squaring at the intense
cardinal points.
Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra opposite Uranus
in Aries. We are now feeling and experiencing the transformative energy of
this formation as acceleration. This period will represent nothing less or
more than the most powerful shift in human history
. What a thrilling time to
be alive!
Enjoy this ride of a lifetime. blessings, KK!


New Moon in Libra  -  29 September 2008


Using the New Moon moment as a birth chart for the following month, my comments

are meant to provide an attitude that maximises our ease and growth during that time.

Please don’t worry about understanding the astrology - just go for the drift.


The human balancing act . . .

                Libra is about balancing duality, and because it also loves harmony, there’s a tendency to want to see only light on both sides of the scales.  But the truth is that light in everyday life is balanced by darkness: for example, each time I become a little more personally conscious (light), I also become aware of the extent to which my motives are ego-based (dark).  Trying to ‘live up to’ what I know, before I’ve properly become that, simply creates a battleground inside, where I beat myself up for not being perfect!  (Does this sound familiar?)  While actually, true perfection is what I AM already, and I need to accept all the bits of me, like a mother hen collecting her scruffy little chicks, and owning them all.  So I’m aiming to be honest and let my lighter moments balance my darker moments in Libran gratitude for life’s infinite variety.


It’s all about the Truth

                Those who need proof, before they believe an energetic trend or work out a likely outcome, have to receive results in the physical plane.  On this level what is not actually happening is fantasy. What is happening is what we have to deal with, and it’s on this level that Jupiter and Saturn are now revealing in our lives what has been hatching for a long time.  For almost two months, we have Jupiter approaching its most propitious connection with Saturn (the next time will be July 2013).  This shows up as in-your-face results of past effort, or the lack of effort.  As both planets are in earth signs, the field of results is physical circumstances - where and how we live - which includes housing, finance, possessions, health, everything practical and hands-on.  The truth is here in this moment.  Scanning your life realistically, you will know what, if anything, needs to be done.


Hopes and Dreams

                There is a need to be alert to catch a couple of Libran reactions we may have:  on the mental level there is a tendency to make our dreams into goals, so that our choices are reduced to what appears to lead towards those dreams.  Narrowing your focus, when your future is unknown, you may miss out the very connections that could have moved you forward along your chosen path.  Yes, dreams can manifest, but not necessarily in the way we think they will. 

                On the emotional level, our hopes take on a life of their own, often because we either don’t see them, or we don’t acknowledge what they are.  Hopes are often unconnected with the reality around us, they are the endeavour of the psyche to fill personal needs and perceived gaps in our lives.  They operate through sending out streams of emotional energy like tentacles to draw the desired conditions, which are not necessarily relevant to who we are, or to the people in our lives.  What’s more, our emotional energy drains out, leaving us hollow and frustrated, a mood we feel but don’t know why.

                Libra wants everything to be harmonious, tries to get the balance between necessity and kindness.  And the first step to move forward in this way is to accept situations as the inevitable results of what has gone before.  It may be useful to see the causes of your results but, as circumstances have probably changed, that knowledge may just be irrelevant.  We need to keep a balance between looking back, using hindsight, and seeking the appropriate action to try next.  It’s possible you’ve changed since last you checked your desires, and what you have now could be what you now truly want.  Don’t let your dreams, hopes and desires block your receiving what life is offering you now. 


Libra’s gift

                Hopes and dreams of love, beauty, harmony, justice are wonderful reminders of the beauty that IS on the spiritual level.  Everything in life is working itself out towards that wonderful peace and joy.  Libra’s gift is holding that awareness so that its fragrance drifts into our daily experience of the world.  It reminds us of what our hearts know, giving energy and encouragement rather than sapping it.  Libra is not about taking action, which Mars in Libra finds hard, being our active energy.  From 19 August until 3 October when it moved into Scorpio, we may well have been feeling the frustration of not being able to actively bring these ideals into our reality – that can easily become ‘fighting for peace’ which doesn’t work, of course.

                Mars in Scorpio not only has the strength to act, but also the strength to wait until action is appropriate.  We feel relieved to have endured the waiting and not acted precipitately, because, when we allow moments for right action to open up in their own time, Libra’s beauty flows naturally into the physical world and change becomes smooth and supported.

                So let go of wanting your dreams to manifest right now.  Just because they don’t APPEAR to be happening, does not mean they are not a reality waiting to manifest later.  So let’s pledge ourselves this month to hold the ideals of harmony, beauty and balance, and allow life to unfold towards them in its own way.  Our job is to observe the flow of life, and act when we are moved to act.


Solutions to old problems

                In the meantime, Saturn moving forward and Uranus moving backward are careering towards opposing each other.  These two forces can look like traditional exactness versus mass hysteria, but this opposition can also be seen as authority in service deliberately manifesting inspired solutions.  Uranus entered Pisces within days of the Iraq war being declared, and from huge anti-war demonstrations, which were calmly humanitarian, we were plunged into mass emotional jingoistic reactions all over the place.  Saturn, coming now to oppose Uranus in early November, could be the start of moving towards sorting out what can and can’t be achieved there.

                This month, the New Moon chart also suggests the focus is likely to be on communicating in our relationships.  As Mercury is retrograde until 15 October, the talking may focus on past situations, endeavouring to bring about harmony through understanding.  Mercury, retrograding through Libra, is exactly trine Neptune, bringing a fine intuitive focus within our human concerns.  So perhaps our conversations will be less about struggle and more about diplomacy, finding a workable way to deal with difficulties.


New Moon in Libra square Capricorn Jupiter

                It will be difficult to believe that everything is fine, however nicely the truth is packaged.  But blaming or battling with the other person, the management, or any outside circumstances, doesn’t help to decide forward movement.  The attitude we need in our personal lives, too, needs to be ‘this is how it is, what’s next?’ 

                The best way to move forward, indicated by this month’s New Moon chart, is to use our intuitive sense, bearing in mind the good of the community (Mercury trine Neptune/Chiron/North Node in Aquarius).  The Libran way of approaching a solution is to gather all the information available about the present situation, until the right action becomes clear.  This does not have to take a long time, but it does require acceptance, a broad focus, and a sincere intention to do what serves the highest good of all. 

                Although this is all showing up in the political and financial situations very clearly, we need to remember that the same forces are at work in all our individual lives also.  ‘Out there’ is reflecting something that is ‘in here’, and you help the world by working these things consciously in your own life.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra


So many things, relationships and ideas, come at me from all directions

‘there is confusion of priority changing at different times.

‘Which way can I go?  My mind is lost.’


Let the profusion of all your life’s concerns

flow through and past your inner eye

Let it flow on by like a river in spate.

These times are momentous and strange.

Even though their origins are clear to many,

the solutions are not clear.  Many are offered

but none stands clearly above the others.


Be not afraid.

Let the river flow towards you and away

while you stand on the bridge of NOW holding that fulcrum steady.

Be relaxed with a straight spine, holding your head up

so that you can see the landscape of Life

as well as the river’s mighty rushing.


Stand in the middle of your life as you walk down the street

rooted deeply in acceptance of what IS, that it is,

letting your vertical alignment stretch up into

the pure essence of beauty, truth and justice

so that you breathe its presence

into your world.

With love,



Margaret Koolman

Flat 3, 3 Whitehall

Stroud, GL5 1HA, UK

+44 (0) 1453-762937


June Crane's  STARPATHZ Newsletter   OCTOBER Forecast
     All of October is marked with the cosmic signature of the upcoming Saturn (stability, safety, security, conservative), Uranus ( radical change, disruptions, breakdowns & breakthroughs) opposition (OPP). The definition of opposition is a group of opponents; resistance; dissent and derives from the Latin, oppositus meaning, situated on the further side or completely different. Astrologically it's analagous to the full moon cycle bringing  'issues into full light for good or bad, situations are revealed'. I can not think of a better way to describe what we  are currently witnessing play out across our financial systems, halls of government, across our whole country, if not the world. The challenge of the OPP is not to remain locked in polarity but as issues come to light, for the opposing entities or situations to take the WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to resolve their differences and hopefully negotiate a working balance.  Because Saturn (SA) & Uranus(UR) will sustain their opposition (OPP) through September 2009 ( first exact hit being Nov.4, 08, Jan09,Sept.09), I would expect all current events to be ongoing through that time period.  To understand an OPP one must look at the origin of the cycle,  which in this case is the SA-UR conjunction of 1988 when the seeds of the current phase were planted.  It's interesting to note just prior to that in 10/87 there was a significant drop in the stock market. I've no doubt there were changes to the market system then,  that have in part led to the current problems. A true fix of the current crisis will require an indepth rehaul of the root of the problems going back at least that far, otherwise  we will carry the same problems foward for another 7 years.  On a postive note, Jupiter (expansion, luck, growth) will assist both SA & UR, by providing the opportunity to resolve these problems in October &  November. It presents a plan to retool and rework for a positive outcome, that window of time is not a large one and it provides a huge challenge. Those resistant to change might be willing to do anything to prevent it, hopefully calm minds and spirits will prevail.

     To anticipate where these two will be problematic lets think about a few of the things they represent... Saturn: the old, established order, status quo, credit, metals, infrastructure, the solid earthy element while Uranus is the harbinger of CHANGE: progressive movements, innovative breakthroughs, electrical systems, earthquakes, unexpected events including storms. In light of that, I would suggest making preparations as if a strong storm was approaching and you might lose power or be on your own for a while. This is especially true if you live in active geological or weather areas. I've looked at the Astro*Carto*Graphy maps of the opposition and they indicate tension over the following areas; the eastern region of Iran and western borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan; central Russia, the west coast of US (especially S. CA), both northern Japan & China, Iceland and  the Azores. Whether the activity manifests geolocially, politically or economically or a combination of all,  is yet to be seen, but I would expect things to start heating up around 10/7 (moon cnj Jupiter). This peak energy will continue  through the time of the new moon of 5' Scorpio on10/28 (which squares/tension the last eclipse of 8/1/08) for at least 2 weeks.
     Mars (action, energy, initiative,aggression) is in Scorpio from 10/4-11/15, so expect passions, desires and will powers to run high. This heightened intensity can have people being hypersensitive, especially in intimate relationships, so beware of becoming overly jealous & possessive.  Avoid situations that have a dangerous element from 10/29-31 as they have a violent signature.  It looks like a down and out battle right to the finish line for the election, with the voters being very rebellious as they cast their votes.

      On a personal note the feeling of being up/down, on/off will even out after Mercury goes direct on 10/15, one day after the full moon at 21 Aries.. Until then with ME rx in Libra, it's time to examine all partnership issues, review past behavior and negotiate new mutually beneficial patterns as indicated last month with the new cycle of Venus and Mars in Libra. Ask yourself, " What do I want to happen in my relationship?  Then take steps to accomplish that reality.  After the 15th you can start to put plans into action regarding contracts and negotiations. If you're finding yourself in a dead end job scenario, October & November is the  time to implement a plan to reinvent your career or add on to your current job skills.

     The last week of October the new moon in Scorpio falls on the 28th. Scorpio places an emphasis on all of the following matters that might require attention: debt, mortgages, jointly held money and property, tax, savings, surgery. Also, representing the death of the old and birth of the new, a great time to implement new savings and spending guidelines for the upcoming year. For the next year, we're all looking to achieve a balance between our own need for security and our desire to grow and do our 'own thing', this will create opportunities for dynamic growth. But there will be patterns and habits we are challenged to 'let go of' in order to achieve our highest potential. Now more than ever it's critical to stay focused on the positive aspects of your life and to stay busy working to further those ends.  And to remember the only thing we can really control is how we think!

All Rights Reserved 2008- June Crane     650-394-4067
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