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Monthly Weather Report



Just click here or the Online Gabriel Lectures link in the upper left menu bar...For those who are new to Children of Light, this page comes from one week of the Gabriel lectures. If you find it informative and would like access to much more, you might find it very helpful to get the information and energy of the Gabriel Weekly Lectures that we are now making available online.

Updated September 1, 2008

May-Aug  2008  Report
2008 Overview (Energy) Weather Report

Welcome to Weather Report Number Thirty-Nine.

This particular Weather Report explores the Fall/Winter months of 2008
(in the US).

We now reach the SEVENTH year of a Seven-Year Cycle of Integration or Tribulation
(2002 - 2008) and it continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known.

This moves us into a time of clearing and integrating the higher potential of the soul in the preparation of the seventh chakra. This will continue to challenge us to connect more fully to the higher will of the Soul, touching the edges of our place in the Divine Plan, as well as starting to clarify our place in world service.


(repeated at the end of this page as well)
We are including this, as it is important to educate yourself about the many perspectives of world events. As we move into a time of accelerated changes in the world around us, it is important to educate ourselves. It is vital.

One website (of many) that demonstrates a remarkable dedication to educating people about what is going on in the world is

Please take time to go to this site. Read. Educate yourself about what they suggest is going on behind the scenes. Listen to your own heart… We must wake up if we are going

to heal and change our world into the soul directed potential that becomes possible at this time.

To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2008 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information here.   May-Aug  2008  Report

Physical and Emotional Symptoms:

FOR PRINTING THIS DOCUMENT: Simply highlight the whole text - then COPY (Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V) into Word for printing.   Also highlight the text in Word and change ALL the text to black. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is a time that Gabriel is calling the Year of Developing New Communication Technology, as we Open the Soul's Compassionate Heart. Many details that are revealed in the Overview of 2008, will not be repeated here.

For instance, the information about the New Communication grid lines on the planet are ONLY covered in that overview. So please take the time to read that page on the website, in order to get the most from this Monthly Weather Report.

This will be a most unusual year. In many ways it will change reality as we have experienced it. There will be more intercession of reality from higher beings than you have known before. The first four months of the year have been about an energetic set up for this shift into soul consciousness. These second four months were a time of Testing and Refining the energetic shifts that have been set up...followed by these final four months of Integration and Manifestation.

One of the most important elements of these final four months is that they are preparing and leading the planet into the Resurrection Initiation of soul consciousness.

What many people may not realize is that the planet has never evolved to a point where soul consciousness has been accessible to mass consciousness. There have been a few individuals who have dedicated their lives to evolving in this way.  However, this is the first time that the planet is energetically evolving into an activation of the heart chakra, which is the access point of soul consciousness.

These four months will be a time of shifting into the edges of that soul consciousness.

September - TRANSFER of the lower will to the higher will
October - TRANSMUTATION of the survival consciousness towards the soul
November - TRANSFIGURATION, as signs of the new begin to take shape


September will be a month involving the transfer of the lower and higher wills. This will involved a movement of the energy of the 5th chakra (throat - center of higher will) down to the 3rd (solar plexus - center of the lower will).

This energetic shift will transfer you out of the desire body of the lower will into the edge of the higher will of the soul. In this time, you will BEGIN to dissolve the division of inner and outer, as well as how you have used your will primarily to fulfill your desire nature, which has kept your from experiencing your true power.

Your desire nature has not allowed you to direct your lives in a way that allows you to know yourself as the source of empowerment at the center of creation. It has also not allowed a throughline of commitment from each of you, as the desire body tends to dissipate your truest commitments.

So this will be a time of beginning to transfer those energies in a more direct way.

On an energetic level, you will probably be experiencing a great deal of movement in those two chakras. You may find a great deal of congestion in your throats, as well as some burning sensations or sore throats. This will not amount to much, but will definitely be a part of many people's experience. There will seem to be no logical source, from the point of view of dis-ease. It is merely coming from the integration of new movements of energy.

You may find that there is a kind of tunnel that is trying to move energy down to the solar plexus from the throat.

Also in the solar plexus, you may find some metabolism shifts, as well as more heat waves or digestive interruptions.  Some people with great blockages here may have problems with the pancreas as well. Those with great blockages may have real problems in the solar plexus.  Deep breathing will help a great deal, as well as stretching and relaxing the jaw and tongue.  There may also be some swelling in the lower region of the body, which is more of an energetic bloating.  Anxiety may also be produced if you go into resistance and defense.

This is a time when there will be a lot of energy sensations in the body, bringing up many of the things that are held in survival consciousness and fear in the subconscious.  This may also seem to be a dying away of your familiar identity or the attachments of the lower will. This will include a shift in how you have experienced expectations.

What happens is that as the lower is penetrated by the higher energies, it shakes up the denser energies of defense held in the tissues of your body. This may create some heartburn sensations or acidic problems, both in the stomach and in the throat.

On the other hand, there may be greater creative expression waking in the throat region, such as previously unexplored ideas. This can be quite surprising and delightful.

Because you are bringing together the lower and the higher, you will begin to move into a greater inner sourced vibration. People who are not used to trusting themselves will have to get used to this greater "gut feeling," as your instincts become more acute.  At this stage it is not so much intuition, but rather a stronger survival instinct about safety, etc.  This is a heightened physical awareness.

Some who are already of a higher vibration, used to moving more energy in their bodies, will find a greater trust of themselves as the source. They will also experience a greater passion about things, which has not been the case in recent years. Strong feelings and convictions will get even stronger.

In this transfer of higher and lower wills, you will begin to realize that trusting the inner is more desirable than looking outside yourselves for reassurance or for a compensation for the lack of sense of self that you have known. This shift can also bring a great deal of disillusionment.

This transfer will heighten activity with the thoughts and lower mental body, as it will feel threatened to let go or surrender to the higher will. There may be more anxiety around certain thought patterns as well.

At times you will also start to see the clash between the lower will and the loss of attachment to things, as the higher creative energy comes in to offer an alternative. The higher will may very well come in in a very self-assured manner.

On the other hand, there will be more doubt in trusting the outer world. People will begin to see how desires they have used are not REALLY satisfying. This will inspire a lot of letting go, as you begin to realize where you have relinquished your personal power.

More advanced people will solidify their personal power more fully in this time. This will become a much more appealing focus.

There will also be a greater level of discernment, discriminating between what you can and cannot trust beginning at this time. You will also see more fully how temporary and moody your old patterns have been, where you have put your trust in others outside yourselves. There will be a drain on desire and an increase in resistance as a result. This can also result in fatigue at times.

Some may experience a loss of appetite. At other times, they will feel very empty and will want to eat more to fill it up. Some defense types will find this more accelerated, when certain feelings rise. This transfer will activate core feelings, and it will help immeasurably to know what your defense structure tends to fight.

In the outer world, you will see two things primarily. You will see a more inspirational concern for people on a larger scale in some areas. In other areas, you will find a need for more control rising. This will seem more obvious to many. In the transfer, you will start to see these two sides more clearly.  What this will do in mass consciousness is wake people to how much power they have given away to "authority" replacements for mom and dad, stuck in the consciousness of wounded children.

For some, this will bring up fear, as they don't know what to do as a healthy alternative.  You may feel insecure in these stages.

There will be disillusionment more and more in the old structures and forms in the world, such as religions and governments.  There will be more corruption revealed.  Your economic structures will reveal this as well.  This has already begun in prior months, but will accelerate... so that you can see where you have misplaced your trust.  You have been manipulated by false promises in many ways.

Over time, people will begin to investigate more options and will go into things more consciously.

For people of a higher soul development, you will find more creativity and imagination and strength that you have not known.  You will trust, commit and fulfill more completely in your lives. This will particularly take place in group efforts.



This month will involve the moving down of energies from the 6th chakra (third eye in the center of the forehead) down to the second chakra (naval region), creating the experience of TRANSMUTATION.

This will be where your relationship to all things and the difference between attachments and connections becomes very evident. You will become concerned with the broader perspective, moving beyond the little "I", me, me more fully.

You will find mass conscious beginning to shift. People will begin to understand and discover more things are motivated by looking inward.  When they do, they will find surprising perspectives.  They will look at the world at large more completely.  They will also begin to see how everything affects the whole more fully.

In September, you will have begun to connect a GROUP WILL at a higher level, as you prepare for soul consciousness. Choices and relationships will be looked at from a perspective of real value and equality.  What has not been in balance with giving and receiving will be re-evaluated.

If you are acting upon these new perspectives, there will be a desire to move into this new group consciousness and the good of the whole. This is how you will experience the resurrection of the soul consciousness. There will be a genuine desire for more service that emerges.

Some people will be more considerate for others, as well as taking more responsibility for self and their choices.

Also, you will find some surprising willingness to admit when people have made mistakes and to ask for forgiveness. They will find themselves letting things go by without the same shame and blame that you have known.  This is the beginning of the resurrected soul consciousness.  It will affect your relationships in the second chakra.

This will be the time when you have the actual opening of the Sirian vortex, when your group is in Egypt. (Children of Light journey and the Worldwide Meditation)

There will be more focus on learning how to negotiate treaties, boundaries and needs, even in the world around you. You may find an eventual softening of the present US government's attitude. Part of that is to protect their image before the elections in November. That is how it will start, but it will also be affected by these energies and will transmute into a more sincere communication. Part of this is motivated in fear, as they try to rectify their image. We mention this to say that the reality of the soul consciousness will penetrate everywhere.

On a physical level, you will find in the lower belly and torso two major symptoms. Cramping and releasing. Your waste cycles may be affected. You may have to go to the bathroom more often, even with diarrhea, alternating for some into constipation.

You will find more activity in the lower body, as well as in the head regions. The temples and third eye will be experiencing a lot of activity, which will stimulate your dreams as well. In the waking state, you may find that you go in between sleep and being awake. Images may rise, even like a video unfolding without understanding.

Higher level people will find that they recall more past lives. This will happen as the holographic memories rise into your conscious minds. This will bring up feelings and sensations in the body as well. It may seem very real to you.

Some people could have whole energetic timelines of lifetimes revealed. You may find important pieces of the story of your souls, as you move into karmic completion.

This will be a month of many karmic completions, with relationships from past lives. Your learning curve will be activated. Some will feel complete without knowing why. Some relationships will complete and have no more need. There will be peacefulness and knowing, with no confusion. This may be very comforting.

During the Resurrection initiation, you may move into new relationships that have to do with a whole new direction of learning. That will certainly be so for people who are moving into new soul levels within this one lifetime. This will practically be like reincarnating while staying in the same physical body - a death and rebirth, without leaving the physical plane. There are others who came into this life in the beginning of a soul level, who will be affected in this way.

This can all bring about endings of some relationships in completion as well. You will be willing to let go of patterns that truly don't serve you any longer. For instance, when you are ready to let go of drama, such as the ones you set up initially with your parents. Once you get clear, you can begin to truly let it go.

There could be a lot of clarity in this month of October.

There may be scientific breakthroughs, such as in the world of medicine, with more cures of dis-ease. This will be down to the level of the DNA. By working with the DNA, they may being to learn how to establish chemical transactions that could change the face of medicine in the next five to ten years. The medical industry may be approached from a whole new depth of understanding - how chemical interactions affect the DNA. They may also begin to discover how emotions affect this chemistry down to a DNA level. This would be a remarkable validation of the deepening of consciousness.

This could create tremendous anxiety for the pharmaceutical industry - if they do not manage to find a way to cover these discoveries up. That is because empowerment and healing do not make money.

There will also be discovery of things related to birth and the creation of life that could be very beneficial in dealing with the chromosomes to prevent the onset of certain dis-eases that have been very common. All of this will be challenging to the pharmaceuticals.

Relationships will begin to shift in powerful ways, as we have already said. There will be self-doubt and vulnerability that people have fought for such a long time rising to the surface. This is the foundation of why people have had such trouble with intimacy. There may be more openings that are spontaneous as well.

As the truth of the soul moves into relationship level of development, the higher truth begins to come through. This will also be impacted by people seeking to be of service to the whole, rising from the inside in very new ways. This will interfere with your old identities of narcissism.

As these higher energies attempt to move through and clear your blockages, there will also be for some an increase in cancers in the lower body, as well as cysts and tumors - where there is resistance at a deep level. Liver and kidney will be affected.

Outbursts of anger may come out personally and globally as well. There will be strong emotional reactions from some.  Emotional tension will happen as the denser emotions are activated to the surface by these higher energies.

On the other hand, some will experience feelings in a way that is more intuitional than they are used to as well. This will be a part of the spontaneous truth, activated by the 6th chakra.

Activity of the limbic brain at the base of the skull will release that karmic memory, which can produce anxiety as well. The lower will's resistance and desire to shut down will have to be negotiated in order for you to move into the potential of these greater openings. This will all seem vulnerable to many, like there are feelings they need to protect or hide.

People will begin to feel more energetic connection to one another, less separation, and therefore the need to become aware of their own feelings. There is a need to become self-contained, though most will not know how to do this. At this point, it is an awareness of the need to develop a clear sense of self at this point.

There will be more energetic stimulation.  More people may begin to refer to "energy" and the sensations of energy who never have before. People will feel things they have never felt before.  They will feel less numbed out.  Those who do numb will just go more and more dead, acting out more fully with their addictions.



This will be a month of TRANSFIGURATION, where energies of 7th chakra (crown of the head) begin to penetrate the 1st chakra (base of the spine) and encourage you to take your place in world service.

There will be a willingness to see things on a grander group scale at this time than ever. There will be a real need for world service. There will be more expression about this, particularly on the world stage. There will be more concern about the environment as well.

As the 7th chakra and higher spiritual consciousness and the will for directing world service moves into 1st chakra of form, you will see the soul energies affecting you in this way. This will really bring about the realization of how deeply you have known a separation of matter and spirit.

A new will to create this connection will begin to build during this time, to heal that separation. There will be more of a desire to take care of things from a structural point of view. You will begin to see how old things are in such extreme, and you will see how this does not serve humanity.

There will be more desire to be your brother's keeper on some level. First of all, since things are going into a downward spiral in world economics, people's survival awareness is being triggered more fully. You will see how these old structures no longer serve more clearly.

In your elections in the US, the good of the whole will become more and more the focus.  This has already been the case in the democratic convention that took place at the time of this lecture.  The seeds are being planted.  these things are fully possible, but you will begin to see the form and structure laid out in plans at this time, that open you to real possibilities.

There may be more extremes of those that are NOT working for the good for the whole.  For instance, in the family structure, you have given away so much power, not seeing the service you can be to each other.  Instead, you have distracted from the opportunity, feeling a misunderstanding about the responsibility.   You will begin to see the need to shift these things and the importance of shifting these things.

Physically there could be a lot of pressure in the top and back of the head, the neck, as well as the lower back. Joints will be strained where there is inflexibility, particularly in the hips. This is an area about support. Pain and physical problems may take place in the ankles and knees as well. This is also the case at the base of the skull again this month.

Rushes of energy in the legs and lower body may take place. There may be itching as the spin cycles of the etheric body are activated...along the head, lower body and thighs in this time. This may even begin in the first two months.

On a personal level, there will be an increased desire to reveal your service to the world. There will also be a greater need and opening to others being receptive to what you have to offer. This will begin as soul groups are more attracted to connect with one another. You will be attracted to the soul groups who are at a similar level of development.

Dis-ease may increase once again for some, such as brain tumors and other head issues. For others there will be activation of the minor chakras around the crown of the head, as well as in the eye sockets.



This will be a month of TRANSFORMATION AND INTEGRATION of all that has come before.

There will be three main things in greater realization at this time...

There will be less and less division between inner and outer. They will begin to work in cooperation with one another. You will find increased inner creativity as the source, bringing about the expression of the inner into the outer.

Your inner revelations will increase the quality of your experience. You will find your inner sense of source to be the greater place of trust, which will create greater manifestation in the outer.

Also you will find more connection and merging and communion between the male and female aspects of yourselves, giving and receiving. There will be greater balance. There will be greater inner silence, which will prepare you for acute awareness of your intuition and knowing from within.

There will be great fusion of the mental and emotional as one force working as one consciousness. If you are working on higher levels, you will have this more often and more powerfully. It will become something that is more consistent. There will be a more present inner voice.

In making this shift, you will have more experience of surrender in the heart...with the Renunciation of the lower will revealing the Resurrection of the soul and higher will.  Once you reach the soul doorway, the process of surrender becomes more peaceful and quiet and simple and joyful.

In that, you will find a silence that is unlike what you have known. There will be more presence in your lives as the soul comes in more fully.  This will seem like an old friend coming home within yourself.  There will be more trust and sense of self.

This will also be a time revealing the joy in the outer expressions, as you feel more in charge of those forces of creation that bring about expression, experience and manifestation.  You will begin to be more in command of the energies of creation.  This will give your lives more meaning, reflected in the manifestations of the outer world...and to a purpose that you feel WITH others.

You may even begin to see the edge that what you have been doing all along has been of service to the whole, even if you have not realized it at all. This may just begin to awaken from within, and you may begin to have a real relationship with it in the waking of the heart.

This is the beginning of you knowing what LOVE really is for the first time as this begins to awaken. The Renunciation into the Resurrection begins to reveal the love force guiding everything that you manifest and do. To a small degree, you may see that LOVE is indeed a force of power that unfolds and realizes the expression and experience of all that is in the universe. It IS the force behind manifestation.

LOVE is the pregnancy, the gestation and the birth of all things into form.

On some level, you will begin to be introduced to the perfection and the goodness and the service to the human experience is present in everything that takes place. You will begin to see the illusion of evil, which has been the way you have kept yourself in the progressive experience of evolution through the force of duality. But now that you are moving into the heart chakra, you no longer need duality as a learning tool.

Now that you reach the razor's edge, the middle ground of neutrality, you will find the place where love is ever present, revealing all creation. There is room for all creation in manifestation and experience as you open to love.

It will not be a month without trials and tribulations. It will make you see and realize (particularly those who have been dependent upon the outer as source) to go through loss of desire to the outer in a greater way. If people still struggle with duality, they will have a tough time sustaining any sense of reality as they have known it.

Duality has kept you seeking the outer form to learn through survival, to develop a sense of relationship to manifestation. Now you are ready to move inside to merge spirit and the physical. The need for duality is no longer, as the LOVE force penetrates and dissolves duality. All will be connected in this force, which is infinite.

Physically you will have heart activations, palpitations, pressures, heart problems and even attacks in extreme blockage. There may be tightness in the chest and back. There will be movements of the etheric connections along the back as well. There will be seconds of alternate experiences for those who are move advanced, feeling like you are in more than one place at the same time.

There will be experiences where you will be able to comprehend more dimensions of reality, experiencing yourselves as holographic beings. Also there will be some group experiences where you feel your soul connections to many in the group at the same time. This will rise through images and emotion. You may recognize light around people with whom you have some deeper connection.

So this month will be a TRANSFORMATION, birthing many things. Of course, December is a month when you have the birth of the Christ/soul consciousness in the focus in a deeper way as well.

Also the dream state will reveal feelings even while you are awake. The physical reality will sometimes not even seem real to you at deeper levels than before. If this happens, something else will take place that will compensate. On an essence level, you will see the separation of the physical, but a connection on the essence level with other souls. Dreaming and communion simultaneously.

You may also feel during all four months activity in the heart, as there are seven gateways in the heart that will be activating with the new bridges of energy joining in your body. After all, this is the chakra that joins the soul experience into the physical.

There may seem be be waves of energy that temporarily move through the body.

You may at times feel energy between the two spirals of energy that move up and down the spine, fusing in the heart. If this takes place, it will feel as if your energy is beginning to radiate and expand outwards. You may even feel it penetrating others around you, as if you were enveloping others with your arms. This will begin to happen with your energy.

They may respond by feeling an opening in themselves. One way or another, you will begin to affect others with your loving hearts. You may see it in their eyes, hearts or entire fields seeming more peaceful. Some will experience a healing in your presence, as this energy begins to radiate.

You will begin to feel yourself more as the source, more as a power connected to love.

In the world, you may see that there are more people and groups reaching out for one another. There may be more conversations about this. It will become a more desirable way of living over all. There may be some surprising liaisons between countries, as well as peace movements beginning to take place more clearly. There will be more willingness.

You will also see the world management team acting out in more extreme areas and ways as well. They do not want to lose control of the masses.

So that is what you can expect as an overview of the last four months of 2008.


If you want to be added to our QUARTERLY MAILING LIST, please fill in the box on the upper left of the screen (in the left navigation bar). Simple.


Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within – willing to move out of habitual choices of fear and survival, moving into willing, responsive, proactive choices to heal, grow and expand.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.

REMINDER: (written at the top of this page as well)
As we move into a time of accelerated changes in the world around us, it is important to educate ourselves. It is vital.

One website that demonstrates a remarkable dedication to educating people about what is going on in the world is Please take time to go to this site. Read. Educate yourself about what they suggest is going on behind the scenes. Listen to your own heart…

We must wake up if we are going to heal and change our world into the soul directed potential that becomes possible at this time. And do yourself a favor and go see the new documentary movie and tell your friends – THE CORPORATION!!!! It is a complete reflection of all that Gabriel has been talking about for these last years – about the realities of the distortions in our world and their impact….as well as the healing solution of coming together to claim our power to choose as people in unity!

So this is the Monthly Weather Report for now! We hope that you will find it helpful in your life or for those around you. We ask that you help us nurture and educate by telling your friends about Children of Light.


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