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The Center Point Equinox March 2008

By Kate Spreckley


‘The heart is the treasury in which God’s mysteries are stored;

Seek the purpose of both the worlds through the heart, for that is the point of it.’

Sufi poet Lahiji


Since the beginning of time we have been driven by our Soul to explore ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our world and each other.  We have attempted to discover who we are and why we exist.  This is our journey, a journey of discovery, growth, change and evolution. 


The experience of our Earth walk has presented us with many events and life lessons all of which have affected our path of growth and change.  In our pursuit of self knowledge and understanding we not only affect ourselves, but we influence the total journey of humanity and our Earth.  We alone decide if humanity will take the path of growth and change.  Each decision and choice we make along our own paths affects our world and our Earth.  In gaining this understanding we recognize that we have a responsibility and a mission to serve our world and our Earth. 


The Equinox in March is the time when the Sun reaches the balance point of its path through the zodiac and marks the beginning of a new astrological year.  The Sun will cross directly over the Earth’s equator and day and night will be of equal length.  The significance of this is that every point on Earth will, for one day, experience 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of daylight.


The Equinox of March 2008 will mark a time where we will begin serving humanity, our world and our Earth with focus and a clear unified vision.  Our current destination will have been reached and our search for new clarity will be complete.


Our heightened minds will be infused with light forming a union between our hearts and our minds and creating an etheric bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds.  This process indicates that we have reached a pinnacle in our evolutionary process where negative thinking and fear will begin to evaporate enabling us to move into higher states of consciousness and higher frequencies of energy.


This higher state of consciousness will allow us to return to our original 12 stranded DNA coding and will lead us back to the source of all creation.  Previously our 12 strands had merged into 6 pairs of twin DNA and they are now beginning to spiral from these twin strands into 12.  This change in our DNA will form a matrix, an energy grid, within us, creating a central link to the source of all light, love and life, The Great Spirit, our Creator.  From this central link 12 streams of sound, light and colour with begin to emanate creating a new reality and a new movement of consciousness.


During our evolutionary processes we have been reconnecting our 12 strands of DNA and have now reached a time where we will begin activating these strands.  The 12 strands of DNA act as streams of consciousness through which we are able to access the planetary grid, our cellular memory banks and reclaim our natural birthright of love, joy and abundance. 


In order for us to understand and activate these 12 streams of consciousness we are required to identify and access the central point within our Soul.  This central point is held within our heart space and holds the key to unlocking the origins of consciousness and of self.  Knowledge of self and the awakening of the heart are the goals of all Spiritual realization and are what transforms our experience of life and the Universe.


The Great Spirit is a circle, whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.  We are a creation from that circle and a circle of creation ourselves.  Our Circle, our Soul, has a centre, a sacred point of contact where we as human beings and the Divine meet in a sublime communion. 


The centre point of our circle is a void within the sacred sanctuary of our hearts.  It is where we experience the light and love of the Great Spirit within ourselves.  This empty space embodies the Divine Feminine and it is where the light of the Divine Masculine is held, our Divine Spark.  This space is linked to the Void, called the Great Mystery, the place where the Great Spirit lives, and is the place from which all is created and the place to which all must return.   This void within our hearts, holding our Divine Spark, is the point of Divine light and life, of Spiritual and Divine consciousness, and it is the hidden self.


Our Divine Spark is trapped in concentric circles of energy and for us to retrieve and bring it forth it is necessary for us to follow these circles of energy back to our centre, accessing, healing and releasing, our damage, wounds, pain and negative patterns of thought and behaviour. 


We must pass through the physical, then the emotional and finally through the mental layers of being before we are able to enter into the silent sanctuary within our hearts.  These bodies serve to bind our souls to the external phenomena of life and the inner process of entering the center point of the Soul is to draw forth the Divine Spark and come into conscious communion with the Great Spirit, the source of all life, love and power.


The practice of going within and entering this void is one of the most ancient and powerful rites of passage and requires intense attention and awareness.  It involves retreating within oneself to consider, meditate, pray and seek Spirit.  This practice stimulates our regenerative and healing capabilities and will aid our physical bodies in reconnecting to our primal life force.  It is the quest for the Great Mystery and this quest will afford us the energy and the courage we need to give birth to our creations. 


The answers we seek lie within our deepest self.  Make time now to find them by moving inward through meditation and solitude and open yourself up to the mysteries of the Universe and to the void where all potential exists.


Our inner levels of being are direct doorways to the Universal Void and when we access these levels we are able to create different situations and experiences on the Earth plane.  We raise the level of life force energy allowing blockages to be cleared, replenishing our energy and reconnecting to the life force of all things.


At this time the Void is being filled with energy and this energy is the etheric bridge between the Void and the Light creating a powerful Spiritual experience which will initiate communion with the sacred light and the unification of Spirit and Soul energies on another turn of the spiral.  It is the alchemical process whereby we become infused with Divine light and wisdom.


This is a time of retreat and seclusion from which you will gain the necessary insight and strength required to move forward on your journey.  It is a time of renewed energy, a time of reconnecting with the forces of life and thereby creating transformations in your life. 


Be open to the gifts that life has in store for you.  Trust the unseen forces that are at work in your life and open yourself up to the realm of Spirit.  You are being aided in remembering your Divine purpose so explore and live your dreams for they are the forces that shape your reality.  If you do not honour them and follow their lead, you are denying the Divine inspiration in your life.  


We are being offered a powerful link to both our inner and higher selves and by moving within we encourage our inner self to speak and to share with us the secrets of our path and purpose. 


It is time to accept the promise of hope, unity and abundance that this time brings.  Great potential is being uncovered within and incredible possibilities are present in our lives.  Many ideas and dreams that have been hidden for years are now revealed.  Open your heart and your life to make room for your dreams to take root and the Universe will send the appropriate experiences and opportunities your way. 


Remember to aid the disadvantaged and to give thanks for all the blessings offered to you by the Great Spirit, our Creator.



The March 7, 2008 Lunar Planner is Now Available

The Lunar Month of
March 7, 2008 - April 5, 2008

A Radical Fresh Start

A few topics presented in this Month's Lunar Planner:
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* The Action Moon - antiquated crusades or a breakthrough
* The March EQUINOX
* A Greater Vision beyond dogma, darkness and delusion
* A Super-Galactic Full Moon
* Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Vesta & Uranus
- a commencing force
* The Manifesting Moon - to do it differently or the ole' 'reasons why not'
* Focus, Dedication & Commitment to Change
* Beyond gender, race, or creed - the absence of forms

Quote From the March 7 Lunar Planner:

"This lunar cycle is of the unexpected and spontaneous; even offering us a radical or shocking change that serves to break us from the conformity of the past and to engage us in a new way. After what may have seemed a diversionary journey, we can now return to a truer path...a fresh start..."

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o The Holy Cross - The Sacred Geometry of Earth's Precessional Cycle

...and much more New Moon Report, March 7, 2008

by Jeff Jawer

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Mars opposite Pluto
Friday, March 7, 1:01 am PST, 4:01 am EST

This fierce aspect is the third in a series that began on September 21 and is now finally coming to a head. It's a tense face-off between aggressive Mars in self-protective Cancer and potent Pluto in hard-edged Capricorn. Confrontation is possible, yet this can also be the final stage in a clearing process that began last year. Initiating Mars wants to lay a new foundation in Cancer, but the concentration required for a successful launch means that something or someone needs to be eliminated now.

New Moon in Pisces
Friday, March 7, 9:15 am PST, 12:15 pm EST

The New Moon in Pisces is a time to feed your dreams, opening your mind and heart to a more creative and compassionate life. Inventive Uranus joins this lunation to hasten the pace of change. Things may feel more hectic and unpredictable now, spurring desires to break from routine and discover alternative ways of living. Generous Jupiter's supportive sextile to Uranus from constructive Capricorn provides a practical framework that helps turn chaos into a new and more invigorating system.

Venus in Pisces
Wednesday, March 12, 3:51 pm PDT, 6:51 pm EDT

Venus is exalted in this spiritual sign, dissolving the borders of jealousy and distrust, allowing love to flow more freely. A gentle and generous spirit helps overcome competitiveness as we recognize the infinite connections that bind us together. Romance can flourish in these idealistic waters that wash away the fears of greed and unworthiness, inviting everyone to share in the infinite pool of pleasure that is too often hidden by self-doubt and insecurity.

Mercury in Pisces
Friday, March 14, 3:46 pm PDT, 6:46 pm EDT

Mental Mercury's objective edge is blunted in the wispy world of Pisces where feelings count more than facts. Compassionate communication can make for especially intimate conversations. Imagination and intuition flourish while details fuzz into the background. The mind's field widens to include concepts beyond words, requiring images to express the splendor and spirituality of what you can see but cannot clearly say.

Sun in Aries
Wednesday, March 19, 10:49 pm PDT, Thursday, March 20, 1:49 am EDT

The astrological year begins on the Vernal Equinox or first day of spring (fall in the Falklands) as the Sun fires into this pioneering, impulsive and independent sign. It's time to take the initiative and dive into new activities and projects. Patience may be lacking, but enthusiasm enables you to quickly recover from mistakes. Putting yourself in motion may seem risky and, at times, insensitive to others, yet it is preferable to act in haste than to waffle at a time when the winds of change are blowing so strongly.

Full Moon in Libra
Friday, March 21, 11:40 am PDT, 2:40 pm EDT

The opposition of the Moon in cooperative Libra and the Sun in autonomous Aries represents a contrast between the freedom to act independently and the compromises required of relationships. The dialogue is intensified now with penetrating Pluto and aggressive Mars forming tense 90-degree squares to the Sun and Moon. Conflict is easily triggered by the smallest differences of opinion. Transforming combativeness against others into fighting for a worthy cause elevates the argument from a personal dispute to bold actions that can advance your interests personally and professionally.

Jupiter sextile Uranus
Friday, March 28

This intelligent connection between visionary Jupiter and innovative Uranus sparks new ideas. Intuition soars as fresh insights reveal unexpected ways to solve current problems or present you with an exciting scenario for a brighter future. This aspect will return on May 21 and November 12, providing two more chances to hitch a ride on these shooting stars.

Pluto Retrograde
Tuesday, April 1

The planetary Lord of the Underworld's backward turn is a subtle shift that drives the forces of transformation inward. Radical change needs to be rooted in your deepest desires if it is to be effective. Pluto's penchant for power is best fulfilled with personal discipline and focus, which are prerequisites for increasing your authority in relationships and at work.

Mercury in Aries
Wednesday, April 2, 10:45 am PDT, 1:45 pm EDT

Thoughts move quickly and words can be fired off spontaneously with mental Mercury in fast-moving Aries. The mind is sparked by fresh perspectives that provide a new take on old situations. Impatience can lead to unnecessary combat and careless communication can unintentionally wound others. A moment's pause before making a significant statement can temper the flames of verbal passion with the right amount of caution and consideration for others.

This New Moon in Pisces is rich with inventiveness that shatters existing limits of emotion and habit. Energy is moving so quickly that it's easy to feel out of control, yet stifling creative impulses can be even more destructive. This is a time of imagination when the walls of tradition are falling, making way for discovery and freedom that may be beyond your wildest dreams

Have a great month!

Jeff Jawer, Publisher,
 ...because timing is everything!

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