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Choosing an Identity Aligned with Your Highest Vision

It is possible to hold a vision for your life year after year without seeing it manifest in your physical reality. Many people hold themselves in a place of judgment, feeling there must be something "wrong" when their dreams seem to elude them. There is nothing "wrong," though you may need to adjust your perspective to manifest your vision. We will offer here some insights into how you can transform this circumstance.

One of the most common reasons people fail to manifest their dreams is that their current "identity self" is not aligned with their highest vision. If the vision your higher self brings you is that you are an energy healer but your present identity is that you are a clerk at a fast food restaurant, you have some changes to make in your identity.

As long as the self with which you are strongly identified is vastly different from the self that is experiencing your highest vision, you will go through your days with a feeling of being "outside looking in," with your deepest desires perpetually beyond your reach.

This does not have to be the case. By making a simple adjustment in perspective, you can begin living your highest vision within your present moment. In this way, by identifying with anything you choose to bring into your reality, you make it "real" in your world.

We offer here a process for adopting a new identity self aligned with your highest vision.

One) Enter a quiet, meditative state. Allow the highest vision for your life to come into your mind. Hold this vision in a steady focus, seeing it in as much detail as possible. Feel what it is like to be experiencing this reality. What does it look like? How are you interacting with the people around you? What activities do you participate in?

Two) Ask your self, who is the self experiencing this reality? How is this self different from your present-moment self? What would you have to believe to be this self who is experiencing your highest vision? How do these beliefs differ from your present-moment beliefs?

Three) Observe the differences between this self and your present-moment self. Move back and forth between the self experiencing your highest vision and your present-moment self. Step fully into the feeling state of each self, observing each in detail. Continue to work with the process of moving back and forth between the two until you have a clear understanding of their differences, their similarities, and can move easily between the two.

Four) Set your intention to adopt the self who is experiencing your highest vision as your identity self. Allow this identity to become your focus self.

Five) As you move through your days, allow this new identity self to inform your actions. Observe your thoughts. Observe how you relate to the world from the perspective of this new identity.

This is a process you can use over and over again as your highest vision continues to grow and evolve in your journey of becoming.
Posted on Friday, March 14, 2008 at 11:02PM by Celestial Vision | Post a Comment

Entering the Portal of Abundance

As a vast, infinite being, you are able to enter the Portal of Abundance anytime you choose. Inside the Portal of Abundance, there is always plenty, always more than enough. Here you have an abundance of communion with your guides and higher self. You are able to receive visions in abundance. The resources needed to bring these visions into physical reality flow in abundance as well. Inside this portal, life force energy flows in great abundance, as does health, well-being, joy, love and happiness.

The only limitations to abundance within this portal are your perceived limitations. If you find only a portion of your abundance is available to you, most often at the root there are underlying issues of self-worth and lack. A sense of lack has to do with the value one places on one’s self. This value, whether conscious or not, is derived from the sense of how one is fulfilling their soul contract for this lifetime.

Experiencing lack in proportion to the fulfillment of the soul contract is not a punishment in any way. In fact, it is the opposite. It is the experience of lack that often opens the door to the understanding of how to create abundance and fulfill one’s purpose.

Scarcity and Lack Can Help You Transform Your Life

It is impossible to enter the Portal of Abundance when your thoughts are holding onto lack in any way. This is in accordance with the Law of Attraction. It is designed to help you seek the answers to the dilemma of scarcity, and begin a journey to find answers to the true meaning and purpose of your life. It would not be for your higher good for abundance to flow into your life when you are living out of synch with your self.
While you may speak affirmations to the contrary and create positive visions of what you wish to create, this will not work if underneath the surface, there are old tapes playing that are tuned to the frequency of lack. These tapes are often created early in life during times in childhood when you did not feel worthy or loved.

Healing Your Inner Child of the Past

Even those who have come to accept their own self-worth may have an inner child that is still confused and feeling unworthy. This energy is enough to keep you from entering the Portal of Abundance. If you find this is the case, you can begin to dialogue with any aspect of your self that still feels unloved and unworthy. Part of abundance is giving your self the nurturing and love to heal the hurts of the past.
Another aspect of abundance is the abundance of understanding that gives you insight into why you have created situations in the past – the lessons you were trying to learn by creating the experiences. From this perspective, it is much easier to release any emotional energy you are still holding around past scenarios. Self-forgiveness is another aspect of abundance.

A spirit chooses the condition of scarcity from the shopping list of life experiences because there is a need at the soul level to learn how to create abundance. When you begin to “ask” for assistance from your guides and higher self, you learn how to align with the true source of abundance -- your spirit. It is then that your spirit can bring you the resources you need. In order to align with your spirit, you must acknowledge and accept your own inherent worth.

As you love and accept every aspect of your self, you open your mind and heart.
It is an open mind and heart that embraces the infinite nature of your being and opens the door that allows full access to the Portal of Abundance.

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2008 at 07:49PM by Celestial Vision | Post a Comment

Entering the Portal of Transformation

It happens sometimes that difficult and challenging circumstances arrive in your life. Your first response to these circumstances may be to reject or resist them. How often have you thought during such times, if it were not for this person or that situation, my life would be happy and peaceful? A common misunderstanding is to blame others for the problems you are experiencing. Allowing your self to fall into blame and resistance only draws to you more of the same.

Resistance to Difficult People or Circumstances

While you may find it difficult to welcome unwanted circumstances, be aware anything that triggers a negative response within you is a gift. A seemingly difficult circumstance offers a window to your inner world. This window gives you an opportunity to "see" yourself in new ways that are not always readily accessible. A negative reaction to a person or situation brings to light important information that normally lies buried and out of reach. To decode this information, you can begin to look at your reaction and the feelings you are experiencing.

The energies you have drawn to you in the form of a person or situation are reflecting to you some aspect of your self. The Law of Attraction says like attracts like. You draw to you what you are. This is not a judgment. You create every situation in your life as a needed learning experience. Sometimes experiences bring your attention to a way of being, an attitude, belief or thought pattern that no longer serves you in the way it was originally intended. If you draw a person into your life who seems disrespectful, look to see if there's some way in which you are disrespecting yourself. If you find this to be the case, you can follow the thread back through time to understand ways you have not loved yourself as you could have, and ways that you have sabotaged your own efforts. By bringing this pattern into awareness, you can begin to heal it. You do this by transforming your beliefs about your self and what you deserve. This allows you to adopt new ways of being that are more loving and respectful to your self.

Reading the energy that shows up in your life and opening to the messages it offers carries you into the Portal of Transformation where all energies are transmuted to the vibration of love. By entering this portal, you are able to create healing and positive change in your world. Over time, these steps toward healing and wholeness spill over into every aspect of your existence. You radiate the light of this new understanding like a beacon to others who are seeking it. At the same time, you draw to you others who have taken responsibility for their life experience and who understand their role as creator gods. This is the true path of transformation.

When you accept each experience that arrives in your life and welcome the lessons it contains, you walk the path of growth and expansion that will eventually free you from the wheel of suffering and open you to the gifts each moment has to offer.

Posted on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 11:55PM by Celestial Vision |


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