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Astrology Weather  Reports      August 2008


                                                                 August 1, 2008 - Solar Eclipse
                                                                 August 16, 2008 - Powerful Lunar Eclipse
As any seasonal eclipse watcher can testify, an eclipse is not only an astronomical event -- it's a biological one too. Many creatures (even humans) begin to act strangely when the eclipses occur. Even the earth's temperatures dip slightly, along with a host of other weather and earth effects! It even affects us!
You can learn more about the powerful Leo solar eclipse August 1st and the lunar eclipse on Aug 16th and what it may mean to you and your business  in my  blog at   
I like to watch the path of eclipses, as the areas that the eclipse shadows is very important and you will find much news in that area the next several weeks.  Even after the eclipses are finished, the energy still is active for about 4 months afterward.  This upcoming solar eclipse will come very close to the magnetic north pole - the path cross Artica via upper Canada, Greenland and into Russia, Mongolia and northern China.  You can't get any more north than this eclipse path!!!  I would also think that there may be some new and exciting news about how the magnetic poles use the sun's energy - possibly more different that we thought!  The north and fellow south poles may provide us with new information due to this eclipse path!
See map
I am aware of a Volcano in Iceland that has been dormant for over 5,000 year and erupted in 1973 on Heimaey, an island off of Iceland  that could become active again due to this eclipse.  It is not directly in the path but pretty close to it.   Here is a website of Iceland earthquakes in the last 48 hrs.  It would be interesting to observe at times during these few months. 
Also there is a thin spot in the Earth's crust enabling underground magma to melt Greenland’s ice  scientists at the Ohio State University feel.  According to them, the "hotspot" is located in the northeast corner of Greenland (Eclipse path runs directly over this area) -- just below a site where an ice stream was recently discovered.  The researchers don't yet know how warm the hotspot is, but if it is warm enough to melt the ice above it even a little, it could enable the ice to slide more rapidly out to sea. Artic and Antarctica have been in the news recently due to the ice caps melting.  This eclipse may herald an acceleration of this situation.  Watch the news to see how this develops.
As you know from my previous emails, eclipses correlate with earthquakes, volcanic activity/eruptions, severe storms, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, and other unusual weather phenomena.  Lately the hurricanes have been traveling on a westward course going over Honduras, Belize, central Mexico and the Mayan sacred places.  A lot of curiosity has started about the Mayan calendar and 2012.  Possibly these storms may unearth some interesting materials. 
See blog article on eclipses in general.  Near the Lunar eclipse, which connects with Neptune, could provide us with some pretty intense earth disturbances - mainly EQ's that are 6.5 and above.  The planet Neptune is associated with land and sea disruptions, acute weather, volcanic activity and EQ's.  Oil and gas industries are also targeted for more news as the upward spiral of increased prices peaks for a short time - probably prices may start to decline - not going back to where they were, but at least give us a breather!
This set of eclipses are in Leo and Aquarius which suggests fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) are dealing with more intense issues or events, life style changes, health issues, difficulties, or unexpected news +/- .   People whose birthdays, anniversaries, incorporation dates or business starts the first half of this month, especially with in 3 days of the eclipse dates may be in for a little more change than what is expected.  If you would like to know more just give me a call ! 
The 2008 Republican Convention will be Sept 1-4, 2008 well past the eclipse dates, but the Democratic convention is within 10 days of the lunar eclipse.  Let' see what kind of unusual news, situations breaks out of this convention in Denver, Colorado.  Barrack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination on Thursday August 28, 2008!
Warm Regards
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                 727. 797. 7797



          Sophia LUNAR ECLIPSE

 Part 2


>> Two weeks after the 1st August Solar Eclipse, partial lunar eclipse

>> follows on the 16th of August; it is 24 degrees Aquarius. It will be

>> visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The

>> August flower is the Gladiolus (from Latin, the diminutive of

>> gladius, a sword. Their stems are generally un-branched, producing 1

>> to 9 narrow, sword-shaped, longitudinal grooved leaves, enclosed in a

>> sheath. This flower originates from Africa and Africa will be in the

>> minds and hearts of the people during this lunar eclipse. Africa

>> unite is a song for the whole world. Without the unity of

>> humanitarian values brought by the Age of Aquarius of supreme love;

>> humanity cannot survive on earth. Those that live in the illusion of security that all is well will be triggered by this lunar eclipse.


>> Another reality check is coming your way in respect of the

>> destruction of the eco-system, plant and animal species. Mother earth

>> is being destroyed before your eyes, under your feet and behind your

>> back. It will take a sword and Spirit of truth of some magnitude to

>> get everything back on track. How much does humanity wish to suffer

>> before it wakes up? How much does the light of truth have to make the

>> point to prick the conscience of the heart of humanity?


>> I saw a vision of people crying on mass some with tears of joy and

>> happiness due to recent revelations and some tears of frustration, anger and angst=


Dear Friends,

                My diary for August has filled itself, surely that wasn’t me!  September is still looking fairly clear.  Perhaps for the whole of this month, the Sun/Moon cycle, starting in Leo, is about enjoyment, fun, and optimistic self-expression.  I hope your August is filled with good things!


New Moon in Leo  -  1 August 2008

A total eclipse of the Sun seen from the Arctic Circle,

seen partially in the UK around 11-11:30am BST.

 Space Weather News for July 31, 2008

 SOLAR ECLIPSE:  On Friday, August 1st, the Moon will pass directly in front of the Sun producing a total solar eclipse.  The narrow path of totality stretches from arctic Canada through Greenland, Siberia, and Mongolia, and comes to an end in China, where millions of people will witness the event.  Even more people will see the partial eclipse, visible from almost all of Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia and a corner of North America.  The action begins at approximately 09:20 UT (5:20 am EDT) when the Moon's shadow first hits Earth in northern Canada and begins its rapid sweep toward China.


Visit for photos, webcasts, timetables and full coverage of the eclipse.


Using the New Moon moment as a birth chart for the following month, my comments

are meant to provide an attitude that maximises our ease and growth during that time.

Please don’t worry about understanding the astrology - just go for the drift.


                Leo! - the vision of the lion standing, front feet on a rock, raising it’s face to the sun, to roar until the air vibrates with the sun’s creative force!  A statement of equality with the gods, the fierce joy of spiritual connection expressed. 

                The Sun represents the heart of each person’s being, and Leo is that part of the Zodiac where humanity most naturally expresses its creative drive out in the world.  This could lead to anything this month, from an expression of one’s spiritual truth, to the roaring of the ungoverned ‘little ego’ – not so little in Leo! 

                Bearing in mind that we are human, not lion, if that self-expression is criticised, or any creation is attacked, the Leo person is more likely to be crushed than attack back.  The heart is a tender place, and Leo comes from their heart, usually with the best of intentions.  Rather than crushing their noise and drama, we need to support their courage, and appreciate the warmth and authenticity of their expression.



                On the 1 August, the Moon, representing our unconscious drives, covering the light of the Sun in an eclipse, could find us behaving in wild and unconsidered ways.  In dramatic Leo, this is more likely to be fun than frightful, but we may see a lot of hype in the media about whatever’s going on this month.  The suggestion is that you listen carefully, take out the emotion from what you hear, and divide the reported facts in half, in order to get nearer what really happened!  And take care if you are involved in any demonstrations because passions are likely to be running high, obscuring the truth by exaggerating, and possibly getting violent to ‘put their point across.’

                There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on 16 August, where facts and situations (Earth) will tend to take precedence over what the people may want (Moon).  If we want to stay calm while those about us are getting upset, both these situations give us plenty of practice in accepting what is.


Receiving feedback

                The New Moon in Leo gives us an opportunity, when we make a stand or argue over a principle, to check where we are coming in that spectrum between true self and ego.  Where are we rooted in ourselves?  What voice are we listening to?  Is this my deep reality speaking, or my early training, or my defiant inner child?  This New Moon is lead by Mercury, so it is likely to be through our communications that we discover the extent of our authenticity.  That means, we will realise what we are really expressing from the feedback of others’ reactions to us. 

                Normally we tend to assume that we said what we meant to say, and other people are being obtuse if they don’t get it!  But do we always understand others immediately?   Leo tends to have a spot of bother receiving feedback without collapsing totally.  But there is no fault when communication is difficult – it’s just the gap between egos, all struggling to survive and be loved, and we need to observe what’s going on.  It is the wise ones who learn from the responses to their expression.  Of course, our own emotional response to that feedback is a giveaway to the expectations, hopes and fears that prompted our expression in the first place.


Self expression versus sensitivity to others

                Venus has been going through Leo since 13 July, offering fun and optimism in relating.  On Sunday 27 July, she went across the South Node, the past, bringing the history of our relationships to light.  You may have experienced a recurring situation that trips you up in life, or perhaps met a person who felt strangely familiar.  Everyone we meet from a past life is not necessarily someone we need to fall headlong in partnership with.  Just because there’s a sense of having been together before, it does not mean you need to be together again.  Sometimes they come to remind us of priorities we’d forgotten, and sometimes to heal or teach us by giving us a hard time!  Like friends meeting on the path, we reassure each other that we are known, and then we can go our separate ways strengthened. 

                On 28 July, Venus opposed Chiron revealing our relationship wounds, and offering to heal them, and 31 July, she opposed Neptune lifting our understanding from these events to a more humanitarian or spiritual level.  The flavour of this month is likely to be that tussle between the bouncily optimistic Leo Venus, and Neptune’s call to be sensitive to the needs of other human beings.

                There is still liable to be confusion in relationships, though, until Venus moves into Virgo on 6 August.  Then we are more likely to find ourselves sorting out ways our relationships can work better.  One of the hardest things is personal boundaries: knowing where they are, and staying within them when relating to others. 


We need space – but not too much

                Close personal relationships through the rest of August may well be put on hold, while we deal with whoever we meet in the course of organised activities.  If these activities involve health and well-being, the results should be surprisingly healing.  Although we may need a certain amount of space from others, to disentangle the emotional threads, there’s a caution against cutting ourselves off for too long – this month, shared pain brings healing to everyone (Mars in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces, but also quincunx North Node and Chiron).   From 19 August, our motivation is more likely to include relating as part of feeling good about ourselves (Mars into Libra).



Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo


Be still and breathe quietly.

Allow a feeling that your heart is expanding your ribcage

lifting your breast-bone like the Lion’s chest.

Imagine life’s energy entering your back

and breathe its glory out like a roar

up, out, and around you.


Allow that you are part of life’s glorious expression

make a sound, a note, like a singing bowl, three times

Then wait, and accept what you receive,

loving the many ways life expresses itself,

finding the humour in what you don’t understand

and reconnecting at last with your own humanness

kindly and with a smile – ‘Well, there it is.’

With love,



Margaret Koolman

Flat 3, 3 Whitehall

Stroud, GL5 1HA, UK

+44 (0) 1453-762937



Hello Star*Fans! Greetings from Western Mass!

                          NEW MOON
                          CHART OF THE NEW MOON
                                 PERSONAL SOLAR ECLIPSE                             
   On Friday morning the New Moon occurs at 9 Leo 32. It will be exact at 6:12 AM EDT, 5:12 AM CDT, 4:12 AM MDT and 3:12 AM PDT. This is a Solar Eclipse, and occurs with a stellium in Leo. Our love and affection for others is about to be tested. Unlike most planetary aspects which build to power as the aspect becomes exact, the Solar Eclipse can be set off at any time over the course of the upcoming year, and is not limited to simply today.

   Any who wish to view the site and see the eclipse live from China can do so by going to either  or

   Our New Moon falls between two stars, Asellus Australis (Southern Ass) and Giansar, so we will examine what Anne Wright has to say. From


Constellation:  Delta Cancer
Longitude 1900:  07LEO19.       Longitude 2000:  08LEO43.
Declination 1900:  +18.31'.     Declination 2000:  +18.09'.
Right ascension:  08h44m.       Latitude:  +00.04'.
Spectral class:  K0.    Magnitude:  4.2.

History of the star: Among the stars of Cancer is a small grouping called the Aselli, or Asses and along with Praesaepe (M44) the Beehive or Manger, form a mini constellation in their own right, which appears on the back of the Crab's shell. Popularly this configuration was also known as the "Manger", or "Crib" in which Christ was born - (it has been suggested that this is because Cancer was the "Gate of Man"). They were the Northern and the Southern Ass Colt, the Ovot, or Asses, of Ptolemy and the Greeks; the Aselli, or Asini, of the Latins, and now popularly known as The Donkeys. Other names were "A Resting Place", "Ending of a stop", "The Aselline Starlets".

   The Arabians similarly knew them as the Two Asses and called this star "the Mare Ass" (female donkey).

   A Greek myth tells us that these asses were ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan in the war between the Olympians and the Titans. The braying of these animals, aided and added to the gods shouts, frightened a group of fierce giants who were coming to avenge their brothers, the Titans, to such a degree, that they fled the scene of battle. The asses were placed in the heavens flanking the mysterious glow called the Manger or Beehive  - M44 (Praesaepe) to make sure they never lack food.
Manilius alludes to these outstretched stars as a Yoke.

   Gamma (Asellus Borealis), delta (Asellus Australis), eta, and theta were the Persian lunar station Avra-k, the Cloud, and the Coptic Ermelia, Nurturing.

   In this constellation, with some slight variations as to boundaries at different times in Hindu astronomy, - gamma (Asellus Borealis) and delta (Asellus Australis) - the Aselli - always being included and occasionally eta, theta, and Praesaepe, - was located the 6th nakshatra Pushya, "Flower", or Tishiya, "Auspicious", with Brihaspati, the priest and teacher of the gods, as presiding divinity. It was sometimes figured as a "Crescent", and again as the "head of an Arrow"; it was also called Sidhaya, "Prosperous".

   The Arabic manzil Al Nathrah, the Gap in the hair under the muzzle of the supposed immense ancient Lion that the Arabs had here, was chiefly formed by Praesaepe; but later gamma (Asellus Borealis) and delta (Asellus Australis) - the Aselli - were sometimes included, when it was Al Himarain, the Two Asses, a title adopted from the Greeks. The Arabs also knew it as Al Fnm al Asad and as Al Anf al Asad, the Mouth, and the Muzzle, of the Lion, both referring to the early figure.

   Inconspicuous though it be, the Babylonians used delta to mark their 13th ecliptic constellation Arku-sha-nangaru-sha-shutu, the Southeast Star in the Crab; and Brown says that the Aselli, with eta, theta, and Praesaepe, were the Akkadian Gu-shir-kes-da, the "Yoke of the Enclosure".
                  Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinchley Allen, 1889.


   The astrological influences of the constellation given by Manilius:

    "Shining at the hinge of the year by the blazing turning-point which when recalled the Sun rounds in his course on high, the Crab occupies a joint of heaven and bends back the length of day. Of a grasping spirit and unwilling to give itself in service the Crab distributes many kinds of gain, and skill in making profits; he enables a man to carry his investment of foreign merchandise from city to city and, with an eye on steep rises in the price of corn, to risk his money upon sea-winds; to sell the world's produce to the world, to establish commercial ties between so many unknown lands, to search out under foreign skies fresh sources of gain, and from the high price of his goods to amass sudden wealth. With heaven's favour he also sells seasons of idleness at rates of interest to his liking, wishing the swift passage of time to add to the principal. His is a shrewd nature, and he is ready to fight for his profits."
                  Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, book 4, p.235.

General influence of Aselli: According to Ptolemy both the Aselli are of the nature of Mars and the Sun, but Alvidas states that the North Asellus (Asellus Borealis) is like the Sun and Mars in sextile, and the South Asellus (Asellus Astralis) like the Sun and Mars in semisquare. Together they give care and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature, but danger of violent death, serious accidents and burns. (Robson*).

   The two Asellus correspond to the Sun and Mars, both these fixed stars are therefore to count as a positive influence, if in conjunction with the Ascendant, MC or stellar bodies of the same character, but especially if grouped with the Sun or Mars. These people will have an aggressive nature and will not take insults easily. They may, by their own lack of caution, or by being dare-devils, put their life in danger and they will not hesitate to use brutal and violent means. When the Asellus are with the Ascendant danger by large animals (horses, bulls) may exist.
                  Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1923

The patient donkey is a lovable creature, but it can be very self-willed and uncooperative indeed, at times of its own choosing. The Aselli (this star and the other donkey Asellus Borealis) display all the moodiness of Cancer at its most negative, while in Leo. A conjunction with the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Neptune, well aspected, will often reveal the poet, painter, musician unusually gifted, composer, psychic 'medium' or astrologer. In all cases too, there is a patience for which the donkey is respected, a quality necessary for all really reliable psychism. Perhaps when the donkey is being stubborn, he is seeing something in the path which his impatient master cannot or will not see.
                  The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse.

Aselli rising: Burning fevers, bad eyes, blindness of left eye, injuries by beasts, quarrels, slander from low women or vulgar persons, martial preferment. (Robson*).

Aselli culminating: Disgrace and ruin, often violent death. (Robson*).

Aselli Sun: Blows, stabs, serious accidents, shoot ting, shipwreck, beheading, hanging, murderer or murdered, violent fevers, danger of fire, disgrace and imprisonment. (Robson*).
Asellus Australis with Sun: Unfavorable for dealing with the public and influential people trouble in business. (Robson*).
Aselli Moon: Inflammatory fever, pains in the head, blindness. (Robson*).
Asellus Australis with Moon: Ill-health, defective sight, hearing or speech; bad for business affairs, loss of friends and trouble through enemies. (Robson*).
According to Vehlow, the Chinese gave this group of stars (the Manger or Beehive and the Asses) the name 'The Spirit of the Ancestors' and were of the opinion that if conjunct the Moon, they would have peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead. (Ebertin).
Asellus Australis with Mercury: Mental affliction. Difficulties brought about by children. Much worry and disappointment. Bad for success in spite of help from friends. Loss by fire of valuable papers. (Robson*).

With Venus: Trouble through friends, unfavorable for love and marriage, enmity of women, too fond of pleasure and society. (Robson*).
With Mars: Energy, courage, misapplied powers, little success, public disfavor. (Robson*).
With Jupiter: Legal and ecclesiastical troubles, hypocrisy, dishonesty, false friends, danger of imprisonment. (Robson*).
With Saturn: Untrustworthy, dishonorable, low morality, bad habits formed early in life. (Robson*).
With Uranus: Seeks applause, suffers from own mistakes, seldom sees own faults, official positions of short duration, downfall brought about by enemies, self-seeking, or ruin through speculation, bad for gain and domestic matters, danger of accident causing lingering death. (Robson*).
With Neptune: Ambitious but indolent; if male, handsome, pleasant and affable and a lady's man; if female, rather masculine in appearance and character; many love affairs causing general suffering, losses through speculation, unmerited favors from friends, advantageous marriage but domestic disharmony, fevers and violent diseases, sometimes causing death in infancy. (Robson*).

                  *Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923

lamda Draco   Gianfar

Fixed star:  GIANSAR  Gianfer, Gianfar
Constellation:   lamda Draco
Longitude 1900:  08LEO55.       Longitude 2000:  10LEO20.
Declination 1900:  +69.53'.     Declination 2000:  +69.20'.
Right ascension:  11h31m.       Latitude:  +57.14'.
Spectral class:  M0.    Magnitude:  4.1.

History of the star: A small orange star in the Dragon's tail located nearly midway between the Pointers of Ursa Major (beta Merak and alpha Dubhe) and Polaris.  "Hebrew name Giansar, 'the punished enemy'". (Bullinger The Witness of the Stars ). Giansar and Giauzar are variously derived: either from Al Jauza', "the Twins", - a little star is in close proximity, - or from Al Jauzah, "the Central One", as it is nearly midway between the Pointers and Polaris-; or, and still better, from the Persian Ghauzar, - Al Biruni's Jauzahar of Sasanian origin, - "the Poison Place", referring to the notion that the nodes, or points where the moon crosses the ecliptic, were poisonous because they "happened to be called the Head and Tail of the Dragon." This singular idea descended into comparatively modern times, and, although these points are far removed from Draco, still obtains in the name for lamda. Juza is another popular title. It also has been known as Nodus Secundus, "the Second Knot", possibly because thus located on some drawings; yet it is far removed from zeta, which usually bears that name.
                  Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinchley Allen, 1889.

The astrological influences of the constellation: "According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and Mars. Draco gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends, but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning. It gives craft, ingenuity, and valor. The Ancients said that when a comet was here, poison was scattered over the world.

New Moon Astro Chart  8/1/08

                          CHART OF THE NEW MOON

   The Leo stellium is the main reference in this month's lunation. The principle aspect is the eclipse's square to Vesta, the asteroid of the hearth fire. Vesta is an asteroid which deals with control and focus. It generally produces a strong sense of responsibility and control of emotions. This can be dedication and focus, or it can represent those who are cold and emotionally isolated. We may be called upon, in the next celestial cycle, to let go of one we love. This is an alignment of difficult choices, but with Vesta in the picture, the ability to say 'no' when necessary is one of the characteristic strengths. With Vesta in Taurus, it is also possible that we may have to give up some of our possessions.

   Venus has already made alignments to Uranus and Neptune, and so those issues should already be behind us. As the Sun, Moon and Mercury all make trines to Juno, family values and security within the group should be enhanced and strengthened. Our partners provide a strong show of support for what must be dealt with.


                            PERSONAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

   This Solar Eclipse is triggering the natal Moon (Leo 8 degrees and 52 minutes) of yours truly. Like the ancient Mayans, my impression is to run around and block off all the light from the windows and close off any access through the chimney. Of course the eclipse will not be seen in the western world, but its influence wraps the planet and 'speaks' to any who have natal alignments in this position.

      My personal interpretation is that eclipses represent an interruption of the flow of energy of the planet in involved, in this case, the Moon. If you have a planet within a few degrees of nine Leo, then a celestial house cleaning may be in store for you, too. Check out where nine Leo falls in your chart, and check out both that house and the house that your triggered planet rules. These will represent the principle areas of activity.

   Love and Blessings to all from the office here in South Deerfield.

      ~Don  Cerow
260 McGivern Way
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
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(413) 219-4214  cell*
(*cell phone works on the road, but there's no signal at home)
Athena's Web:
NCGR certified astrologer:
Star*Myths and Fiske Planetarium
Production Assistant for
Deep Impact and Solar Storm
University of Colorado- Boulder




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The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School August 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Newsletter.
Daniel At Sunset
Celestial Intensity and the Eclipse Season
by Daniel Giamario
In the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, all planetary initiation cycles occur in one of the three realms of the Shamanic World view; the Celestial (or Upper World), the Middle World (or Objective Reality), the Underworld (or the Lower World). The major events of the next few weeks are powerfully Celestial. It is not often the world "Celestial: is paired with intensity but that is the scenario of these next few weeks.
The Celestial configuration includes the Full Moon of Aquarius on August 16 (2:16 pm PDT at 24 Aquarius 21): the Neptune Sun opposition on August 15 (12:43 am PDT at 23 Aquarius) and the remarkable conjunction with Chiron and the North Node from August 12 -20 in the early minutes of 18 Aquarius.
It is difficult to imagine a more auspicious series of alignments designed to facilitate a maximum opening to the Celestial. From the perspective of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School the Celestial Includes the most wondrous and filled with Grace Openings to the benign benevolence of Great Mystery. (See Cayelin's wonderful sharing's about Grace) However, the intensity component relates to the current eclipse season from August 1 to 16 culminating in the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
Eclipse seasons happen twice a year. All eclipses are Super New Moons and Super Full Moons and occur when the Lunar Nodes align with the path of the Sun and Moon. Eclipses mark a time of maximum shadow and maximum light. The Solar Eclipse (Super New Moon) is aligned with South Node emphasizing the path and illuminates the accumulated shadow of the Leo mystery school. The Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon will be aligned with the North Node illuminating the path towards the Celestial Future of Humanity.
Adding to the amazing Celestial Symphony is the approach of Jupiter to the star Nunki symbolizing the vane of the arrow aimed from the Archer to Galactic Center. Jupiter's stationary direct placement is exactly Nunki. (More about this in the members teaching call on August 2).
The recommendation, inspired by these cosmological symbols, is to surrender to the Grace and Infinite Compassion of the Celestial whilst simultaneously accepting and digesting the historical and global "shadow" of the last 6500 years. Or as Ram Dass has put it "Keep your heart open in Hell..."
PS... For those who are open to intensity, I highly recommend Dark Night the movie, an articulate exploration of the Aries archetype in these in times. "The Joker cannot win" is the Batman's response to intentionally created chaos.
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" is Free and so are You!  "The Inner Current"
Awakening, Healing & Guidance for these New Times.

Get a "DIVINE TUNE-UPBe Healthy on all Levels,
Have: Alignment, Health, Vitality, Peace, LightBody & DNA Awakening, Karmic Clearing,
your Heart's Desires, Empowering Relationships, Remember your Godhood.
Let your Inner victim die an Easy Death. 

Pet Healing for your Companion Animal and you.
Read the Testimonials of other people like you, see happened for them.

Advanced Awakening-Healing Tune-Up Sessions by Phone ~ 727-842-6788 
House of Grace,  Tampa Bay, Gulf Coast  FL

Angelic Astrology Oracle, Personal Intuitive Counseling, Reports & Healing.
Unique Astrology Readings & Personal Reports:  Life Maps for knowing YourSelf.
Are you looking for some useful information about yourself?  Curious if your current relationship is a love match?  Wanting guidance during a transition period?  Get a personalized, high-quality astrology report in just minutes electronically or via postal mail.  With their interesting, easy-to-read text, they make great gifts for yourself and loved ones.

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Healthy Products  The Best we have found.
Air Oasis Air Purifiers    Pure Fresh Air
Miracle Crystal Salt
  Mineral & Anti-Oxidant
Young Living Essential Oils        
Shegoi / Larrea 
Mother of All Plants


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