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Astrological Information Regarding Stock Market
 "Perfect Storm"

This is from my friend and fellow astrologer, Pat Hardy:
I find it appropriate that the "Perfect Storm" scenario that I talked about as we trot into 2012  shows signs......
Perfect Storm= natural disasters, financial/economic crisis, food crisis and oil crisis coming together all at once!   Interesting that we just experienced IKE's devastation and now the century old Lehman Bros bankruptcy all within a week. They are large scale issues and affect a large amount of people.  I just have the feeling that there is another major crisis about to hit.  Yes, I know that politically they are trying to make it look good going into the election, but it just isn't in the stars. 
Watching the markets tank on this Lehman news and the potential for AIG (Insurance) to also go down.  DJIA closes 465 points DOWN - breaking through the floor/support levels of 11,000.   WE are headed LOWER!!!!  And soon!!!  They are trying to salvage AIG - but looking at the NYSE chart Saturn (ruler of 8th and insurance) is coming up on the natal 15 VIR Mars before 10/15/08 - Not a pretty October -  79th Anniversary for the NYSE crash of 1929!
Well now you know what a full moon conj Uranus is all about - not even in a financial sign.  Virgo-Pisces? 
But my NYSE chart shows that full moon Uranus triggers the Mars Virgo in the 4th house - Big time downer for the markets;  Also Tran Pluto is conjunct the prog Sun in 6th house showing the financial markets to be sick!  It's been there for some time now.  ALSO trans Neptune is conj prog and natal Pluto in AQU opp prog Uranus!!   (It set up by moving into the 23rd degree to exactly oppose Pluto - waiting on a planet to set it off - well Neptune did!) - I guess this is the straw that broke the camels back.  So the mutable signs are  factors when it comes to the NYSE   Watching that Mars-Merc -Venus all week hanging out together - made me think financial markets, but didn't really make anything of it because they were in air sign Libra - If I had checked the NYSE chart - it sure shows it all!  Remember I mentioned how trines lately are setting "bad" things off - easier for the energy to flow out -  well Mars-Merc-Venus in Libra trines the trana Nep-Pluto opp Prog Uranus contacts! 
NYSE chart enclosed...  Whew!  More YUK headed their way.   Our financial system is NOT in good shape.   Jupiter is in CAP coming to a trine of Mars and then Mercury in the chart - but I don't have good faith in the trines right now.  It is just making it easier to expel the energy for what is already set up with the outer planets.
NYSE Astrology Chart


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