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Archangel Gabriel

And now, here are Gabriel's responses to the next series of questions asked by all of you...

We hope that you are becoming aware that the consistent required to resolve all of the situations you have presented in all of these sessions boils down to developing a technique and willingness to process and resolve all of your wounded feelings.

This is the piece that is missing most fully on your planet, and vital for you to consider in being prepared to integrate the soul consciousness that is attempting to rise. The healed emotional body will become the vehicle for the soul.

I have always been puzzled about how the ages move backwards in order, such as moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age off Aquarius.

As we see elsewhere in astrology, the signs proceed from Aquarius to Pisces and each sign gets progressively more complex. I may be wrong, but is it because we are moving through a kind of devolution? For example, the interdependent bee colonies are no longer being able to function, due to humans creating such a disorganizing effect on the planet. The result is that virus are killing bees. Could you please explain how it is all connected?

The movement of signs within the year move clockwise energetically, connected to the movement of physical energy (kundalini). On the other hand, "ages" move connected to spiritual cycles, which take place on a counter-clockwise spiral of energy. The influence of each age is then connected to different rays of consciousness (there are seven).

Both spirals of energy combine to create the Divine Plan, creating cycles of evolution for humanity. This is how humans can receive the information. You are not in devolution, but you are now becoming connected to the influence of the counter-clockwise spiral of Spirit more directly.

Bees are more connected to the ecosystem and the damages that you have created. There is also a polar shift taking place again, but you have reached a stage of spiritual development on the planet, so that the shift of poles will not have to be so extreme this time.

As consciousness evolves into its spiritual realization, you experience less extremes. There is less friction. You may perceive things as severe at the moment, but they are not nearly the extreme they have been in prior ages. However, the imbalances in nature do create major impact, as all things are connected to all other things. So continue to wake up and do your inner work to create balance within yourselves.

You have mentioned in the past that one can arrest aging, and even reverse it a little. How does one do that?

It is simple. You need to clear the body system. Life energy that is ever present and eternal moves through the physical body - through something called experience and feeling sensation. When you allow all of your feelings and sensations, you allow life energy to move through moment to moment. When you suppress feelings, which cannot just go away or be avoided, you block the life energy and give it a negative charge.

When you accumulate these wounded feelings, you develop emotional blocks that keep the body from regenerating. What happens is aging and dis-ease, eventual death.

You record all events through sensations and feelings, in the limbic brain and the subconscious mind. When you stop the movement of that energy from moving up the spine to inform you and then release, you accumulate the energy of the feelings you are conditioned to resist, based on childhood experiences and anchoring to specific feelings. As you build these emotional blocks, you age or break down.

To reverse the aging that has already taken place, you need to go in and learn to nurture and release the accumulated wounded feelings - clearing the body system. You need to learn to respond and allow all your feelings. It is more important than any of you realize.

How can we protect ourselves against chemtrails (chemicals released in planes flying overhead). Is there a way to dissolve or nullify their effect on us using our intention, will, etc? We live in a pristine area of Colorado near the mountains and they keep bombarding us with chemtrails every week. Is this because of the high energy of the area? I know they're doing it all over the planet; however there seems to be an abuse and concentration of this particular area in Colorado.

Chemtrails are used to enforce a nuclear shield (HAARP) as a defense system. As far as the damage is concerned, they create more electro-magnetic pollution. Everything that happens to you personally will be based on the power that you give it. You can certainly use your higher consciousness to diminish this effect. Do not give it all power in your mind by fighting it. Do your personal clearing work to raise your own vibration and frequency. The more dense someone remains, the more they consider the physical as the source of their well-being...and the more they are at more effect by what happens in the physical.


My husband has been dealing with insomnia for about three years. We have spent thousands of dollars on medical tests, drugs, procedures and equipment. The result has only been a very slight improvement in his condition. I recently suggested that his condition might be due to the large amounts of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) he is exposed to at both his job and at home, but he's tired of trying another remedy.

I've read that insomnia is one of the side effects of the ascension process; especially for those of us who are older and are not wired for the new energy. Are there deeper emotional issues going on here or is this part of a process that will eventually work itself out? We need help!

Insomnia can be produced from higher vibrations affecting the body. However, for most people, it is a control issue that has built up over time. It is a fear of letting go of control. There are feelings that have built up, starting in childhood, making the child feel unsafe to let go and relax. Over time, this accumulates and the stress builds. This makes it difficult to let go of the mental body, the thoughts and the subconscious stress that the body holds onto.

So people need to go in and do the inner work on their feelings. They need practitioners who can help them get in touch with their feelings. However, if there are no practitioners available, do deep breathing, sound work and anything to slow the mind. Start with simply observing the thoughts and become aware how incessant they are...then practice expanding the quiet space between the thoughts, building up to longer periods of peaceful meditation.

And of course, electro-magnetic energy that is also rampant on your planet can exacerbate this. However, it is creating a sense of inner safety that will ultimately heal the insomnia.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. I have chosen to go the non-traditional route to healing, and have not received too much support from loved ones in this choice. I am doing all this work on a physical level with strict nutrition and herbs. On some level I don't feel like all that work is necessary to heal, particularly when I am connected to my soul intelligence.

However, I do not want to ask for the impossible from my body. I want to support my body, to bring harmony through all levels of reality. Could you talk more on miracles... whatever may come forth?

Miracles are acts of love in demonstration. Breast cancer is lack of love and nurturing, that has been experienced over a long period of time. It comes from a lack of being able to receive or be nurtured. It happens so often in women, who are conditioned to nurture, not BE nurtured.

The more you can look at these patterns, dealing with the pains of the past and help the wounded child to learn to receive and be nurtured, the greater the chance you have of resolving the problem. However, that is a journey NOT to be taken lightly.

Look at where you are blocking and open to receive support from all sources around you. Use wisdom. Do according to what you feel you are ready to do. Allow it to be a process. Do not refuse other possibilities, if you are not capable of resolving this on your own.

Breast cancer and cancer on the whole is a result of deep-seated disappointments and things that have not been mourned. These accumulated feelings then attack you on a cellular level. There can be fears that you will be hurt or deprive others in some way. So learn to reach out and ask for help.

Ask for your needs and allow the answers to come in all forms.

I have been struggling for the last 5 1/2 yrs since my short 2 yr marriage ended. I can't seem to hold it together. I have struggles, such as wondering when I will find a job that will take care of my home and children. I would like to break free from the anguish my ex-husband has caused/is causing me. Any advice on how to break through all of this?

At the basis of all the problems in relationship is a resistance to your own conditioned feelings. People either make all choices to move towards a feeling they think they will like or more often they move away from the feelings they want to avoid.

So name the feelings that come up in your patterns with your ex-husband. You are simply using him to fight those feelings at a core level, beyond the situations. Stop making that which is outside yourself the source of your well-being. When you avoid and fight, you require something to fight and avoid.

If the feeling is invalidated or deprived or not enough, then you must learn to make peace with the feelings, based on your memories and history. If you keep fighting these feelings, rather than nurturing yourself, others will mirror your fight.

Once you are at peace with more feelings, rather than using situations to habitually fight, then you will be able to find more solutions and resonate with solutions and support. As long as you use the situations to fight, you will find it hard to manifest something new.

Also look at the patterns in your life and how the relationship reflects the relationship feelings that you had with your father/mother. This is how most people attract relationships, through a particular image and commitment that is familiar. So look and get the help you need to work through these feelings and shift your inner commitments.

I became deeply involved in a light photography project over a year ago and am want advice on taking these light experiences to the public, as well as understanding how this experience is helping me personally.

I have been in communication with some higher frequencies for 13 years. During the 12th year, their consciousness became visible through my digital photography and videos.

If you want to take this into the world, then simply take the steps that allow you to share. Contact those who can help or give you advice and opportunities.

What you are likely seeing is electro-magnetic frequencies that are devic, connected to nature. Film is sensitive to these things.

What is my purpose on earth? I have deep feelings to do things that many people believe cannot be done on earth.

Everyone has the same purpose and that is to learn how to love. That means being in the truth of your individuality, as an expressive, creative human being. Get in touch with yourself at the source - such as your life lesson (all of your talents and abilities and qualities). Allow all of your experiences to bring you into your soul lesson, giving you a sense of meaning through all of your feelings. Then express all of these inner truths through what you do and you will develop you individual soul purpose.

I had a miscarriage and I am trying to understand what it all means to me. I feel that there is much deeper meaning than what I can immediately understand. I feel that it happened for a reason. I want to address all of my emotions & feelings. I do not want to miss anything that the little life that was in my body for 2 months was there to give me! Please Gabriel, point me to the right direction. I am sad, but at the same time, very appreciative and excited about this opportunity.

Miscarriage is there to set up a lesson, triggering certain things in the mother. This is a soul agreement with another being. There is typically something that needs to be learned, felt and resolved. What part of the lesson includes is dealing the feelings of loss and deprivation that are likely triggered in the immediate.

Again, most issues come down to dealing with feelings, so that you can resolve your karmic issues. Allow yourself to fully grieve the experience as well. It is important to look and have the genuine experience, to reveal the lessons that are there for you.

My husband has had both of his parents cross over. He thinks about them often and wonders how they are doing. Could you please ask Gabriel about them. He is very skeptical and asks that you supply some proof that it is them (like knowing their names).

What you need to understand is that it would do you no good to supply their names as some sort of test or proof. Your parents are a soul essence that moves beyond the physical, then through the astral and have moved on into the light of the causal plane. People do not simply remain connected to this one lifetime and personality. This does not diminish their meaning for you and what part they have played in your soul journey.

It is understandable that your husband has feelings and misses them. What is most important is that he grieves and moves on to his next perfect moments, as they have done as well.

I'm not too sure how to explain what happend to me but I will try. A week ago I threw a big party and I drank quite a bit. That night something happened to me. I found myself speaking in riddles of philosophy, with emotion spilling out of me. Then I woke up in my bed feeling horrible.

For a long time I have been thinking about where my life is going and the more I think the more I seem to hate myself and fall into this self pity. I remember calling or rather begging god to show me my purpose a sign of any kind or signal on why I am here. I cant recall what was rushing through my mind when I saw it, but this blinding light filled my eyes and my sight was gone for only a moment.

This is gonna sound crazy, but when I opened my eyes I felt like something had come inside me and my fear of living had gone; almost like I wasn't alone anymore. I felt this sudden happiness to be alive again somehow.

Then as the day went on, I felt distant from my friends. Still to this day I feel distant. I'm still so lost here. For my whole life I have had depression and problems with people. I have tried to bury myself in the way others live in an attempt to enjoy life. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

It sounds like what you experienced was a breakdown from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. When you saw the light, you made contact with a deeper part of yourself, able to raise your vibration briefly. The personality does not yet know how to sustain this connection to yourself. And drinking is certainly not the solution. However, you did get a brief glimpse of what is possible when you learn how to heal the wounded personality and connect more deeply to life from the inside out.

So what you need to do is what everyone else needs. That includes learning to go inside and resolve your wounded, depressed feelings. You need to reconnect to yourself to find the part of you that appreciates and even embraces the opportunity of life.

Where you are is a difficult place to be, caught between the old and not yet able to connect to the new and deeper. So get the help you need to learn how to go inside and connect more fully to all that you are.

Let yourself go through a purification at this time, rather than continuing to fill yourself with alcohol and the like. Depression is merely a state of being that comes from depressing your authentic feelings over time.

I am very interested in energetic healing and finding within myself the highest level of my soul, so that I may live with more purpose and light. I have done some Reiki and I do meditate and practice yoga. I have made some strides, but feel that there is something that needs to be opened or revealed within myself that I have not yet found. I am trying to live more true to my heart, but I feel there is a Higher Self that I have not connected with. I long to know the light within myself. I wonder how I can better embark on a journey that will lead me to this light, purpose, healing and service. Thank you so very much.

The way to embark is to begin a clearing process, looking at issues from your past. It will help to have a practitioner who knows how to open up the body and help you release the dense energy of your conditioned past. These will hold your subconscious in separation from all of your conscious intentions.

Reiki will begin to move things up. You can then use new tools to nurture and resolve the wounded past, so that you can free your body to continue raising your body to higher vibration and frequency.

People will often work on the higher energies, but not want to deal with the wounded lower energies. This can be confusing and can even be harmful physically.

My husband and I live off of money generated monthly by our financial portfolio. I felt nudged by my guides to leave my teaching profession and then my husband's place of work closed up. Now we work for the Light to assist others to awaken and try to heal Mother Earth. I have read that by 2012 there will be no such thing as the Stock Market and get concerned about how we will be supported. My guides assure me that we will be okay and I don't understand... We are wondering if we should start our own business and use the available money now before it is gone? Any assistance you can provide will be much appreciated.

We do not see that the stock market will be gone. It is one of the main forms of control that the world management team has of trying to control you. There will be many changes, but they are attempting to move the world to one world economy and one world currency.

They will want to do away with physical currency (money). They will want everyone to have debit cards only, so that they can more successfully control you.

That is not to put you in fear, but just to assure you that they stock market will remain in place.

What you can probably do to set yourself up well would include creating a business that will bring in a more consistent income. Or at least diversify what you depend upon for the financial stability.

I am reading about ascension and understand that physical symptoms might be necessary to be able to sustain the more rapid vibrations connected with this. I am perplexed at all the symptoms I am experiencing, symptoms serious enough to require different doctors.

At the same time I feel they must think of me as a hypochondriac. Heart infarction with a balloon opening 3 years ago that has left me panting for my breath whenever I strain a bit, lower back pain for many years, stenosis of the canal, cramps and pain when walking, restless legs, surgery for cataracts in both eyes, and now a frozen shoulder syndrome, as well as months of constant diarrhea.

Although all of this brings me discomfort and pain, I feel fine and not particularly sick as long as I don't exert myself. However, this means I can do practically nothing that demands physical strength. I often think of my eventual transition from this life with joy, imagining myself healthy and capable again. My question is - shall I think of all these ailments as steps in the ascension process, such as some necessary part of old karma? or what?

This is all a part of the ascension process, but it mostly comes from years of shutting down the life flow through the body. It is all accelerating from the accelerated energies that have begun to move. You, too, need to clear the body, as we have suggested for many others within these questions. All of you need to learn to deal with wounded emotions.

There are many exercises that can be done, from deep breathing to dealing directly with these wounded feelings. Blockages have developed since childhood. This is all a part of your true evolution into soul consciousness and ascension.

Once people reach a critical mass of accumulated wounded emotion, it makes it more and more difficult to reverse. But by all means, any forward emotional movement that you make will make it better and better.

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Until next time... Thanks.


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