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Lord Melchizedek  channelling for the 12/12  Christ Consciousness Grid

reetings dear ones

 This merkabah is a transition. It is a tool used by the children of God.  You have transcended the limitations of the physical body using this divine tool.  There is work for all of the lightworkers on Mother Earth to use this tool to make ready the 12/12.  It is for the first time that the I Am presence will descend down to the Christ Consciousness grid.  You will use this new energy that has been taught to you in conjunction with the merkabah to help anchor the I Am.  It is necessary for the I Am to come to the Christ grid so that we may use the Hasmol energies for the first time from the Deca Delta fields of light to restructure the Christ grid.  You have been told that Mother Earth is ascending, this new framework is necessary for her to begin her ascension process.

 The grid will be totally restructured, re-engineered using the Hasmol energies.  The Hasmol energies work in conjunction with the   B'nai Or.  The energies of the Creator Gods, the covenant of Michael, the covenant of Gabriel and the covenant of Ptah will work in     conjunction with each other to bring forth these new energies to the grid.  This is your work, to help anchor the I Am.  

You must bring the new energy that has been given to you up to the grid.  The I Am will connect to this energy; it will allow your bodies to take this great energy.  All of the workers of light of humanity are hoped to work in conjunction with each other on this day to anchor heaven on earth to its fullest possible outcome.

 It will be necessary for the anchors to have opened and established the 36 chakras to the crown, to have activated the seven outer bodies, to have ignited the energy centres of the physicality.  Therefore there will be one person in the centre, who has anchored the 36, the three that surround it will only need to anchor the seventh or at least activated to the seventh chakra.

 On this day, make sure that all the bodies are fully regenerated, drink plenty of fluid.  This energy will be so fine, so pure, that if the body is not prepared it can bring harm to you.   Make all the workers of the light be known to this.   Preparation is at hand.

 The light of the Elohim will fall upon Mother Earth in all its glory.  Mother earth will hold victory in her hand as she ignites in a blaze of light.  Rejoice dear ones, for you truly are the ascension in the light.  I am Lord Melchizedek.  Feel the energies of Michael, Gabriel and Patah around you this instant.  Reach out and embrace these energies.  Feel their splendour falling upon you. 

 Dear ones in merkabah you have no form, no body.  To move through the universe, project with your mind.  You have left the physicality behind you.  Three dimensional reality does not work in this place.  You can expand or retract the merkabah.  Ask the merkabah to stop and it will stop.  It is for you to command. 

 To reconnect with your physicality, project down to the Christ grid.  Feel the energy flow from the Pranic tube running through the centre of the merkabah.  Project now, down to the physicality, allowing the merkabah to continue to spin. Back down to your bodies. Feel the energy flowing and building in your sphere within your merkabah.  This is your true vibration.  All of your spiritual energy is retained in the merkabah.  It is your ascension tool.  It can protect you from the outer world.  It can quicken your physicality. It also has the possibility of affecting your nervous system. You must ask the I Am to over light and protect you, to restructure you blood chemistry and central nervous system to adapt to the new energies and even more so when you begin to work with the new wave energy that has been given to you. For the next 24 hours you will feel the energy of the merkabah still around you.

 Dear ones you live in exciting times, rejoice in the knowledge that you and many other workers of the light have come to Mother Earth at this time, to witness her transition.   I am Lord Melchizedek and I bring blessings to you.

Mother Mary   Channelling

 Allow me to speak with you at this time. There are many on the earth plane, who suffer in great silence. They hold much grief and pain within their own heart centres.

You dear ones, who are the bearers of the light activate your merkabah, demonstrate your light so those who suffer may see and open to you.  You have much understanding at this time, through your own learning through your spiritual path.  It is time to take a mantel and share this wisdom and knowledge with those who are in grief.  Your light will bear all to those who seek it.  They will willingly come to you and for no reason what so ever they shall speak with you and you will witness the power of spirit working through you to aid all of humanity.

 There are many of you on the earth plane who walk silently amongst them ready to bear witness to the power and the glory of the Father.  Reach your hand out and offer it to those who seek it.   Let their tears, pain, unify into tears of joy as you unburden their hearts.  Guide their hand and lead them to the path of liberation, just as we have come together around you this day to share our light with you, so that your path of ascension will quicken.  You too can be of service to many.  Do not close your light, allow it to shine brightly for all to bear witness that you are indeed workers of the light divine.  You have the mantel of faith, hope and charity. You have the gift of God at hand touching you, embracing you this instant.

 It saddens us greatly to see the pain and suffering, suffering brought from one’s own mistakes and misfortune.

Our light shines upon you now.  The masters come forward with blessings.

I bathe you in my light.  I bless each and every one of your bodies.

 I now take your leave. I am Mother Mary.


In love and light

Anna Garra

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