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If you have read the past works on Thoth you will know that he has
been the mastermind behind the entire New World Order plan for the
conquest of this corner of Creation. It is with honor and with pride
and the greatest sense of joy that I now share with you Thoth's
first channeling from His new place of healing and helping to undo
what it is He has helped to create (through a high-level Being who herself is in
for healing):

May 23rd 2007

Some Words from Thoth 
on Health, Guidance, Mind Control & Focus

At this point in time most of you hearing these words have been
exposed to the basic concepts of the constructs of reality, being
that "All That Is" is one vast field of energy in different
configurations vibrating at different frequencies creating the
appearance of separateness but in fact we are all ONE, irrevocably
connected, made from the very same energy.

Every Being on your planet has been affected in one way or another
at some point or another by the control tactics and Fear Matrix and
its supporters. Unfortunately, some Beings, for various reasons, are
affected more than others and their quality of life suffers.

Because of distortion to and/or imbalance in their various energy
bodies and energy systems, because of implants, because of other
mind control and programming tactics implemented, and because of
their DNA and the very nature of their energetic structure, some of
you are in a state of dis-ease, your life-force being restricted and
drained from you.

All of Creation is equal in the eyes of Father, but using linear
terms there are some "old souls" and because of where they are at,
their point in their evolution, they are considered extremely
powerful and are a threat to the dark side, those in power. These
souls are almost always without exception targeted heavily in hopes
to compartmentalize their system so they never fully manifest their
power and heal.

It is true that those of the `dark side' who hoard power, control
and knowledge have their tentacles in the "Big Money" BUSINESS of
pharmaceuticals and healthcare and desire to keep people dis-eased,
recycled through the system and dependent upon these systems and
pharmaceuticals, perpetually giving away their money and never
realizing true healing.

So to break out of this cycle and be truly healed is the ultimate
goal for every Being, and fortunately there are more and more ways
to achieve this as more of the planet awakens, more light returns,
there is more awareness of our true nature of being, more emphasis
is placed on natural and holistic methods and true HEALING and not
just the treatment of symptoms.

Of course there are efforts by the dark to thwart this "true
healing" awareness and movement on many levels. One way that is
impeding our forward motion is thru old programmed mind sets of what
some of you call "black and white thinking." This type of thinking
is what I am still observing in many of you on your planet in
respect to not only your health and well-being but in all aspects of
your lives.

While the ultimate goal of course is, as I have already mentioned,
to truly heal on all levels of being and break out of the cycle of
dis-ease and reliance on any medication/pharmaceutical and the
health care system/business, to say one should NEVER use medication
along their healing path or should ALWAYS use natural or holistic
methods is a dysfunctional and perhaps dangerous mindset to have.

You must always use great discernment and take heed whenever
encountering NEVER and ALWAYS statements because they are examples
of black and white thinking and they take your most precious tool
and ally out of the equation: your Guidance.

Every one of you is different, has different aspects affecting their
situation, and will ultimately have different individual healing
journeys. When you use and accept ALWAYS and NEVER statements from
outside sources and do not go within to access Guidance you are
giving away your power.

You should always weigh your healing options (or anything for that
matter) against your own Guidance and then follow that path. While
to be off medication, to use natural and holistic methods for the
goal of being truly, wholly healed is the optimum situation,
your `situation' may still call for medication for some reason or
another until you arrive at a point where you can be without it.

You should always follow your own Guidance above all else. It will
lead you in the right direction. Do not accept something if it does
not resonate with your own Guidance. In fact, that is just another
way the `dark' are trying to control the situation in some 'New Age'
and "Spiritual" Circles, infecting them with "black and white"
thinking and attitudes about paths to enlightenment and healing. I
am seeing more and more of this unfortunately, people substituting
one type of authority for another, blindly following along without
thinking for themselves or questioning or accessing Guidance about
their path.

The truth is Guidance will always lead you in the right direction
and if at a certain point on your journey you access Guidance and it
tells you to use medication because it will help you disengage the
symptoms of your dis-ease so you can function better and move along
to the next level of healing, then medication is RIGHT for you at
that time until the time comes when you can function without it and
it is no longer RIGHT for you.

Many people on your planet are on medications to aid in dis-eases of
the Central Nervous System, such as those you call "mental illnesses
or disorders," and again our hope is to ultimately have you healed
on all levels of being and not dependent on these medications, but
an interesting and not widely known fact is that many of these
medications for these conditions actually allow your Central Nervous
System to function at a different frequency which disables many mind-
control frequencies from having their desired effect on the person.

So in one sense the dark, want to keep you dis-eased, spending your
money and dependent on these medications and never truly healed and
coming into your power, and on the other hand these medications,
many times, disables or cripples the full effectiveness of the
dark's own mind-control frequencies on their targets because it
allows the Central Nervous System to function and vibrate at a
different frequency. In a sense they are tuned in to a different
channel and so the medication is effective at that level of
perspective until you have healed enough and have come into your own
power enough to disengage the mind-control tactics and frequencies
on your own.

This is what I have to share today in response to what I am
observing amongst you and I hope, at the very least, to provoke
thought on these subjects but most importantly to reinforce the
message of the danger of "black and white" thinking and of blindly
following outward sources without going within and accessing

In ending I would like to briefly discuss the power of your focus.
It is very important to be educated, to be aware and to know the
TRUTH (and not just partial truths) of what is going on around you.
So I applaud the relentless efforts of those of you who are exposing
the darkness and working to bring back the Light. When you can do
this, deal with the dark without judgment, without lending an
emotional charge to it, excess focus on it, or fearing it, you have
truly mastered the perfect balance.

For if you do your missions, by dealing with the dark and you judge
it and hate it and fear it and focus on the dark too much, you are
in fact lending more energy to it because where your focus goes your
energy flows. But if in your dealings you go about them while
keeping your "eye on the prize" so to speak, by focusing on Father
and on love and the light, then you are effectively creating great

I will use the analogy of someone who has discovered they have
cancer. They can address or treat it but if they are constantly
focusing on it, if they are in constant fear of it, then the cancer
grows. But if the person goes about treating it, but focuses on a
vision of themselves being completely whole and healed, if they
focus on the love they have from their family, the gratitude they
have for the medicine and methods they have that are treating the
cancer, if they focus on the love of Father, then the cancer shrinks
and healing is manifested because FOCUS is very powerful. Do you see
the difference?

Be well,
In Light,


Peter R. Farley


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